Ropeworms are Biofilms, says Dr. Klinghardt

dr_dietrich_klinghardtAt a recent conference in Washington state Dr. Klinghardt MD PhD shared some thoughts about rope worms. He believes  the “rope worm” does  not fall into the classic definition of a parasite but more of a biofilm, saying the rope parasite is likely a biofilm community of different organisms that coexist together.

It is the first time in human evolution that our bodies are taxed with so many environmental toxins that are stored in the body and eventually impact our cells. As increased concentration of heavy metals have been found in rope worms extracted from humans, rope worm biofilms are possibly collectors of some of these toxins, helping us to survive our polluted environment.

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3 Replies to “Ropeworms are Biofilms, says Dr. Klinghardt”

  1. For once you published something that’s true.

    There is indeed no such thing as a ‘rope worm’ parasite. And as Dr. Klinghart ($$$) says, you’re passing the biofilm of your gut lining.

    The first truthful thing he’s said in decades.

    • Unfortunately what you’re saying couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve literally had to pull the worms out of me and I’m into the thousands! I would think that I could be dead by now if I was to lose this much lining! Until you figure out that you have them yourself you’ll never know the suffering that begins by having them. Educate yourself they’re all over the Internet they were first discovered in Russia!

      • Jennifer you are correct and doctor Klinghardt is wrong. My husband has been doing exactly what you’ve been doing— the rope worms that have come out of him for the past 2 and a half years are now in the thousands. Some are 4 feet long. This is yet again another travesty in the medical world. People are deathly ill from these horrid worms with no one to help except from others that have the worms themselves.

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