Many Questions, Not Many Answers

A great article has been just been published by the “Better Health Guy” on speculations about the Rope Worm, including all that is known about the DNA of this thing.

Read it here.

One speculation is that rope worms seem to be observed more in people that have done fasting, and hence rope worms may be the lymphatic system dumping toxins into the bowel. However I never did any fasting at all, just a lemon/olive oil liver flush about a month before.

So I doubt it’s lymphatic material.


Oh it would be scary indeed if these things are swimming around inside me! I do often feel little movements in my abdomen while I lie in bed, and struggle not to think of the “jet propulsion” … it must just be gas bubbles .. it must just be gas bubbles … I tell myself.

I do note that tapeworm eggs appear to look like sesame seeds, and that sesame seed-like objects have been observed alongside ropeworms in the papers by Volinsky, as well as by myself. Hence I also consider that the rope worm is perhaps a special kind of tape worm that does not show segments.

What do you think?




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  1. Hey,

    I too doubt that it is from the lymphatic system, but that is just an opinion by me who is not in the medical profession.

    I have been getting them out almost everyday for over 7 months now (many different “things” off and on for a lot longer) and have never seen anything moving in the toilet like the video.

    As for them moving around inside of me, I think that that is true. I have many odd/wrong feelings inside that have been deminishing in strength as more of this “stuff” comes out.

  2. I began noticing the ropeworms when I did a detox and fast which unveiled a tapeworm that had been occupying my intestines for quite some time. Coffee enemas got the tapeworm out, but then I started noticing the early stages of rope worms. It has been almost three months and the mucous keeps streaming out when I do enemas. I also have fecal stones but the specks are dark. I worry that I still have tapeworm larvae in my body and it is teaming up with the mucous to wreck havoc on my immune system. My stomach is bloated if I do not do enemas daily. I have the second worst gene combo of the MTHFR gene and I am insulin resistant. I have been trying different diets but nothing seems to work. I don’t understand how there is so much mucous after expelling the tapeworm when I have never noticed it before (I am 40 and have had systems of a parasitic infection for years but the doctors never thought it could be such). I appreciate every sharing what they are going through. It is frustrating there isn’t more research being done. I worry that the GMO planimal creations we have been ingesting without proper research could be causing these. Our bodies weren’t meant to ingest unnatural foods so no wonder our digestive systems are freaking out.

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