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This website is a collection of all the information that she can possibly find about rope worms, by a rope worm sufferer.

Please feel free to contribute and enjoy the ride!


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  1. yes I wish their was some other explanation and this horror movie was not a reality but here is the proof – took to my doctor who could not identify from image, we thought it was a tumour.
    the worst part is that they propel upwards, has everyone worked that out- where do they go- to the brain which is nutrient rich.
    my advice is do not waste your time with bowel cleanses to eliminate rope worm although obviously this is very beneficial to your health to clean out the plumbing. ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP zap 24/7 except when in the shower or swimming and occasional breaks if you feel your body wants it.
    link to $35 zapper, I use 2 at once- be careful to keep moving it initially or it will burn your skin after a while this is not an issue

  2. Hi, would you please explain, is this MONSANTO products and GMO have link with bacillus thuringiensis israelensis? so not only our food, but also what about our Mosquito killer? did Rope Worm is connected with bacillus thuringiensis israelensis?

  3. I am certian I have rope worm. All the syptoms. Insurance wont cover what the dr. Perscribed which costs $2000.00. I belive they r either in my kidneys as well as stomach and lungs. I do not know where the sputum exactly comes from I get a feeling in the back of my throat like post nasel drip but then my lungs react to that and I have to cough and all of the disgusting sewage collects at the back of my throat and I have to sort of collect it all and then spit it out. Mine used to be the brown/green type at first but at the very first it was just thick mucous with bubbles. Now they r mostly like a clear yellow tinged spirials and circles. I know that after I spit the sputum out there are particles left on my tongue and mouth. I know they live in my saliva because I can have a glass of water or aomething and if Ilet it sit it will start to have tiny small movements attaching to make bubbles. I use mouthwash every time I cough up sputum. I also clean my lips with alcohol (rubbing). I believe they are also able to contaminate food stuffs. Like sugar or flour or powdered coffee creamer.
    I had a stool which had lots of blood and mucous in it. I left it in toilet to see what happened. It was a normal stool in color shapeand weight except for what I said before. The next day I looked and the whole ttoilet bowl was completely full of foam or bubbles. The stool seemed to have disintegrated. I have photo which I will upload after this post.

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