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  1. I wish some doctor, lab or the cdc would do the dna on samples and try to tell us wth these things are. I’ve suffered, progressively getting worse every year, with these things for about 20 years now !
    The first dr. I showed samples of the crazy matter said it was steatorrhea (aka undigested fats). That led to me finding out my pain in my upper abdomen area all the time was my gall bladder, I had gallstones & they kept blocking up the tiny duct that shoots bile into the stomach to digest food. It took my blood pressure going to 240 over 140 one night, for 14 long hours, an ambulance trip, a bunch of tests for van ultrasound to find the gallstones blocking my bile duct. The slow creeping effects of malnutrition on your body, when you aren’t properly digesting your food, for years, is very destructive to your well being, vitality, bone mass, etc. I did gallstone diets for a while, the issue got better, yet flares up still, but the crazy things coming from me never went away. Then of course another dr. said it;s candida or yeast overgrowth, nope, that should mot move. Then I saw an illness called mucormycosis and I realized it could be that, a fungal kind of growth. The last roughly 18 months I’ve started coughing up these crazy things, and they are coming from my nose. I’m 60 yrs old this month, I am so worn out from this but also I have not been able to make myself go show another dr. or go through the embarrassment again only to be treated with a dismissive attitude and told to take an over the counter pinworm medicine that never helped much at all. They have all been too rushed to stop for 5 minutes and listen to me or to even ask me any questions. Wth…it is ridiculous because they’d have a fit if it happened to them ! They act as if I’m just nutty or something, as if I WANT THIS TERRIBLE THING TO EXIST in me. It is hurtful to be treated like that when you feel so sick every day of your life & you’re telling them “Something is bad wrong with me, my health has gone ‘buh bye’, my spleen is all blown up, my spine has curved and twisted until I lost 7 ” in 10 years, my shoulder is frozen in place and I’m falling apart and I fear whatever this is is either doing damage living off me, or could be blocking up my liver.” In return, I get a short stare, a pause, and then they’re right back onto their little 10 minute routine for patients.
    My ability to think has gone along with control of my temper and mouth. Can’t focus on much, I’ve changed from outgoing, gregarious person to a virtual hermit, I never want to go anywhere. Everything aches all the time, eyes hurt, ganglion cysts in hands, too many physical symptoms to mention really. Just wish I could ever get some dr to take me seriously before it kills me. I asked my daughter and older sister both to help me get to a dr., to make me go show a dr., over a year ago, because I can not make myself go. I told them my suspicions of some parasite, described the things, even showed my daughter….crickets…no help at all. Broke my heart cause I raised 5 kids, I took care of my 6 sisers all my life whenever they needed me I was there, always.
    I was a very organized, go getter type of person who worked and played constantly, water and snow skied on black diamond runs, played softball, volleyball, went jogging, camping 2 to 3 times a year, with family, church 3 nights a week, and did everything a good mom should do, ya know?if they need me even now I’d be there….yet they don’t get it…

  2. This just confirms everything that I’ve been doing and feeling about parasites in my body I have expelled these awful things during my one year cleanse I stopped eating pasta dairy breads and sugars I went from 200lb to 160 safely in 6 months it was a great journey and then the MINUTE you get off it all seams to begin all over again It’s a daily continuous thing and a 6 month routine of cleaning your gut and intestines out

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