What Does the Rope Worm Look Like

The following are photos uploaded to this site that are consistent with what is understood as ropeworms. Note that the ropeworms are often associated with fecal stones and can often be found connecting fecal stones together. They also unravel a bit in water.


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  1. Hi earlier tonight i felt like i was going to have real bad diarrhea and when i went to the bathroom it was pretty bad but when i went to flush there were a number of long brown rope looking things well i live in a 5th wheel trailer so when you flush its not like a normal toilet i have to use a sprayer to add water to it well after i flushed once that’s when i could easily see that these things were not something i ate there were at least 2 over an inch and they were brown so i got a Q tip and pulled one out of the water and that’s when i got really freaked out it was some kind of worm and like i said there were a lot before i flushed well after doing some googling i believe they are rope worms now let me tell you why i believed they all came out like they did 3 days ago i bought 2 v8 v fusions the fruit veg. mix drink well i realty loaded the v8 up with a lot more fresh fruit for 1 46 oz jug i added 1 bananas like half a large container of blueberry’s 1 apricot and like 10 strawberry s and ya it was really good so i drank the first one that day and i did the same yesterday so ya i deserve the shits but from what i found out that a fruit flush is one of the best ways to flush rope worms out and that would explain there mass exiting but now a lot of things are making sense i have been really weak feeling been having bad headaches a lot and have been having heartburn lately and i never have heartburn ever unless i eat something really spicy but it was just from drinking mountain dew so now is the gross part im going to upload a pic of the 1 i had the balls to get and put in a Ziploc baggy and please tell me if this is a rope worm and yes it stinks even in the bag if so i guess its coffee enemas for a bit oh ya im 48 live in central Cal. also this thing has a head /mouth that opens like a snakes mouth like a v its the big flat looking end and it only opened when i first pulled it out of the water and also the fruits were blended very very well and i have not eaten any thing looking like this it and whats really strange in the pic the bag is clear well not now its kinda foggy like a car window gets in the winter but it has not moved that i could tell since its been in the bag thanks

    • Wow people who haven’t experienced this are clueless I to have worms the doctor calls mine roundworms but it’s like a rope mixed with other ropes it’s freaky but I feel you !

  2. This just come out, I started a detox diet, thats why I believe is just mucus, but its about 15cm long, Im scared, don’t know if go to the doctor and start taking any medicine(?)
    Or let it pass and wait to see if any other may appear later today or tomorrow?
    Any help?

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