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  1. Dr. I have passed these and in several stages.. if possable I would like to email you the very controversal way I apparently upset and killed several by accident. Im not suggesting that anyone do what Im hoping I may be able to tell you how it happened. My goal in telling you what I was doing to cause this may be VERY useful in finding a treatment for this condition. I was lucky to have been able to get mine to an ER right away so theres no debating with the DR that its in my head so to speak..he was alarmed and couldnt believe what he was looking at..but please if possible could you let me know how I may contact you via email etc..please let me know thank you.

    • I being ill and researching for 4 years now, Lost my job, my family, almost my sanity, since i consulted over 30 infections disease MD in USA, and they tried to make me believe they were hallucinations,
      they locked me in a mental institute, while i was expelling flukes and rope worms thru my submaxillary and Feces. NO ONE HELP, NO ON EXAMINATE THEM! I was Diagnosed in Vietnam, with Chronic Hepatic Facsiola , in Cuba, i Chronic Giardiasis, and in Spain Hepatic Facsiola or flukes! US Government is in denial about parasites in US! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS

  2. Dr Volinsky,

    I spent a summer in the Comgo & got very sick ten months after returning. I started Albenza then horse dewormer. I passed a tanea Solium among other thing but immediately afterwards I passed several rope worms. I think they are parasites.

    Natalie, US

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