What a Ropeworm Looks Like in Water

For those who wonder what the ropeworm looks like, this vdieo is one of the best to demonstrate what many people are finding.  Note that the poster associates this with Candida .. which may or may not be accurate.


7 Replies to “What a Ropeworm Looks Like in Water”

  1. I have this I became paralized couldn’t move nor speak. I had round sores everywhere. Ambulance came took me-to hospital all test were normal. It’s in my brain I feel it. Arms twitched and swung on own uncontrollably oh the pain was horrible got to we and the staff treated me as if I was crazy even going as far as to say send her to phsyc ward passed one at hospital and they ignored me and later discharged me

  2. Mimosa is the way to get rid of them! I too have been expelling all stages of the rope worm having great success! I finally found the answer to all my problems… hopefully

  3. I have tons of photos but seems like I can only post one at a time. I’ve got an appointment. Will post more later. Wait till you guys see this shit. Be back, try your best to have a better day everybody. Answers are coming. Have faith.

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