The Kalcker Parasite Protocol

If you don’t have ropeworms it’s likely you have some other form of parasite in you body excreting toxic substances causing much harm.

Dr. Kalcker, an associate of professor Alex Volinsky, believes these parasites are such a big deal that he has come up with an intense parasite cleanse that’s 39 pages long.

Kerri Rivera, a parent with a child suffering from autism, has written a book on healing this disorder and has made this protocol an entire chapter of her book. She has kindly made it  freely available to those who need it.

Click here to read the “Kalcker Parasite Protocol”

Order the book below.

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Feel free to enter your comments on this protocol below, so we may all benefit from your experience!

2 Replies to “The Kalcker Parasite Protocol”

  1. Thanks for the Kalcker protocol link! I read the whole thing and will add a few of these to my regimen! 🙂

    I’ve found that the battle with these ropeworms is not ever going to end. I will need to keep doing different things to keep killing them off. Constant maintenance to keep the numbers down.

    I have had good results with NOW brand Fresh Green Black Walnut Tincture, Hydrogen Peroxide therapy (3-4 drops of food grade H2O2 into water daily), & coffee enemas kill them too. I just read about Eucalyptus oil enemas, and will try these as well.

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