Today’s Rope Worm Segment

It’s been an uneventful three days since the colonic. Could I possibly be free of these things? But alas, no, today the tide has turned with this rope wormish segment that was expelled with a quick probiotic enema:

ropeworm segment

Looks rather a lot like a fungal colonly.  When put in water, it turns in to a sheet :

ropeworm unravelled

Could it be candida stained dark with bowel waste? For sure a lot of waste was trapped in the larger segment.

My stool tests were not examined for candida by the lab. The doctor says “candida infections have been debunked”. Ie. There is no such thing as a candida infection.

Will ask the colon hydrotherapist about candida next time.


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  1. Here’s an interesting quote that was posted in regard to:
    (Dr Andreas Kalcker)

    “We had a huge ballroom for the talks – 720 chairs. The CD groups from facebook sat in the first two rows, mostly matching in our MMS shirts. The first talk, “Parasitological Vaccinosis”, that Dr Andreas Kalcker did filled about 40% of those chairs. He absolutely blew my mind. He made the link that not only do parasites in childrens’ bodies affect how they absorb/react to vaccines, but also the Vaccines Affect those parasites. HUGE lightbulb. He spoke with such passion and conviction that he had (at least everyone in my immediate vicinity) riveted. And after he finished his prepared and submitted presentation, he pulled one up that a researcher combination in Moscow and Florida have put together on a new species of helminth, the rope worm. It BLEW MY MIND. They’ve got DNA sequencing back on these rope worms (which is VERY expensive) that shows they are a 98% match for an insect called the Caribbean Seed bug. With a couple of logical leaps, we got to the point of GMO’s. As he put it, what do people in Moscow, US, and South America all have in common in their diet? Grain. And if you were going to make insect proof grain, what would you splice into the grain’s gene structure? Bugs (no one wants to “eat their cousin”, he said). So its not a plant anymore we’re eating, its a planimal. So in our kids’ gut, a new species of parasite is coming from this GMO’d stuff. CREEPY. I am so mindblown and disturbed and horrified.”

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