Question marks all around.

ropeworm or mucous

Today’s catch at 3am.  First catch since the colonic on Wednesday; much less stuff coming out at home now. (Still lots of stuff coming out at the clinic).

It appears to be a flat strand that curls up into what looks like a string of mucous GROWING OUT OF SHIT.  It really appears that the mucous is grown out of the question-mark shaped stool.

There was what might have been a kidney bean stuck in the stool.   I ate kidney beans about 40 hours ago.

Here are my questions.

  1. How is it that mucous can grow into a long strand like this in 40 hours.
  2. How is it that the stool comes out in this shape. It is hard; it didn’t bend after coming out. It was bent inside and came out that way. How the heck .. and this is not the first time a long strand of mucous was attached to a question-marked shaped stool that is as hard as a piece of nearly dried out clay.
  3. Is this possibly the lining of my intestine coming out. But then, why would my intestines be made of long strings .. why would strings of my intestines be coming out … instead of chunks .. makes no sense.


I wish I had a lab to analyse the stringy things.

Haven’t done any coffee enemas in a week.  Just probiotic enemas. This means the coffee enemas may not be what is triggering these releases ..

The colon therapist has me off diary, wheat, eggs, sugar, and peppers. I have had periods where I am not distended; thrilled. I am so happy that something stops the bloating. If it means eating only rice, meat, and veggies, I am so thankful that there is something that helps. It’s no fun being asked if I am pregnant.






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  1. I know some one who is very seriously ill with Rope worm and no one can find what to do for her, PLEASE I am begging for any help to get her.

  2. I am sick with rope worm now. Only enemas and a few products for digestion are offered. It has just been discovered in the USA but in Mexico, and India they have known about it for years. They treat it like typhoid, and malaria. Black walnut is great, and eucalyptus oil kills them and helps them pass throug you easier. I have had them for over 20 years, and just got someone to believe me. Now Im going to an infectious disease doctor Monday to begin a LONG road to recovery. I have lost so much time to this parasite, now Im gonna fight it.

  3. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and just found 3 rope worms in my stool.. I’m worried should I go to hospital or just ride out the next weeks till labor?

    • Oh dear that is a tough one. As far as I know there is no data on ropeworms and pregnancy. It probably can’t hurt to get a doctor’s opinion.

  4. HELP!!!

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