What a Ropeworm Looks Like


The above is an excellent example of a typical ropeworm. The question still remains. What Is It?

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  1. My doctors tell me that my stool samples came back fine and nothing is out of ordinary…YEAH RIGHT.
    It all started for me when i started noticing much more frequent headaches and chronic fatigue. I could feel myself slipping into depression and i started experiencing extreme anxiety that I’ve never delt with before. Normally im a very optimistic and social person, even though i have always been an introvert, i still have never put myself into complete isolation before. I began to hate being around other people and always wanted to be alone…i knew something was “off” about me and my health but i never would have suspected THIS. So then my hair started falling out and my nails would break easily and again i just felt tired all the time. Probably because i havent been able to sleep very well, though if i thought i got enough sleep i still never felt or appeared to be well rested. Then i started noticing mucus in my stool. Which can me normal every so often; but mine got to a point where i knew that it was not normal to see that much every time i go. So naturally i google my symptoms and mucus in stool. Thats when I discovered these nasty lil life wrecking worms called rope worms. I read and read about them but no one has a clear answer of what they are where they come from and how to completely get rid of them. The remedies i saw working the most were by taking certain vitamins and or doing an enima. Vitamins didnt make any difference for me. But the coffee enima worked like a charm to expel at least some of these worms. I never once saw an actual worm in my stool before just the goo like mucus. But after the coffee enima I started passing worms everytime i go now. (As long as I regularly do an enima before bedtime usually) Most the time if i do an enima at night then first thing next morning i will pass a worm all by itself with no stool! It’s absolutely mind blowing to me that doctors are trying to convince people that this is a normal thing and not to be alarmed!!! Maybe once they pass one someday they’ll realize how nerve racking it is to not only know those things are inside you but also how much change they cause in your overall health mentally and physically. I already had a panic attack before getting my stool sample to the doctors all because i knew they were going to try and tell me that it’s nothing. I feel like im being robbed of my true self and personality by these worms. I know this is not who i am and i want to enjoy life again…

  2. I passed a rope worm today after two days of drinking filter coffee with coconut oil in the morning. This thing was swimming around in the toilet, and when I caught it in a tub it darted it’s head to one side as if in panic. I was utterly horrified; this thing was alive swimming up and down and around in the toilet water.
    I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and joint & muscle pain for about a year, I have also had depression, anxiety, memory loss, light-headed.
    I have researched a lot about health and nutrition to try and improve. My blood pressure/volume is on the low side and I am in peri menopause so tried to address these things with some fatigue and other symptoms remaining.
    My doc is going to send this creature of for testing.
    I used to drink water from a spring and I wonder if this parasite lived in the water because there was contamination from farmer’s fields where animals grazed and when the water was analysed it showed up bad enough for me to have a uv lamp and filter action system installed. The filter used to get so filthy that the guy replacing it was always shocked.

  3. I’m curious if vaccines were something people had in common? Although the reports claim to not know what they are, morticians are now finding fibers and rope worms in people’s veins and arteries.
    The organism hydra vulgaris and nano machines were found to be in recent vx, but I suspect they’ve been in other vx’s for many years.
    Please send a reply to email.

  4. I know this might sound preposterous but I have recently had carpet worms it’s like a Maryland stink bug these worms are getting your carpet I pulled some out of my carpet I got some off of like some tape and stuff that was laying around cuz these things are very invasive and they look a lot like a rope war I mean a lot. And when they’re when they’re small you can’t hardly even see them you could eat them or you could ingest them easy enough. Has anybody else ever had carpet worms and got these things. Cuz if they aren’t a carpet worm they are certainly related to a carpet worm if I could put a picture on here I would I’d show you what these things look like and I tell you they look about like pretty much the same.

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