The Turning Point

I was discounting parasites and assuming the rope like masses coming out of me were just mucous, until this came out.

It was over a foot in length, appeared to have a suction cup on one end, tail was broken; probably the end broke off and it was even longer, how frightening! The center was white and had the texture of a smooth rice noodle. That is, it was flat, and had very smooth edges, not like the other mucous. The end was rope-like.

It has a head, a body, and a tail, but unlike any I have ever seen.

It passed relatively easily, just by itself. After it exited, I felt immediately better. Before it came out, I felt crampy and a bit naseous.

Ropeworm 1 foot long

My doctor says this is a plant, that I ATE! Really?

The colon hydrotherapist says this is mucous. Hmm.

The parasite company says this could be ascaris roundworm. However the stool tests showed no sign of parasites.

I don’t believe this is a round worm because there are absolutely no hint of any organs.

I think this is a rope worm because it is consistent with the  description of rope worms in the papers published by Alex Volinksy and Dr. Nikolai Gubarev  I also had sesame seed like spots on the stool that they came out with, they tend to come out at night, there is always a lot of gas during enemas, as if they are trying to escape (note the theoretic mode of locomotion jet propulsion – passing gas bubbles through channels in the worm),  and I appear to have all five stages of this creature coming out (ie. mucous blobs to mucous strings to this pictured above which is too perfectly formed to be mucous).


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  1. I agree with you that it is a rope parasitical organism. Your description of the nausea etc, fits perfectly with my own experiences. They fit with the seaweed stage of the rope organism.

  2. Yep, definitely rope worm all the way. I, too, have had all the phases expelled over the past 2 weeks of colonics & juice fasting. It took me 10 days of internet searching to find Alex Volinsky’s papers. My colon hydrotherapist had never heard of – or seen such – a “thing” as what I described, and then showed her from Volinsky’s papers. Same for my VERY alternative doctor.This is both bizarre and exciting! I am feeling better, but feel like there are more worms and gelatinous “blobs” yet to come out….Belly is getting flatter, too. Thanks for your posts – comforting to know there are others experiencing this.

  3. It is a third world country parasite. The Russian guy is just the first to publish on it. I have 4 doctors right now trying to help me. Now I have to go to a tropical disease doctor at UAB in Birmingham, AL. I have had it for over 25 years, and they are eating my intestines. I have LOTS of issues. Their are many remedies that help. You will have to research and buy the cleanses yourself. You need to make an appointment with an infectious disease doctor, tell them this IS what you have, and they need to help you find a Heakthy way to combat them. That si what Im doing now. Its scarey.

    • Jennifer, I’m not sure if you are still active on this site, but I also have rope & tape worms. I live in Birmingham and interested in what your doc at UAB had to say. Did he help you?

      Thanks So Much

      • Hi Jennifer : I definitely have the rope worms as well as roundworms and tapeworms. They are all over my body now – outside the intestines. Their movements are strong and it is difficult to live.
        Which doctors helped you and what did they do?

  4. Here’s an interesting quote that was posted in regard to:
    (Dr Andreas Kalcker)

    “We had a huge ballroom for the talks – 720 chairs. The CD groups from facebook sat in the first two rows, mostly matching in our MMS shirts. The first talk, “Parasitological Vaccinosis”, that Dr Andreas Kalcker did filled about 40% of those chairs. He absolutely blew my mind. He made the link that not only do parasites in childrens’ bodies affect how they absorb/react to vaccines, but also the Vaccines Affect those parasites. HUGE lightbulb. He spoke with such passion and conviction that he had (at least everyone in my immediate vicinity) riveted. And after he finished his prepared and submitted presentation, he pulled one up that a researcher combination in Moscow and Florida have put together on a new species of helminth, the rope worm. It BLEW MY MIND. They’ve got DNA sequencing back on these rope worms (which is VERY expensive) that shows they are a 98% match for an insect called the Caribbean Seed bug. With a couple of logical leaps, we got to the point of GMO’s. As he put it, what do people in Moscow, US, and South America all have in common in their diet? Grain. And if you were going to make insect proof grain, what would you splice into the grain’s gene structure? Bugs (no one wants to “eat their cousin”, he said). So its not a plant anymore we’re eating, its a planimal. So in our kids’ gut, a new species of parasite is coming from this GMO’d stuff. CREEPY. I am so mindblown and disturbed and horrified.”

    • I agreed this is a mutant cell from bacteria GMO (thuringiensis Israelensis), since i still got problem even got several time enema (coffee, eucalyptus, lemon), the form of this bacteria have stringy (mucus) and can joint each other, and can also stress out and can be joint again, make wall of this rope worm. maybe anyone have a research about this BTI GMO (US for vietnam war orange agent)?thank you please…I bit desperate, since now I am not sure which food are really organic and free of this Monsanto

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