Ropeworms found in Autistic Kids

Kerri Rivera of shows some ropeworms that have come out of her autistic patients. She believes these are parasites and not mucous, as they don’t dissolve in water.

Watch her very informative and touching video below.

Has anyone tried such a protocol involving Chlorine Dioxide to elimiate ropeworms, and do you feel better?

What would autistic kids and other ropeworm sufferers have in common?

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  1. Yes, I do the CD protocol along with my adolescent son who has been through the wringer with doctors and psychiatric medications. NOTHING has helped him like CD and Kerri’s protocol has.

    As mentioned, Im doing the protocol along with my son, and I feel AMAZING after a month. We noticed HUGE, huge, HUGE gains with my son after just 3 days on CD. One of the first things we noticed was that his sugar cravings disappeared completely, which was a significant issue, although we do not keep refined sugar in the house.

    After 2 weeks on CD, his focus in school dramatically improved and he no longer got in trouble for “behavioral” issues (really medical issues, of course). I was getting 2-4 calls from school per week and now I get NONE.

    Just 5 days ago we began the Parasite Protocol that is part of the CD protocol outlined in “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.” Enemas are a part of the protocol for everyone, which we have grown to love. They really do make you feel better!

    He has been passing biofilm/candida since week one of CD, yet last night (day 4 of parasite protocol) he passed these mammoth egg sacs below.

    I can’t say enough about the CD protocol and how dramatically it has changed our lives. No more brain fog, sugar cravings, crankiness, etc. I highly suggest it, especially for treatment-resistant individuals with lots of allergies, low iron (parasites eat iron and B vitamins), mental health issues, autoimmune issues, and sugar cravings, just to name a few (along with autism).

  2. Thank you for this info. I was alerted to rope worms from Klaus Vela. I have suffered from fibromyalsia. I believe I got human parvo and ebstein bar in a flue shot in 1995. I learned how vac’s are made (Dr. Tent) very important video to understand much more. If you watch it you will understand where I am going with this. I also had exstended gut after and since. I was taking parasite med’s at the start when I learned more about Parvo. I was 35 when I got ill. My grand son had breath that smelled like peces daily. I gave them paragone and that did a lot of good. He complained about leg pain and other pain. I also went thru this and still suffer great pain in bones and skin tingling. I am wondering if the rope worms were contaminates when vac’s were made or added on purpose. If you watch DR. Tents video you will understand while I ask this. He holds many degrees. Not just an MD. Important DR. I suffer burning gut, sleep problems, muscle and bone pain. Brain fog. I see similar things with my grandson. My husband worked in waste water treatment. In early 2000’s private companies took over this process. They changed the way waste water was treated and released into system. Condilesa Rice was the speaker at the meeting I was at when the men wanted answers. She did the spin. But as I heard what you said many things popped into my memory. Maybe this is all a part of what has happened. Once again thank you.

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