Rope Worms and IBS ?

I talked to my colon irrigationist again; this time to ask her if I should cut back on pepper, curry, paprika, and turmeric when I cook.

She said that the paprika and turmeric is ok, but the pepper and curry is not.

She has given me lots of advice on what to eat and what not to eat for mucous.

I googled around and found that her recommendations are very similar to an IBS diet.  That is, avoid gassy foods such as broccoli, cabbage and green peppers; avoid fatty foods, avoid sugar, gluten and lactose.

I have been much better on this diet and I was in fact told I had IBS many years ago. I wonder if there is a relation between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and ropeworms.

Nobody seems to know what this mucous is.

I did see another gastroenterologist, but he was not in the least interested in seeing any of my pictures. He looked at me with near disgust when I said that I was doing enemas and colonic irrigation to manage my constipation. He said to eat more fiber and take Miralax.

I think I prefer to put water in my system than something that is made by a company that makes wood cleaners and detergents.

Water it is, for now, until this is sorted out.

Another hard peice of stool shapped like a question mark came out today, with mucous growing out of it. There was a fresh carrot morsel in the stool, so ok, this was probably less than a day or two old.

Does the mucous grow out of it in the space of two days, or does it trap and entangle stool on its way out?

The mucous very much seems to be growing out of it.

I wish I had access to a good chemistry lab.





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  1. definitely the MOLD foods that trigger IBS along with GMOs!! No mold foods = no IBS symptoms for me. This is why no grains + bread work so well for people…

  2. How do I get rid of rope worms? I didn’t know what it was until my daughter just called me and said that her friend who is pregnant also had one come out of her.
    How do you get rope worms and can you get rid of them and what should I do to make sure I don’t get them again.
    This is gross and disgusting.

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