What Intestinal Mucous Looks Like

Thought I would post a picture of a blob that came out that I can say did not look like a worm but did look like mucous.

This came out after using the humaworm parasite cleanse.

Intestinal Mucous

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  1. mine look like white 1 to 5 inches long floating in the stool.there are hundreds in each stool. I use one fleet bottle with clear water in it and they come out. 4 times a day. when I try to use an instrument to pull them up the inside o the bowl, they are like mucous. you cannot get them to attach to the side of the stool and cannot pick them up. they seem to be mucous. there is no feces. just this stuff.and the reason that I go to the B. RM. is because I feel pressure like I need to have a B.movement. but it is just aload o mucous.

    • Did u ever find out what it was because mines is the exact same way I’ll be in the bathroom for hours sometimes feeling like I need to look but only mucus comes ….this has been going on for 2 years I need help it’s driving me insane !!!

    • Rope worms maybe I’ve been going to doctor for quite sometime being dismissed and told to eat more fiber etc. doctors won’t listen and then I was informed to try small amount of ivermectin paste pencil eraser size in my belly button at night and I’ve been cleansing these things ever since. For over a year or two I have not been able to get stool to pass without enema or bidet help to flush and now I know why. Ropeworm doesn’t come out with normal stool evacuation bc they can stick to intestinal wall unless enema / water to help flush out. I’ve had severe bloating and consultation for YEARS! Very frustrating drs don’t or won’t listen!

      • Use fenbendazole for dogs. Get on Facebook. I use Joe Tippins protocol cancer group. I do not have cancer right now but I did have Shogren syndrome. I’ve been taking fines all for three months and I do not have Shogren syndrome anymore!🙌🏼
        I’m still doing the parasite cleanse because it takes a long time to get parasites out. Going to a retired doctor, who is now a natural healing, professional to get rid of the VAX and help me with the parasites.

  2. Yeah that sounds a lot like I am getting, only you are getting it much worse! If you find any answers, let me know.

    Have a good holiday season!

    • That is a fine catch indeed!

      Every day for two months, wow.

      Do you feel any better? Notice any difference?

      What protocol are you using to get them out?

      • I feel a little better but with the amount of “stuff” that i’ve expel so far,i would have expect to feel much better.
        So in a way,am wondering how many of this stuff are still inside me or are they reproduce faster than i kill them??
        I’ve just start(5 days ago) the Andreas Kalcker protocol but the photo that i’ve put in my post have been take while i was doing MMS enema only,20 activated drops in 1.5 quarts hold for about 10 mins.
        I’ve try also apple cider vinegar,4tbsp in 1.5 quarts but i don’t like the feeling and it’s much harder to hold those enema but they are efficient too.

        • Interesting. Thanks for your reply.

          For me also, I would expect my bloating to be reduced but if I stray off my non gluten/lactose/sugar diet it comes back. And it doesn’t seem to take long for these “ropes” to come back.

          Let’s hope an effective solution comes along eventually.

          • I’ve done a lot of experiment with my diet,I do have a lactose and a gluten intolerance,i’ve try a fruit diet for a few months,big mistake,i’ve try a high carb diet for a few months,another big mistake,anyway i know for sure that they seem to feed on sugar(any type) and for me at least,the seem to also feed on fiber so i’ve start a new diet few weeks ago,well,it’s a combination of 2 diets,it’s a strict ketogenic diet that also fall into the introduction phase of of GAPS diet (to heal and seal the guts).So i basically eat animal proteins,about 120gr per day and a lot of fats.No carbs at all,no sugar,no fiber,that’s the diet i was on why i’ve take the photo that i’ve post,i actually had my biggest “kill” so far on that diet,time will tell if it’s a good strategy!!

          • Try a fast for 21 days on a juice cleanse using foods for healing inflammation. Like ginger. And cucumber. Like celery. And a million more. If you cant juice… try it with smoothies. What it does to be on a liquid diet, it allows liver and gi tract to relax and stop working so hard to digest.
            Also. Try DIATOMACEOUS EARTH food grade. This can help bulk up the stool bind it together and get it out. And… Up the fiber intake ….supplement with fiber con etc. To use DE as a parasite cleanser. Do one teaspoon 1st week two teaspoons 2nd week a tablespoon 3rd week. two tablespoons 4th week and three tablespoons the 5th week.
            Stay at 3 tbs. Until 3 mos has past since you first started. This is mon thru fri on empty belly and mix in 8 oz water or oj. No taste. Just gritty texture. Easy to get used to. Research the health benefits of DE aside killing parasites physically. Lows high bp high cholesterol cleanses the blood. Gives us silica. And 14 other trace minerals. Etc. So much more.
            Dr told me people release mucous in cleanses. Because we are inflamed.
            Try a vegan diet to heal yourself from the inside out. You can do this temporary or lifelong. All I know is I am on a vegetarian diet. Anti cancer diet. And the Bible is beyond truthful. It is the way of life God intended. Meat eating is so rough on the digestive organs it’s unbelievable. Meat has pus and antibiotics in it parasites blood fat etc. It’s nasty. Milk too has pus in it. I drink only almond and coconut milk in smoothies and cooking. I have reduced a lot of discomfort by finding healthy alternatives to the problem triggers. Research yourself. Holistic Dr’s are the way to go. They understand parasites where as medical doctor is clueless and assumes one must leave the country to acquire these.

          • They say that while you’re trying to eliminate parasites you may feel worse before you feel better because your killing them and they release toxins into your system.

  3. Wow interesting you had to cut out many of the things I have had to cut out.
    Regarding the sugar, sometimes I wonder if this is not a mutated candida.
    Never thought of cutting out carbs altogether, though.

    I take a lot of probiotics to help heal my gut. Put some right into the enemas sometimes too.

  4. It does help one to analyse the structure of these things to put them in water! The blobs of mucous unfold into strings … Here’s another one of my “catches”

  5. I just got a doctor to believe me. I have done 12 stool samples in 8 years with the same results. IBS. I agree I have it , but its due to these things. I am scared. Mad because no one believed me for so long, made me feel crazy. Now that I know exactly what I have , there is no REAL CURE! Had an anxiety attack at doctors office, felt like a fool. I just want them out. I am trying to be strong, but I have losted my appendix, gall bladder, I am always weak, tired, anemic, vitamin deficient. They keep pumping me full of them but the parasites are eating my alive. Now my hair is thinning, Im only 34. You guys seem brave, and I need that right now. I promise Im not a parasite stalker (haha) I just need to talk to someone that understands. My email is jenistarcozmoz@yahoo.com. I welcome any helpful info you might have.

    • Go to a HOLISTIC DR.
      That’s the difference.
      THEY understand parasites and it isn’t related to traveling outside the US. In fact people diagnosed with cancer are acidic and present parasidic infestation. Just fyi. They don’t tell you that.
      Blast them out once and for all with the DE food grade cleanse. 1st invest in a first time cleanse or all over total body cleanse. Products made by RENEW LIFE etc. Can be found at local health food store or order these online. Then follow up with kidney cleanse. Then. Liver. Now your body is clean and ready to help process parasite removal.
      Stop eating all sugar and high carb foods. Take all white rice and flour out diet. Eat lots of anti parasitic foods. Foods that make their environment unfriendly. Like raw garlic, raw pumpkin seeds, pineapple, warming foods, cinnamon, peppers, acv, and try your best to eat vegetarian or even vegan during this time. Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE is taken in the am on empty tummy. Just mon thru fri. Mixed in 8 oz water or OJ. parasite regimen. Week 1 one teaspoon week 2 two teaspoons week 3 a tablespoon week 4 two tablespoons week 5 three tablespoons. Stay at 3 tbs for 3 mos from the time you first started. It has no taste just gritty texture. Research health benefits of DE. It’s got ALOT.

    • These people have parasites. White ropy things are rope worm. Treatment a dewormer: Drug – ABD (400mg) 400mg (1 Tablet) (Albendazole)

    • Your story sounds identical to mine. Doctors didn’t believe me, called me crazy. Many negative parasite test. I saw a naturopath who confirmed severe amounts of yeast (fungus) that is now systematic. I can’t afford the treatments she recommends. My kids and I all started noticing this in our stool at the same time so not sure what caused it. Along with it, comes stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, rashy acne skin, anemia, vitamin deficiency. Idk how to get rid of this but it’s been 2yrs and it’s only getting worse.

  6. Jennifer–I wish had some some helpful insight. I’ve been photographing my rope worms since the beginning of November 2013, when my colonic therapist pointed them out to me. I’m not doing any of the special “get rid of parasites” programs. I’m on a high/fat/protein, low carb diet (no sugar or gluten) and I eat a small clove raw garlic with every meal. I also do coffee enemas 2-3 times a day and it is the rare occasion when there are NOT ropes worms. So its been 5 months and I see everything from the mucous like ones to the very definite hard ones. I have photographs of all of them (except the ones at the colonic therapist). They are usually in pieces, but I had a 24 inch hard one this morning. If these are my intestinal lining I am in trouble! It does not hurt and there is no blood. But it definitely worrying. I am on a general detox protocol, I have seizures from hyperventilation (working on that) and I often cannot function, I feel so terrible.

    • Try this.
      Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE is taken
      in the am
      on empty tummy.
      Just mon thru fri.
      Mixed in 8 oz water or OJ. parasite regimen.
      Week 1 one teaspoon
      week 2 two teaspoons
      week 3 a tablespoon
      week 4 two tablespoons
      week 5 three tablespoons.
      Stay at 3 tbs… for 3 mos from the time you first started. It has no taste just gritty texture. Research health benefits of DE. It’s got A LOT.
      I never got my life back until I changed to God’s original diet. Genesis 1 verse 29 and 30.
      The longest living people in the world is Okinawa Japan. They drink MATCHA GREEN TEA. It comes in powder form. The American diet is killing so many a year. Take control. Only YOU have a say so as to what you eat. Nobody else.

      • Longest living in okinawa? Yes, but don’t forget japan loves sushi/sashimi which is LOADED with parasites. A lot of conflicting data.

    • Your seizures are probably from neurocysticercoma.

      Get a few clothes of garlic and three times a day rip off one of the little oh Nigel’s and chop into a few pieces and swallow that raw like a pill.

      Eggs travel through the bloodstream and can set up anywhere in soft tissue , meaning your brain, your heart any of your organs, your muscles, your tendons and your skin. Can look like anything from a cancer lesion to a pimple, and then appears to be some thing like ringworm and it’s hard to get it to go away or heal.

      Google: Cysticericoma (if I didn’t spell it right google will fix it. Close enough)

      But the good news is that’s treatable with a pill

    • Looks like mine. I could not loose weight.I started food lovers detox. Was suppose to be for 6 days. After 2nd day started pooping same looking stuff. I would not stop detox until this stopped. It took 21 days of nothing but smothies & soup. After that I was able to loose weight. No help from docs. Just look at you like yeah. That the was about 3 years ago. I think back now so just doing great my own research. I hate others are having to go thru this problem too.

  7. Wow. Ok. Pretty sure I have these things too. It’s been going on 3 years now. I haven’t modified my diet because I am losing so much weight. I crave sugar like crazy, I hadn’t thought to try to cut it out all together. I have a problem eating. I don’t have much of an appetite anymore and I have lost over 70 pounds. I was heavy when I started this and am now back to my weight I was in high school. I am 47 years old and that is something I could not accomplish before no matter how much I worked out. I notice that most of you say you have constipation but I have diarrhea ALL THE TIME! It is never normal. I had one of these things come out at almost 2 feet about 6 months ago. That is the first time it wasn’t pure mucous (gelatinous globs) Since then I have noticed smaller ones in my stool. They all have a head shape on one end of them if they are not mucous looking. The head almost looks like a tear drop. All of my parasite and stool tests have come back negative. I felt better for about 2 months after the large one came out but am feeling ill again. Can someone give me some advice on what to do? What sort of enemas or toxin cleansers have worked for you? Can these things transfer to another person? Has anybody figures out where they might have contracted them? I would hate to put anyone else through the hell I have been living for the last 3 years. I have actually had several “accidents” because I have such bad diarrhea all the time. I have to carry a spare set of underwear around. This is quite embarrassing and has slowed down my activities to places where there is a restroom nearby, which is terrible for me because I am a very outdoorsy type. I bought some probiotics and have just started taking them. Before you cut out your sugar did you have diarrhea? I crave sugar which has never been a problem for me until the last few years. I have lost so much weight I haven’t even tried to stop myself from eating anything, in fact I have to remind myself to eat everyday. I feel like I have to use the restroom all the time. There is always pressure in the anal area. I wish I would have taken a picture or kept the big one that came out but I was so freaked out (and grossed out) that I flushed it. Has anyone had any luck with the medical community at all? This really flourished when I had no health insurance for 2 years and now I just feel like crap all the time. Does anybody have some advice? Resources I can show my doctor? Has anybody had a colonoscopy? Was anything found? I am really confused and frightened at the implications of this. Any help at all would be fantastic. Anything, really. I would really appreciate it.

    • Have a severe case of these too..colonoscopy reveled nothing so dont waste your money. Buy extra strength humaworm and do coffee enemas. Take Metamucil daily..its a battle! Join the fight..

      • I believe I also have UFO’s in my stool along with chronic productive cough, and from my sinuses. My hands have become arthritic and diagnosed with carple tunnel , also have a few brown/red skin rashes on both ankles. Have been diagnosed twice with heavy staph infections/colonization twice in past 4 years, have been tested for parasites 3 times with negative results, and chest xray, hand xray, sinus xray, allergy testing for molds/mites with negative mold results and positive for mite allergies, a colonoscopy all with negative results and yet these ufo’s are still unidentified. . . however after reading a post regarding lyme disease which recommended taking 3000mg and salt tablets daily so have been doing so for past 8 months which has helped me expel tons of UFOs in my stools. The more they come out the better I feel. Have more symptoms but after 4 years will accept that it is helping to minimize most syptoms. Feel free to contact me via email

        • No doctor has helped they said had cellulitis. But whatever I have is still there coming out of my skin and stool. I’m terrified and my quality of life is just non-existent. Any advice

    • Many holistic Drs. say that chronic diarrhea is actually a symptom of severe chonstipation.
      Other important things to consider: state of lymphatic system (do you do the daily health bounce on a rebounder or do drybrushing?). Saunas for detox via skin? Drink ionized water and lots of it? Daily coffee enemas? Vegan diet? Elimination of all chemical and toxic products: non natural laundry soap, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, plug in air fresheners, perfume, cleaning products, etc.
      All these things contribute to the health of the immune system. The stronger and less burdened it is, the better chance the body has to resist invaders/parasites.
      Also, it is said GMO foods (of which seedless grapes and watermelons are 2) may contribute to rope worms.
      Of course, sugar is probably the worst thing on the planet to consume so good to hear you’re eliminating it completely. Best to you!!

    • Medical doctors will not be able to help you at all. They’ll think you’re crazy they have no clue what to do. Alternative practitioners are the way to go. Guided Colon cleanses and Colon therapies & / or enemas. my alternative Chiropractor has been a great help to me. He Does all sorts of testing including stool sample testing. My Colon Therapist told me that colon therapy will get them out but it takes awhile.

    • I have had diarrhea for 2 years now just like you. Nothing looks normal. Looks like mucous but not sure what it is. In all I’ve seen and read Diametreous Earth seems promising…

  8. Does anyone ever notice that others you are near seem to get itchy, or cough and suddenly try to clear their throat?

    I thank you all for sharing your experiences with the mucas ropes. I, too, have been dealing with candida for years, and just in the last 2 years have been dealing with skin issues, gluten allergies, inflamed abdomen, tingling and movement in my legs and feet, skin breakouts,
    and recently, mucus in my throat.

    Most important to me at this point is that I seem to make others itchy when I’m near and…..they suddenly cough or get a tickle in their throat!

    Please let me know if anyone else has noticed this. I think they are all related in some strange way. Your comments will be helpful. Blessings to all. Thank you!

      • I too have the same problem. Been going to the doctors for years. No results. Done colonoscopy, endoscopy but still nothing.

        I am passing mucus covered stool, and is very concerned.

      • Hi. I came across this stream doing yet another google search. I’ve been dealing with this for over 4 years. I was living in a home that was full of toxic mold and on land that had been saturated 90 meters deep with city sewage water. I went from 140 lbs to 89 in under 6 months. I spent 4 years vomiting daily and had hard, mucus encrusted, black stool that were consolidated. I gave up on doctors last year. I am exhausted, extremely sick and I’ve done all of the farm animal medications all along to no avail. Last summer I was sent from urgent care to the ER.
        They saw issues in the esophagus, intestines, female organs, rectal and brain. They assumed cancer. All of the oscopy’s and imaging showed areas of white matter, small lesions and a hiatal hyrnia. The colonoscopy was aborted due to “ improper prep”. I did the prep. The doctor told my friend that he did see a lot of black stool.
        Diagnosed in 2006 with invasive aspergillosis my immune system is shot. I’m a walking miracle but I can’t take much more suffering. The things that come out of my entire body are too much. I need help and fast. Please text me at (828) 468-7535 if at all possible. My mental decline has become so physical and mental deterioration has become so severe I simply cannot find a way to complete simple daily tasks, like checking email. Thank you so very much!

    • You may be colonized by mold – that can make people itchy and make them cough – dry throat cough. Any way you can find a mold (Shoemaker) doctor nearby? Mold colonization can make you very sick.

  9. Black walnut hull wormwood complex “now” brand is the only thing that kills parasites! Huma worm is another great product. Parasites are the cause of every sickness in your body!

  10. I have experienced the same thing now for 21days twice a day very productive purges.I began using ozone water that I made myself but switched to food grade peroxide diluted 3TBS to 500ml of distiller water.I am shocked at your experience…are you telling me this will go on for years!
    I feel better than ever but I am making sure I do all my minerals, vitamins and probiotics and prebiotics and especially electrolytes….

    Please let me know when it stops….

  11. I can’t believe there are people who are posting real pictures! I have wanted to take pictures of my “little critters” but thought that was the weirdest thing in the world! Thank you!! I found out I was infested with parasites just 20 days ago. I couldn’t get any doctor to listen to my complaints (which happen to be almost every symptom of parasites listed!!). They ran blood test and other stuff and everything was “normal”. Grrrrr…..I finally went to an alternative health practioner and it took her about 10 minutes to tell me I had parasites. She said there were “a lot” of them and they had impacted my stomach (which was why my stomach was getting bigger and bigger despite healthy eating and exercising.) I actually began to look 7 or 8 months pregnant and it was a hard stomach! In a year I gained about 40 pounds and went up three sizes. I was so depressed! Anyway, she gave me an herb called Wormwood Complex. I am telling you it has saved my life, I believe. I am on day 20 of a 30 day treatment (although she says we may have to do it again to get them all). I have lost 7 inches and 15 pounds just from killing these little bastards and expelling them. I am totally fascinated by what comes out. Incredible!! Thanks for all of your pictures and thanks for listening. Get yourself some wormwood complex! My health practitioner says everyone should do a cleanse like this once a year! I am so happy and so relieved and on my way to better health!

  12. I too have these mucus ropes and I do not eat gluten, sugar, caffeine, or any processed food. I also eat only grass fed meat. I have lyme disease and I noticed that most of you have symptoms of lyme. Did any of you get tested for this? My ropes increase if I go off my diet. Yesterday I had 1/2 cup of ice cream today I am loaded with rope worms.

  13. Lyme’s disease is caused by a parasite. Kill the parasites in the body; the body heals and the disease goes away. Humaworm is an awesome 30-day protocol. No need to change the diet. Two doses per day, 12 hours apart. Also of great importance is using liquid calcium bentonite clay. This absorbs the toxins in the body, increases energy and really helps with brain fog. A ‘shake’ is the liquid bentonite clay mixed with organic psyllium husks help pull the parasitic debris and other intestinal garbage out of the system. I have been on this protocol for 18 days and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. The chronic fatigue, brain fog, fibromyalgia, IBS, psoriasis, acne, jaundice, sever cravings for sugar, distended abdomen, chronic constipation and the inability to eliminate on my own, severe weight gain, the inability to eat one full meal, and more are ALL going away! I have been sick for over 30 years – the last three years by far the worst. NO doctor or conventional medicine has ever helped me. The parasites were discovered by me, by accident – and they were killing me. I am stronger, the whites of my eyes are extremely bright (as opposed to dull yellow), my skin is amazingly cleared, i have lost 18 lbs, i am no longer short of breath because of the severe swelling of my abdomen….. I am healing. And when i am done, i will wait two months and do it again to make sure. I am getting ready to add diatomaceous earth to my protocol to aid in the continued healing process. Btw, Humaworm deals with candida too. Go to their site, read it and learn to help yourself. Best wishes to all. (The pic is a recent elimination. Looks like a serpent from the nether regions of darkness.)

  14. I have been passing pieces of worms for 2 months and cannot get a doctor to believe that I have a real problem. It is a tapeworm and it is horrible. Doctor also said it may be stomach lining which means serious trouble if that was so. I have felt super sick as long as I can remember and passed a maggot looking thing that I though looked just like a tapeworm egg after googling parasite that looks like rice or maggot. I bought med to kill tapeworm at tractor supply and have been passing this thing for 2 months. Not getting help from any doctors, they treat me like I’m crazy. I am having so much pain in my leg joints and back and I am very scared.

    • I have the same thing except some of mine also look like seaweed n hair dog n human I also have IBS the lining of my stomach is really thin and I have a hiatal hernia isI also have stomach pain if my stomach swell but I stay hungry

  15. I want to share my experience, as it may help some of you. I’ve passed these things for the past year and a half, at least. I first started seeing them when I started doing coffee enemas after experiencing digestive problems for about 6 years. I am gluten free now and try to avoid sugar, but I do eat some fruit and a little sugar from time to time. The carbs and high fibrous foods do seem to agitate my digestive problems. The more protein I eat the better I feel. I have followed a nutritional balancing program for the last year. This is basically veggies and protein. All veggies should be well cooked. I find it helpful to make veggie soups and puree them and even put it through a strainer at times to get rid of the fiber. Adding a digestive enzyme is very helpful as well.

    I feel surprisingly well after making these changes, so it is possible to recover. My energy is back and I no longer suffer from foggy thinking, anxiety, night sweats, ect. I have to be careful to avoid certain foods that cause hives and digestive issues, including corn, soy, coconut products, gluten, and most milk products (I can tolerate whey and some cheeses). This will bring the “rope parasites” back along with aches, pains and fatigue.

    In short, my recommendations are:
    1. Eat well cooked veggies and protein (preferably organic)
    2. Take digestive enzymes
    3. Avoid foods that are hard to digest (corn, soy, gluten, lactose)
    4. Avoid sugar/processed food/too much fiber
    5. Do coffee enemas
    6. Rest and let your body heal
    7. Practice relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc.)
    8. Try to avoid exposing yourself to chemicals (use natural hygiene products and cleaners)

    Please don’t stress about these “parasites.” You are not alone. Take it as an opportunity to make healthier choices in your life.
    Wishing you well…

  16. I’m so glad you guys have posted pictures on here. I too have been experiencing these things for awhile now. I just thought it was mucus due to my constant battle with my sinus’. Made the mistake of asking my doctor if she has heard of rope parasites. youd think I asked her if she believed in ghosts or ufos. anyways, I’ve had a lot expel out of me lately and having a few other health issues; night sweats, irritabilty, eating healthy but not losing wieght, and my latest fainting. not sure if its all related or what, is anyone else having this???? I heard you can do a fast of just water or juice but I like food too much…any suggestions??

  17. Ok hopefully people are still reading this thread because I’m FREAKING OUT!
    Always been healthy, regular bowel movements like clockwork for years now – occasional tummy upset nothing out of the ordinary
    About a month ago now I was eating re-heated pizza and after (I mean right after) I suddenly felt very very sick
    Stomach became VERY bloated and distended and more and more over the next few days and I was constipated then I went from that to diarrhoea here and there for a few days then finally appeared to get better but I haven’t really been the same
    Get full really quickly and bloated and distended again haven’t been quite as regular
    Should mention when I initially got sickly felt like I was getting a killer flu – major shivers/fevery feeling and super cold could not warm up bad body aches and pains – strangely enough my tummy was the only thing that didn’t hurt through the whole thing !
    Anyway now to the point of why I’m FREAKING OUT sorry for long post but had to give background – I just went no. 2 and next to no. 2 was what appeared to be this strange white fluffy looking creature freely swimming around in toilet almost looked like leafy sea dragon or something – no. 2 itself seemed otherwise normal – any ideas? I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo now 🙁 ps I’m quite bloated and belchy lately too including tonight tummy feels sort of hard and rubbery at the same time like squeezing a plastic doll

  18. So this is recient for me. I have been experancing long white rope like mucas. I dont think its worms but its been in my stool a lot the last 2 months. For the first month I have been on adepex and only lost 3 lbs. I started getting constipated. Everyone says i need more water but im drinking 9 to 10 cups a day some times 12…… so after we discovered the adepex wasnt working He gave me Belviq. I have only been taking this for 4 days now. I have been constipated on and off I take Seneca and it helps for a day or 2 but then im right back to being backed up again. I also get some blood. With my recient lack of weight loss and heavy bloating i broght up candida but my dr. Said not likely. (Like all dr. Those who research stuff the dr. Blows it off) sighs …. today I went a rabbit nug with a white mucas that resembled a worm about a foot long. Im starting to get worried….. any ideas?

    • I had this happen tonight for the first time I noticed! One round some stool and attached was a stringy rope mucus looking thing. I read a bunch of this and know it’s years old but want to see if you figured anything out..?

  19. Hello I’ve been having the same symptoms as some of u or maybe even all of u. Fatigue ,head hurting ,bloating ,and so on .. Doctor’s have diagnosed me with GERD . Its been over 3 years now and still have the same symptoms . after taking fleet eneme i started pooping out these string white things that look like worms . im only 30 and im scared it might get worse anyone got any tips or suggest anything ? Do i go to the doctors and tell them what i think are worms ? My email rafa823@yahoo. Com

  20. Does anyone have a suggestion for a breastfeeding mom? I’ve been very sick for over 3 years, passing 2 ft something’s. Wormwood is discouraged while breastfeeding, so I haven’t done that. I have done the Hulda Clark minus wormwood, diatomaceous earth for 3 months, H. Clark zapper, Bob Beck pulser and purifier, carrot juice and colloidal silver daily. Nothing has helped. Since I’ve been either pregnant or nursing I am afraid to try any medication. I have become allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar and beans. I went off all grains, potatoes and meats, but because of this, I lost so much weight that I was less than 100 pounds, so I started eating rice and potatoes and meat again to gain weight and to get some energy. My baby is medically fragile and so I’m trying to wait on being treated, but she won’t be weaning for at least a year. What am I missing? Please help!

    • I’m breastfeeding and been concerned, especially for my three month old. I haven’t had anything long, just little glob looking things, but have worked in vet clinic field enough to be familiar with parasites.
      Did you find anything that helped??!

    • I’m also a breastfeeding mama, but keep reading that any anti parasitic isnt recommended during breastfeeding. I’m honestly concerned for my there month old – fairly certain I’m a carrier which means I passed them to him.
      What can I do to clear my system out?

    • You need to go to http://www.herbdoc.com everything he has can be done while nursing I’ve done all cleases while nursing. He has a coping cleanse that works wonders he suggests to do it multiple times in a month to get rid of a chronic problem. Hope that helps! He is a life saver for me!

  21. I had a bunch of parasites after returning from a trip abroad. The docs couldn’t diagnose (long story) so I started using horse dewormer. Btw my parasites disseminated into my legs, arms, chest, scalp etc. One doc said I had ascaris and another tested me for lymphatic filaris (incorrectly) but I’m certain I have it so going back in this week. Anyway. I’ve killed off ascaris, flukes, hookworm (those hurt like hell) but I’m left w these rope worms and filaris. I showed the rope worm pics to my inf disease doc & he said “oh I can understand why you thought these were tapeworms but it’s a mucus problem”. He told me to do a juice and water diet which I’m on day 3 of. I get a really bad burning pain in my stomach and when I do a saline enema (at least once daily) I feel so much better. That sludge & bubbles come out. I’m not expelling actual worms anymore bc I’m catching them in the earlier phase. I’ve eaten processed crap my whole life and I’m “borderline” on Lyme. The FDA knows these come from GMOs, that’s why they are making them disclose it on packaging & the Drs know they exist as well. I’m sure there will be an antiparasitic that comes out shortly. I do believe they are parasites bc the first I ever passed was after horse dewormer. To the mom – saline enemas are safe and coffee enemas are natural. Not to mention, very relaxing.

  22. Hello I am also having problems my stools have like plastic big chunk as well as mucus and seeds been for about a month now my stomach is swollen and I can barely go poop without help also very itchy around anus idk what is wrong and I’m scared anyone have these problems

  23. Get rid of them permanently? That is my biggest question also.Ive been dealing with these little bugars also for at least 4years now.Ive done almost everything,everyone has said.I feel awesome but still have an occasional symptom.I have them still but seems like more manageable physically & mentally.Ive read & seen the info out there that,”no,”we are never really rid of them completely.They exist everywhere & it is our job to make sure we don’t allow them to find our bodies a permanent home.Food,water & air etc.Bummer! When infested go at them hard & when you feel better continue a healthy lifestyle & make sure you are continuously aware there still there so keep a daily anti parasitic protocol that keeps them at a manageable state.Love thyself,love your family & share with them all your info.Dont be scared! It’s something you come to terms with you cant really control but you can manage.

  24. After reading this forum, I feel like i am going to pass out. I am 50 yr old female and have had 2 cesareans. Ever since my kids I have had stomach problems. I eat healthy always yet my stomach grows consistently. I now look like Humpty dumpty as my stomach is just absolutely gross. Like 9 months pregnant. Ashamed and humiliated, my pants roll down every move. I always have to push my stomach down, as it feels like it is going up into my chest. I have pebble bowels. Last November when the Pomegranates were ripe I cut 10 big ones. Sat down and ate every kernel. A couple days later the strangest white, and clear mass of wormy looking weirdness with tons of black dots and pinkish rubbery knots came out . I was scared and wasn’t sure what it was. I think the Pomegrante released the blob. I haven’t seen anything else and my stomach is carrying me around like a constant ball and chain. So sad and upsetting as i am broke and dont know what i can do on a very limited income.

    • Buy wormwood and ingest some every morning before eating and every night before bed. You can make tea but tastes bad. Get use to it baby! Use as an enema as often as you like also. I buy most my herbs from mountain rose.

  25. Thanks to all of you for your posts; they’re very helpful for me, a recent victim of some of these problems. I was extremely constipated, even on the Paleo diet, then went on vacation and ate whatever was available at friends and relatives homes as well as fast food en route. Now, I have diarrhea and mucus/worms? I’ll try some of the suggestions posted and get back to my healthy eating, but hope to not resume constipation.

    • If your already dealing with constipation, DE will make you that much more constipated. So be careful regarding advice here to take it.

  26. Hi There

    I have had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms. I don’t accept that diagnosis as things fluctuate depending on what i eat.

    I just passed some parasites – its disgusting. I have no idea how long i had them. I need some help identifying what they could be. What type are they?

  27. Everyone needs to look up diatomaceous earth! It has so many benefits, one of them being that it gets rid of internal parasites. Just make sure that it is food grade and nothing the stuff for pools. I bought a 10 pound bag on amazon for about $20. Safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding as well.

    • I was taking DE and while I don’t doubt its benefits, it made me extrememly constipated. I want things to come out, not stay in ! So I stopped taking it. I did notice one thing. My hair and nails were growing like crazy while taking it. DE is silica…. everything our hair and nails are made of in the first place…… so that is a benefit……if it just didn’t cause constipation

      • Same here :/ makes me question wethever to contunie taking! Have you tried green tea? I have and it helped alot in the begining but….i think my stomach got used to it. So i will try Ginger Tea next & maybe you could try it as well? Anyways I sincerly hope you as like everyone here who suffer from stomache issues hoping we get better.

  28. Hello. I think this is an old thread but a relevant one to say the least. Im currently doing a herbal cleanse of wormwood, blackwalnut hull and cloves. I pass parasites of all shapes and sizes. The bloating subsides and start to feel so much better inside. I have fatty liver disease so that doesn’t help much when im infested with parsites. Makes my whole insides hurt. I do want to say that doctors, even if they know something about parasites, will never tell you its your problem and is usually the problem of all illness. Think about it, if doctors did this, and everyone rid themselves of parasites, they would be out of a job ! These days its all about your illness paying for their ocean front property.So sad, but so true. in the 50’s when my mom was a child, My Gpa gave her and her other siblings Castor oil and she never could understand why. Now she knows. Because even back then they knew we have to get rid of parasites to be healthy. This idea has depleted over time, and purposely. The sicker you are, the more money they make, that simple. I say its time we all fight back and tell anyone and everyone we know how absolutely everyone has parasites no matter who you are. My family thought I was crazy when I first discovered this truth until I showed to them photos of parasites I had passed that were 2ft long. They are believers now. Its something that some people would rather ignore because its hard to face this truth that UFO’s are living inside of us, killing us, taking our nutrition away for themselves, making us deathly ill, and wiping the life right out of us. Fight back people ! Do a cleanse atleast every 2 months. Kill them out and be disease free. Even diabetes is caused from pancreatic prasites called the Fluke ! Cleansing should be Mandatory for living a healthy life. I hope you all realize how important this is.

  29. One more thing people. Don’t use old herbs that have lost their potency or herbs that have been processed into a pill etc….. use 100% potent fresh herbs and youll see how well it works. I get mine from a lady on ebay who makes the mixture FRESH. Wormwood/black walnut hull/Cloves. I take 1 teaspoon per day mixed with a tiny bit of milk(as its a probiotic) you need probiotics while cleansing anyways. Her ebay name is completenaturalblends no spaces. You can put it into capsules or just mix it in juice or milk and take it that way. it works ! Believe me it does work and its FRESH no processed. Fully potent.

    • The first week you will do the killing of the parasites…….the second week is the cleansing them all out of your body. 2 step process. Its awesome……it works…. try and see.

  30. High I have had some of the same symptoms as all of you. Whats weird is that I started getting itchy on my feet, hands and fore arms. I feel them in my hair too. My dr put me on my adhd meds and they made it so bad, I could feel them coming out of my hair follicles and fill up my ear canals and the pain..OMG I could take grab them in my ears or when I wake up they are all over my body. In the wind they feel lke I have long hairs moving around. In the shower the hotter the water the more they come out of my feet, and they are clear looking and they feel like a ball of drying mucus with worms moving around. I have them in my stools but not worms just a ton of mucus. I got them in 2013. And if I consume anything with sugar they get worse. My dr says its from diabetes. When they act up I will take a hot shower with peroxide rub and peppermint oil and I can feel them fall off and it almost clogs my shower drain. I get out and whipe off with a towel and immediately I can start feeling them again. Especially in my feet and my left hand. Within 3 hours I can feel them up to my knees, so I take peroxide and tea tree oil mix it with peppermint oil and water and spray the areas and they slow down. when I run my fingers through my toes I can feel like 50 of them and they all have like a heartbeat, I don’t know what to do. I would drink alcohol because the symptoms would go away while drinking, but next day they were way worse, And at night when its dim, I can see them flying around, like a mini lightning show. my dr, doesn’t believe me. sent to dermatologist, no good there and infectous disease specialist. he told me to say AAAAHHHH and looked in my ears and said I had nothing, I am totally losing it. When its acting up I can actually see them affecting other people. Its like they are allergic to me, And they crawl down my throat and through my nostrils and make me gag, cough and puke. All I crave is sweets. I could go on and on……….

    • Omg everything you said is dead on!! To a average person you sound like a nut job, but they Would be very wrong! I’m a RN myself and have seen and experienced personally everything you said and so much more! Mine started in sept 2017 and since that day everyday seems harder to get through! My spouse doesn’t believe me my parents don’t believe me 4 different hospitals didn’t believe me, 1 ER doc said I had delusion of parasitosis, and another ER doc said that parasites don’t migrate away from your stomach!’ I thought to myself is this guy kidding me did this guy go to school clown collage! It’s sad I’ve been failed by my own profession! Regular MDs aren’t here to help us anymore ( trust me on that one) there there for the Benjamin’s, this whole country is ran on pharmaceuticals, it’s bull crap! I also have a pituitary tumor and a horrible neck And back, MRI s confirmed many issues with lower back so they put me on strong painmeds and said I will need them the rest of my life, well 8 years went buy and I was listing to doctors and ended up being on like 10-15 different meds for a bunch of baloney stuff, including 3 morphine’s a day, I just kept feeling more and more pain. So finally I said no more I stopped taking all meds and it was hell the first month to after being on pain meds for so long but as time went on the pain would be less and less! So long term pain meds actually bring u more pain!! Now it’s been over 3 years and besides the fact that I have to sleep in a chair sitting upright because i can’t get up if I lay down for more than 2 hours ( no joke) and I’m sure my tumor in my pituitary is now huge from not taking meds! But worth it to me! Except now i live in hell from whatever this creature / UFO/ word/ mucus / mold is!! My hair started falling out in clumps, my hair moves and does weird things and doesn’t burn like hair burns nor does it have that burnt destinct smell hair normally does!! I’ve read up on every type of parasite, and amoebas/ morgillions ?? I’m so lost and alone and just want to put a end to this nightmare once and for all’. I think our government is doing this to us, and doctors are very aware! Im not a conspiracy theorist or a crack head! I’m a realist and this is as real as it gets! sincerely Lo. Snowgirl85@live.com

  31. I am not sure if anyone on here can help. My 8 year old was dealing with stomach pains for about a month. The dr ssaid she was very impacted. He did an enema then put her on basically a colonoscopy cleanse. After she had to take one capful of miralax and one laxative a day. A week after the enema she had a bowel with a lot of mucus and a fleshy looking thing. The dr found no blood so he wasn’t concerned but it looked weird to me. Can anyone help.

  32. This is THE STRANGEST issue I could EVER imagine speaking of and I’ve been in the medical field and have a great interest in science and biology ect…. BUT once I started seeing this “UNKNOWN/UNEXPLAINED STUFF” appearing in my stools I have enough intelligence to know better than think it’s it’s natural or acceptable. I’m researching as much info as I can possibly find to gain some knowledge as to what we’re all possibly dealing with and I’m praying that I can remove this ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING foriegn matter from my body! If anyone can help I’d be very appreciative for the help.


    • It’s intestinal mucus, it’s normal to have a bit but an overproduction can be caused by illness, ulcer, Crohn’s disease, inflammation or irritation of the intestines.

  34. Hi I know this is an old thread but so very relevant to me. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia due to joint pain & extreme fatigue. I have also been passing some very peculiar things. Dr says its mucus but its very flesh like a I’m not convinced. I’m worried sick but nobody in the medical field seems to think it’s an issue or needs further investigation

  35. I was paranoid I had worms so I decided to take some black walnut oil and sure enough these rope like things came out. I had one tested for parasites, it was negative. Was still freaking out so I took diatomaceous earth and it made my problems SO much worse. Caused me a great deal of inflammation, a burning feeling, constipation and the feeling of something “in” my colon. I stopped with the oil and DE and got a laxative and now I am feeling much better.

    What I learned is that if you take black walnut oil it dehydrates the mucous lining and it comes out looking like this, without this layer you get inflammation. Also, Diatomaceous earth is just about the WORST thing you could injest when your insides are already inflamed (or if you have IBS) just think about all those tiny sharp fossils getting stuck in the already irritated mucus-less lining of your intestines. BAD idea.

    If these rope worms are real worms then why can’t anyone prove their existence with genetic testing? It would be simple enough. As far as I’ve seen no one is reporting any movement when they are expelled again leading me to believe this is only intestinal mucus.

    I really hope this helps someone stop from panic treating themselves and making things worse like I did.

  36. Wow , glad to stumble upon this. I thought I was the only one with this chronic issue. A family member who is a doctor didn’t believe me & said “You are a vegetarian & you’re , there is no way you have “these” tape/pin/ropeworms ; you may be a case study if its true”.
    Finally this post thread brings me some peace.
    Just wanted to add my observations: I get these worms in 2 categories:
    A(the more frequent kind ,monthly once or twice, & the longest occurring for past 6-7 years). SYMPTOMS include-Constipation with pellet poo, Water clear piss, dry nostrils, sudden eye closing urges, energy drain, joint ache(not bone but joints like knee, elbow, finger joints),dry scalp. Also the feeling of knot near lower abdomen, such that if you bend you can feel the stomach getting bulged at just one point. REMEDY- Morning empty stomach- 1 ginger clove with pinch of carom seeds with honey & glass of warm water. 2-3 days solves.

    B(very less occurrence). The feeling of knot at upper end of stomach. This doesn’t cause that much energy drain and no other SYMPTOMS mentioned above , not even constipation, however I started getting productive cough. REMEDY pending – the ginger thing doesn’t seem to work.

  37. Lethargic – Not driwsiness but tiredness
    Eyes strain – like it squeezes itself and does not relax untill closed tightly.
    Joints pain – Not the bones, but the joints – knees, elbow , fingers
    Teeth – below nerve pain
    Nose – Drying up
    Piss – clear water , more frequent.
    Farts -day vs night sound vs silent


    Wow , glad to stumble upon this. I thought I was the only one with this chronic issue. A family member who is a doctor didn’t believe me & said “You are a vegetarian & you’re hygienic , there is no way you have “these” tape/pin/ropeworms ; you may be a case study if its true”.
    Finally this post thread brings me some peace.
    Just wanted to add my observations: I get these worms in 2 categories:
    A(the more frequent kind ,monthly once or twice, & the longest occurring for past 6-7 years). SYMPTOMS include-Constipation with pellet poo, Water clear piss, dry nostrils, sudden eye closing urges, energy drain, joint ache(not bone but joints like knee, elbow, finger joints),dry scalp. Also the feeling of knot near lower abdomen, such that if you bend you can feel the stomach getting bulged at just one point. REMEDY- Morning empty stomach- 1 garlic clove with pinch of carom seeds with honey & glass of warm water. 2-3 days solves. Pomegranate is also helpful as it has good seeds.

    B(very less occurrence). The feeling of knot at upper end of stomach. This doesn’t cause that much energy drain and no other SYMPTOMS mentioned above , not even constipation, however I started getting productive cough. REMEDY pending – the garlic thing doesn’t seem to work.

  38. Is it possible that these worms are not external ingest or may be not worms at all but linings of our intestines that gets expelled when we eat new foods which our body is allergic to?

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