Rope Worm Mysteries

  • What are they?
  • How long have they been around?
  • How many people have them?
  • Are they performing a useful function, like eating up heavy metals and other toxins?
  • Are they strictly parasitical?

If you have any thoughts or questions to add, we’d like to hear!

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  1. Where are the results of the DNA testing that was said to have been ordered in January 2013? Have we notbeen posted because all that was found was human DNA?

    Until this evidence is publicly posted I am calling this a very misguided attempt to identify what is most likely human tissue, ie the lining of the biliary tree of the liver.

    Photos and theories are not proof of concept. DNA testing is, but why is it taking so long to reveal the results of the testing conducted over a year ago?

      • Hello everyone!! Thought I would share our ongoing success story here with rope worm.. I still don’t exactly know what rope worm even is.. nor do I beilive I ever really will . HOWEVER my husband and myself have had an ongoing issue now for almost a year.. we had lived in a really old house which had white celler spider, mold ext.. (so the slime mold theroy could be onto something) anyways.. we were despret to find anything that would work.. peppermint and oregano only seemed to keep it at bay.. until one day we tried LEOMON JUICE.. and ITS WORKING.. we had them in our stools , under our teeth in our gums, as well as under our skin.. like pimples almost but long white/translucent worms almost.. scary!! But taking fresh Lemons and using the lemon juice on our skin, Lemon enimas as well as drinking a bit of it, that is what is currently killing them!!

    • There was only a total of 5% of DNA attributed as human. That natural. They eat us.. If Im shitting lining every day for 4 years, don’t you think they could diagnose it? Drs dont know what is in us, its not lining. Lining does not have cyvCes and IT DOESNT REPROCE AS FAST AS I SHIT IT OUT.

  2. “what is most likely human tissue, ie the lining of the biliary tree of the liver.”
    – i can feel them moving inside of my small intestine

    “why is it taking so long to reveal the results of the testing conducted over a year ago?”
    FUNDING :o(

  3. Janet I tried on the intestinal lining theory for 2 months when I first started finding many of these organisms. They do sometimes have a look similar but after awhile I discarded that idea. There is a definite consistent structure to many of them, even across some of the stages. The flare of the head, the ropey strands with a dark center that go down the body into thin delicate membranous filmy stuff. It is easier to see the structure when you put them in water. You can even see the formation of them in the slime stage at times. In other cases sometimes you can easily see a wrinkled tubular structure with or without food inside, and it unwrinkles in water to a smoother hollow tube that is NOT always the size of any intestinal tubular structure. Some are large around and others are the diameter of an earthworm, so that does not fit intestinal lining after all. (Sorry I have a picture of one that small but not available from my messed up phone at the moment.

    In any case, they are very toxic and getting rid of them is a good thing for folks so that is the main point. It is believed that they concentrate the toxins we take in into their bodies, which for us is helpful but then they excrete very neurotoxic substances. So it is not a free lunch for us. They need to be discarded, somewhat like discarding used kleenex

    The dna testing was only partial and came back as “unknown”. I think there were various stretches of it that matched crickets, flies, and human but over all it was unknown by the lab. Work is still gong on to raise money to do the full genome testing. Contact Alex Volinsky on facebook for more details or to donate to the project.

    • Hi yes Alex Volinsky has told me that he needs $30,000 to do a full DNA test and so far he has raised about $2000.
      What do you think his prospects are for raising the other $28,000? How much would you be willing to donate to
      get an answer? Do you have any other ideas for identifying the rope worm?

  4. I have donated more than once, larger and smaller amounts, but if everyone would give smaller amounts often and more when possible it would eventually add up. It’s up to us.

    I’m posting a couple more pics that I tried to post with my longer comment and it didn’t work.

  5. This one above shows the head going down to a ropy, membraneous body.. Thisis very characteristic of a stage of the organisms. Below are a couple of samples of tubes one wrinkled with food in the middle, and unwrinkling at the ends to emply tubes, and the other one is of large dark tubes that arrived just as shown. Usually I see the soft fluffy insides first and then a day or few later the tubes appear some empty some with food inside them.

  6. Here are the dare, large tubes. I thought they might be something that coated or lined the intestine due to their size, but then I saw others arrive wrinkled up, and unwrinkled as I washed them and prepared them to be photographed. Some were completely clean and empty and others had food that washed out as I washed them. So now I am wonder if the big dark ones had just unwrinkled and emptied before they appeared.????

  7. Thanks for doing the dirty work, I am learning a lot here. I have been doing C.E.s for about 5 months and still am getting all kinds of crazy. These however parasites are the biggest of all. You are doing God’s work.

  8. My Dr. Say this is mucus. He same to get angry when I tried to show him a third time. Why won’t doctors listen. These things are killings Americans.

  9. Hi guys. I’m from Australia, but I visit Colorado every year to go snowboarding. So I’m not sure if this is an Australian thing, USA thing or from another country all together (Fiji, New Zealand, Bali, Jamaica, Canada?) I’m not sure what is going on. I have had really perculiar things happening with my health and skin (2years now).

    One day I tried a little Chinese cupping style thing on a really sore blister/bump I had on my cheek, and what came out is “kind of” like your pictures. It’s been 2 years of the doctors (over here in Australia) just saying I’m either dilusional or they simply refer me to yet another specialist. I’m at the end of my mental and physical limit with this. I can’t do this anymore. I just need an answer of ANY kind. Can anyone can help in any way at all?

    • Hi Broke Mirror,
      Texas here. You are not alone 🙂 This is my first time posting, I’m no authority but happy to share my experience.

      I found this site after a series of coffee enemas produced bizarre “bubbles,” undigested rice (parasite eggs) and rope worms. I’ve been doing coffee enema’s off and on since high school. And do not recall ANY parasites, but never did them so many days in a row. I’ve a healthy diet and stopped eating industrial food 5 years ago. No gluten, no GMO’s, only grass-fed meat. Locally grown organic produce. No sugar, rarely drink alcohol. 5’7″ slender.

      I put together a protocol based on comments from this site, and when I purged, I felt the negativity leave my body. It fell away, like a dirty suit I’d been wearing so long, I’d forgot I had it on. Releasing the parasites has been gross and euphoric, I experienced “total lightness of being,” In short, I felt more connected to the universe than ever before. Releasing bubbles, eggs, pin worms, liver flukes, rope worms, this crazy looking jelly fish plume, grey oil slicks, weird smells. I realize these buggers have run rampant, unchecked for decades, robbing nutrition, excreting toxins, itchy skin, light rash, brain fog, general malaise and negative 🙁

      I believe humans have known for thousands of years to deworm themselves (& children) but with the introduction of “modern medicine” aka “chemical treatment” (1930’s) Non-chemical “cures” have been wiped from our collective memory, history, and medical journals. Doctors playing ignorant to parasite infestations and stamping those suffering “crazy” are merely towing the party line for self preservation. 1/3 of Cancers are parasitic, think about this 🙂

      On a side note;
      I use a neti pot w/ oil of peppermint. I drop Colloidal Silver down my noise 3 mornings a week too. This regime has kept me from getting sick, lungs clear and I believe has kept the parasites mostly below my shoulders, rib cage area.

      I began hearing random clicking noise in my ears (last few months). I don’t really want to think about it, but putting water infused with essential oil in my ears stops the noise (neti pot water). I also have a zapper that shuts them up. I clean my mouth and teeth by pulling with coconut oil in lieu of tooth paste. I took Chlorella in powder form days before I started the enemas. Many on this site talk about flu like symptoms, runny noise etc. I didn’t experience any, due to taking the Chlorella prior and during.

      This site has been a life saver, others sharing their stories and protocols help immensely. Good luck to you!!

  10. been feeling like crap the last 7 years since I moved from Ireland to Australia, with a month in thailans inbetween. Constant IBS bloating, no matter what I eliminate from my dietm im on 80&raw food now, I avoid “industrial” food and exercise..
    Been on Hyrdogen peroxide 35% for a week or so, had three colonics and passed what i think was a big rope worm.
    just had 3 doeses of Diatomacious Earth the past 24hours and past another small looking one..
    If anyone can look at the pics and confirm please? that would be amazing, as im not sure..

  11. Just found out about ropeworms this weekend. My husband has had all sorts of health issues. Nerves, depression, stomach, at one point er doctor said he had had a heart attack. Heart was tested and nothing found to be wrong. Other test shown nothing. Finally after bowels not moving for 3 weeks, he turned to enemas. First two produced very hard stool, 3 rd had 2 worms. Turned to internet to find out what they were. It is crazy that no one knows origin, cause or how to stop or prevent.

  12. This chronic infection is being misrepresented as a helminth thanks to self published papers. The infection is real, however it’s obviously not a helminth as it doesn’t fit the classification even closely. This is one of the reasons medical community and average people are in denial, which is very unfortunate. My strong guess would be that it’s some type of slime mold/myxomycetes, which usually doesn’t infect humans however one case has been documented. Microscopy showed the presence of microchannels which is one of the characteristics of myxomycetes. Also, so called “suction cups” described in paper look a lot like sporangia. If it’s indeed a type of slime mold, the chance of it being systemic (not only in the gut) is very high as it colonise all the mucosal membranes eg sinuses.

    You can read more about it here:

  13. I’ve had 1 or 2 giant rope worms. The one thing that is different about these evil things is that the move throughout the body and you actually feel them propelling themselves along. It it not subtle. They are large and would not go unnoticed. I could see movement under my skin and muscle. It’s not like any other parasite that stays in one place. After much experimentation, I found that I could verify where they were by dousing my skin with 91% rubbing alcohol and rubbing my skin (sometimes repeatedly) and the evidence was in surfacing of what seemed to slime that I peeled off like scales. In my case I believe this was what compromised them and allowed them to be removed with coffee enemas and eucalyptus leaves boiled with eucalyptus oil added to enemas. I believe they can only be removed by enemas. I have to repeat that these worms travel throughout the body and you can feel strong movement as they can be up to 2″ diameter and a yard or more long.

  14. I am doing twice daily MMS enemas since three years now. Everyday I am expelling parasites since I started. It is such a great amount…. weeks later after starting I was wondering how much it is but 3 years later i’m still getting very very much of this crap out of my body. Can someone tell me how long it can take to get everything out?

  15. I find small white things when I go to the bathroom n then blood n sometimes fluffy stuff it’s really weird cause my gut will be killing me til I go to the bathroom n then I feel better. I’m not sure what this is though.. possibly a rope worm

  16. Cela ressemble à des vers à cordes. je pense en être infesté depuis 2 ans , mais j’en ai réellement pris conscience cet Été. Je n’ai pas pu voir mon docteur avant son départ en vacances, et me faire prescrire du fortimels. Déjà maigre d’où la cure de fortimels, je suis passé de 64 kilos à 57 habillé en un mois. Je venais de dormir 36h, je n’arrivais pas à me lever… Au toilette je vois des éléments étrangers dans mes selles. Je penses avoir le Tenia. Et depuis le 5 septembre 2023, 3 traitements vermifuge, échographie, (normal)rencontre médecin service infectieux, qui me parlent de constipation et refusent d’entendre parler de vers à corde, Mes photos,il s’agit de mucus. diagnostic confortait par l’absence de découverte de vers dans les prélèvements de mes selles… Après un prélèvement que je n’ai pu remettre à temps est devenu de la soupe en 24h alors qu’il y avait des cordes a l’expulsion… Je vais prendre contact avec un gastroenterologist.. j’ai des troubles neurologiques… Sensations brûlure sous la peau, de douleurs aiguës Comme si on pincée à distance, une sorte de goutte, engourdissement du bras droit, pété équilibre, épuisement surtout après avoir dormi… fringale… J’espère trouver une solution au plus vite…

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