Are these Rope Worm Diseases?

The following diseases have been associated with Rope Worms

What is your take?

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  1. My naturopath diagnosed me with ropeworms. He recommended Gubarev’s protocol. These are daily enemas for 18 months. First of all, I don’t think a daily enema for that long is healthy as enemas are addictive. I think it is dangerous and could cause alot of damage. I need more conclusive evidence I have this and there must be another way for my body to rid itself of these worms if in fact I do have them. Isn’t there a tea or something to drink. If enemas are the only way, how many times per week could I get by with this once or twice seems enough for me. There must be more infor out there to address treatment for ropeworm. Please help, as we are getting ready for me to begin treatment.
    Thank you for listening.

    • Good thing youre an expert susan.good job correcting the guberev protocol.what does he know anyway?btw,you must be an american right?

    • Hi Susan,

      I have been doing organic dark roast coffee enemas for almost 9 months now with a BRILLIANT success. I do one a day first thing when I wake up. I have passed rope worms, liver flukes, TWO tape worms, gardia and so much more I can’t even identify. It has relieved me of brain fog, PMS, anger, irritation, itchy scalp, lethargy and the list goes on. I would say your Naturopath knows 100% what he or she is talking about. If you research hard enough you will see that enemas have been around for hundreds of years treating many ailments. Kerry Rivera a doctor has treated many autisitic children with daily enemas and so have doctors with cancer patients. Anything is addictive if you make it in your mind to be so. I have also had great success with Humaworm and Organic Olivias protocols. I believe I have Candida and Rope worms due to a Gardasil shot I had when I was 17. Also I may have some heavy metal poisoning. Anyways, I would say you super safe doing enemas every day for as long as need be. Best of luck to you.

      • HI Britt,
        I have a question for you, I also have rope worms which is being caused by allot of different things going on in my body at the moment, my Dr thinks i could have Lyme, and a co-infection of just a symptoms for years have been severe pain in my feet, now moving up my legs, and extreme fatigue. When i found the first rope worm i was excited thinking i had discovered the problem, only to learn this is just a symptom of the greater issues going on. Ever since starting a homeopathic protocol to deal with parasites, antimicrobial, and fungal issues, i have been passing about two or three ropes a day for a total of 2 months, so maybe 100 so far? (after a coffee enema) but i have been feeling so so much worse in every way, i am just exhausted each and every day and my pain is all worse..did you expereince feeling worse before gettting better?? Also i have been reading that the coffeee enemas are really not that good for us, becuase they make the body acidic and that a much better detoxifier which is loaded with nutritian is to do wheatgrass enemas, The Hipocrates ceneter in florida has a good video on this protocol and their reasoning for not doing coffee is really strong. They are also a really well respected. I will try the wheatgrass to see if it expels the ropes, but i think the protocol i am on is also killing them and maybe they would be coming out anyway regardless of the enema or not, the enemas make them come out on their own without being embedded in the stools so it makes them easier to see, but i do think the protocol is making them come out as well. Did you or anyone else on this forum feel worse for a long time before feeling better?

        • remove gluten for a few weeks, which is more difficult than it sounds. i’ve got a list of problems ranging from fibromyalgia, rope worms, brain fog, exhaustion, etc. that have been worsening for years. originally told it was intestinal lining not a worm. i didnt start getting my mental faculties back til i removed gluten and highly reduced corn intake from my diet. think it has something to do with the worms latching on and opening a path to the bloodstream.

      • I agree. Bio in drops will kill these parasites. Follow your naturopath doctors orders. Light roast organic coffee enema daily in am then biocidin drops in water enema at every evening, MMS chlorine dioxide us as excellent as Biocidin. Both are effective. Probiotics VSL3ds on ebay is vital for life, 900 billion. Get on board and no more fear!

      • Hello ! I just saw your message,I do also enema each day, passing ropeworm as well… EVERYDAY ! I do it with clear water. I was wondering if I’ll use probiotics.

    • I do daily enemas. I have passed many rope worms. Still coming. Enemas are not addicting. They gave me my health and vitality back. I have stopped at times and haven’t had any issues with elimination. Better than ever before. I am 50. I can’t say enough about Coffee enemas

    • Pure gum spirits of turpentine- i have been taking with castor oil for 2 months and getting rid of these worms weekly and thru my nose. I also do coffee enemas with it- every other day…I use Diamond G forest Turp.

  2. Mine came out while juice fasting and getting colonics – the first one after 3 days of fasting and 2 colonics that week. I hope it won’t take 18 months. All things are very individualistic – so conduct your own experiment re: time and please keep us posted!

    • Yes. I have psoriasis.
      I starting taking zeolite and was passing rope worms with practically every bowel movement for about 10 days. Big and very long ones. I stopped taking it a few days .Now I’m waiting to see if I’ll be passing more rope worms.

  3. For Psoriasis symptoms(10 years) I am on MMS enemas (15 drops in 1l water) and am having very good results sans the bloating that follows; for which, I have something prepared to eat post enema. Any changes in the condition at this point (4 enemas/1week in) are subtle but I’m anticipating better results with time.

    • Ash, I tried MMS as well and thought I would die…… was horrible! Have you heard of hydrogen peroxide therapy? The one minute cure? Much more gentle in my experience, but just as effective.

  4. I have been battling a number of symptoms, often very debilitating, for more than five years now. It started with 75th percentile mercury toxicity, which I believe lowered my body’s ability to maintain wellness and created a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, and parasites. I have tried everything you can imagine to restore my health, short of pharmaceuticals, but am just learning about rope worms. Which explains the questionable looking creatures I would occasionally find looming in the toilet after coffee enemas, and the two foot long, what I know now was a rope worm, after doing a round of mms. About three days ago, I started hydrogen peroxide therapy, which entails oral consumption and enemas. I have also done a few vinegar enemas. I thought about getting eucalyptus, but am having excellent results so far. Has anyone else tried hydrogen peroxide? It makes sense that it floods the system with oxygen and these suckers are anaerobic……thoughts?

    • HI Lianna,
      Your descriotion of your symptoms sound very similar to mine, as in the body becoming a breeding ground for parasites and bacterias and viruses, after many years of suffering and going to the wrong doctors for help, i am finally understanding what has been happening to me. I am on Dr Kloinghardts protocol and these worms are coming out, i also do coffee enemas but with the recent research about coffee nemeas being very toxic (couterproductive) due to the high amount of acidity being put into the body, i am not that sure that i want to continue with them, your idea of the hydrogen peroxide is an intersting one, and maybe the wheatgrass enema may have a similar reaction? The hipocrates center in Fl is big on this and if this wheatgrass oxgenates the body and fills it with nutrition at the same time, maybe it will also get rid of the worms and give us allot of good nutritian at the same time.. I am going to try it out today and see how it goes, if i get some good success i will post and let everyone know.

      How long did it take for you to start feeling better? I have been killing these things for two months now and feeling allot worse than before i started this protocol..any suggestions?

      • you can use less coffee- and add more water, plus an anti infective herb- i read that if you have adrenal issues you can use less coffee. As far as making the body acidic- i have never heard that. If anything it helps open the liver ducts and detox more efficiently. You could try adding something high in glutathione- like a powdered
        rooibos extract. The point is you want more glutathione to detox the liver and system…

  5. I think these rope worms may have a lot to do with mercury toxicity myself.

    I am curious, what are you doing about your mercury toxicity?
    I have been taking chlorella (from Taiwan) and also doing lots of dry saunas.

    I haven’t tried hydrogen peroxide but if you listen to this interview you will hear that Alex Volinksy had his first eliminations after hydrogen peroxide enemas (if I remember right!)

    I am just worried that the hydrogen peroxide may kill off the beneficial flora in the gut as well.

  6. Hi Annie,

    I agree with you that mercury toxicity is a major factor with these worms. When you have mercury filings, mercury is released every time you chew, which you then swallow. Once mercury hits the digestive tract it kills any and all good bacteria it comes into contact with, which we all know how detrimental this is. It’s an open invitation for the bad guys to come in, unchecked.
    I have done quite a bit of research on hydrogen peroxide therapy, and it is supposedly very beneficial to the good bacteria, which I have worked VERY hard to repopulate with kefir and sauerkraut daily. They thrive in a highly oxygenated environment.
    As far as what I have done to detox the mercury…….everything short of pharmaceuticals. Chlorella, iodine, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, high doses of sulfur, essential oils, an (almost) flawless diet…..I have two young children so it’s hard not to cheat occasionally 🙂 but I am very very careful to make sure all our food is organic, locally grown if possible, and grow as much as I can myself. I think an important part of fixing is opening up your detox pathways, which mercury also damages, and nutrition is key in this process. Lots of bone broth, gluten free, easily digestible, etc.
    Have you had a problem with mercury toxicity as well? Maybe a silly question, who hasn’t these days. My husband and I joke that our kids are going to be super human with everything I have learned and instilled in them through this journey 😉

  7. Hi lianna yes I think I have had many problems due to mercury. I have had a very bad anxiety problem most of my life that got better after I had half my fillings removed.

    I was also told I may have ADHD and I was getting help for that. What remains is a pronounced delayed sleep problem that interferes greatly with my life.

    I still have to remove four more fillings; I am still looking for a dentist that will replace the fillings with something that does not have heavy metals in it. My dentist used a white filling that contains barium (to make it appear on x-rays) .. a recent hair test showed elevated barium soon after I had the new filling.

    I did also have a lead and aluminum problem though I should note. And I do believe I am not able to process nutrients as I am borderline anemic and have been since I remember.

    Yes I also try to eat only organic now.
    I can’t wait until I get my remaining fillings removed.

  8. I did have a severe tick bite when I was a teenager but I would also add Hep-C geno type 1a to the list as well. I was never diagnosed with Lyme’s disease but also never tested for it. I have been expelling rope worms for over 3 months now doing coffee enemas along with my 90% raw vegan diet. This may be why I have never been able to eradicate the Hep-C virus. I have co-existed with the virus for over 33 years now and have great health and live a symptom free life. Hopefully I can finally have my body in balance!!

    • me too! I am expelling these- daily coffee enemas, and turpentine. I had a tick bite and rash and did the antibiotic thing, but not test, but obvious symptoms ( i have done many detoxes for tick borne illness, shingles, ebv, staph, and parasites- i cannot not believe how much im detoxing now..and after reading this blog it makes so much sense. I can attest that turpentine has been the most effective along with enemas…i see this 2 times a week now…and even out of my nose…im kind of freaked out- but it sounds like you have to keep going…i ve been working on my health naturally detoxing for 7 years… and this is after many heavy metal cleanses and removal of mercury fillings…

  9. I agree with your curiosity with the mercury toxins. I tested positive for mercury and heavy metals. I also had two of my old metal fillings removed January 2, 2014 after finding this out. I still have a few more that need to be replaced.

  10. Hi Lianna,
    Did you also do coffee enemas when you were detoxing from mercury with the Diatomous earth? I was wondering how would you know that the mercury is coming out? I have been taking the DE for 2 weeks and have been noticing light blue/light green stuff coming out of me – I was just wondering if this is the mercury/heavy metals coming out attached to the DE….thank you in advance for your thoughts!!! I have also been expelling lots of rope worms….hope the end will come soon…..look forward to hearing from you.

  11. The best thing for mercury is cilantro. You can google the story of how a doctor was treating people with mercury poisoning and he noticed that after the patients ate soup with cilantro in it they secreted large amounts of mercury in their urine. He found that 2 ounces a day for 3 month would detox your body of mercury. I have chronic lyme disease. I am allergic to thimerosal which is a derivative of mercury. I had high levels in my blood. I decided to get my filling replaced. I could not afford one of those natural dentists. After she drilled out the silver I was spitting out the dust for hours. i also felt very sick for 4 days. Not sure if it was related. I juiced cilantro and wheat grass 5 out of 7 days a week for a few months. Just got my blood test back and no mercury was detected at all!! That’s pretty cool!

  12. Please do not be afraid of the enemas.

    I have done the Rivera/Kalcker Chlorine dioxide/parasite protocol for 16 months, planning to reevaluate at 18 months.

    Here is my experience so far.

    I worked up on the chlorine dioxide very slowly, took 4 months to get to 24 drops (this is very important. Going too fast can really make you feel awful, too much die off from the parasites, or cutting through too much biofilm at once to uncover the nasties underneath. The old Humble protocols were too harsh for most folks unless something acute like malaria was being treated.

    I have done enemas usually, twice a day, during the 18 day parasite protocol days and usually some enemas in between during the rest period as needed, for 17 months. I can say that I have found many gallons of these mucousy parasitical organisms, fungus, and biofilms and who knows what else, and I am calmer and better overall (I have P.A.N.D.A.S from a strep shot reaction when I was 10. I am now 61).

    I also worried about the number of enemas for the same reasons, but my experience has been that of course during the protocol times I didn’t always have regular bowel movements on my own because the enemas “stole” the next movement, but sometimes I did have movements on my own and once the enemas stopped for the “rest times”, regular movements resumed within a couple of days with no apparent problems.

    Most of my symptoms are neurological, ADHD like and other related, symptoms. I am calmer now and folks do notice a difference in me. My symptoms do go up and down as the organisms move out as they are very very toxic. I can tell now when something has died and needs an “eviction ceremony”? The enemas are crucial as the organisms dump their toxic load as they get upset and die. They must be removed and toxins neutralized asap.

    Hope this helps and blessings on your efforts to heal.

  13. Even though my boyfriend teases me insessantly and both Drs scoffed after running tests of my stool samples, I reluctantly tried enemas as a home remedy. The relief was wonderful because previousky I woukd spend 2-3 hours sometimes and several other visits daily to relieve myself. I also was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and have had symptoms since I remember at about 3 yrs old when I remember the trauma of screaching loud screaming by my mother as she violently grabbed me and began spanking me with the heel of her shoe and this began a 10 year stretch of my young life being terrorized and abused by an emotionally weak (wrecked) mother. I finally stood up to her when I was 13, but tye damage would continue even decades after I forgave her though she has never been “able” to talk about it and I can’t fathom how it wouldn’t be on her conscience. My life has been plaugued by several abusive relationships, short-tern jobs, and me throwing everything away including my best and actually all friends, (I’ve always been likable and make friends easily.) hobbies and interests, houses, pets, cars, trucks, boats, and lots and lots of $$$$$$.
    Once I discovered these nasty critters, (Ewww it creeped me out!) I spent hours and hours researching online, and brought jars of “worms?” to the Drs and got second and even third opinions but they all said it isnt worms and to drink more water and get more bulk in my diet and treated me for hyperthyroid because my blood tests showed I had it severely and they were concerned for my heart since it was beating 90-130 times per minute while resting. My insurance didnt cover Naturopaths and I felt uneasy with them anyway because I thought they were just into crystals and snakeoils. I have heard of that type and it put real heartfelt skepticism in my head. I decided not to waste any more time and decided to try and flush these nasty things out with enemas since that’s how I found them in the first place. I did this t:wice daily alternating cold water/hot water enemas for over 18 months and have noticed a huge improvement in ovetall calmness and ability to remain calm. Now I wish I had done the organic coffee protocal as I still feel sick with flu-like symptoms most days and cannot leave my home most days. It seems possibly a mental issue as I have gotten very depressed and feel like a failure as a woman. My boyfriend feels let down by me resulting in terrible toungue lashings which only cause me to fall further into depression (At least I’m not argumentive anymore.) After reading the blog on this site I found out I have probably just pissed these geossies out and have that much more toxins in my gut! Luckily I am growing some cilantro in my garden window already and it should be ready to start using very soon! I will also get the other stuff from the health goods store across the street. I have always believed this could be traced back to the 23+ fillings which is a mouthful. I can recall tasting metal more and more since being 13 or 14. My insurer is balking at approving the removal so I may have this problem a while longer and cannot pay on my own.
    Anyway, after using enemas so long I can report that I am back to regular bowel movements and the only help I beed sometimes is to use a baby wipe to assist a bit. (Lazy spingster muscle?) Best to all and please keep me in your prayers and likewise.
    Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss any further. Hugs to you all!

    • You don’t have mental issues.. if you are hyperthyroid you are sick, and that is the reason for the depression. Ditch that boyfriend holy lord, what is wrong with that guy???

      Also, doctors have no training whatsoever in anything other than prescribing medications, and referring for surgeries. Forget even asking them about these worms.

      Functional medicine providers do more thorough testing to get at the root causes of your disease. I work in functional medicine. If you are hyperthyroid, you most likely have leaky gut, perhaps SIBO, candida, these worms, food allergies/intolerance’s, adrenal issues, heavy metal toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, etc. But you’ve got to figure out what your root causes are, then get on the protocol to fix them. Don’t radiate your thyroid. Worst. Idea. Ever.

      Good luck! 🙂

  14. I’ve been doing coffee enemas w/ Eucalyptus oil daily, and I’m doing a parasite cleanse with two dropper fulls of NOW Fresh Green Black Walnut & Wormwood Complex tincture with one capsule of Xymogen Max Para in the mornings on an empty stomach, wait 30 minutes to eat, and holy GROSS. I almost pooped my pants this morning but I made it and there was this MONSTER floating around the toilet. It’s got blood on it and I’ve noticed the larger ones usually do and I worry about internal bleeding and my poor digestive tract 🙁 I’ve been battling these f*kers for the last 5 years or so. Just when I think I’m done.. I’M NOT.

    The only health complaint I have is histamine intolerance with hives, and I suspect the worms have something to do with this.

  15. I don’t even know where to start with my story, but i found a cure for Rope Worms and I want to share my story so others can get help. Mainstream doctors dismissed “Rope Worms” because they don’t believe they exist. After researching my symptoms – and seeing pictures on the internet that look exactly like what I saw in my toilet, I self-diagnosed myself with rope worms.
    For many years, I had chronic constipation. During the past year, I had to do an enema every other day in order to go. There was no movement in my small or large intestines. Nothing moved – until Reiki healing from Monica.
    I first met Monica 4 years ago at my hair salon. She performed Reiki there. My son had recently committed suicide and I thought it might help my frame of mind to have a Reiki massage. After Reiki, I felt great, uplifted so to speak, and better mentally than I had since his death. However, after my Reiki, Monica said something to me that floored me. She told me everything she “felt” and “saw” and finally told me she smelled something like a litter box. Wow! We were both embarrassed- me especially and it made no sense to me at the time. The following night I ended up in the emergency room. I didn’t realize how constipated I had become. (I was always constipated – taking everything known to mankind to go to the bathroom.) Monica’s words finally hit home. She was sensing what was wrong with me before I knew it myself.
    I had been to the best gastroenterologist in Dallas – head of the Department of Gastroenterology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I had had every test available – MRI, CT Scan, Colonoscopy, even a test where I swallowed small metal beads and they track them to see if they traveled through my colon. (Of course, they went through, because I had to do an enema, I was hurting so badly by day 4.) Even though he found nothing wrong – no disease, this doctor thought I should have part of my colon removed. The same thing happened when I moved to SC. I found the best gastroenterologist and after another colonoscopy he found nothing wrong and basically gave up. By now I was doing enemas every day or two. I drank prune juice, took Metamucil, flax seed, castor oil – you name it, I tried it.
    I finally thought of Monica. She had been the only human being on earth that “knew” I was constipated even when I didn’t. This time, I did an enema before my session (didn’t want her to smell anything), and after I got home I did another. That’s when I saw the brown rope worms and that’s when I started researching parasites. I discovered all these disgusting pictures on the internet that looked exactly like what I had come out of me. As most of you on this blog know, these parasites live in the stomach and latch on with suction cups, so when you go to the bathroom – they do not exit your body. They block the pathway from your stomach to your small intestine causing severe constipation. (Other parasites cause diarrhea – not constipation.) They have some of the same DNA as humans, so your body doesn’t attack them. They only come out with enemas after they are dead, and they disintegrate very quickly when air hits them, so the lab test I had performed showed nothing. They divide and multiply before leaving your stomach – so there are always more of them.
    Where am I now? I worked with Monica for several months and she “saw” the worm in my stomach. She described it to me. A white worm with tentacle-looking things that branch off- and it had a suction cup for a mouth it used to attach itself to my stomach. I showed her pictures on the internet to prove to her she had identified the exact worms I saw come out with enemas. At my next Reiki session, a week later, she did her spiritual “thing,” and finally removed the worms from my stomach. I saw the last one come out with a milk and salt enema after that Reiki session. I also felt movement again in my intestines and colon. One week later, I still could not go on my own yet, however during my next Reiki, Monica saw no worms and could feel energy finally moving through my body. (She couldn’t feel any movement before.) 3 weeks after my last Reiki, there were still no more worms and no horrid smell. (Rope worms give off a distinct and unmistakable disgusting odor.) It took another 3 weeks to heal my battered intestines from all the coffee enemas, milk and salt enemas, mimosa and detox capsules, etc., and I am finally “going” again on my own.
    The best physicians in the U.S. couldn’t help me. But a Reiki healer did. Good luck to all of you.
    Chapin, S.C.

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