What Causes Ropeworms?

It is still a huge mystery what causes ropeworms. However, if we all put our heads together maybe we can find out what people with ropeworms have in common.

So if you or your child has had ropeworms before 2019, please fill out this survey. No identifying information will be collected.

Please be sure to check what ropeworms look like before filling out this survey, so that we can be sure to get the best data possible. We’ll publish the anonymous results once we have reached a high number of responses.

What do rope worm sufferers have in common?
Ropeworm Survey
Please only fill out this survey if you had ropeworms before 2019. You may fill this out for your child.


How did you (or your child) first expel ropeworms? *

How problematic were ropeworms for you or your child?

Gender at Birth

Your age (or age of the child in question) when you had ropeworms

Medical Diagnosis

Where you lived when you first noticed ropeworms.

Type of environment where you lived

Any issues where you lived?

What kind of things do you eat?

What kind of water do you drink?

What else do you drink?

Illnesses you (or your child) have had before 2019

Amount of Mercury Amalgam fillings in mouth

Vaccines before getting ropeworms (as ADULT - do not include childhood vaccines).

What medicines do you take regularly?

What health products do you take

Are there any other questions you think should be in this survey? Please list them.