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  1. Hi friends. Both my wife and I have been infested with ropeworms. We have tried everything to get rid of them: every pharmaceutical, every natural remedy, every kind of enema. Here is what works best: Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica and salted milk enemas.

    The Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica gets the ropeworms in their full grown, brown stage. If you have any of these, the Microbe Formulas mimosa pudica will get them. But to get the bigger ones you need to take at least 20 capsules at a time. And it must be Microbe Formulas brand. We have tried other brands — Codeage and Biopure — and they do not work. But Microbe Formulas works every time. We have been taking at least 20 capsules every day for about a year. And every day we pass ropeworms, usually very large ones. It was a huge breakthrough to disover this remedy. The mimosa pudica works in a physical way, not a chemical way. The mimosa pudica (seed) turns into a gooey substance once it mixes with liquid in the digestive track. This gooey substance then captures the ropeworms and pulls them out. If you have ropeworms please try a bottle of this at least 20 capsules at a time. This amount of mimosa pudica will not hurt you, because the mechanism is not chemical. You are simply ingesting mimosa pudica seeds, a food product. Here is a link to buy the product: https://microbeformulas.com/products/mimosa-pudica We are not affiliated in any way with Microbe Formulas and we do not make any money if you buy this.

    The salted milk enemas derive from a Russian physician named Gubarev. You add one tablespoon of salt to 32 ounces of milk. You hold the enema as long as you can for up to two hours. The sooner you must release the enema, the more ropworms you have. These enemas get the earlier stages of the ropeworms when they are white or clear. These ropeworm larvae, let’s call them, smell the milk and come down from the small intestine to ingest the milk. However, when they do, they also ingest the salt in the milk and this salt kills them. When you release your enema, you will see the ropeworm larvae in the toilet. There can be very many depending on how infected you are. MMS enemas also work to get this stage of the ropeworms. In both cases, you may have to use fleet enemas to follow up to make sure you get everything out of the sigmoid colon and rectum. If you leave some behind, we have found that it can cause depression. Very strange, but we have found this to be true. For MMS enemas, we also do 32 ounces with about 10-20 drops of activated MMS.

    Hope this information helps.

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