First Ever Ropeworm Video Blog

Wow, people are posting their ropeworm experiences on youtube now!

Marcus who posted this video says he had success eliminating one or two rope worms a day with eucalyptus enemas.



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  1. Me, too, Marcus–having been documenting 1-4 rope worms a day for three months. I’m on a detox program with supplements and diet–high fat with protein and low carbs–no gluten, sweets, etc. Eating crushed garlic at every meal and doing coffee enemas 2x a day. But how many are still there? You are right–that is the question.

  2. I also have rope worms and my Chinese medicine doctor just discovered a herbal pill that kills all stages of the rope worm. I started taking it a week ago. It’s called Para Cleaner and can be purchased at I also am doing enemas and taking mms throughout the day. They are coming out at a massive rate.

  3. MMS solution has worked the best for me. I drink it and do enemas with it. Your body does not like to hold the enema for very long but I have been able to get the most rope worms out doing MMS enemas vs. salt, lemon, milk, etc.

    I’m wondering if these things have anything to do with the fact that I have MTHFR and that could be a reason why my body is creating excess mucous to deal with the toxins it cannot eliminate. Whatever the reason, since modern medicine somehow does not have the funding or resources to figure these things out, I will continue to do enemas and colonics to help rid myself of these mucous creatures. I have been expelling them for over two months.

  4. Thank you for this video Marcus. My 4yo daugther has autism and have tones of rope coming out of her every day through mms enemas. The more worms coming out the less autistic she gets. When parasitologists really find out more about this parasite I’m pretty confident they’re gonna find the answer for many unexplained diseases.

  5. Please try MMS. Lots of parents are using this on kids to even heal them from symptoms that go undiagnosed in this crazy world. Read up….
    Join Facebook group CD Health. Happy healing!!

  6. So I had one of these things come out of me at almost 2 feet long. I had diarrhea for almost 3 years and they couldn’t figure out what was going on. My doctor says she has never heard of them but ordered a panel on all known parasites which came back a big negative. What?? I felt okay for about a month and now my symptoms are starting all over again. What is a MMS enema? I need some help here. I have lost 70 pounds from this and I don’t need to lose any more weight. People are starting to think I am on drugs or have some sort of eating disorder. I don’t know what to do. The one that came out of me had a head on it and it was all twisty looking and when I tried to squeeze it with the toilet paper it felt similar to rubber. It was not really squishy. I am wondering if it was just older than the ones you are getting out? All the mucous is really gross. When I sent the sample to the lab, I made sure it was all mucous and still nada. Has anybody else had something like this happen? What do I do? I don’t want to go through all of this again!

  7. Everyone has parasites, that is, everyone who has not fasted. A wise man said raw garlic on an empty stomach kills ALL parasites. This works but I want to see what coffee enemas do. After 6 days on raw garlic I felt like a new man, but I never saw worms.

    • Just to let you know I was doing coffee enemas and didn’t see worms. I only started seeing worms after doing a parasite cleans (wormwood, black walnut, etc). After one month of that I did see worms though with coffee enemas.

  8. Hey Marcus,
    My sis got something or perhaps if rope worm it’s an all always have had
    Anyway cuz she’s trippin’ I want to show her your video not other clinical or academic presents
    >> to calm her nerves
    & you are only guy to present situation & facts (esp cuz you say truthful “ya don’t know”) & so I thank you for this
    ..but I look & cannot find a working link anymore
    ? Thanx
    Thank for being you 🙂

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