Shocking Colonoscopy Video

A reader of this website has kindly submitted a very telling video of their colonoscopy. It shows an unmistakable invasion in this patient’s intestines. One can make out a very distinct structure that points to some kind of biological infestation. This is the same structure that many of us who participate on this website have found during eliminations.

The patient believes this infestation to be a slime mold rather than a worm parasite.

Be it a worm or a mold or something else altogether, this video is one of the first tangible evidences to the medical community that such infections are real. Perhaps we are finally on the right track to determining what rope worms are!

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  1. I had a colonoscopy done in 2007 and this is exactly what I saw. When I asked the Dr what all that yellow stuff that was attached to my intestinal walls, she was dumbfounded. After a few umms, she guessed fecal matter. Yeah right. Anyways I was diagnosed with IBS and food allergies. Nothing has really cured me. Last night I passed this after eating a salad with lots of pumpkin seeds in it. I had been passing lots of mucus & this flew out and stuck to a butt cheek. It was very sticky, not like regular mucus. When I was first messing with it on a baby wipe it moved! Yes one end of the rope would move when I touched the other end! I’m going to start enemas & DE asap.

  2. Ive had a lot of expelled rope worms using Turpentine, Kerosene, Fenbenzadole, MMS, MMS2, a few other Herbals. All relatively inexpensive. I have a huge systemic fungal problem too and the fungal die off from the MMS is really bad (it works too good), or I beleive it would have already killed the rope worm problem. Some people thrive on the MMS. is the place to meet and discuss this. i’m Chris Jackson over there.

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