Ropeworms are not Intestinal Lining says Autism Expert

While we still do not know what ropeworms are, Kerri Rivera, autism expert, states the ropeworm does not have human DNA hance they are not intestinal lining. When ropes are eliminated people get better implying that the ropeworm must be some kind of pathogen or parasite.

2 Replies to “Ropeworms are not Intestinal Lining says Autism Expert”

  1. My question is how many of these children were ever evaluated for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type(s) could you Please give me a percentage of the 180 mentioned & were these EDS experts who they were seen by & how many had the Genetic tests? thanks p.s. I am not a Troll :)’s

    • EDS is one of many symptoms of a large pathogenic burden just as autism is. But not all people are predisposed to it, as not all are predisposed to autism. . I myself and my children have EDS, but have gained a lot of healing and lowered hypermobility through lowering the pathogenic burden as well as nutritional support. I know others who have as well.

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