Rope Worm Lecture by Dr. Gubarev Translated to English

Dr. Alex Volinksy translates from Russian a lecture by Dr. Gubarev on Rope Worms.

Dr. Alex Volinksy is one of the main voices in the United States for the study of rope worms. Dr. Nikolay Gubarev discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that he termed as funis vermis or what we have come to know as “rope worms”. He has been awarded three patents for removing rope worms in Russia.

Read Dr. Gubarev’s papers on rope worms below:

Read Dr. Volinsky’s paper on rope worms below:

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  1. I started noticing a clear slimy mucous leaking out of my butt in July 1995. I don’t know if there is any connection but I had just finished up a 12 week treatment with “Harvoni” the new medication for Hepititis C I had Hep C for 24 yrs but got into remission with this medication
    I went to Colin/recital specialist who thought I had a fecal impaction. Stool were also flat like ribbons. I used the string laxatives but still had flat I shaped mushy stools with still the leaking of clear mucus separate from a bowel movement. I now have been expelling strings of mucous that look exactly like the photos I see of rope worms.
    I read about rope worms last night and tried a coffee enema. The initial results were mainly clear but then about 5 hours later I was expelling quite a few “rope Worms” or mucous stringd

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