Rope Worm Elimination Protocols

Various enemas and other procedures have been found to release rope worms. These include:

  • eucaliptus oil  followed by lemon juice enemas (patented)
  • milk enemas
  • probiotic enemas
  • parasite cleanse formulas
  • water fasting
  • juicing
  • vitamin C

The worms appear to exit best between the hours of 1am and 3am.


Many have observed that a natural diet free of wheat, dairy, sugar, and processed food has been helpful.

Other Protocols

Do you have an experience to share? What works for you? In the comments below please add your findings so that others may benefit. Please follow any protocol under the supervision of a trained professional. 

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  1. Both times, 1 week apart, I expelled my gelatinous blobs with 3 foot rope worms around 4 pm and 5 hours after a colonic. The first expulsion was black and murky, but when stirred with a plastic fork, it was very dark green (bile???). The second expulsion was deep green like extra virgin olive oil, so I could see the worm very clearly. The gelatinous slime with each expulsion was about the same in volume and consistency….It seemed to be about 8-10 ounces of material. Gross does not begin to express….

      • i pulled one out 18 years a go and it was 44 foot long now i have one in my stomach.Looks like im having a baby worse than the first one

          • I so agree i’ve been expelling worms out for two weeks now with the Mimosa the best thing I’ve ever found such relief!

          • I so agree I’ve been on Mimosa for three weeks and with every bowel movement I still have worms coming out and all lifestages of the rope worm! I feel like I’ve been given my life back!

          • TY I have had no treatment for 9+ one woukd touch this subject and I was losing hope. I have everything from parasites and all their paras…any other suggestions pls feel free…again, ty 💘

          • Yes just started using pudica seed. Finally seeing results. Feels so gross but so good at the same time

          • I’m on my third bottle and still waiting! I can feel them moving in my organs ! Help I need something stronger

          • to cure these ropeworms, it is a long processes.
            1 month-take (1) mimosa pudica supplement with (1) Bio Nutriment ACX
            2nd month – repeat above but do a salt enima with a little lemon juice added.
            3rd month- take only 1 OXY- CLEANSE tablet once a week with lemon juice
            4th month – take (1) VRM1 bio challenge supplement with (1) Bio Nutriment ACX
            5th month – Kirkland BIO FILM (1) tablet a day with (1) oregeno oil supplement .

        • Oh my goodness, I look 9 months pregnant, and Ive only passed one so far, my husband didnt believe me. He said its just a string of mucus, but I know im not crazywith what I saw.

      • Yeshayah: Tapeworms can be pretty simple if you go vegetables-only for a week or two and then ‘spike’ ’em with a 3000-4000 unit dose of coQ10. Jarrow formulas ‘absorb’ formula is really good. You’d have to take 30-40 capsules to hot up things for your worminator, and then about two to four hours after get a good salt water flush (oral salt water to induce pushing out the bastard and then yogurt later to stop the dihorreah.)

      • Hi there. Ran across this thread, I’ve been self treating for 4 years and finally found the absolute cure. Allot of herbal remedies and colonics/enemas will expel allot of worms and you may think you are healing. In fact all you are doing is waking the worms from their dormant state and ones left inside are going to get pissed off and rapidly reproduce as a life preserving effort.
        Oxygen blast therapy kills eggs and worms on contact.
        Not affiliated with anything, not trying to sell anything, just saying it is an absolute cure. I ran out and need more now and I am flat broke as I have been diagnosed with many things and have been completley unable to work but found the true cause, massive parasitic infection that the doctors do not want to acknowledge.
        The particular product I take starts with an H. Do not think I can name it on this forum. But look up oxygen Blass and when you find a product that begins with H buy it immediately! It’s rough, depending on how bad the infection/infestation. I went after mine hard and heavy so am unable to work, my husband is doing everything he can but savings are gone, our finances have ended completley. Take care of it as quickly as you can. Once your body becomes host to one parasite it will very easily welcome any parasite that would pass through a normal healthy person without them ever knowing they had it. I have documented 12 different varieties. I poo in a strainer, find one with the smallest openings possible. Rinse under hot water thoroughly and you will be left with your buggers. Everything that comes out will be dead. Hopefully you just have the one variety and you can rid yourself quickly. I was massively infested. Thought I was going to die during treatment but as I said I hit it hard and heavy, you don’t necessarily have to do that. Best of luck and I swear to you it works!! 90% of my diagnosed illnesses are gone. Not quite finished yet again our money is gone, cannot afford my order this month but I needed allot as I was so very ill and I treated my son and husband lightly just because of everything this powder cures.
        We will live on it forever. Please listen to me, please don’t think I’m affiliated or trying to sell something. This saved my life, literally.
        Best of luck.
        Feel free to all me anything, there is nothing at this point I haven’t seen or heard and have so many pictures is crazy.

          • yes, I used many tinctures that worked before trying food grade h2o 12%, be cautious it is powerful stuff. I had been cleansing with tinctures and coffee enemas for 9 months expelling an unreal amount of rope, round and tapeworm, ordered the h2o and only put 1/2 tsp in my enema bag and the die off was horrid after about a week the amount of huge worms I expelled was unreal. I then only used a few drops in my enema 2 more times and that was over a month ago and am still flushing out dead worms. So yes it works very well.

        • Please contact me. .. text two zero seven seven four zero five one four zero or e mail me “moreytftf @”
          I am very interested in your experience

        • good day Mary,

          I read your post & can relate. Over 1 1/2 years of expelling myself. Feeling very isolated with this infestation. My naturopath told me at the beginning of the cleaning that my brown/hazel eyes were blue. My eyes are showing blue now with the centre still brown and a yellow tint around the eye. I have been ellimating the most lately with breathing ,qi gong & diet. I have stopped buying all the supplies herbs, supplements etc, $ has ran out also. I feel nervous about your 4 years of cleansing & advice that the parasites are dormant & reproducing at a faster rate. I take my eye colour changing back to blue as my reference to cleaning up. I have stopped seeking advice because I have not found anyone who has experienced this level of crazy infestation. However, I have had brown/hazel eye colour since birth , I am now 56 years old. My thoughts and well being has been changing dramatically with Qi Gong & The Wim Hof Method. Thank you for sharing your experience, Love to know more about your suggestion of Oxygen Blass. enjoy your day Laurel

          • You have found someone now, for I have been seeing them for about a year and a half as well all believing me crazy. I was actually wishing I was I would tell you about this..I have just to be brave enough for doctors. Strangest experience in my life.. Every part of me is affected…

          • This is all new to me. I thought since 1990 my issues were just Candida…I have seen them but thought it was just yeast infections.

        • Mary,
          Very interesting. can you tell me how long it took to get rid of the roundworm completely? I think I know what product you are referring to. I have been ill for 35 yrs. +!!!!! Can you tell me the dosage you used? I passed a white hard mesh like substance in my stool recently after my Chiropractor worked deep on my abdomen under my right rib cage & I did an enema the day before i passed it. the area was very sore until I passed the mass.

          God Bless US!!!

        • Hi there.. are you thinking H2o2?.. that’s hydrogen peroxide.. i am hoping you used 35% food grade..
          i just ordered some as i feel as you do.. blast um with some oxygen….if you are still looking i found a great site.. i’m not a salesperson there is nothing in it for me but sharing a good reputable company and it’s definitely affordable…they do mail order.
          pure health discounts.. google it.. and go to their site.

          • Be careful with hydrogen peroxide. Ingesting too much can bleach wherever it is put and kill you.

          • Be careful with hydrogen peroxide. Ingesting too much can bleach wherever it is put and kill you. That oxidizer could be causing some extra symptoms.

          • The product is called Homozon people! She said to look up Oxygen BLASS therapy and look for a product that starts with the letter H. It’s NOT hydrogen peroxide, that’s dangerous on the skin and will burn you.

          • Hey there, As of your writing above, just to confirm your reference “35% h2o2” that is basically a hazard. Hoping you mean diluted h2o2 down to 1% (?) since store bought for minor cuts are 3%.

          • Hey there, As of your writing above, just to confirm your reference “35% h2o2” that is basically a hazard. Hoping you mean diluted h2o2 down to 1% (?) since topical store bought h2o2 for minor cuts etc. is 3%. Best to you.

        • Hi Mary
          Hope you are doing much better, since your original post.
          I am also in the same boat.
          Hp is powerful . I am seriously considering it. I have flukes. Rope worm.other stuff …bad !
          I have bern doing enemas of every kind known to man and, probably even invented combos ! Lol. I expell but not get rid. I believe there everywhere and am keen to try HP. Did you say to put dose in enema…how much sorry?
          Much love and Healing

        • Hun, have you looked into heavy metal poisoning? They are attracted to the metal and is seems like you have some metal symptoms as well.

          Best of luck. Thank you for sharing.

        • Hi , I am ill again because I lost control of needed rope/parasite maintenance. A brilliant herbalist reached out to help me. I had thoughts of oxygen approach since ropes are anaerobic. And I realized that aerobic oxygen supplement from Canada, did expel them. So of course I want know more about O blast.

        • Thank you I’m going to find whatever it is your doing and do it I’ve been living with this for 3 years they are in my skin my nails everywhere.i haven’t had sex with my husband in a year because I feel dirty .I’ve been on albendazole and I feel like I’m dying .I’m praying ty

        • Do you have a link or a exact name of this product? I’m passing rope worm and I know there is more and I desperately need help please let us know what brand and where to buy this please.

    • I am so sick and tired of trying to get help. I was not diagnoicded with H Pylora for eight years. I sounded ? Crazy. Before I was taken seriously I had Colitus, crones diverticulitis ..herniated..had my lower colon removed..but my immune system was so worn out that I kept getting infections..that led to MRSA…Had to guit work. This has been gong one now for decades. I have treated my self..lying, cheating to buy anti-biotic’s from dealers. I am going to die. They work..I am desperate for a real solution. I only have one other sollutionwight now. I have enough to go to sleep without a wake up. I a sick of being called crazy..

      • Get some Mastic powder from Chios Greece this kills all bad bacteria (H.Pylori) in the gut, builds and thickens the stomach lining and helps keep good bacteria

      • I’m in your shoes I eat tons of raw garlic take pin worm medicine at least twice a week doctors have did their best to make me think I was crazy but I wasn’t nor ami now I run minced garlic on my skin to get rid of some those but of course they just start moving and hurting me but like you don’t have any choices but never let someone tell you your crazy and that be the reason you give up because I have been fighting this for close to ten years and so tired of fighting it but I have to for my grandkids so just try to.keep fighting

    • I have been sick almost my whole life. Diagnosed with severe endometriosis in my 20s, had 5 surgeries to remove adhesions throughout my entire abdomen. I was born with a heart defect which was fixed when I was 6 with open heart surgery they also removed my thymus because it was 1988 and they didn’t realize how vital it was to primary immunity. I’ve always been in pain, everywhere, tired so easily, had “IBS” the last 20 years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, pancreatitis, chronic infections, thrush, ear and sinus problems, recurring strep, I had to stop working as an RN 4 yrs ago, only 35…. I’ve been having trouble digesting for a long time. “Malabsorption ” passing pills while, food while, nausea, vomiting, constant constipation, the last few months my bowels are exceptionally bad, having to unimpact myself daily, like nothing works anymore , my rectum and colon are paralyzed. The last 30 days have been the worst of my entire life. It started with a “stomach bug” 24 hours of non stop severe vomit and nausea and pain. Two weeks of so much mucous coming out both ways in huge strings that I thought had to be worms. I saved my “samples” finally I went to the hospital because the nausea and vomiting and constipation where so bad I was impacted so badly I couldn’t remove it. I had been on methotrexate a chemo drug for lupus for about a year and constant antibiotics so I was sure it was candida, still could be. Went to the ER and basically treated me like I was crazy but came back positive for CDiff which I was becoming toxic from, the impaction was huge rocks probably a lb worth with bright specs and mucous, the cdiff smell was awful. Spent 5 days in the hospital with no other answers. Nausea and vomiting continuing at home, I can only tolerate small amounts of baby food and water. Lights sound, al bother me and I can’t leave the house or do much of anything I feel constantly carsick nausea and everything makes it worse. Today I passed a “rope worm” about a foot long. Started doing Apple cider vinegar shots, drank diatomaceous earth, coffee and probiotic enema and a few more passed. There’s no need in sight and no drs believe me. I have 2 kids I can’t parent, I at least want to get back to functioning sick. I have severe night sweats, restless legs, chills, face rash, never ending symptoms and I feel lost and helpless. But glad the cdiff was found because it was atypical cdiff with constipation and impaction which would have killed me. I’ve done endless research and it seems I will never get better 🙁

    • I just recently found out about rope worms and I do have them. I have been doing a complete cleanse from something called RenewLife i believe, as well as added Metamucil 3 times daily, 2 liters of water and not eating anything too heavy or solid. I have never been so disgusted with myself lol I had no idea. I was just bloated and seemed like every time I had a movement, still felt as if it was going around some sort of blockage. I have passed about 4 lengthy worms in less than 2 weeks. Still have a couple weeks left to go with the cleansing, but it is gentle and is working great!

        • Could you provide some photos?? I have been trying to talk to my doctor about but they think I’m nuts and it only happens out of the country. I have been seeing thin rope like pieces and also larger hard pieces as well as lots of mucus.

  2. I’ve been doing a nutritional balancing protocol (Paul Eck, Analytical Research Laboratories –,, along with coffee enemas, and I’ve been passing 3 to 4 inch pieces of rope worms on a regular basis for several weeks, both with enemas and without. The basis of nutritional balancing is that the vital minerals that our bodies need are lacking in our current diets due to depleted soil, toxic metals and other toxins, poor food choices and processed food, emotional stress, etc, etc, so our mineral levels are low and also out of balance (ratios between different minerals are as important as levels). By rebalancing our biochemistry through specific diet and supplement regimens determined on a person by person basis through the use of hair tissue mineral analyses, we can make our bodies so strong and vital that they start to get rid of things like rope parasites without any toxic drugs. I’ve also been eliminating a ton of toxic metals. It’s extremely powerful, and anyone can benefit greatly from it. I was amazed at how my body just started eliminating rope parasites by simply using a dialed nutrition protocol to increase my vitality, cellular energy and biochemistry. Just wanted to pass that along to anyone reading this site.

      • You can find the nutritional balancing science at
        Dr. Lawrence Wilson is Dr. Eck’s longtime mentee/student who now runs the Remineralization based Nutritional science using Analytical Research Labs products and hair mineral analysis. The free program is a great place to start but the actual full program will change your life forever.

  3. Also wanted to add that part of my nutritional balancing supplement regimen is a digestive enzyme called GB3 from Endomet Labs. It’s ox bile, pancreatin and black radish. It seems to be very potent, and I suspect it is helping my body just start destroying rope parasites. But mostly, it’s about improving general digestive tract health and getting the most nutrition possible from the food we eat, because it’s really a weakened state in our bodies that lets stuff like rope worms take hold and thrive in the first place. There is so much emphasis on how to get rid of these things, but not much on why they live in us in the first place.

  4. Thanks for you post. I did some hair tissue mineral analyses and they found elevated levels of lead and aluminum in my hair.

    I had also very low essential minerals, so I added himalayan salts to my diet.

  5. Do the ropes ever go away?? I’ve been fighting with them for 2 years. I had an issue with severe constipation, bloating, leg rashes (sorta), lack of energy and a major sugar cravings. My many visits to many doctors left me frustrated and angry. I began my own research. I spent endless hours searching the web. I eliminated sugar (I still battle the cravings) diet soda, processed foods, and white foods. I did a 30 day cleanse using something I got from whole foods. Blogs such as this and curezone became my life line. I was terrified at the thought I had parasites. When I saw the pictures of the rope worms and other huge horrors, I thought to myself how glad I was that I didn’t have those to battle. My first cleanse produced some scary things that I gladly flushed away. I felt better for awhile, yet something was nagging at me. I decided that coffee enemas may help. I started taking blood root and diatomaceous earth, and doing coffee enemas twice a week. Despite the improved diet, supplements and enemas the constipation was still a problem. Even after an enema, lots of creepy stuff came out but I still felt pressure. I knew I had alot more gunk to eliminate. I started doing daily coffee enemas and tried a few other protocols. H2o2, coconut oil and garlic. The H2o2 left me very uncomfortable and bloated. I woke up in the middle of the night and just made it to the bathroom..(not quite) I expelled a huge mass of rope worms. A couple didn’t make into the toilet and I was mortified. Some were in pieces and some were big and whole. More stuff came out than I thought was possible. I thought my intestines were coming out and the H2o2 had caused it. The eruption passed and I was surprised to find I was OK. For the first time in a long time the pressure, bloating and discomfort were gone. Now I knew what was I dealing with. I did the Volinsky program and many ropes were expelled. Currently I do daily coffee enemas, maintain my diet and supplement routine. I was cruising along thinking I had beaten the monsters. Today I found 2 more big ropes. So my question is..Do they ever go away?? I’ve never posted on any forum before. For all those that have posted, I hope you know how valuable those posts are to people like me that feel isolated. Because of you I continue my quest to eliminate the monster inside me. I am however feeling a bit defeated today…

    • Awww KikI your story sounds so familiar, especially about the constipation, bloating, and lack of energy. Interestingly I have a leg rash too.

      Yeah dealing with gross ugly horrible looking stuff coming out of your poop that is most likely a parasite is definitely isolating. How many people can you talk to about that? Many would just gasp in horror and not want to listen.

      In fact that is why so far this blog is anonymous because I feel the same way.

      I have been meaning to post a blog about how my ropeworms seemed to have disappeared. I haven’t seen any lately no matter what I do. Even during a recent colonic nothing came out.

      So I am not totally sure if they have gone or if they are just hiding. I have completely changed my diet to include no dairy, eggs, gluten and minimal sugar, and take probiotics daily. I take chorella and do saunas to eliminate heavy metals. Could that have solved it?

      I may try the volinksy protocol just to make sure. I still get bloated a little bit when I eat ..

      I would suggest hair mineral testing; I have been doing that and finding my heavy metals slowly dropping and my nutritional elements slowly stabilizing. I would imagine that having a healthly, balanced system (through “nutritional balancing” – google Dr. Wilson) can make an environment in your body that parasites simply don’t want to be in. That’s probably the best long term solution. Clean up your body and the parasites will rather not be there.

      PS. After about a year my leg rash is finally disappearing too …

      • What is the top leading websites that has the best knowledge of how to treat a chronic adrenal fatigue and candida yeast infection?. At the same time

    • Did you ever get them to go away? If this is candida then I believe coffee feeds it because coffee has yeast in it. Maybe try doing some different types of enemas like garlic? Also try eating sauerkraut

      • Yes, with a few victories.
        I maintain a strict diet, no sugar, no gluten and limited dairy. I have had weeks without any symptoms, and manage to have a somewhat normal life. My leg rash that was very severe, is under control with an occasional break out. My headaches are few and far between. I sleep better. Just when I feel ahead of the game, I get that crampy feeling and have to rush to the bathroom and expel a pile of worms. I have tried all the various protocols. Recently the worms created a blockage, and I had a very tough time clearing it. My reality of a normal life includes daily Coffee enemas.Time consuming, gross, messy and annoying, but they seem to be the only thing that keeps me ahead of the worms.
        It is 2 steps forward and one step back.


        • Hi, have read your posts and a few questions. I’m sure I have Rope worms due to the fact when I wipe after bowel movement there are the little bubbles or clear eggs and read that the Rope expels air to move about/ Also have expelled several worms and unidentified. My doctors goes nuts, so no help. You mentioned that you had a blockage and had a difficult time getting it in order. It seems my problem started when a colonscopy couldn’t be completed due to a blockage, 2 wks later I had a heart attack and stint and since then extreme fatigue and weakness along with all the usual worm symptoms. About 6 mths after the heart attack is when I started expelling little worms then larger one. Another attempt to do the colonscopy and again failed because of blockage. I’ve felt from just reading the posts that it could be worms causing the blockage. Please what did you do to get your blockage normal or unblocked.?
          Wish you the best and seems you are on the right track.

        • Hi, have read your posts and a few questions. I’m sure I have Rope worms due to the fact when I wipe after bowel movement there are the little bubbles or clear eggs and read that the Rope expels air to move about/ Also have expelled several worms and unidentified. My doctors goes nuts, so no help. You mentioned that you had a blockage and had a difficult time getting it in order. It seems my problem started when a colonscopy couldn’t be completed due to a blockage, 2 wks later I had a heart attack and stint and since then extreme fatigue and weakness along with all the usual worm symptoms. About 6 mths after the heart attack is when I started expelling little worms then larger one. Another attempt to do the colonscopy and again failed because of blockage. I’ve felt from just reading the posts that it could be worms causing the blockage. Please what did you do to get your blockage normal or unblocked.?
          Wish you the best and seems you are on the right track.

    • Try Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s Nutritional Balancing Science. You’re already doing half the program but there’s a deeper science to health that Dr. Wilson has learned to use on patients. It’s amazing.!

  6. Oh Man! Exactly what I’m dealing with, my battle also has been ongoing for an year now. Will the f***s ever go away .I’m doing everything that you are doing ,except the h202 , i have it , I’ll give it a try , how did you take it and what dosage?

  7. Be very careful with the H2o2…35% food grade is VERY potent stuff, and less is better. I started with a measured 1/2 teaspoon in 2 quarts of warm water and worked up to 1 teaspoon. It may take a few attempts to use the entire amount. Prepare yourself for what may show up….I’m pretty sure the h2o2 was responsible for bringing out a jelly fish/crawfish looking thing that was about 1 inch long and had a jellyfish body with crawfish legs and head….(OMG..come on….are you kidding me..I have a colon that houses its own sea world???) When I read Volinksi’s stages, I assume thats what he refers to when he explains stage 3, which somehow then turn into the ropes at stage 4. Good luck and be careful….

  8. Been a life long battle with digestive pains, and long health history.

    On Nutritional Balancing Program which I HIGHLY recommend.

    My rope worms started coming out with Coffee enemas. I use organic espresso bean as gerson therapy coffee grins were too harsh, probably the acidic factor.

    I also have an amazing Nutritional Balancing Practicioner.

  9. What a great post – I recently did the HumaWorrm cleanse (I never saw or felt anything weird aside from an itchy bootie a couple of nights), and since I finished 2 weeks ago, I’m much more bloated than the norm. I also did a GI test (stool/saliva) which tested neg for parasites, but I’m still not convinced for some reason. Can parasites live in the stomach? I tested low pancreatic exocrine output. Maybe/hopefully that’s more of the problem? I just received my bottle of GB3 today. I sure hope it helps. I will receive results soon on a heavy metals test – I’m sure I’m toxic. I had a few mercury fillings removed a few yrs ago & felt blah for about 6 months. I’m set to have more removed soon, altho I will try to prepare better this time.
    I appreciate all the info from everyone here!

    • Most of the time the test come up negative… Try fasting for a day w/ coffee enema & a parasite cleanse. Then eliminate sugar & carbohydrates.. Minimal meat. For 10 days do 2 coffee enemas (hold for 10 mins), the cleanse w/ potassium & probiotics. It might take sometime.. I’m on my 3rd cleanse & I find different worms everytime. Papaya seeds are amazing! Very hard to digest but AMAZING. I would take 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning & before every meal. Just cut a papaya open & blend up the seed (swallow them whole)… I promise u with all that u will expel something! We ALL HAVE PARASITES!

  10. I believe this is what I have as well. I have the exact same symptoms. I took Albenzie and I think it killed them. However that was 8 months ago and I have had little pieces of worms coming out the whole time then yesterday I had three 6″ rope worms come out. I had been out of town for a week prior and had not ate much the whole week so I believe it cleaned me out. But when I went for treatment at my local hospital they label me crazy or on drugs because people don’t get worms!! Now I have saved every worm piece and the 6″ rope worms. I’m so mad that the hospital did not help me. How do you know when they are really gone.

    • Did you have to go to the doctor for that? I have tried so many protocols and each time I have to stop around 10 days. I’ve never gotten rid of them. Most of the herbs have blood sugar lowering effects. When I first started neem for about 3 days I really started to feel better and I gradually started to get blistering headaches and low blood sugar and I couldn’t continue. I had good success with neem but nothing much came from the cloves/wormwood/black walnut. I don’t remember much other than feeling badly. I’ve been on a super strict diet for years and it helps but didn’t clear anything. The daily cleanses eventually mess with my electrolytes and blood sugar. I haven’t been able to pass a stool on my own for years because of this. Every time I do a colonic I pass ropes. When I do the cleanse even more. And I have a very healthy lifestyle. Most of the herbal concoctions all seem to have the same stuff. I’ve been trying to find a solution for years and have tried just about everything.

      • The inability to pass stuff on your own means you need butyrate-producing bacteria all throughout your gut to keep it moving healthily. Those are the ones that like fiber, and they get wiped out each time you cleanse.

        The best way to rebuild your (healthy) gut is raw milk, raw vegetables (some gently cooked, just reserve a portion for the ‘raw’ input), and the freshest fruit you can find. (the more goopy it is, the longer it’s been on the shelves, the more candidic it is).

        The gutpro probiotics is pretty good too.

        Research ‘resistant starch’ and how to cook potatoes, rice (with coconut oil in), and starchy foods to help rebuild.

        A sterile gut is a leaky gut with a tendency towards inflammation, butyrate calms a hyperactive cytokine response.

        I’m reaching the conclusion that it helps most to address the biofilms from the skinwards in.. Like the essential oils mentioned in the bible in the holy annointing oil. Highly anti-biofilmic!

        • I hope everyone reads this, because while I believe we must do the cleansing, enemas, diet changes to help process along because of how long we’ve been lied to… Here is what The Holy Spirit God has revealed to me: IMPORTANT!!!!

          These are DEMONS! How they get in could be many paths, but let’s just call it all sin. They thrive in unforgiveness, stress, create more negativity etc. The medical authority are liars. They have an agenda. There are too many Bible Verses to list here that The Holy Spirit led me to, but yiu can email me and I will send them all.
          We need to get bold in these endtimes. The same healing available in the Bible days, when Jesus Christ walked the earth, is still available. He gave us the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions. What do you think these rope worms look like? I have experienced the spiritual warfare battle that I don’t think the enemy wanted me to survive. The demons told Jesus their name was Legion because they were many. Then begged to be cast into the herd of pigs. The medical establishment has tried to claim We get these microscopic and expelled “parasites” from undercooked food like pork. Just because demons thrive in that wet environment. They exist in dry place without our body hosting. We are made up of so much water and still when Jesus cast them out, into the pigs, they still drowned the pigs in the nearby water. This shows me that all suicide is from these. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. Matthew 17:21 has been taken out of many Bible translations. This is the verse that disciples ask Jesus, why couldn’t we cast them out? Jesus replies: this demon requires FASTING and PRAYER!!! I believe I was given these revelations to help save souls in these endtimes. I think people who have battled with the medical establishment have lost faith in mainstream medicine and science. The Bible tells us we are fools to trust man. Jesus came to set the captives free. I think you would agree all on this chat that we have been captive. The Bible is all true literally. Matthew 17:20 says yiu only need faith of a mustard seed. Seek a deliverance ministry. Fast and pray. Pray for forgiveness to forgive your enemies. Believe you are forgiven, repent of your sin, and ask to be covered with the Blood of Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit, because then they can’t take up residence in you. Maintain your spiritual condition. Work to sin no more, we all fall short, repent when we fail. I decree and declare anyone reading this is set free and healed by the name of Jesus, Yeshus, and his blood. I command these foul demons to go to the foot of the cross.

          You must ask yourself, why would an entire verse be taken out of the ESV and NIV Bible? I encourage you to get in the Bible, before the Word of God is no longer available to us. Fill your house with the Spirit of God, so they can’t come back with their friends worse than them. All I’ve said has biblical passages to back up. I summarized for the sake of space. Pray over eachother, share this revelation, and share if you experience a Miracle following this message. Do Not lose Faith, because your faith is required to be healed. It might take some time, but I doubt as long as we played with these doctors who have a pretty high profit motuve to deny the existence of God. Bless you. This is my prayer for all of you who read this. I bind up backlash, retaliation, and all witchcraft and spiritual attacks as a result of my message and prayer. I seal it with the blood of Jesus

          • Dr L Wilson recommends The Way of Mastery trilogy. A modern day channeling of Jesus. Truly astounding and highly recommended.

      • I have used woodworm, dandelion and senna making a tea, cut garlic in the tea and eating after drinking the tea, senna is a natural laxative. I started to pass rope worms with that, now seeing a naturopath, he said to keep doing the tea, but am now on MMS doing emema’s 2 times a week and am having results. Filtered water, then Green organic coffee, then followed by a MMs one, each step is improving my health. It is just not rope worms but there are others, but the rope ones are what I see must after the emema’s

  11. Before noticing these “worms” did any of you have like what seemed to look something like sesame seeds in your stools? Not solid hard stools and not running either but kinda in between? MMy 3 year old son had them about 5 months again took him to the doctor and they said it was probably rice that he didn’t digest. They took a stool sample but I never heard anything from them. Called and they never had his results in. We’ll they went away so we thought it was just the rice thing. Well I noticed them again the other day typed it in Google and ropeworm eggs suppose to look like this? Please help me if there anything I can try to do to see if he has them if so please share… Also if he does what am I suppose to do how am I suppose to get rid of them.. I’m freaking out!! Please help….

    • Yes according to my reading sesame seed like things are associated with rope worms.
      But according to my reading as well they are also associated with TAPE WORMS.
      Dried up tapeworm segments resemble sesame seeds.

      Good luck .. I had good success with in getting rid of stuff.

    • Have you tried a milk and salt enema? You would have to use a pediatric dose on him. It’s a fraction of the adult dose. It will bring lots of stringy mucous type things out if he does have rope worm, which is an immature stage of the rope worm. If you don’t get it out this way, it develops into more mature worms. I would try this, also get an ozone machine with an oxygen machine and do rectal insufflations to kill any worms and eggs. This might work. I would consult an integrative physician who can refer you to someone who can do the rectal insufflations and teach you how to do them at home.

    • I know this was a long time ago. I was reading through these and I have had the sesame seed things very large rope worms and many other types of parasites. So far I’ve found 2 things exceptional.
      1. Para1 by cellcore…for ropeworm
      2. Artemisinin. .this crosses the blood brain barrier. Bill Gates helped formulate this for Malaria. I couldn’t see a parasite. But I sure felt a big difference.
      Ive also done the Hulda Clark protocol. …it also works.
      But getting to the point where I believe that they are gone for good, I have not achieved.
      Also get checked for MTHFR a blood test. Take good vitamins. I suggest Emerald Laboratories brand. Also found taking extra potassium 12mg x2 day.. more than that gives me a headache…..helped nerve issues (I felt like I was vibrating ) parasites eat potassium.
      Ive taken many supplements but these stand out as being the best to me.

  12. i have unexplained liver problem. When i started coffe enema, I expelled regulary what’ so-called ropes parasite (I don think it’a a parasite, but there one thing I’m sure, I dont wanna keep this Inside my body. M question is simple … is someone get really really better after expelled a lot of those thngs ? Because I feel better on the moment, but I still have problem with an inconfort around the liver ans in the intestines.

  13. I, too have been “infested” with these creatures. I have known for a long time that I had a candida problem and these things seem to go hand in hand. I had colonics adminsitered after I had killed off some of the candida and started getting toxic. During the process(es), I was finding these ropeworm things and tried explaining what I saw to the people who administered my colonics. They just explained it away as intestinal lining or mucous. I knew better! There were too many, and they had too much of a form to comply with their diagnosis. I am currently doing some cleanses and I’m getting some results. Just ordered some food grade hydrogen peroxide. And-I am hoping against hope that I can kill these suckers (pun intended). Luck to everyone out there!

    • Read Ed mcabe, grandfather of oxygen therapy. All his books, most especially early ’80’s out of print versions, printed before his bogus incarceration for tax evasion, because his protocol worked for thousands. Most especially be sure to de-oxigenate afterwards with healthy non sugared yogurts.

  14. This monster came out of me last week after taking worming detox meds for a couple weeks and doing sporadic enemas. I wonder how many more are in there? Good news is that I think I’ve found the root of all the random unexplained health issues I have.

    But it took weeks to get just one to come out. How can I excelerate the process??

    • I have these exact things! Have been GI and energy depleted for 3 years. Mega bucks spent trying to find out what was wrong to no avail. Then I started wheat grass shots daily and coffee colonics with 90K or more parasites passing in colonics (most babies). These large ones pass after colonics, either hours later or a day or so later. Have passed about 30 or so of these. Have a lot of pictures, and MD’s just poo poo them. I have had 39 coffee colonics, and am on a detox program with an applied kinesiologist guidance for the last 4 months. I do believe I am may be at the end and achieving health?? MD’s and stool specimens never helped! I am a RN by the way.

      • Hey Toby
        I know this thread is old and hope you have found some relief. Just want to pass along some info to the community.
        I have been suffering for the past 15 years with chronic pain. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Ibs, depression, anxiety, fatty liver ,diverticulitis, prostate, cystitis, calcification and plaque builup. I have the same issues with doctors not helping or listening at this point. Doctors have limited training in parasites and would rather call it something else or call you crazy just to keep you coming back.
        18 months ago I started with another ear infection and skin infection. This was extremely bad. I felt these things coming up from my chest into my left ear.Have had pressure in my ears the whole time. Over time and much reading I started with a pineapple papaya pumpkin seed papaya seed smoothie for parasites. This helped. Then I found in a book I was reading that fibromyalgia is actually Epstine-Barr or Streptocaucus virus or both. Then I started juicing celery for that. 16 to 32 oz a day on an empty stomach for 7 weeks everyday. This has helped to heal my insides. I’ve had major GI issues for the past year. I didn’t think of ropeworm until a few months ago but that is one of my critters among others. Candida and a florid fly or corpse fly and probably others. I was loaded with these. My latest protocol using DR Gundry vital reds, complete liver support, and total restore along with 1MD Balance Md seems to work the best for clearing ropeworm and other parasites. Every singe day I am clearing these out in droves along with mucus and plaque that has built up in my systems. Im finally starting to see the light at the end of this loooong battle. My fibro pain is almost completely gone! I can eat llike a normal person, my weight is coming back. The pressure is greatly been reduced. Depression and anxiety GONE! The pressure in my ears is still there somewhat and the red patches in my legs and arms is almost gone
        The very first thing to do is remove their food source. No sugar, gluten, dairy, eat lean meats nothing processed. Also do toxin/ heavy metals clenses. Jack your gut biom with good probiotics and eat healthy. Stop the red meat or greatly reduce it. Use supplements where needed including iron. Phsillium husks work great instead of enemas. Use the natural things the earth provides. Let the pharmacy alone. Those drugs are adding to the toxicity of your body. I was prescribed at least 17 drugs, Im now on 2 and those will be gone soon.
        This site is a good thing! We all need to stick together. Western medicine has left us to rot.

    • After two years of intermittent intense periods of parasite flushes, the most efficient way to get to the deeply embedded rope worms in the small intestines is to first thing in the morning:
      1. Coffee enema with 30 to 60 drops of eucalyptus essential oil: hold 15 minutes or more so eucalyptus can be delivered to the liver
      2. After enema take 4-12 caps of oregano oil and a heaping teaspoon of crushed cloves
      3. Wait 30 to 60 minutes and drink strong Cascara Sagrada tea
      Eat first meal at noon or later. The enema clears the intestines, the herbs kill the parasites and the cascara expels them.
      This protocol creates a clear passage for the parasites to move quickly out of the body from the upper organs. I have done this every morning for almost two months and have been dumping more than I thought possible in a human being…everyday. At one point I felt significant pain move from my liver area all the way down my intestines. I decided to do a second enema and expelled to huge, old rope worms that a had a number of strings attached to yellowish, stones…to my shock…I realized that I had just expelled a number of fecal stones.
      From my experience these creatures hate oreganol oil and cloves together. This is an exhausting protocol. I call it herbal chemotherapy…however…its extremely effective. The oreganol can make you feel hyped up and I do not like the effect but it works.

      • Fascinating!
        Urhghf. I wonder if I’ve got the strength to carry out the protocol. I’ve been sleeping poorly all last month, and it’s still continuing.. But I do want to release some!

        Last time I ate a crushed clove I completely barfed. I haven’t been able to eat much more than veg the past few weeks.

        Which product (capsules) of oregano oil are you using? I’d have to figure out equivalent portions (aka how many drops are in one capsule) to match your process.

      • Oh, yeah, try transdermal myrrh and lavender oil when you next use the oreganol. I’m finding myrrh oil to be -very- calming, and it should help the detox process a great deal because of the antioxidant properties. 🙂

        Look up a dilution chart (like at Easy essential oils webpage) to see how well things need dilution (like in olive oil).

      • Would it make a difference if I did this protocol at night? I’m a nurse, and doing it first thing in the morning would be tough for me with my schedule. Plus, with you saying it’s like chemo, I don’t know what to expect after doing it, and I’d hate to have to get dressed and have to go to work after this therapy not feeling so hot; at least in the evening, if I’m feeling weird, I home anyway, so I can lay down and rest.

        • Hi, Kendra – you can try it at night but I find the colon reluctant to dispel completely since the colon’s most active time is in the AM (per oriental medicine… and experience). I tried a short enema in the PM but my colon wouldn’t let the water out like it does well during the morning time. Have you ever had a colonic? If not, once the colon releases what it wants (like within 10 minutes of finishing the procedure), then nothing more comes out. Yep. So I wouldn’t worry about having an emergency at work, I never have.

        • And because Doctors won’t help, the medical community are largely at fault they are spreading in the USA. I wish people would remind everyone that they are an INFECTIOUS DISEASE. They spread through skin contact, toilet seats, sexual contact, on and on. I dont use public facilities and abstain from sex. People with weak immune systems are highly susceptible. You shouldnt be going to work at all IMHO.

        • its a herxheimer reaction…i ve never heard compared to chemo- although- i ve never touched chemo. The die will depend on how toxic you are- and coffee enemas help on the regular to open the detox pathways…i found that helps a lot at night after taking things that kill off….

    • HI brave people!
      I am now 43 & did my first parasite cleanse when I was 18 & saw probably 10 different types. So I have been in the parasite exploration & knowledge field for a very long time! I grew up vegetarian & never traveled to foreign countries. I say that because these are the questions the mainstream Dr’s always asked when I looked to them for help. I sent samples into all of the top Parasite labs in America. They always came back negative. I took jars of worms into Dr offices several times & the Dr’s always looked at me like I’m crazy and said things like it must be “undigested celery or something”. So by age 25 & 7 years of off & mostly on parasite cleanses I realized that there is a huge conspiracy to keep the fact that we all have parasites as part of the foundation of ill health. This along with the other conspiracy they’ve tried to keep a secret…Heavy metals. …And gmo foods, gluten, cancer causing enzymes (nagalase) in vaccines, etc.
      Anyways, got it pretty much down to these rope worms as well as chronic Lyme & lots of lead, mercury, aluminum & uranium which I’ve figured out the parasites love so I am dealing with these things as well thru oral chelation & other methods. I have figured out that all of these things exist inside this sticky yicky biofilm which I know because I’ve had this weird mucusey unidentifiable stuff come out with worms & I’ve investigated it. Turns outo this stuff is made mostly of bad calciums, magnesium, iron, old hormones, mercury, lead & other metals & things that are hiding in there such as Lyme & other pathogens & parasites. The new angle I’m going twords is this… (working w my naturopath) …I’m chelating out the metals which the edta in the product I’m taking also breaks down bioshields. I’m also taking enzymes that are known to break down bioshields…neprinol & serrapeptase & nattokinase. I am at the same time taking my regular Lyme herbs (see healing Lyme by Stephen buhner) and I rotate between all of the hundreds of herbs, etc I’ve learned about over the years. Oh! A good simple one if you haven’t tried it which made me pass hundreds of these giant rope worm’s is the combination of triphala (auraveda) tricleanse works even better cuz it’s in powder w psyllium in it with the triphala (3 astringent fruits) also since I saw so many rope worms with that I looked up the ingredients & also took “paracleanse” with it, also containing some of the same stuff as the triphala but w more of what kills the worms. So I take both together. I’ve done a ton of other stuff & for the last 25 years have been amazed that humans walk around not knowing that we have these & I’ve had to keep my mouth shut a lot because most are not ready. …For the record I’ve always been thin with a flat stomach & so I have NO IDEA how so many creatures could have fit in me! Oh…and i hear there is some debate on what these things are & my vote is aliens, lol! Thank you for this informative forum:)

      • dude, congrats!
        I admire you for your power and ambition…. but so many years… that makes me feel down.. I thought I will do some enams and they^ll be gone for good— You mean that I have to go through this nightmare my whole life???? Fucking Rope Worms, had them in such big number, I really think now that Gubarev, Volinsky and Clarkie are GODS for sharing something that specialists in parasitology dont even admit!
        Please take contact with me, I am desperate, they get all the time in my vagina, my Little daughter has them too— didnt give her anything , but alendazole and paracleanse, what should I do about her, how to help her?

        • 00
          Shape coconut oil in suppository shapes and freeze and put in butt and other.Wear wash cloth for melting mess Continue etc etc

  15. Wow a good one!

    Does that look familiar or what.

    Mine are few and far between now and this I what I have changed:

    – parasite protocol
    – reduce gluten
    – practically no diary
    – juicing .. lots of green juice with mega amounts of ginger
    – reduce eggs
    – reduce sugar
    – a series of colonics
    – probiotics
    – many coffee enemas
    – some probiotic enemas

    Don’t know which of these worked the best but my bloating is better, though it flares up still every now and then.

    Actually if you had to pick just one I would pick some good probiotics.

    Check here for the brand I use.

    My latest guess based on all the feedback here is that GMO grains are destroying our beneficial gut bacteria (via the glyphosate sprayed on them).

    The GMO grains themselves either destroy our gut lining (note in the case of BT corn that it is designed to destroy the gut lining of insects) or they introduce foreign bacteria/fungus (the carriers of the transplanted genes).

    I think ropeworms are biofilms made up of these foreign organisms, or, even worse, colonies of bad bacteria feeding off dead gut lining cells that react to GMO toxins the same way that insect guts react.

    Sounds far fetched – but my best guess so far.

    So that would mean to eliminate the GMO toxic foods, kill the toxic biofilm, repair the gut, and repopulate with healthy intestinal flora.

    • Charlotte Gerson says that coffee enemas can only be performed if you still have your gallbladder only. I do not have my gallbladder anymore and I’m concerned about how to do all of this. One thing is for certain, I don’t think any doctor that I’ve been to knows about rope worms. I’ve been treated for Candida, and have had temporary relief from those medications, but when the problems return they seem worse than before the treatment. The rope worms that come out without doing any of these protocols are pretty large so I suspect I’ve had this problem for a very long time. The fact that doctors seem to be unaware of them or how to treat them is definitely part of the problem. I’m glad that there is research on them though, that is a step in the right direction.

      • I don’t have a gallbladder anymore, and I do coffee enemas everyday! I was still constipated after getting it out (which doc said wouldn’t happen, but it did) and coffee enemas are the only thing that help me feel normal. They kill ropeworms too, and that’s an added bonus. They also increase glutathione production by 300% – and this is your bodies’ natural detox agent, so they are great.

    • Not just biofilms. Andreas Kalker says these things have ovaries.
      I did have one come out of me with the bloody head. Wasnt sure what end but they it is the head. This thing was over 2 ft long for sure and actually more like 3ft or more.
      That’s when I found out I had parasites for sure. By just doing the hulda clark liver/gall bladder cleanse with that tincture of wormwood cloves and blackwalnut hull. Medical test came back negative.
      So fighting them on my own still today. I wish someone would find the answer to completely eradicate these things.
      Using Para1 by cellcore currently and it is working.

  16. I have also been expelling tons of these over the last three months. I’ve lost 30 lbs and am feeling better but still killing & expelling. My first month they all came out in tightly rolled up balls. I felt most of them in my back (left, just under shoulder blade) and legs and feet. I noticed what I thought were vericos veins (have pics) behind kneecap on left leg are also disappearing. I know I was infested with these things and remember the first time I felt the pressure on my back over 12 yrs ago and that is now slowly going away also. When they die off and release from under my skin I can feel a bite sensation that hurts. They have now started to come out with bloody mucus heads. I started the first month with a “mountain song” PARA Response i bought from Amazon and took 2 pills 3 times a day, enemas daily (never thought I’d do an enema in my life before this!) and within the last month I moved into heaver medication only because of my advanced infestation with these things. I’ve never seen any other parasite but these come out and I’m taking pictures to document. My finger nails are whiter with less horizontal ridges and my hair loss has almost completely stopped. I also had the rash (almost gone now) on both my back thighs and both my back arms. I thought i was going crazy but I’m thankful for sites (like this) and curezone that helped me continue to fight. Stay Strong.
    ♡God Bless ♡

    • Thanks for your kind post. Can you upload some pictures? I am concerned about the “bloody mucous heads” .. anyone else get those?

    • I remember they said John Wayne (BIG old days actor) had manypounds of fecal matter inside him. Now I’m questioning whether it was fecal matter. He probably died from worm infestation. Just my thought.
      Try Para1 by bellcore I’m getting good results with it and Artemisinin to cross the blood brain barrier for ones we can’t see.
      Test for MTHFR a blood test
      Emerald Laboratories makes a very good vitamin
      Take potassium these things eat it…and we need it for our nervous system and heart. I have fibromyalgia and I think it is working.

  17. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide / 50% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
    Used in food products like cheese, eggs, whey products.
    Also used to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage (antiseptic packaging system).
    You can find food grade hydrogen peroxide in 3%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 17%, 35%, 40% or 50% solutions.
    Consumption of any concentration of hydrogen peroxide above 10% can cause neurological damage.

  18. Hi,
    just to share with everybody. I’ve been going two years now for a treatment that’s based on Hulda Clarks methods. My therapist just made a breakthrough with one of her patient.
    The enemas work only for your large intestine and sadly most of this creature lives in small intestine.
    To get it out from colon ( hopefully all of it ) was by useing The Colon Cleansing Kit 8 with ginger ( blessedherbs ). If you actually go and look the users guide, you can see a picture of a rope worm. They have just before thought that it’s metabolic waste, not a living thing.
    She had at least 5 meters of Viscous mucus out from her colon.

  19. Annie, I haven’t seen them with bloody heads yet, but was on another forum where someone did and posted a picture. Google developmental stages of the human rope worm parasite and you’ll see what they look like if they’ve just detached from your colon wall before dying.


    • I did have one come out of me. Wasnt sure what end but you say it is the head. This thing was over 2 ft long for sure and actually more like 3ft or more.
      That’s when I found out I had parasites for sure. By just doing the hulda clark liver/gall bladder cleanse with that tincture of wormwood cloves and blackwalnut hull. Medical test came back negative.
      So fighting them on my own still today. I wish someone would find the answer to completely eradicate these things.

  20. DT,
    What kind of doctor did you see to get the hair testing research done. It says on the site that a doctor or healthcare provider must request the sample envelope and show documentation of being a healthcare provider. I would love to do this, however I have no idea who to see to request this. Very much appreciate your help and advise.

  21. Does anyone ever actually get rid of the rope worms? Can I ever have a normal life again. They are not socially acceptable, I do not want them as my BFF. “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight..I have to do my enemas and get some more worms out of my ass, but you can come by my house anytime.” If your eating out with friends “Catch of the Day” takes on a whole other meaning. Talk about Buzz Kill!!!! Setting that aside the battle against these monsters takes lots of time out of each day. I have followed various protocols posted, and a few of my own. I thought the ropes had finally gone away a few times..I have been diligent in my quest. No sugar, wheat or white foods. No booze, no drugs, (prescription or other) No soda, No drive thru’s drive ins or drive by. I take Probiotics ,enzymes and various supplements. I think the zapper is the only thing I havent tried and that may be my next move. Currently I do C.E. 2x daily and follow a strict diet. I get loads of worms out on a regular basis.I feel like I am back to square one. I do feel better than I did a year ago. When I first started this journey my colon was blocked and I was facing major surgery. Thankfully I found fellow sufferers that posted their stories. Sadly I am not seeing much in the area of “rope worm free ” But I will keep trying.

    • Yes I know how you feel .. I have had to restrict my diet so badly. Yesterday I thought I would check the situation, and alas, there they were.

      And I totally agree with you; it sure does take a bite out of one’s social life ..

      I am hoping the latest “catch” was due to indulgence in a butter croissant the night before .. and I also feel much better in general.

  22. I have been sick for over a year now. All tests normal. Took vermox and today’s my last dose. Certain I have ropeworm. Found this see pic. very graphic. Please help me I don’t know what to do anymore. Doctors think I’m crazy.

    • How did the vermox work? What if didnt have rope worm & took vermox side affect be, I’m tired of doctor I have taken cleanse. Many times & I’m ready to see if can get some kind pill, Vermox, I want them things gone How can I get vermox I have tried talking to Dr. He give antibiotics for my bacterial infection, They treat the symptoms not the cause, 7 years now!

  23. Jennifer, I hear you! My almost 3 y.o. also has this. Tests for parasites were negative. He is constantly bloated. Digestion is no good. We are on restricted paleo diet since he was 2. I recently started coffee enema for myself and do see this horrible creatures, so I now am super worried he has them as well (I would imagine from birth? Or from everyday life closiness, you know) and have no idea what to do ( can not imagine doing enema for a kid). I did humaworm for him as well as for me, but didn’t see any worms at the time. He didn’t seem to get better, I’d say he got more bloated after.. so. All I do for now is lots of probiotics, sourkrout, only organic veggies and grassed meets, limit fruits, no sugar. I also do lots of herbal teas, paudarco, marshmellow, elderberry, epsom salt baths, etc. And hoping his body will heal… good luck to you!

  24. This post will become extremely valuable to me and my family, now that we know…

    …after our first coffee enemas.

  25. How much hair loss did you have. I have lost a significant amount of hair and weight. I posted earlier, I’m christy. I have had up to 8″ worms come out of me. Every time I think I start to feel better within a week I start feeling worse. Now I swear I can feel them move inside my body all the time and can even feel them move through my stomach and up my throat. I don’t know how much more of this I can take, I have felt bad for many years but really awful the last 2 years.

  26. I too also have these I haven’t expelled one yet but had one rear its ugly head after I took a edible cleanse of lemon puree cayenne pepper and maple syrup. I grabbed it and pulled but it was stuck and it retracted itself. My doctor looked at me like I was crazy. I started taking and my aliments went away but I’m almost positive they are still lerking around. Can u make a coffee enema or do u have to buy it. I can’t take much cuz I’m pregnant. I can say for sure these suckers have been in me since before 2007 and I just recently found them by accident. I’ve had back and leg pain for years that is just getting worse. Aside from that I’m always sick and ppl are thinking I’m a hypochondriac. But now we know. Please someone help noone will listen to me and I feel them. And I’m pregnant!

    • I hear you! I’ve been on coffee enemas twice a day for the last 2 weeks and taking Diactonomous Earth to get rid of these things. Buy an enema kit from your local pharmacy. Buy organic ground coffee (dark roast is best). Purchase 100% filtered water or you can use demineralised water (the stuff you put into irons). You can either boil 2 table spoons of coffee with 2 cups of water it on the stove for 12 min or I make mine in a coffee plunger and let it sit for 30min. I find that just above body temperature is best. Remember to leave it in for 15-20 min, while waiting massage your lower belly. Good luck 🙂

  27. God help us. I have a suspicion that this is candida. I noticed one of these in my stool a day later after doing an enema and I also ate sauerkraut afterwards. Maybe I will eat only sauerkraut for a while and see what happens. I saw a post from one guy who did a garlic enema while he was eating sauerkraut and got his candida out, and it seemed like he was ok after that.

  28. Oh and I’m pretty sure the coffee feeds the candida because coffee has yeast, so doing coffee enemas is probably a bad idea.

  29. Hi all ,
    I have just discovered these things in my faeces too! And I am really worried! I looked and was horrified! Do they move outside of the body? Because mine did not move at all? Is this normal and everybody thinks I am a hypochondriac as well because I am always ill xx I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and sliding Hieatus hernia but I’m starting to think that this is the reason and not either of them! Please help what do I do!? I am ringing my doctor tomorrow and sending off a sample but I’ve had lots of tests and all normal as well! What do I say to my doctor?

  30. hi i have had these and also the symptoms, people think your mad but also want to talk about it as they know they have symptoms too , everyone has rope worms ,we even pass them onto our children from birth ,i have taken dr hulda clarke mixture of wormwood blacknut and cloves ,i cant tell you how many worms have come out of me ,do a cleanse every 6 months and have colonics and take probiotics goodluck .

  31. hi ,I had worm infection for ten year,used all medical drug without eliminating any type of worms.lab finding was ascaris,trichuriases and hookworm .l need help anybody know and tried to use hydrogen peroxide to cure worms give me information how use it.

  32. Well…knew nothing of these hideous things until a few days ago. Have been on course of antibiotics for what appeared to be a boil (still hasn’t gone away). But in the last 2 days I have expelled exactly what looks like some of pics on here. I took one to the doc and he looked absolutely mystified…so I will wait to see what test results come back as. I wonder if it is the antibiotics that have expelled the worms? Cannot remember the last time before this that I had been prescribed antibiotics because I am usually pretty well, or at least I thought I was! Has anyone else expelled these after being on antibiotics?

    • Hi Detox,
      Due to a series of “mixups” by the time I submitted the FOURTH specimen, my stools had returned to normal. If you return to this website, could you let us know what your doctor was able to find out?

      • I don’t know how the “black box” got there. I think it was from my newness in taking photos with my iPad. So if you can, Moderators, please delete that part of my reply. Thx!

    • I’ve been looking through these forums to see if these came out during antibiotic treatment and you are the first person. I started antibiotics 3 days ago and yesterday I passed one of these and now I’m freaking out. What is worse is that after reading all this there hasn’t been anyone with complete success. NOW WHAT? I hate the thought of enemas all together. I don’t feel sick but I don’t feel completely well either, a bit lethargic most days, some mild anxiety and depression that I though were normal. I do get sinus infections a few times a year (thus the antibiotics.) I’m overwhelmed at this.

  33. Dr’s laugh and all of us know what we feel and see, my Dr said laughing “bring one in” as if its easy as i expel with no chance of getting it and it stinks the only thing i know is i have had it for a few years and just the other day after bloating and back ache also sore legs when going up stairs????? Well went to loo, finished turned to flush and there was another one which is th first i have seen in the bowl. The toilets in Holland hav bowls at from to check your poop and they use lots of things for tummies like Yakult and beleve in liquorice etc, in the older days we as humans did look after our insides not just outside, i pray we all get it or them out and i have just started drinking vinegar, Garlic olive oil and anything to kill the horrible things in me that no Dr believes!!!!!

  34. i am so worried as i seem to be getting worse and more bloated and just feel like giving up as it makes me fel worse now i have seen them in my poop again after a more than a couple of years with none, they need to be researched as my Dr laughs at me! 🙁

  35. This is a reply to Lucy on Nov. 25, 2014. I also had the parasite in your image, which was causing me extreme stomach pain. I removed it, and many other parasites and biofilms with daily, hourly doses of MMS, which you can learn more about at If you want to learn an effective way to remove all parasites, download Kerri Riverra’s free ebook: Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, which is available on that website. I was able to remove the parasite in your image very rapidly after I began the protocol. Other parasites took much longer, but the MMS finally removed them all after a few months.

    • Hi, thanks for this information which is very inspiring! I have recently started MMS for rope worms and candida (l which I have been dealing with for a long time.)
      Can you say how many activated MMS drops you were taking hourly ?
      Many thanks and all good wishes!

  36. Thank you for all the information i read on this website. It’s truly helping me to understand what’s going on in my gut and nasty parasites. I am now almost in 2 months using coffee and sometimes baking soda enemas. And the first time i used it, a lot of white mucous and long parasites like on the pictures above was coming out. I know that i am loaded with this kind of creepy things because last year my doctor told me that my stool is positive from some kind of bacteria or virus that i cannot understand. He prescribed me a very strong antibiotic and i thought i will die. It made me really very sick, that at night time i can’t breath from so much gas and acid that i feel i am going to explode. I want to stop it but my husband keep on pushing me to take it and getting upset when i told him i don’t want to continue the med.. After 2 weeks of agony taking this antibiotics (thank God i’m still alive) the doctor gave me another stool test, and hell it still positive. He said i should take another 2 more weeks to get rid of it. I just took the prescription and just dump in so much disappointment. I researched on the internet and read about mastic gum and grapefruit extract. I took it, thinking that it might get rid helicobacter
    pyroli, assuming this is the one that made me sick and the doctor was referring too. For awhile my hyper acidity stop, but then it’s still coming back. Last January, i noticed that i am loosing a lot of energy for months. I am also gaining so much weight and belly fats. I have rashes, and eczema that keeps coming back. Then i got so curious about enema and start using it. After the expel of this creatures i mentioned above, i notices that after 5 weeks my energy is coming back. My skin starts to clear and glowing. I feel the big difference. Yesterday and just awhile ago, i expelled a dark greenish murky stools after a coffee and baking soda enema, while i have not eaten any dark food from the last few days. I suspect that this an old century gunk sticking in my gut and a paradise to parasites. It’s really scary. I thought after regaining my energy i will stop the enema and will just do it weekly. I think i have to continue it everyday and should watch my diet. Hopefully my health problem will be gone soon. Thanks everyone. Sending love and good energy to all you.

  37. Good job! You need to continue the coffee enemas. I’ve been doing them daily for 1-1/2 years and still cleaning myself out. Really unbelievable, but like you my skin is better, my face has changed, I’m gaining my energy and the list goes on and on. I have also included other supplements and protocols but I have to say the Coffee enemas have been probably one of the best things I’ve done. It was because of the coffee enemas that I found out I have the rope worm!

    • Did not know I had parasites until I started doing coffee enemas and rectal ozone. The journey begins for me. Thank you for all the valuable information here. So happy not to be alone in this.

  38. Oh guys.. I have been dealing with this for 3 years now. Only I knew this to be Morgellons. Afte researching the helll out of it..
    Then just tonite came across the “rope worm” diagnosis. Morgellons .at one time …years n years back..was a psychiatric illness where patients imagined things crawling under their skin. .. Sadly.. A parasitic disease seriously broke out….and it was stupidly linked with that. So doctors dismiss ..still today.. IT IS .a. parasite ..that exists everywhere today..but . due to linking it under Morgellons..theres no cure.
    But this..” Rope worm”..title ..stands a chance of getting acknowledged enough by the CDC.. to not dismiss and look into further. I believe they are both the same thing.. And yes a damn parasite.
    Has this “rope worm” been acknowledged yet as a real parasite?. If not..that’s why no antibiotic..has been developed to kill it.

  39. My chiropractor has deduced that the plant medicine memosa pudica kills rope worm. It’s a certain strain of memosa I guess… He plans to create a website and begin selling it when he clears whatever hoops necessary. I have been taking it for several months and passing large worms ( like 6 to 12 inches long every other day. I haven’t tried the coffee enema yet. If anyone wants more info about his current website let me know. Lots of info about fibromyalgia and some on rope worm. He diagnosed me with rope worm via energetic testing. That was not something I really believed in but I do now. I have severe fibromyalgia and truly hope getting rid of these guys will make a difference. How can it not? Ready for a long fight.

  40. I recently discovered the little creatures in my stool. I have been doing coffee enemas and saw great relief. When I added Candiase and mega zyme I was seeing more and my stomach felt less bloated. Scary stuff coming out if my rear. Glad it’s out and not in. I have struggled with candida for years.

    • Hello everyone, I’m Krell and I’m new and you guys are amazing! It’s so wonderful to know that I’m not crazy.
      I believe that pets transmit them. Also not cleaning your hands as often. I believe mine came from living a completely terrible lifestyle. McDonalds and take out, absolutely NO veggies or water, heavy drinking and smoking, etc.
      I knew I had a most serious case of candida when my chest, back, neck, and face turned into gross fungus. It’s called tinea versicolor and I morphed into a giant mushroom. Thank God I totally changed my lifestyle. I fast often and I’m doing Dr. Natura right now and chowing down on coconut oil.
      So far so good as I have seen the rope monsters for myself.

      May His strength be made perfect in our weakness. I prayed that we all beat these scary toilet beasts. Xoxo

  41. Hi …remember me?
    I still have this “creature” coming out , now on I feel so pain when that creature want to come out . and now I feel in my stomach something moving ….gel and wrinkle form still coming out …small and bigs…
    I don’t know when its will finish expel, I still doing all steps (enema, juicing, fasting).
    its look like combining biofilm with other parasites, wasn’t it? or something which its no any research for this? My parameter is I will stop detoxing if my hormons back to normal….or maybe any parameter when this is all will finish?

    • These are the same things I passed after major cramping. I know what triggered passing them. I hit a report of too many cancer cells in my cervix. Instead of treatment, I opted to alkaline my body like other countries do. I thought it was worth a shot. I was taking a ton of organic squeezed lemons into my diet. Lemon water all day long, with other thibgs to alkaline. Later I’ve learned lemons are used in a lot of cleanses. I passed a toilet full. Some were over a foot long. I kept up the lemon for awhile. I felt better than I had in years. I just noticed today sesame seeds. What a reminder. I’m really trying to figure out if I had a sesame bun or something. Going back on lemon water for a few weeks.

      • You should try Lemon Young Living Essential Oil. 2 drops in a veggie capsule once daily. This is how I accidentally stumbled across these gross creatures.

  42. I have been using Young Living Lemon oil in a gel cap and started noticing these type of worms also. I week ago I did a one day worm treatment from my doctor and it didn’t even touch these guys.

  43. Hello everyone,

    I am so glad i found this forum! I have been unwell for many years, recently i started a gluten free diet with a herbal mixture from Naturopath. On holidays i had a gallbladder attack with alot of pain which doesnt go away. Last week i started to feel a wriggling sensation low down in my belly, i saw Dr mentioned this to her she didnt react. Yesterday i sa another Dr as i was so worried and upset. He said it was gas and a mild bladder infection, gave me bactrim antibiotics, last night i decided i had a parasite and took Tryplex, Hulda Clarkes. I also made a mix up of coconut oil sesame seeds, dried herbs, turmeric, honey. This morning i found a rope worm about two inches long in stool, along with another fat looking piece of matter. A few months back i did the same parasite cleanse for a couple of weeks and found odd bits of sausage like casing, again dr said its prob a bean casing! I know mainstream doctors have no idea about this, they already think im crazy! Will go back to Naturopath and get tests done, though it appears these dont show up, only as human DNA. Any tips from this forum is much appreciated.

  44. Hi is anyone who had rope worms suffer from rheumatoid arthritis like me I’ve passed 5 miter worm in September and just wondering if that could be related to RA

    • Yes. I’ve had fibro for years but developed arthritis this year. And on days I cheat I end up waking up the next day with very painful swollen joints

  45. It sounds terrible I only have Lyme disease that’s bad enough. I have a friend on Facebook that’s been battling rope worms period three and a half years as long as I’ve known her. Has anyone ever looked at this stuff underneath a high-powered microscope to see what is there? And what about taking DNA samples hasn’t anybody been able to do that?

  46. Hi I’m 34 and just retcently figured out I have these things. It is so horrid. I have passed piece’s and seen eggs but didn’t know what it was. Just thought it was waste. When I moved to Mexico I started taking parasite meds every 6 months or when have digestive problems as suggested by doctor here. The mexican people bebelieve in people having worms. Its commen belief here. Not like in the states. After being ill for a month with digestive issues and fever with high blood pressure and bloating. I looked pregnant. I am male. My friends mom suggested I drink Jalomes aceité de olivo, castor oil and milk of magnesium. She said i have worms that’s why I was so bloated. So about 7 am i drank
    4 bottles of Jalomes 60 ml
    With equal part Castor oil and equal
    Part milk of magnesium.
    I had a powder form of magnesium you’re supposed to mix with hot water. I combined all 3 in blender and bottoms up. Because I was extremely constipated it took almost six hours before I had a bowel movement. But when it began, I started to expel alot of piece’s of worms along with mucus and trash that smelled like death. After initially drinking oil mix on empty stomach she said to only drink fresh orange juice the rest of the day. After reading here I believe fresh lemon water would be better. After using the toilet about 20 times I began to pass only the orange juice which at first had a very strong vinegar smell to it. That evening I had no more bowel movements, although i could feel things moving and shifting inside. I slept through the night. In the morning I felt like I like I had to go but couldn’t. I fought to push and out plopped a two foot worm as thick as my pinky finger. Staring at it in horror I screamed for my friend to come. I wanted a witness because I could not believe what I was seeing. Now I know what I’m up against. I havent been able to go pee or poop since. Its been a full day and im drinking tons of water. I believe the oil pushed them down together creating more blockage. I am just starting to wage my war on these f#$&ers. I am not going to live knowing i have these things in me. Best of luck to you all. Im going to do whatever it takes.

  47. Hey guys! Look at youtube videos of dissected ascaris worms – I think that might be your ropeworms!

    • This somehow got posted twice. Was meaning to post a different photo. The super yucky kind and as someone else noted “rotting flesh” that was the exact way I used to describe the smell. Absolutely putrid.

  48. Ok, so I am seeing a lot of people saying that these are from a bad lifestyle or picked up from pets but I was told otherwise and have read that while many pathogens ARE picked up from pets, dirt and not washing hands, “rope worms” appear to be a combination of human DNA and GMO’s or pesticides that have morphed into a new lifeform. As I understand it there is not much research on this subject as the western medical community is more interested in making money and treating symptoms.
    I am currently under the care of a naturapathic Ayurvedic doctor who has me on an extensive parasite cleanse. I am a 38 y.o. female, 128 lbs, BP 116/68 average, resting HR of 56, avid handwasher (lol) and have been active all my life. I have been suffering from severe abdominal pain for about 8 months and have had many other symptoms that led me to an ND including:
    hair loss (eyebrow hair loss also, weird)
    excessive weight fluctuation (10-13lbs a week)
    unexplained anger
    abdominal pain (especially on the right side)
    gallbladder pain and stones
    memory loss
    inability to focus
    worsened depression symtoms
    muscle cramping
    sugar, dairy and wheat cravings (I was told this is what “they” like to eat therefore signal the craving)
    coughing/wheezing (felt like chronic bronchitis)
    irritable bowls (virtually NO regular BM’s in a couple of years)
    phantom kicks
    back pain

    Interestingly, my father was a crop duster and I grew up eating mostly grass-fed beef, venison, fish and fresh veggies. Although my diet consisted of whole foods and home-cooked meals I was continually exposed to many chemicals throughout my life. We sprayed RoundUp more times than I can recall and had shelves of it stored. I was a field “flagger” and mixed chemicals and washed airplanes in high school. I was also on antibiotics (for ‘acne’) from 6th grade until late high school. Throughout my 20’s I consumed MANY meal replacements and multi-ingredient supplements such as protein powders, bars, shakes, pre-workout, and tons of other processed “health” foods.
    FF to now… I have been on a parasite treatment plan via my naturopath for nearly 8 weeks. He diagnosed me initially with “a pork tapework and loads of parasites”. My first 4 weeks consisted of ingesting DE (Diatomaceous Earth, up to 2 tsp) 2 x’s a day, 4 Bromelain 500mg caps 3x’s a day, 10 drops of lemon oil 2 x’s a day, 5 drops of clove oil each night and Mag07 to aide in elimination. I did not had any solid stools so I didn’t even purchase the Mag07 for several weeks. The past 4 weeks he has added Mimosa Pudica to the regimen and I take it 2 x’s a day with the DE. All of this is accompanied by a non-GMO, organic, pescatarian diet. He normally recommends Paleo.
    **** So here comes the gross part…. I have only been counting “rope” worms for the past 12 days and am up to 62!!!!!!!*****

    That’s 62 countable, sizable, whole dead worms! Holy mother-effing disgusting human. One of them just today was over 3 FEET in length. Most have been 10-20″ in length. I was having the same odorous elimination for a couple of weeks prior to my count so you can only imagine how many actual critters are/were living in my intestinal track. I see a lot of people talking about getting one or a few of these with enemas but from my understanding there are many in the small intestines as well.

    I hope someone finds my grotesqueness useful as I have exhausted myself looking for answers and visiting doctors just to have them tell me that I “look” healthy and they can give me some IBS drugs, pain killers and/or muscle relaxers.

    In the past week I have begun to notice a huge increase in energy and many of my depression symptoms have become more manageable. I lost 6 pounds and have been sleeping like a 1st trimester preggo. My mental clarity is better than it’s been in months and my anger has subsided almost entirely. I will mention that my die-off symptoms were NO JOKE… very rough but have gotten better the past few days.

    I was told that my cleanse will likely last for a few months and then we will start to repair my gut. Best of luck to all of you. 🙂

    This is an article written by my Dr. on his site. Lots of great information on his website.

    • Val – thanks for the wonderful info!
      I would just like to mention that losing the outer third of your eyebrows is a symptom of Hashimoto’s – you might want to have that checked out.

  49. Wow! This site was the info jackpot! I’m trying to cleanse my body after months of anxiety that’s only getting worse. When I discovered my 1yo and 3yo had pinworms I was devastated, it sent my OCD off he chart. When we did over the counter de-worming meds my 3yo passed a long skinny worm that looked like a mucousy tea bag string. I’m so upset my son has worms, it’s really impacted his behaviour too. He’s like a different child 🙁 i no doubt am utterly infested too, which would explain my shitty mental health. I’ll be starting a colloidal silver, MSM, castor oil, coconut oil, lemon water and green walnut hull, D-earth and brewed clove bud ‘tea’ on myself and my two boys. I hope it helps. You’re life is pretty much effed once you’re gut is infested and damaged by parasites. Cancer is inevitable. Neurological disorders guaranteed. I don’t want that for my babies 🙁

  50. When people say things like “Ropeworms appear to be a combo of human DNA & GMOs that morphed into a new life form”; They are in dissocative states & are making-up random idiosyncratic things off the top of their head while in bizarre dissociate states.

    Rope Worm Elimination Protocols

    – Take Piperazine Citrate
    – Take Pyrantel

    The End.

    Follow Up
    – Take Alive Max Potency

  51. I am going to add a new “treatment” that can easily be added to your existing ropeworm protocol. I have been in battle for about 6 months and making good progress. I appreciate all of the feedback – it is helping!

    In addition to the many herbs, minerals, nutrition protocols I use daily, I found that playing whale sounds immobilizes the buggers. I run a playlist of whale sounds on my iphone and tuck the earbuds in the waistline of my pajamas at night when they are most active. I feel calmer and get a good night’s sleep and they seem to miss out on their feeding time. I use this strategy when they are active during the day too. A friend with the ropeworm phenomenon had the same results.

    This was recommended to me by a friend and shamanic healing practitioner.

    Hope you find it helpful.
    Energy Healing Coach

  52. I am going to try the Kalcker Parasite Protocol outlined in Kelly Rivera’s book. It is detailed and feels right for me.I believe you do nineteen days of treatment beginning on the full moon then begin again the following full moon. This continues for twelve to eighteen months I have not started yet,just ordered the book today.The book is centered around autistic children.They are having great success killing ropeworm and great recovery from autism!! I just found this site a week ago. Thanks to all of you for your posts. Really interested in the whale sounds for calming things down.By the way, I think we are all pretty brave. I am now over the shock and horror and ready to dive in to a treatment.

  53. I have been suffering with a plethora of parasite related symptoms for more than three years. I’m not sure how I got this, but I suspect it is connected to some insect that got on my teenage sons clothes when he went to a wooded area with his friends to play paintball. I did his laundry and soon after my forearms broke out in sores. The sores turned into a rash with bigger sores that had black specks that came out of them like pepper. I’ve gone to four different doctors and dermatologists and they all dismiss me when I ask about parasites. I received some parasite treatments which helped but they never went away and doctors seemed uneducated and unable to treat a serious infection, imo.
    So, the rash got worse and spread to my ankles and my stomach. I have continued to research my condition online trying to find answers. Recently I tried a coffee enema and discovered the black specks were in my stool along with other scary creatures, such as rope worms and other types of worms. I called the nurse line at my insurance company and talked to her and she seemed to think it was some sort of systemic parasite infestation. I went to the ER and was treated for intestianal parasites and got better. I have continued the coffee enemas and have passed lots of worms. Some were still alive and moving, but it was barely noticable. Still I was so completely unnerved I almost freaked out. The ER referred me to a GI doctor. I’ve called to make an appointment but that hasn’t happened yet.
    I am also planning to go to the walkin clinic at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, which is near where I live. This clinic can refer patience to a special clinic run by researchers who teach at the Baylor College of Medicine and specialize in “tropical medicine” which includes parasite infections. I’m attaching a pictures of one of the most frightening specimins. It’s been a long journey and I’m so tired and worn out from fighting. I dread talking to another doctor who might dismiss me. It’s devastating to talk to medical professionals and have them tell you your crazy. I pray things get better soon. I am so tired and foggy headed I can barely do my job anymore. I’m muddling by but my productivity has been destroyed. I may have to quit my job to battle for my health full time until I can find a doctor or a NP that can help me. I just want to be well again.

  54. I’m going to post a link to a news article about the tropical medicine clinic in Houston at Ben Taub Hospital. There is another called the “Smith Clinic” that is also near the Houston Medical Center.

    I’m also going to post another picture of a group of some rope worms that appeared after one of my first coffee enemas. The largest one is about six inches. If you look closely it had black specks and the sesame seed things embedded in it. It looks like tissue where the worms lay their eggs and create little nests. But then again there are parts that look like worm segments. So completely creepy, I can’t believe this is happening to me. I feel so ashamed and disgusted by myself. I can’t talk to anyone, not even my own family. I’m embarrassed and sickened. I live alone and when I go out I wear long sleeve shirts and long skirts that side ugly bleeding sores on my arms that are covered in bandages. People often ask wear jackets and sweaters in the summer or why forearms are bandaged. I tell them I have poison ivy and I have to cover it or I will scratch it. How could I ever tell anyone the truth?

  55. I’m so glad i found this forum! I’ll be able to post my symptoms/history in more detail later, but i wanted to ask if anyone could help ID this stuff that I’ve recently been expelling after doing coffee enemas. Some are long and rope like(rope worms?), Some are white and thick – almost like compact balls of white fur/small threads when i tried to smush them open with tweezers. Numerous ‘seed’ type things resembling soft, empty lemon seeds. And gelatinous blobs galore – often speckled with bright red blood. I can’t tell if it’s ‘normal’ intestinal mucus, etc, or if I’m expelling candida and parasites. And I’m about to lose my mind!

    I apologize for the poor pic quality, but regardless – *Warning – graphic images ahead!*

  56. And one more disgusting pic for good measure. This shows some more of the thick white stuff that i smeared. It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it’s thready looking… Like mushy fur. O_O

  57. I started with the coffe enemas since 22 nov 2016, i haven’t stop doing it since then , i do the coffe enemas twice a day , 3 times a week the rest of the days i doit only 1 time, every time is something comming out. It dosen’t stop, some times long ones some times just the mucus. I do deatomasus eath, plus, magnesium + organic sulfur + oregano oil , since i started with the magnesium i saw yellow liquid comming down from my head throw my nose and mouth passing throw the throath, in the end this yellow thing was expelled like round stones of a yellow substance. it’s been different every week i have different symptoms, but in the other hand i felt more light, i don’t have pain at my knees, i don’t have black spots at my face, in general i improved my health symptoms, besides the cleansing symptoms never end. but these are less bad every day.

  58. I didn’t know I had one until tonight pass and all I did was recently drink a lot of coffee. it was wrapped up in my fecal matter and it scared me a lot until I found this website. It smelled awful and seeing something almost caramel colored made me panic. I couldn’t figure out why I kept having such severe back pain until now. IDK if I got it all is the problem. It looked torn at one area. Suggestions?

  59. Almost a year ago I had severe stomach cramps and pain for a few days along with water diarrhea and around that time I passed a very large it looked like the lining of my large intestine in the tolite and it never happened again one month ago I came down with the diarrhea and stomach crams again lasted four days on and off temp 99 . and up to 99.7 for days and now too most at night 99. Then will go to normal two days ago I passed a hard poop and I thought it change color I moved it with a metel clothes hanger. It was a 3 inch long whiteish transparent worm I seen the head and the sucker mouth I got creepped out and flushed it I went poop two more times that night got smaller ones same kind I drink olive oil teaspoons and apple cider vinegar 2 cap fulls in water and juice and passed a junk full foggy water I keep pooping but I flush and don’t lookfor weeks I been getting crams in my upper right side under the right chest on rib I can feel tiny like knots on ribs. I been worried about my liver I have fatty liver and was thinking the worse to come because it would get like a cramp or spasm here and there but my left started it too .I found the little monsters in my poop and I saved them in a sandwich bag on tolite paper I was going to go to er but I don’t know if they could even help this I’m guessing by the look of the rope worms mine look just like. Them lm going to do all I can to get rid of them all I weigh 230 I check the scale said 245 then had the poops the next day I feel bloated I’m not ever giving up people tell be to lose weight but this is the cause I’m sure I am almost 6feet tall and big boned for a lady in my 20s

  60. Delores I’m sorry you feel so bad and your situation seems so bleak. I think it sounds like there is something additional going on with you. 🙁 It sounds like you are describing Lyme disease. Parasites often compound Lyme Disease because it is just another layer if toxicity to battle on top of the bacteria. Look into Dr Klinghart for info on lyme & parasites.

  61. Have you guys tried papaya seed? I’ve been making a smoothie first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the past two weeks and with every trip to the toilet lots of rope worm. I also have psoratic arthritis and have been in a major flare up since the birth on my son. Since taking papaya seed I have notice the swelling has gone down considerably in both knees and skin is looking a bit better and food sensitivites reduced. I also take 1 crushed clove of garlic pressed with a garlic press and gulped back with water before bed. Today I started introducing some psyllium husk to hopefully push more out.
    1/4 cup papaya (Non GMO), 1/4 cup pineapple, 1 TBSP Fresh Non GMO Papaya Seeds, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup unsweetend coconut water and some ice.
    here’s a video with a bit more detail on the smoothie.

  62. I have bee taking CBD oil along with psyllium fiber and along with drinking lots of water daily and I am starting to notice these things as well. I believe this is why it never feels like I am able to use the bathroom completely. I am going to continue along with some other things and see what happens.

  63. Hi. I found your page because I have it and I’m lost. I feel digusted. My doctor here in Belgim didn’t found anything despite stool analysis. She told me to see a gastroenterologist. I don’t know what to do and what to take. Can you help me? Thanks. Dana

  64. This is a REAL malady. I encountered it after eating raw eggs/raw foods. I had them for two years. The worms sent out their (I assume) reproductive structure segments (5 to 6 inch strands with what appeared to be “bags” on each side). It only ended when I had the intestinal flu (diarrhea for several days). I followed that with two weeks of solid food fasting (I drank health drinks like Boost). This is how God cured me. Thank Him!

  65. This is a REAL malady. I encountered it after eating raw eggs/raw foods. I had them for two years. The worms sent out their (I assume) reproductive structure segments (5 to 6 inch strands with what appeared to be “bags” on each side). It only ended when I had the intestinal flu (diarrhea for several days). I followed that with two weeks of solid food fasting (I drank health drinks like Boost). This is how God cured me. Thank Him!

  66. I am 20 years old female. Eliminated dairy and limit sugar. I have to have caffeine for my job working 12 hour shifts. I have eliminated more rope worms after having some severe symptoms. I had a seizure like episode for the first time. Felt like the floor was moving and collapsed. Was jolting and shaking for hours and passed a large worm. I have been taking various supplements to help get my hormones and stuff back on track, yet I feel awful. Does anyone here have lots of luck with coffee enemas? And is there anything else I can do to help speed my recovery? I also suffer from serious GI issues, burping, nausea, slow digestion, weight loss, hair loss, feeling a sense of doom and anxiety whenever I wake up. I have a very high pulse and feeling like I’m drunk all the time. I’ve got candida as well. I really want this gone but it seems not many people on here has luck permanently getting rid of these things. My naturopathic doctor said I’ve likely had these parasites my whole life because they are at the adult stage and am 20 years old. Please tell me any success stories or recommendations for me. For those who are struggling with these, do not go to normal doctors. I’ve gotten all kinds of tests on these worms also blood work and stuff. There are leukocytes in my urine yet they keep telling me it’s normal and that I’m healthy. Leukocytes in urine often is a sign of an infection or issue with parasites. They do not listen nor are they at all educated with these parasites. It seems to be a hoax to them. I recommend going to a naturopathic doctor. Many of them know about these worms and help with candida and autoimmune disorders. But please if there is anything anyone knows that can help eliminate these things better please reach out.

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