He didn’t know he had Rope Worms until he did This

This man from London who didn’t know he had rope worms posted his results from various protocols in this video. Look out for “Bertie” 😉



4 Replies to “He didn’t know he had Rope Worms until he did This”

  1. I did parasite cleanses and got out tons of these f*cking things. Years later, I still cleanse periodically with the herbs, but I still see these guys in my poo after coffee enemas. I’m about tired of it.

    • same here Kate, im afraid that if your familymembers are also infected and don’t do the cleanse, that we’re just in a viscious cicle of getting this stuff out of our body and keep on re-infected 🙁

  2. What are you using for this remedy? I heard castor oil w hot water and coriander and then something else, I could not hear it clearly.

  3. can someone tell me exactly what to go buy and where to buy it from to get rid of these things. I’ve been having symptoms for about 5 yrs now an just figured out yesterday that I have rope worms to. any information will be appreciated. thanx

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