Today’s Catch – Is it Biofilm?

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that my dairy, wheat, sugar, and egg elimination diet resulted in no strange findings for months and months. It seemed that this special diet completely eliminated the rope worms.

Until today.

Recently I went off the diet; having several sodas and some chocolate cake, even some bread and eggs, and I got a “baby ropeworm” today. Oh no!

rope-like biofilm unrolled

But I am now convinced these things that I used to get all the time are not ropeworms. They look like ropes, because they are wound up, but if you unfold them, in water, it becomes clear they are a sheet, or “film,” of something or other ..

I am convinced now they are not worms. They have no digestive system; no organs. Could they be biofilm? Or my own intestinal lining shedding?

I do believe that this that originally came out of me was indeed a worm; a tapeworm; a ropeworm, or whatever, but these mucous strands are not worms.

Could it possibly be candida biofilm? The sodas would explain that …

But another thought, is that they are a result of irritation caused by GMO’s. Just think; the BT corn is designed to rupture the stomach of an insect – how would a human gut protect itself? By shedding the damaged layer. And what is soda pop full of? High fructose CORN syrup.

Also I decided to do an experiment. I decided to pour some hydrogen peroxide on the “worm”. This is the result.


There was a lot of gas being released as the hydrogen peroxided reacted with the mucous . Any chemists out there? What does this reaction mean? When I put the mucous into alcohol nothing happens.

Perhaps those of you who find rope worms, could put them in water, and see if they unfolds into a sheet. And experiment to see what substances react with them so that we may eventually solve the mystery of what these rope-like substances that cause so much discomfort and bloating really are.

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    • Omg yes I have allergies to cigarette smoke, mold, odours, cleaning products, perfumes.

      Interestingly these allergies got 10 times worse after eliminating rope worms. Probably eliminating them caused leaky gut.

      I will try the Chanca Piedra, thanks! Thanks for your link; yes your photos are all too familiar ; but note if it IS candida, it might be there for a reason; ie. to mop up heavy metals; one must be sure to find the root of the problem and treat that.

  1. Hi,

    I have been dealing with these things for some time now, I also long suspected that they could be biofilm or candida , but now after expelling so many of them and following strict regimen for several months , I can confidently say that they move within body , I can feel them moving. Don’t know if that’s for other , but just wanted to share my experience.

    • Mine move too. I First thought they were worms and I was pretty upset. But I have done 5 different cleanses in the last 7 months and this is the only thing that will not go away. I will be starting a Candida and biofilms Cleanse next to see if I can eliminate them. My husband has been upset with me because he thinks I’m obsessed with cleanses and thinks I’m imagining all of this however he will not look when I try to show him.

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