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  1. After killing perhaps all my parasites on a raw garlic fast, I noticed my mind was much clearer and the book I was writing had to be rewritten because to me it sounded like nonsense. It was written by parasites, before the fast. I meditate a lot and noticed that parasites shift mental focus. When the worm wriggles, the mind wriggles. After the fast I remember my first new parasite. It came from eating cold food left on the stove. I think mass hypnotism is more influential than parasites and Gurdjieff would agree, though he also told his pupils to use enemas.

  2. This is not so far-fetched. Ever have a sugar craving so bad you think you may die if you don’t eat something sweet? That’s the bugs inside you, controlling your cravings so they can eat.

  3. This is driving me crazy. I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics and some cream. I thought awesome these things are Outta here. Not the case at all. I seem to have several of them. I mean different types. Am I going to die?? What do I do. They’re eating holes in my teeth I’ve lost whatlooked to be perfectly good teeth already and they’re working overtime on 2 more.

    • Ivermecticin from feed store, measure out the right amount for your weight, repeat after a few days. Google or duckduckgo it. Maybe Dr can prescribe but with c 19 they’re not very often. And Listerine mouthwash. Good luck

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