About Rope Worms

The Rope worm as a possible new type of parasite was presented recently at a 2013 International Chronic Disease Conference by a Dr. Nikolai Gubarev and Professor Alex Volinsky.  Listen to an interview with Professor Volinksy here.

It has been reported that they can be over one meter long, with an irregular cylindrical shape, resembling a rope. These anaerobic intestinal “rope” parasites differ significantly from other well-known intestinal parasites.

The phenomenon has been named Homo Funis Vermis or Human Rope Worm. Its existence and the patented treatment methods are now being promoted by alternative health experts such as Dr Dietrich Klinghardt for sufferers of Lyme’s Disease, Morgellons and even children with Autism. Patients generally report significant improvements in their state of health after eliminating rope worms.

It is suggested that the Rope worm triggers the gut to produce a body for it that may be a mix of parasites and human DNA. Rope parasites can leave human body with enemas, and are often mistaken for intestinal lining, feces, or decayed remains of other parasites

According to one of their papers,

Parasite adult stages live in human gastro-intestinal tract and are anaerobic. They move inside the body by releasing gas bubbles utilizing jet propulsion. Rope parasites look like a rope, and can be over a meter long. It takes tens of years for them to fully develop into mature species (fifth stage). The fourth stage look similar, but the parasite is shorter and has softer slimier body. The third stage looks like branched jellyfish. The second stage is viscous snot, or mucus with visible gas bubbles that act as suction cups. The first stage is slimier mucus with fewer bubbles, which can reside almost anywhere in the human body.

The first paper quoted above describes in detail each development stage and can be found here: *WARNING: There are graphic images in the following papers.

The second paper gives a general overview and details the workings of this infection:

Here are link for the patents mentioned in the papers and videos. Please use  Google Translate to translate from Russian.

If you have any information to add, please do so in the comments below.


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  1. I started expelling these when I began doing coffee enemas. One or two would come out, but always 12-24 hours AFTER the enema and ALWAYS associated with mucus. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been doing daily coffee enemas along with 2 water flush enemas (1 before coffee retention enema and 1 approx. 12 hours after coffee enema). Without fail, I am expelling more and more of these “worms” every day…always during the water flush and mostly 12-24 hours after the coffee enema. I am also expelling what looks to be intestinal wall ‘coating’, but tonight I noticed this coating was acting as a housing around what looked to be 20+ “worms” bundled together. I will continue with these enemas and report back. Also, I am starting small doses of pure gum spirits (pure form of turpentine) soon, so we’ll see how this affects things, if at all.

      • 1tsp of 100% pure gum spirit turpentine mixed with 1 tbs of castor oil. I take this a couple times a week. Not going to lie the Herx is pretty bad. However, I can feel the parasites desperately trying to borrow deeper if i take a 1 1/2 tsp of the turp. It’s defiantly effective. Wouldn’t take it consecutively for more than a few days. You can also up the castor oil up to 3tbs for a laxative effect. Make sure you have NOTHING TO DO for at least 12-18hrs if you choose this option. Also wasn’t the easiest task not freaking out once i started to feel movement in my abdomen that was unmistakably the parasites.

    • Try taking Diatomaceous Earth food grade. Level it off. But its 1 teaspoon the 1st week, 2 teaspoons 2nd week, 1 tablespoon the 3rd week. 2 tablespoons the 4th week, 3 tablespoons the 5th week. M-F and resting on weekends. Take it for 3 mos. (Go back to the set up after 5th week). Do this for a total parasite elimination. I mix mine in water 1st thing in the morning or when i get to work. And on empty stomache. If you feel stomache cramps and pains. Please be advised. When you are going to use the restroom. The parasites dig into the walls of intestines to avoid being carried out. They do the same when DE is taken. Do not stop using it for stabbing pins and needles feeling inside the gut. Its doing its job. Trust me. I started getting the runny nose, watery eye,s sneezing, flu like symptoms, which proved I had the die off symptoms. Increase your water intake with this product as it is naturally drying. I started seeing hundreds of thread worms and flukes. From mucus. To strings or threads very short. To toothpicks poking out. Some were red. Like a cherry stem. To rolled up pieces of tomatoe skins or what looks like red potatoe skins. To the longer rubbery yellow thicker strings. To the ones that look like bean sprouts. Once it looked like… a tiny ball of greenish strings. If you ever see broken pieces of corn, sunflower seeds, or rice like things on your stool, those are eggs! Taking the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse and diet did that for me. There is also a tincture you can take. 30 drops in the water up to 3 times a day. Best taken before a meal. I get it from my local health food store. Chucks Natural Health Food Store, labled “parasite”. Or you can search online. I believe ~herbs of light~ sells one called GI Tract. The parasite label one, I have, includes: quassia wood, fresh green black walnut hulls, fresh garrya herb, clove bud, and bayberry root bark. It is speeding up the process. More and more worms are being passed. You can add to this by taking cloves and wormwood in capsules. Eating these raw foods will make parasites run. They love a cold damp enviroment. And hate anything warming. Cinnamon, cayenne, fennel seed tea etc. Anything pungent. Onions, garlic, tumeric, etc. Anything bitter. Bitter herbs and greens. Dandelion greens. Eat raw pumpkin seeds, eat papaya and swallow seeds. Eat pineapple. Eat raw carrots. Anything you can not eat find a smoothie recipe and blend them. I turned vegetarian myself. As all fish carry worms. And anything from the pig also. Saved my health. TBH. All people diagnosed with cancer had a parasite infestation. And a highly acidic ph level. Keeping the body alkaline (7.0 or higher) will eliminate parasites which eliminates disease. Research all foods with high alkalinity. And how to make water more alkaline. Hope this helps.

      • That is the BEST description and advise – thanks! Our Holistic Doctor provided Parasite M – which has all the ingredients you listed in your post. You’re right…parasites are in way too many foods to ingest anything without complete awareness.

      • Your post is so complete and well stated – thank you – all these ingredients work well as we found in Parasite M from our Holistic Doctor. You’re right about all our food…it must be ingested with great awareness.

      • Very informative, thank you for the info, I been seeing these things for bout 8 years or so, could never find anything online that resembled them, then thought it was in my head. Bit time and again I would see them and I knew these were worms, look lately been getting sick to my stomach alot , stomach been off track from regular type stool, started clarkia which has helped me in the past, I had 4 heart attacks in 6 months in 2013 and I’ll bet these had something to do with it, also tired all the time, went to Dr about tiredness n joint pain , they could never find anything, but tonight after seeing them again in stool I looked up online and seen the pictures and its exactly what it looked like, I’m so happy thought I was going nuts, thanks again for all the info if anyone needs help or has questions feel free to contact tact me , Kris wstang254@gmail.

      • Hello,
        I have been suffering chronic fatigue, constipation, headaches,depression, mood swings, itchiness everywhere, hair loss. (Oh and an uncontrollable addiction to those round, white and red, hard peppermint candies) i was eating about the biggest bag a day, i would just pop them in my mouth instantly chew them. So about 3months ago i decided that was it i was gonna get healthy. Unfortunately, it was more of a forced decision, for some reason no matter how much i showered i had this really foul smell coming from me, don’t know where it came from but it was bad, i couldn’t do simple daily errands because of this smell. So i decided to get healthy. I cut down on the peppermints, drank lots of water, no juice or sodas, and i started drinking liquid chlorophyll, i felt great! My 7yr old loved the chlorophyll as well. Well a few days into this i had my first BM in days and it was bad, greasy, floating,pale stool. Then diarrhea, so i stopped taking the chlorophyll. And since then my daughter and i have uncontrollable itching, for both of us the worst is our back and thighs. For me on my right inner thigh and just the whole right leg. It feels heavier than the left for some reason, i started applying tea tree oil and coconut oil topically and when i do this sesame seeds come out of my pores, bunches of black thick hair come out as well. I started a colon cleanse and saw what alot of you are describing,in my stools as well. My question is how do i get rid of the ones in my thighs and back and leg? I also feel them on my face and neck, help how do i get rid of them? And how do i treat or with what do i treat my 7yr old? Thank you in advance for your time. If anyone else has any information please do not hesitate to share it with me please. Thank you one again. (I have uploaded a picture of my back, this was taken by my oldest daughter about a month ago)

        • Intestinal Lining
          I sent photos of my rope worms to a parasite research center.
          Got a reply that the dr. doesn’t diagnose from a photo, but my photos are intestinal lining, not parasites.
          I was told it’s normal for healthy intestines to shed their lining. Parasites are white.

          I assume coffee enemas assist in this shedding of old lining.

          Before, I was concerned, as having Lyme disease is supposed to make one susceptible to parasites. I haven’t worried about it since then, although I have done a parasite cleanse.

          • That totally looks like ropeworms! Not true that they would be white. They take on the color of what you are eating. If you are fasting they would be white.
            This is a great read.
            This morning, I found a bunch in my stool. the past couple weeks have been taking Diatamacous Earth (1-2 TBSP) daily on an empty stomach, 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt and lemon in warm water upon rising.
            Coffee Enemas with 1 drop lugols 5% and a pinch of Himalayan salt. I have also been on an iodine protocol for about 6 months. I worked up to 50mg lugols a day.

        • Is that a rope worm on your back? And is it a design? Or does it look like a design? What I see on your back is a circle kinda with a wave or loop coming from it and a smaller circle in the middle? Am I correct? PLEASE tell me

      • excellent description. I have been using apple cider vinegar enemas which also triggers a response. As yet have been unable to eliminate. I am thinking that a longer fasting period in conjunction with the enemas may well help to alleviate the situation. Three days isn’t enough. And only on water.

        • Mine was white some thin brown but yep looks like full grown anyway I used viniger enimas got rid of them in three months

        • As far as I know the ph of the stomach must be very acid to kill the eggs of parasites as thei come in the food. Children have ph3 that is why they are normally more protected. We adults go to ph5 that is more alcalina and that is why we are more susceptible to get them.
          I agree with you about that but all the rest about the food and other suggestions are very good. Also the CD protocols are super good.

      • Thanks for the information! Extremely relevant even now. I kept wondering why I see corn in my stool but am not eating it. Hope you are well now.

      • Hi. So glad I found this. I was diagnosed with leukemia and I decided to reject physicians treatments and chemo. I started on fenbendazole dog dewormer powder. I’m on my 3rd self treatment of that plus parasite cleanser from health food store. I just want to say…I have never felt more alive and well until I started this! I am going to take your recommendations of eating raw and hope for the best! Thank you so much!

    • I have been doing organic Olivia’s herbal parasite cleanse and I have found many of these come out of me. ?

      I believe eating GMO food is the char of this disgusting parasite.

      I plan on doing a parasite cleanse twice a year from now on and will try my hardest to eat cleaner.

      • you do know that there is any fruit/vegetable that isn’t GMO? eat a banana or plantain that doesn’t have seeds the size of an apple seed? thats been modified (though many decades ago). eat a red tomato? orange carrot? baby carrot? any apple that is sweet? celery? lettuce? radish? kale? every fruit and veggie out there that isnt from some tropical island untouched by man in the last 2 thousand years has been genetically modified. im so sick of ignorant people who spout off about this GMO and organic crap when they dont know anything about it. a good example of this would be if you’ve ever had a garden and you’ve tried to cross pollinate 2 different plants and you were successful, that is genetically modifying it (GMO – genetically modified organism)

        • Hybridization which has been done for centuries is different that GMI. GMO is done with altering DNA by splicing different parts of organisms and toxins ( roundup ready corn for example) into DNA of a species. Please do further research on this if you don’t believe me

        • GMO and cross pollination are two different things. GMO involves inserting the genes of another species into a different species.
          Cross pollination or cross breeding involves breeding a new variety from the same species.

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

      My comment is in reply to Mark on January 13, 2014 at 1:19 am
      I think I replied to the wrong person. However, if anybody else has information on how to properly do coffee and water enemas. Please, don’t hesitate to write back.
      Thank you

    • Try food grade Diatomaceous Earth this dry the worms up from the inside and drink lots and lots of water, the result of this is no worm at all.

    • Viniger is wat I used it took about a month to thee months until I seen no more in morning an in evening no Dr new was they was I had swollen belly an hundreds of online research compared an figured out enemas with viniger it works best

  2. I have studied medical parasitology, helminthology and invertebrate zoology up to the graduate level. Additionally, I’ve grossly examined hundreds of raw stool specimens for parasites and sat countless hours at the microscope in university and medical laboratories examining slides prepared from human stool samples. I’m afraid I must apply a Bayesian probability and plausibility analysis to this supposed “discovery”. Millions of colonoscopies and intestinal surgeries have been performed worldwide for decades and nobody has noticed “rope worms” before? They have never been identified in millions of autopsies. The discovery of a potential new species of parasite typically generates a tidal wave of excitement throughout the scientific and medical community… Why are we not seeing this with “rope worms”?

      • Dear Kate,

        Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to collect and evaluate specimens.

        Storage for further investigation is definitely something that would be useful, though! If we learn of any such resources becoming available we’ll certainly let you know.

        • I have been dealing with these for the first 2 years. On The Daily I probably go to the bathroom 8 to 10 times and I excrete these things. I went to the doctor and told him I had a parasite they gave me a test came back negative. But I insisted and he put me on meds it didn’t do anything. I eat pineapple like it’s going out of stock. And I stopped eating it for a couple days because I thought what was being extruded was pineapple chunks no it was actually the worms are parts of them everything that you explained the pieces looks like tomato skin to potato skins to rolled little tight papers to thick leather looking sleeves I guess would be their outer shell I guess whatever it is just last week they have been bigger than ever. I don’t have firm bowel movements I did have one this last week and it remained in one piece and it wrapped around the toilet twice almost 2 inches thick at the thickest part of it. I’ve been to the doctor I’ve had endoscope colonoscopy all those came back negative for anything they actually sent me into surgery thinking my bell was twisting and repair of what she thought was causing the issue. But I came out of surgery but the pain that I’ve been complaining about literally being rolled out of recovery Harold over in pain crying. I don’t get those pain as often but before they were probably at least 1-2 times a week. Just last week when the big piece came out my stomach can step on me like it was before after I had expelled it it cramped up on me so I knew there was still more. But these come out of me daily I don’t have regular bowel movements anymore so they are are these damn worms. My doctor doesn’t believe me he thinks I’m making it up or something I don’t know. But he did make the comment there’s a lot of people that think they have intestinal parasites. well maybe they do! maybe the test they are using is not working! From the day that I thought something strange was coming out of me I started documenting with pictures I’m Googling course you know everybody tells you not to do that but from what I’ve seen it’s been rope worms or pinworms or quite a few different parasites actually that’s come back from the pictures that I’ve submitted so I think I have more than one parasite. Thank you for the information on what you are using to get rid of them I’m going to try it. I have never felt try to Dig in as you described. I hope I never do it’s already bad enough having to look at and deal with these things on a daily. So what is the projected time of actually getting rid of all of them?months? Years? Can we get rid of them all? Plus the seeds or eggs as you e described. Is there anything that makes them worse? Is everything I’m eating activating them more so question marks like I said on the daily I go to the bathroom probably 8 to 10 times battle movement. Have more bowel movements than I do urine.

    • My colon is not working properly and I have been suffering for a couple of years. I started finding things much bigger than this after my stomach became really big, like impacted almost. My health was deteriorating starting with migraines, infections, swollen glands and eventually started twitching in my muscles causing involuntary bodily movements. I saw a Neurologist twice but no help. I had a bunch of gyno testing that came back clear except for cysts & lesions in my ovaries. I ended up having to do enemas for like 3 months to get my stomach to go back down.

      I am naturally thin so I knew,”This is not my stomach.wtf?” I could not eat for 3 months.Just did juicing. I mean alot of greens and vegetables.Soups ect to give my stomach a rest.

      I expelled things after awhile that looked exactly the shape of whatever tube it was in.I mean big but I hadnt heard about this. One day I was just like,”What Is That!” Found out about this and took some of th out.The horrible very strong odor that these emit is like death.

      Here are my latest findings that I am bringing to the Hospital today. I ended up so ill for so long, that I applied for help with medical. I am doing outpatient at the hospital, have had a colonoscopy where they said I have a tortuous colon in sigmoid and cesum but I dont know what it really means or what Im supposed to eat ect.Just got this diagnosis.

      • Cheryl,
        If you have breast implants you may have implant illness. You can look up Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole on FB. It’s a wealth of information.

        • Yes, folks with breast implants are extremely susceptible to parasites. Implants ruin the immune system, and makes us susceptible to just about everything!
          I had my implants removed two years ago .. and while I feel almost 100% better I’m still working on my gut health.

    • I respect where you are coming from, but I see them in my stool. So they exsist. And I have had a colonoscopy. After my cancer, as a follow up to check for anal cancer which if, the type I have, came back, would come back in that aea… I was diagnosed at 30. I was told I am too young to have cancerous polyps. Yet the Gastroetologist found 2 during procedure. And removed them. He never said a word about worms BUT when I drank that clear liquid to prepare the colon. I passed a few “green leaf like” parasites. They look like you peeled the 1st layer off of a leaf. And tossed it in the toilet. I know the rope worms I pass are long, yellow, and rubbery. The more I pass, the less ridges are seen on my nails. The less yellow diarrhea, I have. The less dark circles under my eyes. The less bloating and flatulence I experience. the better I sleep. So you can study or research. But these guys hide in the thigh muscles, to the blood, to the lungs, to the sinuses. They all do not live in the intestines. And tbh, a colonoscopy is not looking into the small intestines in most cases either. Just the colon. And they get washed out with that drink. IJS.

      • So when these guys hide in tissues and organs not the intestines, when we do a parasite cleanse, it’s targeting them everywhere yes? and then they are expelled say from the thigh muscle into our digestive tract to be eliminated in the toilet? how do they go from an organ to our colon?

    • Well from all the research I have done on rope worm, I can only conclude that the reason they have not been seen or noticed since 2009 , well before 2009 I mean is because they very much resemble intestinal lining and mucous. I have them. Now. So I know they exist. But. I think b Cuz they produce so much slime or mucous they were in the past probably dismissed as normal intestinal mucous or overproduction of. And again, b Cuz they look like sausage casing or intestinal lining. It was probably again disregarded as food the person ate. These worms are also anaerobic, so they don’t move once outside the body like all the other type do. Also, if u r not specifically looking for something as a scientist or otherwise. U will not find it. So if a n autopsy is being done n the medical examiner isn’t looking for worms or a specific rope worm parasite. Then they r not likely to find it. Same w surgeries and everything else. The only way to find somewhere mg is to b looking for it. And when a lot of people turn up w the same exact thing in their stool n same symptoms, how likely is it that what they have is not real???? Or that they don’t know what they r talking about???? Food for thought!!!

      • I had gastric bypass which they rerouted my small intestine straight to my stomach bypassing the large intestine. I went in for my colonoscopy and my endoscope and I ask the doctor before I went in is there any way you can see if there’s any parasites in there kind of chuckled at me and said no the only time they’ve ever seen that is like maybe something out of Mexico that’s very discouraged. The first colonoscopy I had they found two polyps that could possibly turn cancerous that he removed and more than 10 small polyps they removed the second one he didn’t find any. My stool is usually always yellow occasionally it has a different color depending on what I’m eating. I get the Restless Leg Syndrome where my legs just want to switch constantly at times where I found using a massage vibrations seems to relax a little bit. But I excrete these things every time I go to the bathroom probably 8 to 10 to 12 times a day it’s ridiculous. When it’s doing its shedding or whatever it is I call it is shedding because I’m in the bathroom pretty much all day running in and out. I find it hard to hold my bowels do the night when it’s setting wake up and I’m having to run to the bathroom cuz it’s already coming out ridiculous. I’m 48 years old this should not be happening. I don’t have a problem with him coming out they come out of me all the time everyday all day so it makes me wonder if I do any of these cleanses how much more can I possibly come out only imagine cuz there’s quite a bit now already. I told the doctor that I go to the bathroom and fill the toilet ridiculous amounts. One sitting probably equals somebody’s bowel movements for 2 weeks.. I don’t have firm stools anymore I think I’ve had probably two firm stools and both of those times came out looking like it was a huge round looking worm things that Circle the toilet probably two times. This last one was at the thickest t
        Probably 2 inches thick . There were seed looking things along with string looking things. Sometimes they remind me of hairs that come out of these things. They have different stages I’ve noticed. The mucousy slimy stage. The thicker sticky mucousy stage. Then there are chunks of what look like stringy antler pineapple looking things. Then there are the ones that are still in the sleeves with antlers or hairs that come out of them..for the past two years I’ve documenting these by photos

    • DO U have any medical stories in the uSA?
      Im a desperate National Broadcaster, that is Cronicaly ill! for the past 3 years
      Seen over 16 DR, they have considerate
      mentally ill!
      lost my job
      changed y life

      • Early 30’s in MA here, sick the last 3+years as well. Lost everything from the ability to care from my children on my own, 75% of my once beautiful hair, my young vibrant appearance, two jobs, friends and family members, my precious unborn down to my sanity at times. Constantly sick, reoccuring infections, skin lesions that take months to heal, constipation close to obstruction, innability to get sleep at night and the most severe for of fatigue I’ve ever known. Not sure yet of the pattern of changes and forms but morgellon symptoms, fibers, glasslike splinters, blacklike specks, itchy head, sensation of crawling, moving hairs, eye irritations, bloating, loud gas noises, thickening skin and toe nails, drying skin, malnourishment despite healthy diet, heat/cold sensitivities, horrible larvae filled phlem, stools containing seedlike eggs, flukes and ropeworms by the dozen… it just goes on and on THIS IS REAL and it’s becoming an epidemic tragedy leading to suicide due to the symptoms we suffer without relief to the detrimental impact left by the way we are treated by the medical professionals. I refuse to give up, if the ones sworn to help us will not then I will use the last of my energy fighting for a cure,,, answers,,, or at the very least some effing relief !!
        The medical community has been warned about both morgellons and ropeworms meaning the second you mention it to your provider you have been labeled matchbook. Matchbook because it’s likely you’ve brought a specimen in a small container along with you as evidence for testing. The one thing you’ve been excited to show hoping it will explain your illness will actually be the nail in the coffeIf you brought it to ten different doctors to send out your chances of being committed are much higher than it is to be successful in having your specimen properly examined. Please feel free to reach out via this link with questions concerns or support. Best of luck to us all and may whatever God you believe in… pray for us.

        • I’ve been going through the same thing for 2 years every time I take a specimen in they say it’s just a fiber I’ve been doing my own cleansing and have gotten much relief tried herbal cleansing Plus albendazole . I’ve gotten worm medicine from tractor and supply and actually used it in my nose. And instantly took away the brain fog. Definitely was thinking about the Morgellons also. I found moving fibers in my Q-tips and on my body. I must have myself committed I was going crazy it’s so horrible. Also had neuropathy in my toes is gotten much better but it’s starting to come back at times. Just never-ending. Went today to have a biopsy of my nose I’ve had a small lesion inside that will not heal I think it is where the parasites are in the mucous membrane. Hoping something shows.

          • I will pray for you! My son has Lymes, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma and ropeworms!! I know the drill… MA is the worse state for trying to get help. NH or NY much easier. Of course you’ll spend your whole life savings doing it, which is what we’ve done. Mimosa pudica by Microbe Formulas is best thing for ropeworm. It paralyzes them and they come out without any problem or die off from toxins as they don’t release any being paralyzed. No cramping. Lots come out. So gross but it works!

          • Yikes,right? All of the above…no one believes me & the dermatologist gave 80 shots of steroid into my scalp as these must have been ‘ babies* ” …mine sre mostly tamed now &’i csn say who wants a treat ( like i do with my cats ) feel a different sensation ; almost like a dog wagging tail of fuzziis wiggling…friggin odd but strangely kinda cool?
            Yep -‘apparently i now have frw Special ,tame & sweetn”Imaginary” friends….thst enjoy belly rubs,treats,bubble bth time, ( WWho ooo wants Bubbles)
            The new guys that show up are brutal,tho, – biting itching !!
            I have found a way to see in incadescent lighting & take pic of them; only reason i havent jumped or committed myself,yet !

        • I sent pictures to my dr and he straight up told me to never send him pictures of my bowel movement again. He made me feel so little and un heard that I think I’ve been back to once… and go figure he sent me the shrink! I have probably 8 out of your ten. I have almost every single symptom you list with the exception of a few.. but have other symptoms you dont mention as well.

          • I have been to 4 doctors, plus an infectious disease Dr, Dermatologist, and Dentist, and ER 5 times, and the infectious disease Dr did NOTHING except feel my stomach and legs and then after saying, everything is normal,(because the idiots in the lab found no eggs 3 different times after “testing”), she began to ask me questions like “do you see worms coming out of your skin? I think it’s time to let this go”. I just said “wtf”?! I have no health insurance, and am a single Mom, and I had to borrow, and save money to see each specialist and I couldn’t believe that nobody was going to help me! So that was 2 years ago, and now I have basically given up, and live with these parasites controlling my health. I have documented everything, have pictures, and even videos where you can clearly see the worms surrounded in mucus moving. They are in my nasal cavities, but are usually very thin, almost like a hair. But then some of them, when you zoom into the picture, looks like a ribbon. I wonder what excuse the Dr’s would have now to ignore what’s right in front of them, but I haven’t gone back. One side of my face goes a little numb, and tingles from behind my ear, down my cheek, to my neck and it stops if I change positions. I was terrified it was a stroke or something, and at one time, I talked a dr into giving me a prescription for ivermectin, and after a few doses, I would start feeling so sick, and extremely tired, and the inside of my mouth had this horrible taste in it that wouldn’t go away. It tasted like I would imagine dead parasites smell.. and my symptoms were in a Neverending cycle that I came to be able to predict. But I know the ivermectin was killing some of them because of how horrible I felt. But they wouldn’t give me any refills and I have told my oldest daughter, when something happens to me, and this kills me, she HAS to take everything I’ve documented and somehow make people and Dr’s aware of this life threatening, overlooked problem so that not everyone has to die because of it. Does anyone know anyway to get meds for this without going through multiple Dr’s, and wasting alot of money I don’t have?

        • Have you discovered Mimosa Pudica? it envelopes and suffocates all these things and drags them out of your bowel in a more pleasant and effective way. It is the closest thing to a miracle of have found.

        • Dear, i was wondering how you are doing now? since this was written in 2018. I have the exact similar symtoms as you describe. Also BII (Breast Implant illness) several parasites (ropworms, tapeworms, liverflukes and what not). But also plegm with dark black strains in it. It often feels like there is living an entitty in me feeding of my life force. Hope you’re doing better & reading this.

    • The name ‘biofilm’ should be a much better subject to investigate instead of parasite like the worms we’re so used to investigating. Biofilms, also labled as ‘mucuosal plaque’, ‘candidiasis’, etc.. They’re a very interesting topic.. But these jelly-like worms are perfect examples of strains of gut flora shedding their cell walls, growing hyphae (going into hyphal form), making structures of polysacchiride (sugar-base) material, and catching food particulate and other strains of gut flora, viruses and the like in them. They can attach to the gut wall because they make a protien which the person’s immune system doesn’t recognize as foreign, and then they can stay in where they don’t belong!
      People are using different techniques to flush them out, but there’s some basic things that’ll push ’em free- changing diet, coffee enemas (lots of increased bile flow), herbs with saponins in (like wormwood), and some raw vegetable foods like radishes and beet root.
      Take a look at the longest ones reported- ’bout the length of the small intestine, right? And the girth of the things.. ’bout the width of the small intestine, and they look a bit like a collapsed tube?

      There’s the reason for leaky gut, sibo, etc! Anyways, wikipedia has some great articles on ‘candida’, ‘biofilms’, and there’s a lot on youtube.

    • Gunnar, My girlfriend just told me she had these rope worms so its the first I have ever heard of them. I found this website and have been reading. Personally, I have seen some of these characteristics in my own bowels in the past. I am asking you, based on your studies, about your comment. What is your point? that these have been around around forever and that everyone has something like this? Very curious at this point.

      Can you read “newly discovered chronic disease …. but a Dr Nikola Gubarev and Professor Alex Volinsky???

    • Hmmm kind of like what’s happening across Texas right now since the information was only publicly released in October 2023 that they have known about these worms for over 15 years but because of the explosion excuse my phrasing they had to come clean the CDC that is.

    • I’ve had 2 – 3 stool samples and told that it was negative. I saw them. Because I knew what I was looking for. They are very good at camouflaging. I’ve had them for over 2 years probably longer. I’ve taken several medications herbal and non. I’ve taken pin worm medication. OTC, because my insurance wouldn’t cover the RX. I too feel like I’m going nuts! They are all over my body whatever they are. My son got them. I’m pretty sure my food is infected. So if I keep injesting them, how will I ever get rid of them? I’ve told my doctor about it 10 + times. He just gives me another presentation fr antibiotics. And he’s a holistic doctor. So I just stopped talking about it. It really sucks. I’d be happy to send you some too!

  3. To Gunnar….I sure would like you to examine my pictures of what I have passed. I think you could be of great help since you have so much experience. I am very sick l because of this “Rope Parasites”. It has over taken my body.

  4. Wow what a convincing picture: this is surely something not normal to the human body.

    Can I ask what kind of diet you are following to achieve the level of success you are having at eliminating the ropes?

    I too find coffee enemas helpful. For me not much comes out unless I have done a coffee enema the day before.

  5. My current diet is just

    – no gluten
    – no lactose
    – no eggs
    – no sugar (well, just limited sugar; I still drink unsweetened fruit juice).

    I happen to like garlic and ginger very much so I tend to eat a clove or two daily in cooked food or raw in salads.

    I have found this diet helped a lot with my belly distention problem and I am going to try and add these things back one by one to find out which is causing the problem, but currently I am just happy to have my figure back. so I avoid all these things.

    • I too have been eating a Weston a price type diet for over 8years. I am now on pretty much the exact diet as Annie, I’ve cut out all dairy (I had been taking some raw, butter etc), coffee, eggs (due to sensitivity also) gluten completely, it’s essentially paleo auto immune and I juice veg such as beets, carrots greens in the morning. I also start chelating (sip protocol) heavy metals after getting a Mercury amalgam last month and I’m taking cloves of raw garlic fairly and doing approx 2 enemas per day. I have been losing approx 2 per day (maybe more) for the past 3 weeks, along with over 100 liver flukes, tape worms, very think small worms, gallstone and I think liver stones and plenty of candida. My focus is all over the place but I am feeling much better mentally. I have been fighting chronic fatigue, candida, allergies for years and my adrenals are fatigued but other wise I have no symptoms such as diggestive complaints, I’m quite surpirsed to find all these guys, but feel so greatful I have and am eliminating them. I have itching in my throat and inner ears, I am wondering do they live there!? The itching is caused by candida but candida cleans up after parasites. Mercury can also cause candida in the mouth so that was my original thought but now I am wondering. I hope they migrate back to my intestines to be expelled if they are! My symptoms have suppressed greatly however and I know I’m on the path to complete recovery. I also have a “pouch” for use under my belly button across my lower tummy. I am very lean all over and this doesn’t feel like fat, or muscle it actually feels like clustered up ropes and I developed it it later childhood. Has anyone else anything similar? How are others who posted getting on now, I would love to hear of other success in eliminating them and recovering! Annie I read down further that you do just 1 enema now a week and still eliminate small ropes do you feel well again or have you some way still to go? Is your diet the same or have you eased up at all and have you needed many sups? Thanks so much for any input any one has!

      • Xtina, how are you doing? Do you feel you have successfully eliminated these buggars? I’ve been trying to expel them for one year, but they keep coming. I also have candida, Lyme disease and coinfections. I know these are only one of my issues, but I suspect they’re wreaking havoc on me. I’d love to know how you’re doing.

  6. I took am following the weston price style diet and do coffee enemas daily. And I agree, it’s only after the coffee enema, approx. 12 hrs after, that I start seeing these ‘worms’ come out. Always feel better afterwards.

  7. Two weeks ago I found out I had Candida. So Ive been doing a Candida diet and doing Apple Cider Vinegar enemas. Lots of dead candida in the stool. However then I switched to a garlic enema to change it up and these little buggers came out. Mine are smaller than whats being shown. But now I wonder if the ones that have come out so far were just the babies…

      • Not sure what all you profession does but I have had 2 colonoscopies “tried” and each time told that my Sigmoid colon is “structured” . Each time after I went home and had a bowel movement out comes these clear bubbles and mucus. My ? to,can’t the gastro see those bubbles and stuff when they enter the rectum> I’ve asked the 2 gastro people who attempted the colonoscopies and they deny seeing anything???? Is that just so they don’t have to bother with a parasite? Not as lucrative as procedures and disease.

        • You may need to be tested for a condition called EPI. It will cause your stool to float and bubble, it’s related to gallbladder and pancreas or chrohns disease…. check it out hopefully you can get some help soon

      • I’m excited to see recent comments. Where do we post if we have questions of our own? I can relate to do much of what I’ve seen. Thanks

    • holy wow. Glad to have found this site.

      regarding meat feeding these buggers, I wholeheartedly agree.

      I am big on eating a weston price style diet also.

      Problem is is that I think its helped them for the last 8-9 years.

  8. This is very interesting. Could someone tell me about the coffee enemas. I never was a coffee drinker. I tried coffee enemas several years ago for a couple of weeks and doggone it I ended up craving coffee. I have finally purged my coffee cravings and don’t want to start that again. Gave me terrible headaches.

    • This is my concern too. i’m off just about all caffeine (except a cup of green tea sometimes) and in adrenal exhaustion. don’t want to get high each enema on the caffeine. not good for adrenals.

      • From what I understand, the coffee is processed differently by the body when it is injected into the colon – vs. drinking it. The side effects from a taking a liter coffee enema vs. drinking a liter of coffee are considerably different. I do coffee enemas regularly, but they rarely keep me up at night, and my adrenals are functioning really well. I try not to do them too close to bed time, because I feel too fantastic to sleep right away afterwards. 8 o’clock is about the cut off for me, and I go to bed at 10 pm with no issue, and I’m not jittery or experience any coffee side effects. Just a clean colon and dead bugs, hahah 🙂

        • i find the caffeine in coffee enemas stimulating and gave done then for close to 20 years…

          reduce the amount of coffee or dilute yiur recipe and boil coffee with liver herbs like dandelion.

          to support calming i also boil chamomile (also supports liver) and calendula for healing and the lymphatics

          doing this is till get the liver GB purge and yes all those wormy things come out but like others have said with the first water fluch enema

          • Have you read anything or experienced coffee enemas disturbing the gut flora?
            I want to start doing coffee enemas, but my gut flora is already bad and I do not want to aggravate my problems.
            Thank you

    • I was allergic to the coffee enemas as they caused burning in my intestines, a rare condition. I read online at Gerson Institute to try Camomile Tea instead. But that did not produce any results, and I used it for years. Then a homeopathic doctor told me to try Black Tea. I brought him several samples, he energy tested them on me and he said my body liked all of them. After the first black tea enema, several hours later, the flukes started to come out. I am still expelling them 2 months later. Now it is one per day. We go slowly b/c if I have a massive die-off, my liver can become clogged and useless. I take the black tea enema in the morning when I wake up. By later afternoon or evening, I experience anal itching. That is when I know there is one waiting to be flushed out. I then use a clear water enema to rinse them out. The ones that I have resemble a ribbon type figure 8. I saw online they were labeled as pre-rope worms. It takes years for them to develop to maturity, so the site said. I hope this is helpful to someone. Energy testing by an energy doctor, or homeopath can tailor a program to your unique system, if you find that the common remedies do not work for you! I also lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks on my energy foods, and energy detox. I am going into my 3rd month of treatment and making huge progress!

  9. I have these coming out everyday day since Aug (over 6 months now). I tried many things, but what has worked for me is ozone. I do 8 rectal insufflations with 6 ear insufflations. The amount for each treatment is 13,000 units, which makes what I am doing MANY, MANY times stronger than what is suggested with ozone therapy, but it works.

    The diets never worked well for these types of parasites. I did have others that came out before Aug. and what worked best on those was a modified diet, but mainly Kombucha.

    If you have these and others the pain can get extremely bad. Keep in mind that the pain and depression can get so extreme that medication is the only way to help. If you want to go herbal then Kratom will help, but if it gets too bad then you have to go with the pharma drugs.

    • Thanks for posting your experience. I have been wondering about ozone/oxygen type therapies as peroxide seemed to do something for Dr. Volinsky.

      Let us know when these things finally stop coming out and hopefully the pain and depression goes away with them!

    • Hi David
      I know this is an old post, however I wonder if you are able to reply to me. I have cancer and I have recently attended the Gerson clinic in Mexico and upon departure my doctor recommended ozone insufflation but I have no idea where to obtain that treatment. I am in Australia which doesn’t help & I have recently discovered the rope worm (stage 3 jelly fish like) in the emema returns (eek)!!

      • Hi David,

        What is the procedure you use for the coffee enemas (i.e. warm or cold, how much brewed coffee per enema, how do you brew it), has your gut flora been affected at all since using the coffee enemas?
        Thank you

  10. I have been telling my doctor for a few years that these things come out when I go to the bathroom. I can also feel like a small snake (for lack of better description) rolling in my abdominal area at times or sometimes feels like when you can first feel your baby moving inside of you (for those that have been pregnant).

    I had my first bullseye rash around 1981, never treated. Had many more through the years, plus strange illnesses and symptoms. I would love just one definitive diagnosis and treatment for any of my symptoms.

    • Hi sickmama,

      You said you had a bullseye rash?? Have you been tested for Lyme? I was recently diagnosed with Lyme and i too have rope worms, and many other symptoms. After 20 years of suffering and not knowing what was wrong with me i went to see Dr Klinghardt’s clinic, they told me that Lyme patients always present with parasites and other symptoms because lyme compromises the bodies immunity and co host infections always play a role. Lots of lyme patients have these rope worms..not that the two are connected necessarily but you mentioned the rash?? and Lyme is very hard to detect, often comes back negative in a test. If you believe you may have it i would suggest you see a good ND (Dr Klinghardt clinic) is the best!

  11. We know very little about this new “rope worm.” My guess is it has begun/evolved in recent years (the last 10 years or so) as GMOs have been introduced.

    When I was young, I was NOT extremely damaged to the point of having full-blown autism due to routine vaccines. I was born in 1993. However, doctors have always told me I’m “a bit on the spectrum” and have certain Aspergers symptoms (textures, loud noises, extreme interest and obsession with one topic, THUS this post…haha)

    I had always had a lot of mucus, constipation, and weight gain as a child, but was never EXTREMELY sick… just foggy, lethargic, and depressed (which was due to the first stage of rope worm, the mucus stage, in my opinion.)

    BUT, when I was 15, against my will, I was given GARDASIL vaccine. That is when sh*t hit the fan. I had non-stop gas, 24/7, horrible bloating, terrible acne, terrible digestion, intestinal SPASMS that were debilitating, colon spasms that made me hold on for dear life. Ever since then, my health has gotten worse. I was diagnosed with “IBS”, “depression”, and “vulvodynia.” Given Rx’s and sent home. Foods that aggravated my IBS: PEANUT BUTTER, bread, certain meats, yogurt, frozen yogurt, etc. I would eat these foods then have to stop what I was doing and writhe in pain.

    Here is a time line of my symptoms:

    2008: Gardasil vaccine. a few days after I developed a wart on my thumb that is still there.

    2008-2009: Intense fatigue, bloating, lots of mucus, coughts, colds, and terrible digestion begin.

    2009-2010: Gas NON-STOP 24/7, incredibly PAINFUL, uncontrollable and EMBARRASING gas, wouldn’t be in placed with people for too long because I knew I simply COULD NOT without passing gas. Had to get into certain positions to get the gas out and find relief!! Acne begins.

    2010-2011: Severe back acne, severe cystic acne, cysts along the body, severe stomach cramping, colonoscopy, diagnosed with IBS, severe constipation, severe ANAL SHOOTING PAINS, severe weight gain and depression.

    2011-2012: Epstein Barr Virus, lymph nodes swollen and pussing, liver faiiling, erythema nodosum after taking birth control.

    Here’s my hypothesis:

    Pre-2008 was the rope worm mucus stage growing in my body and organs. Gardasil vaccine happened which in 2008-2009 lowered my immune system enough for THE ROPE WORM to grow and aspire to it’s second stage.

    Then, 2009-2010 it was in it’s SECOND STAGE, the BUBBLES which were giving me uncontrollable horrid gas all the time and severe pain!

    Then, come 2010, it graduated to the third stage becoming a jellyfish, beginning to suck up my blood and attaching itself to my organs (anal pains: suction cups)

    2011-2013, fourth to fifth stage where it becomes the actual rope and is sucking my blood and nutrients from my food, allowing me to not be able to fight off ANY infection and fall incredibly sick. Lymph nodes were overflowing.

    I always heard that anyone with LYME SYMPTOMS (all my symptoms after gardasil), MORGELLONS SYMPTOMS, or AUTISM should be cleansing and looking for ROPE WORM because they are infected. A CureZone.com poster informed me that on an AUTISM FORUM, she saw someone say that when a child is already BORN WITH THE FIRST MUCUS STAGE, THAT CHILD CAN HAVE SEVERE REACTIONS TO THE VACCINES, THUS CAUSING IMMUNODEPRESSION AND AUTISM.

    Children who are heavily being diagnosed with autism now have been eating GMOs all their lives, which could possibly be a cause of the start of this mucus stage?? (just being inquisitive)

    SO, if I already had the MUCUS STAGE (possibly because I was born in the time of GMOs), and then I got the GARDASIL VACCINE, I would too have a horrible reaction to the vaccine, just like the children with autism had a horrible reaction! And I did, in fact have a horrible reaction, just like thousands of other girls.

    CureZone’s forum ALSO told me that the rope worm seems to have a FUNGAL element – such as a worm/fungus HYBRID – and thus the rope worm HATES MOLD! AND GUESS WHAT! THE FOODS THAT I MENTIONED I REACTED TO ALL INCLUDE MOLD, COMPLETELY EXPLAINING MY “IBS”

    1) Peanut butter – LOADED WITH MOLD AFLATOXINS and I had a reaction EVERY time!

    2) yogurt / cheese – mold

    3) bread – mold even when you can’t see it always, but I especially reacted if it was old

    4) ENVIRONMENTAL MOLD – I studied abroad last summer and our apartment had SERIOUS MOLD SPORES. Other girls in the house (NOT vaccinated with Gardasil) had some reactions (fatigue) but nothing crazy. I on the other hand was DEBILITATED, and had blood and green mucus coming out of my nose 24/7. I had never felt worse in my life.

    I believe the GMOs are mutating a fungus or existing parasite to create this new hybrid worm, rope worm. I then believe this worm mucus first stage infests us and causes terrible reactions to VACCINES, HEAVY METALS, MOLDS, and all of the other internal pollutants we have being dumped on us.

    So, perhaps the AUTISM food allergies are simply MOLD ALLERGIES!!

    I just looked up a list of MOLDY foods, which would cause the horrible reactions in kids who have autism (thanks to ROPE WORM + VACCINE)


    food additives (6)

    • Sorbitol
    • Mannitol
    • Stearic acid
    • Aspertame
    • Tablet binders (in vitamins and medications)
    • Soya lechithin

    6 Preparation (2)

    • Cold pressed oils
    • Bottled dressings

    6 Grains (8)

    • Breads Sourdoughs are the worst (sometimes labeled yeast-free), such as pumpernickle, coffee cakes and other foods made with large amounts of yeast. Bread develops surface mold after a day. Tortillas, biscuits, muffins, cakes and cookies are yeast-free. Dough conditioners are moldy.
    • Bran The outer cover of grain is variably moldy.
    • Enriched pasta The vitamins may contain binding agents that have mold
    • Boxed cereals. The vitamins may contain binding agents that have mold
    • Whole wheat flour moldy
    • Buckwheat Caused bad reactions in some
    • Oats Organic oats seem to be fine
    • Breads, pretzels, and crackers containing yeast

    6 Fruits and vegetables (11)

    • Dried fruits Raisins, dates, apricots, prunes, figs, etc.
    • Mushrooms
    • Over-ripe fruits & vegetables Discolored, wilted, mushy.
    • Tomato products Juice, sauce, paste, ketchup etc. are made from moldy tomatoes.
    • Fruit and Vegetables
    • Oranges, lemons, and other acidic foods
    • Bananac Fungicide is injected during growing
    • Pineapple Chemically altered to produce year round
    • White onions May contain aspergillus
    • Grapes if the stems have turned brown Grapes are prone to aspergillus
    • Corn, some nuts, cottonseed In the United States, aflatoxins have been identified in corn and corn products, peanuts and peanut products, cottonseed, milk, and tree nuts such as Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, and walnuts. Other grains and nuts are susceptible but less prone to contamination.

    6 Dairy (2)

    • Aged cheese Cottage and cream cheese, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and farmer’s cheese are not aged and may be eaten if milk is no problem.
    • Sour cream, sour milk, and buttermilk

    6 Other beverages and liquids (8)

    • Beer The darker the brew, the more mold it contains.
    • Cider and homemade rootbeer Commercial rootbeer is fine.
    • Wine and wine vinegar White wine is least moldy, clear vinegar may be tolerated.
    • Most liquors Vodka, tequila, clear rum are least moldy.
    • Vinegar and vinegar-containing foods Mayonnaise and other salad dressings, catsup, chili sauce, pickles, pickled beets, relishes, sauerkraut, and green olives
    • Soy sauce
    • Canned or frozen juices
    • All sodas Some people found to only tolerate water

    6 Meat (4) Do not eat meat or fish more than 24 hours old. Avoid food if made from leftovers such as meatloaf, hash and croquettes.

    • Hamburger Often from aged meat, eat within a day of grinding, can be frozen.
    • Pickled and smoked meats and fish Including delicatessen foods, sausages, frankfurters, corned beef and pickled tongue.
    • Processed meats Hot dogs, sausage, salami, bologna, etc. Ham, turkey, pastrami may be OK.
    • Beef is especailly bad

    6 Products of aspergillus fermentation (6)

    • Chocolate
    • Tofu (Soy curd)
    • Black tea
    • Citric acid A very common food additive not derived from citrus fruit.
    • Fruit juice (commercial) Often from moldy fruit, many contain mold enzymes added in processing.
    • Malt extract (Bread, cereal)

    • Multi-B vitamins Contain either yeast or mold (rice hulls are moldy)
    • Leftovers East within 24 hours, unless frozen.

    SO PERHAPS, these foods sensitive to children with autism are only SENSITIVE because of their MOLD CONTENT and the children with autism having ROPE WORM …. !!!!

    • my health also tanked with vaccines. in childhood and then the real kicker (like your gardasil) was in 1996 when i joined the peace corps, i got 22 vax in one month. terrible fatigue, low BP, adrenal exhaustion, suicidal depressions, and gut issues, like gas constantly. single as a result of these things STILL.

      there are many factors in vaccine damage and lowered immunity to auto-immunity is a huge one. i need to read more about the rope worms as i just passed something on a liver cleanse that looked like a small jelly fish – yellow/white – when i investigated was long like a piece of string and that thin too. blew me away as i’ve had tons of stool tests over the years come back normal (genova)

    • Hi! Hope you are doing better. Have you taken Ivermectin? Serrapatase? Diatomacious earth? Chinese Wormwood? Ive heard these can all help rid you of parasites. It sounds like youve had a rough life and I wish you the best!

  12. Wow, thanks for your detailed comment and your thoughts about rope worms being related to mold.

    I have been reading — Hulda Clark, Lyme Forums — that vitamin C is good to fight the effects of mold.

    Have you tried it, and does it make you feel better?

    • Thanks Annie, I feel like I finally am making connections and figuring things out.
      A friend on CureZone told me that she too reacts to peanut butter. She had 10s of 100s of rope worms. That is what made me realize IT IS THE MOLD that they hate, that causes GI symptoms!!! She told me herself they hate mold. This made me realize everything!

      She said she uses Vitamin C as per Hulda Clark in all of her nut butters, but that it’s so hard to kill the aflatoxin mold in peanut butter so you have to add the Vitamin C to only VALENCIA peanut butter (grown in dry climate, LESS mold).

      I think the bigger issue is that the GI symptoms felt by autistic children can be mold in food because of rope worm! And the rope worm + vaccine could be a CAUSE of autism! The Amish de-worm children every 6 mos / don’t vaccinate and have almost 0 autism.

      • I’m going to have to disagree. Was in the nuthouse with an amish girl and she was definitely sick with parasites. They gave her shock therapy.

  13. I did a parasite cleanse and got out TONS of these worms. See pics attached.

    I used NOW Fresh green black walnut wormwood tincture. I bought it on Amazon for $11. Three dropper-fulls 3x a day and by the third day, was expelling these guys like crazy. I’ve been doing water, coffee, and probiotic enemas to lessen my detox symptoms which were headache and break outs.

    I took a pic of some of the worms that are now OUT of me. But the attach pic button here isn’t working.. I feel amazing today. Tons of energy and mental clarity.

  14. I did a parasite cleanse using the NOW Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex.

    By day 3 on this tincture, I was passing tons of these worms. Bad detox symptoms when they started dying. Headaches, and my skin broke out badly. Now that they are gone, my digestion is like it was when I was a teenager.

    My stomach bloat is gone, and it’s stayed gone. I’m so skinny now, my stomach was full of worms before :'(

  15. Hello. My name is jaierose. Now when it comes to medical anything I am about as dumb as a box of rocks so please bare with me.
    I’m twenty one, last year I had a beautiful baby boy. Now some of what Im going to say is fairly embarrassing looking back. I started noticing mucus like stuff coming out with my bm almost every time around when I was around eighteen, but I dismissed the idea that it could be anything because I mistook it for a different bodily fluid. After noticing the mucus like substance, I went through a series of stomach cramping issues. Somedays they would be so bad that I would curl up in the fetal position and lay there for hours crying.
    I had my son last year. Prior to my pregnancy I was 130 pounds, which was terrible because I’m six foot tall. I couldn’t bare the pain so all I could do is eat small snacks. Yes I know how stupid it is looking back and not doing anything about it. My pregnancy went well. After I dilevered my son I went back down to my normal size, my stomach was flat again there was no physical change to my body. Then about a month and a half after I had him I started to gain weight, and a few times a day I felt like I was feeling a baby move in the beginning of a pregnancy. I thought it was something similar to the idea of if you wear a ring for a long time and you take it off your finger feels like your still wearing it, I thought it was just my body’s way of accepting change. My son was born with severe gurds, a form of acid reflux. Reciently he will be standing still and will squeal like he’s in pain but he isn’t doing anything. But earlier today, my accepting these weird things came to an end. I had a very loose stool, which is completely unusual. I usually pass extremely hard nugget like stool. But anywho about 45 after the bm I had to go again which is not normal for me, I usually go one time every two to three days. When I went then second time. I found long brown nasty stringy objects instead of what would normally be found. I did a internet search and found pictures that look exactaly like what and out. Those pictures where of rope worm… Is that even the corrct name?
    In the search I’ve found a few things.
    1. People like to over complicate descriptions of things
    2. I have no idea where to even start trying learn anything about this because of the complicated descriptions.
    So I am asking for a few things.
    How does one manage to get these lovely things? How do you get rid of them? Can they be passed from mother to child during pregnancy? Is there an effective way to get rid with out enemas? What can these things do to your body? This is kinda scary, I would appreciate it if someone could give an explanation that is simple and easy for me to understand. Any and all information that I can understand would be amazing. Thank you!!!!

    • Jaierose, did you ever find what it was? Did they go away?
      I just experienced today having a BM and brown flat smooth worm like things were on the toilet paper. No moving, not rigid. Biggest was two inches long. I have no idea what it could be. I’ve been searching the internet for about 7 hours since then.

      • Also! I’m pregnant. Only about 8 weeks but I’m wondering if they will harm my baby.
        I’ve read on Candida cleanses and I don’t know if this is just the Candida coming out…

    • Mimosa pudica by Microbe Formulas (on amazon) works the best. They come out painlessly and without releasing toxins as it only paralyzes them. My son and I are both passing them like crazy. There’s a group of us using this product, and both the sick and the well are passing them. I think we all have them!

  16. Hey,

    1. I have yet to hear of anyone knowing where these things come from. It is hard to get anyone with medical experience (or any real experience medical or not) to even acknowledge that they exist. Candida and rope worms are the two labels I would consider these things under.
    2. The ONLY way that I have successfully gotten these things out is through ozone therapy (rectal insuflation is the main method, but ear insuflation helps and so too might other.). I have tried H2O2 and in large amounts (this helped, but didn’t really get them out) I have tried diets (Weston Price, fasting, vegan, candida – similar to Price, juicing, etc.) I have tried parasite clenases (Psyllium, Diatomaceous Earth, Now brands to Humaworm, I have gone out and made my own with freshly sourced and took 20 times the dosage). I tried enemas. I have tried MANY of the chemical parasite “medications” (indlucing injecting Ivermectin and doing ICU protocol’s from curezone) I tried sitting above milk and many, many more alterantative and “traditional”. Fermented foods (Kombucha really kimchi, kefir, etc. didn’t really work) was second best, but after you get many of the other parasites that are probably in you these rope kinds put up a fight and the pain gets many times worse and the Kombucha doesn’t keep getting them out. Again the ONLY thing that has gotten any reasonable amount out is through ozone!

    3. NOBODY will be able to accurately tell you if they can be passed from mother to child as I cannot get people to acknowledge them being in the parent in the first place. My opinion is that yes it can be, but look at the first part of the answer.

    4. Enemas don’t really work that well. You may get some, but my experience they didn’t get 1% of them, after all the attempts I made. I did many and would say the best would be Salt Water flushing, but that still isn’t effective.

    5. The worst that these things can do is the pain. The pain for me can make me crazy and I had to go on strong pain medication after putting up with the pain for years. My vital’s have come back pretty well. Blood counts, liver function, etc. The brain fog, fatigue and others can be a problem, but the pain for me is the worst.

    6. Yes it is scary. The best part is that you are young and should be faster to recover. There isn’t a simple explanation as many people won’t realize that they are their and certainly they don’t know what they are. Even this website doesn’t really know what they are. They are guessing they are worms. Some people think that it is mucous from the human system. I don’t know it could be, but the mucous has been coming out everyday since Aug. 2013 for me since doing the ozone and many things have been coming out over the years of treatments I have done.

    NOTES: My best advice is to learn and do ozone at home. It is relatively inexpensive (Really is not expensive at all almost ANY budget can afford this.) I have found that MORE IS BETTER. There are people who call themselves doctors who have a protocol that they say if you go over you will hurt yourself and then criticize people who say more is better saying they aren’t doctors and they don’t know what they are doing. They say more will kill you. I am here saying that the pain was so bad that I did more and the pain diminished. I did more and more of these came out. I did more and my vitals have improved. I did more and I am more awake, alert, and less pain.

    I do a stronger strength than what is suggested at this website. I also do this 8 (that is EIGHT) times a day EVERYDAY and do the ear insuflation at 6-8 times a day for 25 minutes at 1/8 per litre and the ozone machine on full with an output of 72 ug’s. http://www.gracermedicalgroup.com/resources/page_11.php

    My best advice is to try and eat as close to Weston Price and drink Kombucha. Fermented foods are also good, but Kombucha is the best. IF THIS TYPE OF DIET HURTS THEN STOP. I currently cannot eat that way because it hurts. It has hurt to eat and go to the washroom. It has hurt just sitting here. I am now only able to eat sandwiches (sprouted bread, usually tuna – forget about mercury it really isn’t that bad and kombucha will get that out) and a certain kind of cereal (food for life or Quaker Harvest Crunch) with kefir being the only fermented food I can use. If I eat sugar (the above cereal isn’t too bad or peanut butter and jelly isn’t too bad, but does bother a little) then it gets worse. If I eat pure junk food then it sets them off pretty bad so I haven’t eaten any for a while now.

    My advice for your child is to get them on the Weston Price diet. If you see that they are in pain then try and give them healthy food that doesn’t bother them (trial and error on that, sorry)

    Oh yeah, just like on a proper Candida diet I drink a lot of broth. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/stock-vs-broth-are-you-confused/. I FORGOT THIS IN THE FOOD I EAT ABOVE.

    If you want more info on diet for your child and what might work refer to the healthy home economist. Be careful she can be confusing. Once she will say that Kombucha is bad for candida and in other posts she says it is good. Overall her website is great for the diet portion, and has tons of information including how to save time and money. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/the-five-most-common-gaps-diet-mistakes/ this is OK for reference and to try. Again these diest did NOT work for me but are a healthy way of eating, OZONE is the only thing that has worked for me. A young child would probably have much more success with diet as they would not have grown too much and attached themselves too much inside.

    Good luck and MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND NOBODY ELSE, including me! “DOCTORS” will say anything and make up stuff when they don’t know the answer or blame some other problem which they have no medical qualification for diagnosing.

    • David,
      I’ve received ozone therapy over the past 10 months for Cancer (yes, I have ropes too). This of course required travel to other COUNTRIES. Would LOVE to be able to do this at home daily. The grace medical link above doesn’t work any longer and a Google search wasn’t productive. Any chance you have that PdF saved or can direct me on where to get equipment & how to’s? Grateful!!

      • Sarah, I am looking to use ozone at home for cancer. Longevity is a Canadian company, and Promolife is an American.

  17. Can you please list for me the five stages without the pictures? I cannot look at graphic pictures, so I cannot research the different stages. I know that some are called adult stage, larval stage, cyst stage, etc. I would like to know what the stages for the rope worm are called. thank you

  18. I have been bed ridden with these for 4 years!!!!! Where do you buy the ozone machine from????? Mine move constantly inside my digestive track and you can see the move. It is out of a sci fi movie. The pain is off the charts!!!!
    I need the ozone machine!!!
    Thanks for any help with this.

  19. I asked the same question. Why isn’t this just being discussed everywhere. I got my answer from my gastroenterologist. They aren’t new. They are generally in third world countries, he saw them all the time in India. Thing is, they don’t look for things like we do. You come in with a a hurting stomach they treat for Malaria. The other thing they treat is typhoid. I have two friends from Mexico, they say they all have them there, and when they get bad, they treat with a week of eating super hot peppers. Some of the research I’ve done suggests they don’t like green roughage like dandelions, parsley, spicy things like cayenne, habaneros, turmeric, ginger, and black walnut. Im going thru a detox cleanse, and Im freaking out.

  20. Im juicing now which is helping, doing a herbal parasite cleanse from GNC, and some weird eucalyptus enemas. which are also ridding them . I am going to a tropical disease doctor soon because Im freaking out.I asked my pediatrician about my kids being infected, he is from Pakistan. He said they have them there, there is no real ‘cure’ they just treat symptoms. He said if they are just in your intestines, then the kids usually dont have them. If the mothers tissues are infected (the worm is not just in intestines) then yes the kids have them too. You have a greater chance of ridding your child of them with colon cleansing, juicing, and the parasite cleanse while it just a mucus. After you’ve had it as long as me, he said they are almost impossible to get rid of. The ones Im seeing now are like 7 inches, and I can only imagine that There are bigger ones in all 5 stages. I lived on the Tex. Mex border when I was 3. Im 34 now. IBS, mucus poop, diarrhea, gall bladder removed, appendix removed, cysts, colitis, weight gain, acid reflux, brain fogginess, chronic sinusitis, on and on. All from a dirty colon.

  21. Well keep studying Gunnar. Until you have them you apparently will not know. I have been expelling them for three weeks now along with a tapeworm. I thought it was just pieces of tapeworm, but then realized it was more worms. Coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy are what are expelling them for me. I have battled for years with chronic bacterial and fungal infections and strange allergic reactions. And why are you not seeing rope worms? Western medicine likes to treat the disease not the underlying cause which is a lot of times a parasitic infection. I have been given countless rounds of antibiotics and never did any doctor suggest a parasite until I found a great naturopath. The lack of knowledge I ran into when I brought the scolex of a tapeworm into a Western medicine clinic was astounding. They didn’t even want to do anything to help me. I have taken my own approach of natural remedies, and the colon hydrotherapy unveiled a large rope worm in addition to the tapeworm I had already expelled by doing the Des Bios OmniCleanse and coffee enemas. Wake up Western medicine! These parasites are causing a lot of so-called “incurable” diseases. How can our bodies possibly operate properly with such an invader sucking the life out of us. I am shocked at how toxic my body has become due to be riddled with parasites. I hope others get the help they need. Parasites are easier to treat than the disease Western medicine spends millions of dollars of treatments where the cure is worse than the disease. Parasites were prevalent hundreds of years ago, but somehow doctors think our health standards are good enough that this doesn’t happen anymore. They are very wrong and costing people undue suffering.

  22. Hi! My 12-year old son gets seizures from histamine in food or released by his own body – you are the very first person, apart from him, that I’ve found gets seizures from biogene amines!!! And I’ve been looking hard for seven years now, googling like crazy! Can you please give me your e-mail address, I would so much like to ask you a couple of questions! My e-mail is camilla.tubertini@gmail.com. I really hope to hear from you, your info might change our lives – my son almost died seven times because no doctor believes in me when I point out this connection between the histamine and the seizures!!!

  23. Hello my friends! I hope you’ll make out what I’m saying, because my english might be poor.

    I speak from my 3 year experience with rope parasites (+other parasites / organisms as well) and here’s the outcome from all of this. Hope you’ll find something new and interesting!

    1) It isn’t enough to heal only the body. Everything, and I mean everything, happens in a multi-level field. So what does parasite and parasitic infection represent in your life? I’ve found out this and friends, this is the ultimate reason for your suffering too. Here it is: money is the only ultimate parasite that turns into physical form inside your body. Let me explain this! All scarcity and lack of possibilities – due to lack of money and financial freedom in your life – is suppressed energy. What does suppressed energy do? That kind energy of frustration – negativity – turns into physical parasites and they’ll eat you more the more frustrated you are (so called aging).

    I know, these kind of thinking patterns might be too much (hippie) for someone. However, these kind of theories are actually provable nowadays.

    So.. what are we learning from all this? Don’t blame yourself and your lovingly body made by loving infinite consciousness – you’re not meant to be healthy (read: to think clearly and feel euphoric), because otherwise, you could immediately see behind the curtains. That’s the reason why we have been enslaved – for millions of years (just to hide the truth that we are the creators of our reality). You can watch videos of original human history from guys like Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, David Icke, David Wilcock etc.. surely that kind of information frees you on certain levels, but doesn’t remove the money problem. I know this is small piece of hope, but, we’re not long anymore in this kind of mad situation, living the darkest era of humanity. However, the darkest hour is before the dawn.. as you know.

    2) Forcing seldomly brings any results. Gentle forcing with very good spirits, however, brings results.. see the effect of your mind here again. The mind is behind everything.. you are just a small mind behind bigger one.

    3) Don’t give energy to your worms by hating (=tuning into their frequency) them or thinking them (even though this is the most interesting subject :-)) – energy flows where the attention goes.. Focus on life! Even if impossible due to lack of money, do something that you love.. there’s always something you can do.

    4) You can only success. Let’s say that you’ll lose the battle, which is determined by your very own wish. What did you do then? Wasted your whole life and ended up being aten by parasites? Not really.. you left the most valuable information and knowledge to new souls to understand themselves and the whole reality in this kind of experience, whether you wrote it up or not. The point is: you are important piece of the puzzle.

    5) Move your body! Don’t do the common mistake and just lie down! I have noticed that even panic attacks or any kind of parasitic die off reaction can be cutted out by moving.

    6) In case if you repeatedly have severe die-off reactions: keep focus on LIFE! The little creatures of Satan (I mean those literally and metaphorically) want you to focus on fear of DEATH. So..

    7) Don’t fear! Even if your heart would pound 200 beats per minute, parasites would be crawling everywhere.. even if it really was your last moment: why on earth to give some energy (=that is, FEAR), to Satan? Don’t be his worshipper. Instead..

    8) Hug your loved one or your friend! In case if you don’t have those, go and find some hippie to hug! Hug, touch! There’s nothing more healing things than those! Hug and touch are all that is needed, hippies knew it so very well! There will be so much united loving people near future! Healing gets easier when all people realize these things.. and work together, not against each other, as is situation in todays world.

    You know, this era is all about surviving and struggling. That’s not love, but quite the opposite instead! So what are you waiting? Go and give a bear hug to someone! “Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion” – please find out where this comes from! 😉

    9) Follow your intuition! Most of the time it’s right. Especially, when it comes to healing ideas.

    10) Give a shit what other people think about you! Release your inner hippie and shine.. you little piece of perfection! Be proud of yourself healthy way! You’re a the bringer of the dawn! You came here with a very big mission in your mind! Don’t waste your life by doing what “you have to” (slavery). You’ll find your way.

    I want to leave an energetic imprint here who is in need for some courage! Here’s a bear hug for you my friend! I wish you the best that life can give to you. Don’t be afraid! There’s no reason for that! You’ll see and remember where you came and it’ll blow your mind.. your true origin is place that’s called heaven and which starts to manifest to planet Earth also. This life reminds you how loving and beautiful creature YOU are.

    Thanks for your time!

    • This is the first time that I’ve smiled in several hours. this is definitely a living horror show
      but I wanted to thank you . for everything that you said . I can feel healing
      that’s not sarcastic
      so much lifted in me as I read through your post. unbelievably loving
      thank you
      I really really mean that thank you. .
      I’m going to get off of this website now and go and have my son.

  24. Hello everyone,

    I just hope someone medical will one day read all the comments on this site (& the many other sites that are cropping up) & realise that this is a very big problem & it is spreading fast causing much suffering. I have tried fruitlessly for years to get someone to look into this problem. I have had the condition for 14yrs ! I have undergone many, many tests but have never had a diagnosis – no one knows what they are, only one Dr said he had seen them before ( in India). I have tried everything, all the herbal remedies, prescription anti parasite drugs, enemas of every kind, ozone, & the critters are still coming out & yes I can feel them moving so they are not just mucus. I have passed many up to 3ft long & yes they have been sent to labs ( 3 different labs) none of them can identify what they are, colonoscopy, MRI scan, endoscopy, barium meal, ultrasound,all showed nothing! it really is frustrating. More research is desperately needed, this is NOT a mental health problem – we are not imagining it all, this is something new to medical science & we need to be taken seriously.

    • Hi! Hope you are doing better. Have you taken Ivermectin? Serrapatase? Diatomacious earth? Chinese Wormwood? Ive heard these can all help rid you of parasites. A product Called Homozon is helpful too ive read. It supposedly produces large amount of ozone in you but is safe to take. Many microbes need a non oxygen enviroment to live in and oxygen effects them. Ozone is what you body uses to lyse or devour dead or dying cells inside you and therefore natural. I would never advise anyone take hydrogen peroxide without educating yourself.or getting a doctors supervision. Very weak solutions can be purchased that are safe but many contain a chemical preservative, so only use those that are labeled as fit for human consumption.

    • This is the first time that I’ve smiled in several hours. this is definitely a living horror show
      but I wanted to thank you . for everything that you said . I can feel healing
      that’s not sarcastic
      so much lifted in me as I read through your post. unbelievably loving
      thank you
      I really really mean that thank you. .
      I’m going to get off of this website now and go and hug my son.

  25. I thought she was offering to send the samples to the person who has studied parasites extensively, and would know how to interpret them. That might actually produce useful results.

  26. Wanted to add that my first MRI said that I had cysts and leisons in my ovaries and liver. They were talking about taking my left ovary. I Believe that when I started becoming ill and eventually, my body twitching that I had fecal matter trapped, because partial blockage, as these were getting larger. I was becoming Toxic from waste. My cells were becoming ill. After a year of hardcore Juicing I had another MRI and all of the cysts & leisons were gone but it was after severe bowel management and detox. I am going to show these to my Dr and try to find pharma parasite meds to rid myself of these if they say it is a parasite and will report back. 🙂

  27. Thank you for your loving words, I desperately needed to hear. I totally agree with what you’ve said. We are so much more than what we’ve been told and conditioned to believe. It’s time for truth and realizing that we are all connected. Love is the only way, no judgements.

  28. I believe I am riddled with parasites! I have excruciating migraines and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia among other things. I am looking into treatments to kill the parasites. My biggest question is… When they died off…how do they exit your body? Obviously if they are in your belly or intestines it would be expelled through a BM, but what if you have liver flukes, or worms in your brain?

  29. Wow!!! Thank you for your detailed and time to info us here, parasites are the root of all sickness and we human are dying with out knowing who is our enemy. Thank you again and many blessings to you.

  30. hey folks, great comments! i shared this site to a closed FB page i started called…..ready? drum roll please….
    rope worm!
    feel free to find it on FB if you want some additional discussion.

  31. Do they ever go away?? 2 years ago I entered my quest for better overall health. I had always had issues with constipation and it was becoming more difficult to control. I was also concerned about a rash (sorta rash) on my lower legs, a drop in my energy level and an out of control sugar craving that actually controlled me. I’m not overweight, and usually active. I had several other symptoms, that I think I had learned to accept as normal that were in fact not. Conventional medicine sent me on a path to nowhere and left me frustrated and feeling crazy. I was determined to get my health back and started my online research. Intestinal parasites keep popping up. I started a 30 day cleanse of some sort. It wasn’t dramatic although, I flushed some scary stuff down the toilet and was overall pleased with the results. I felt better, most the time, maybe. Something was nagging me..
    I kept up my research. Seeing the pictures of the huge worms made me so thankful I didn’t have to deal with those monsters. I cut my sugar intake, stopped with the diet coke and processed food. My constipation and bloating continued to be a big problem. I turned to coffee enemas. It was a big step, and I’m glad I took it. After about 3 months of weekly coffee enemas, maintaining my new diet protocols and taking various herbs I had read about I thought I was moving in the right direction. Then I got constipated really bad. It felt like I had a blockage and I could actually tell where it was. I started to do enemas 3 times daily. I increased the amount of liquid and did 2 coffee enemas. I added a enema with coconut oil and water. After about 3 days doing the enemas I had a break through and I released a huge amount of ropeworms. The relief was instant and the awful pressure was gone. That was a year ago. I’m still fighting with the ropes. With the help of this forum and others like curezone I’m more determined than ever to win this battle. Just knowing I wasn’t alone was has given me strength and hope. My symptoms are much better but not gone. I do daily enemas and tried many of the protocols. Currently I take coconut oil, bloodroot, diatomaceous earth and mega vit c. I do daily coffee enemas and have tried Kefir, eucalyptus, H2o2, lemon also. I had alot of success with the H2o2. I went 3 weeks with out seeing anything more than little pieces, until today and 2 good size ropes were expelled. I’m feeling a bit defeated. I try not to dwell on it….. Has anyone actually gotten rid of these monster?

    • I thought I got all of these worms out a couple of years ago. I did maintenance herbs with minimal results in the interim, and the worms are back now with force. I’ve been experiencing symptoms again, but at least I know what the problem is. Started the herbs and coffee enemas, and I’ve been expelling them the past couple of days. I’m not sure anymore if once you’ve been so fully infested, if you ever really completely rid yourself of them. Who knows where in your body they hide out in larval stage??

      Maybe daily anti-parasite herbs at low to moderate doses to keep them always stressed and vulnerable to immune system detection and elimination? Now I’m worried about after these worms die and are eliminated, are there holes in my intestines now where the worms lived for years??? Sweet lord. I do feel better once I’ve gotten a round of dead worms out but.. man. It’s just. So. Much. Bugs.

    • I’m so glad that I stayed long enough to read this if I had gotten directly off the website I would have missed it and I am very glad that I got to read your post

  32. Hi Kate, I just wanted to say that I sympathize with you! It is really intense to be passing these rope worms! I did daily chlorine dioxide enemas for about 3 weeks and passed rope worms every day. I am taking a break and will start up again tomorrow, 3 days before the full moon cycle. I had been suffering from intense cramps at dusk and bloating for several years, and am feeling so much better now, but I have a feeling that I still have many more inside me. I also have lost weight and have started taking neem capsules regularly.

  33. How to eliminate a rope worm with coffee enemas and a hammer:
    Starting Monday, take a coffee enema, every morning for a week.
    The following Monday, no enema, just sit on the edge of the bed holding the hammer. When the worm comes out and asks “where’s my coffee?”, beat it to death with the hammer.

  34. I have been dealing with lyme and babesia, started taking Artemisinin
    For the babesia and started to expel parasites even so I had a least 6 parasite test over the last few years. Would love to know what they are

    • Gunnar those of us posting here are experiencing this phenomenon, hence we know it is not a “hoax”. We are sick and just trying to figure out what these rope-like manifestations are, and if they are related to our bloating, tiredness, and other symptoms.

      What we really want is to find out what these things are.

  35. I am sorry, but this whole thing does not make sense to me. What I believe is happening is that the more you irritate the inflammation, the more mucus will be produced as a reaction, and this would explain why the worms are created just after treatments. Even the indian thing I read, to use spicy food as a disinfectant, in my opinion would just worsen the conditions. Regarding the green mucus that Cheryl posted I believe is the same phenomenon, but the fact that is green could mean that there is an actual infection going on (just like when you get a cold).
    I am no doctor, but I do not think that the professor’s website is trustworthy: in the video that you see of the moving worm, it’s hard to understand what is moving what, I see that happening all the time with my stool, but it is because of the water moving in the toilet, and the movements in the video are cyclic, which I think it’s a clear sign that what he calls the “worm” is not really alive, unless it’s a robot worm.

    Do not donate please, I would not trust that website.

    I think I am with Gunnar on this
    But I clearly understand the pain of having some issues and not understanding what is causing them. Just do not give money to random people that are not really willing to help

    • You both are very foolish and until you have actually gone through what it seems like millions of people are experiencing, your comments are irrelevant. Sorry, but as someone who has been dealing with this issue for more than half of my life and the pain, suffering, countless doctors, financial costs, not to mention the crying, and not having a normal life, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I have seen several doctors, all kinds of doctors, including Master Chinese Herbalists with over 40 years experience and they confirm this is very real. They are baffled how to treat this and they are seeing people more and more each day with this problem. So please, it’s one thing to not know or understand, but then 1-Stop visiting this site and 2-Keep your comments to yourself. It’s very irresponsible and uncompassionate to make posts like this.

  36. I believe this ropeworm. my neighbour’girl got autism because of this ropeworm. now she is using CD to cure…almost recover now..

  37. I belive this rope worm.my neighbour’girl got autism becsuse of this rope worm.now she is using CD to recover….almost recover now..

  38. I know this is an old discussion…. but what about this. ( I believe I attached a picture with this comment; hopefully it worked)

    If anyone can identify this as something else, I would be relieved.

  39. That certainly looks like some of the stuff I am getting. My colon hydrotherapist says this is mucous.

    Does it unravel into a sheet when you put it in water?

  40. No. It is a full unit or organism. It is Not mucous. What appears as individual ‘worms’ are all joined by an outer skin. Or perhaps they are ‘fused’ together.

  41. This came out 12 hours after a coffee enema. (Longest hold I’ve ever had too). It was a leathery outside but clear enough you could see inside it’s body there was poop it was eating. You can see it was almost past it’s mucus stage. This is real.

  42. They sure don’t seem to like coffee enemas, do they. And it’s hard to imagine a coffee enema would create this thing .. as some people speculate (ie. some people speculate that irritation from coffee enemas cause ropeworms).

    • Actually, coffee enemas are processed in the body much differently rectally than orally. Parasites and worms actually LOVE coffee when drunk orally. Coffee actually feeds parasites this way. However, when taking coffee via an enema, the body processes it differently and causes the liver to expel toxins and flush out parasites. I always feel much better after doing a coffee enema.

  43. I’m 51 and have had all of these symptoms since age 6 that I can remember. Over the years of alternative paths to health I have seen some of these creeps in my toilet but never ever thought they were alien bodies. Thank you all so much for the photos and the sharing. I am starting new regiment towards parasite cleanse today.

    • Hi I had stopped getting any strange things coming out of me for a long time, but now I am having strands of mucous again – not as big as before, but small ones. They seem to be attached to a question-marked shaped “ropeworm” which really is just dried out sheets of what looks like bio-film. They come out first, before the rest of the bowel movement, implying they were lower down in the colon.

      I have been not careful with my diet lately, could this be why they are coming back? I have been eating some sweets with sugar, and some gluten.

      Re coffee enemas, I do them early in the day as if I do them later sometimes they interfere with sleep.
      I follow the video in this blog basically:


  44. I have been sick for 5 years. Doctors have given me antibiotics and steroids. They only made me worse. I have passed many rope worms and other weird things. I have come to the conclusion that rope worms are from candida yeast over growth. Doctors are not listening and people are suffering and being miss diagnosed. The american people are eating a diet of which feeds candida sugars, starches, caffine all feed candida. Doctors ate prescribing antibiotics and steroids. Which make it worse. Something needs to be done to change this! Is anyone listening?:(

    • HI Pat .. sometimes I think the ropeworms are connected to candida as well!
      I found some improvement from taking probiotics.

      Good luck to you.

  45. I often expel “ropeworms” similar to what Darlow posted, during a coffee enema. I get the biggest ones in the days after a Clark/Moritz-style liver flush, which is odd. I mean, how could some of these monsters fit in a bile duct? At any rate, I am about to do a two-week parasite cleanse with “Now Foods, Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex.” I have used this product before. It is the best parasite tincture I’ve ever used.

  46. i have been doing coffee enemas for a couple of months now. that is how i discovered these worms. i have been passing a few here and there and then i tried adding garlic and passed several at once. i thought i was done, but a few days later they were back. i still do a coffee enema and add garlic sometimes, but i noticed that the pure garlic was more effective. i just found this site as i was holding my garlic enema and expelled quite a few. about a half an hour later i felt like there was some liquid left, so i went to the bathroom and no, it wasnt liquid. it was something i have never seen before. it seemed like a nest. it was about the size of a baseball, maybe a little bigger. i wish i looked at it more, but i got scared and flushed it down. it wasnt like anything i have seen before. who knows, maybe i had a break through.
    ps if you are doing daily enemas, please do your research first. coffee enemas take out the bad with the good. they use a lot f minerals and enzymes that have to be replaced. green juices will do that. good luck every one. im planning on doing a castor oil enema soon. will post about.

  47. Update: The local health food store was out of “Now” brand black walnut and wormwood complex, but they had one from Natures Answer. It is a non-alcohol extract. I started using it. It is much stronger than the Now version, which surprised me. I am seeing some small ropeworms, but I am mainly seeing other types of parasites, including their eggs. I tell you, these ropeworms do not look like mucus to me. They look like wormy, living creatures.

  48. Hi! That looks exactly like what I’ve been passing this past week after coffee enemas. I’ve also passed tons of stones – fresh and old. However, in all my years of periodic cleansing, I never once thought of anything that came out of me as a worm or parasite. It’s only recently that I started trying to match what has come out with pictures on the web. I’ve never seen anything moving on it’s own and never had the thought that it was anything but a natural part of the digestive process. I can see how one might think these are parasites – they look weird and we don’t know much about them, so the label feels right. But I feel like maybe the term UFO Unidentified Fecal Object might fit better. At least it’s open to possibility or a change of thought. So… I passed 3 or 4 of those things you have there in the pic. I use a strainer so I fished them out and dissected them. They’re poop and toxic matter, trapped in mucosal lining, sort of like sausage in a casing, neatly packaged for the body to pass in one lump. It’s good you got it out. That is the beginnings of the rope like matter that forms on the walls of the intestines that gets stuck there over the years. It’s super beneficial to flush that out, but it’s not a parasite, my friend, no worries. Can’t really speak for the other pics in this thread, however. I’ve never passed and dissected one of those. Many Blessings!

  49. i have been sticking to garlic enemas. after the enema today i have been going, sometimes running back to the bathroom for a couple of hours. First white/yellowish mucus was coming out, then brown.mucus. both smelled gross. i cant even describe it, but its a very distinct smell. strong and unique. i felt almost light headed right before a bunch of it came out, and super relieved after. i think im going to try to go on a vegan fast and keep doing garlic enemas. They work better than just coffee for me. soooo hard to hold though.

  50. The only thing with garlic is that it kills bacteria, and who knows it may be killing off good flora in your colon. If I were you I would alternate with probiotic enemas just to be sure.

    I have found that the colon is populated with “bifidus” so I have been doing bifidus enemas occasionally.

    This is the brand I use


    I just put one or two capsules in the enema water.

  51. Hi Annie. I have being doing coffee enemas for a while, and by looking at w what comes out of me, I might have candida overgrowth. Then I learned that ACV (Apple cider vinegar) was great for killing candida, so I started drinking a glass of spring water w with 2 tbs of Bragg ACC. Then I learned that I could a l could also do ACC enemas ( 2-4 tbs in a quart of warm distilled or spring water). Then I saw rope parasites, biofuels and candida coming out like crazy. ACC enemas enemas are the best to get these out of the body. It is not easy to retain, so one must be disciplined and determined to retain it for at least 10 min. Rope parasites come out immediately, and even with water the next day.

  52. Find the book Healing the symptoms known as Autism by Kerri Rivera. There is a whole protocol listed inside to remove the worms. The book can be found on Amazon.
    Best wishes for healing!

  53. Pretty amazing how they claim something does not exist because they have not seen it then refuse to accept a sample that could show them, isn’t it? This is how “science” controls the conversation: by behaving as the sacrosanct authority on everything then refusing to examine or evaluate new data which could invalidate its arcane ideas. If you’re going to deny it you’d best be prepared to accept samples. Sticking your heads in the sand like Chicken Little and saying “the sky is falling the sky is falling” does not support your position; it only makes you look like the pedants that some of you are.

  54. P.S. My above comment was directed to the denialists who won’t accept samples, certainly not those suffering with this horrible condition. Ed S.

  55. Why Gunnar? Is it more satisfying for you to be right than to see people stop suffering? Are you a medical doctor? If so it would figure.

    Ed S.
    “A physician would rather see his patient die and be right than survive and be mistaken”

  56. wow, thank you so much for the information. For the past year and half I have become very ill. I started the Gerson Therapy after being hospitalized for the most intense case pancreatitis the doctors at a top nyc hospital have ever seen. I would often feel air bubbles in my left side (worms in my pancreas?) Last year I had a terrible sinus infection (my face would droop on one side because of the terrible swelling) after being exposed to mold in a warehouse. I also had the guardasil vaccine. I am passing a bunch of these a week in my coffee enemas and only see them with my chamomile tea enemas before bed (2 coffee during the day and 1 tea at night) I feel tremendously better but feel like I have bunch left as well. I have had crazy symptoms of auto immune disorders but have tested negative for everything…this explains all my problems for a LIFETIME!

  57. Unfortunately, I am the holder of a rope human parasites
    The best weapon against this worm are daily coffee enemas and oral Andrographis paniculata extract standardized 10% andrographolide. Get rid of the parasite People line will be healthy free from candidiasis asthma, allergies and many other diseases of the immune system.

  58. Unfortunately, I am the holder of a rope human parasites
    The best weapon against this worm are daily coffee enemas and oral Andrographis paniculata extract standardized 10% andrographolide. Get rid of the parasite People line will be healthy free from candidiasis ,asthma, allergies and many other diseases of the immune system.

  59. I have bad digestive with a lot of gas. To fix this I was taking pills to fix digestive system, but nothing helped me. Then I decided to take mebendazole for worms as a preventive substance. Then I saw rope worms, but couldn’t identify those, because I didn’t know they exist. But I knew that it is something what should not be in me. After a few days, I saw transparent bulbs in stool and then I started to search and hopefully I have find this site. Thanks a lot that you share information. Also my mom is sick and doctors have diagnosed her autoimmune, but they do not have any idea what makes her sick! So maybe it is also the rope worms! I was asking if she has some symptoms and yes, sometimes she sees mucus in stool! Now we will try to get rid of them!

  60. I do not eat meat and have discovered these worms from doing coffee enemas. After taking diatomaceous earth there are always more. I find I cannot retain coffee enemas when expelling these worms (so many of them) and it causes a lot more cramping.

  61. I strongly suggest you research Lym’s disease, although I don’t think your “ghost baby” is related. I get that too. I don’t think it is a problem, just muscles around your intestines twitching. You may be dehydrated.

  62. I recently found these in my stools and the only difference I found is I had an extremely rare and large portion of lightly cooked garlic before they expelled….

  63. well the thing is.. nobody knows for sure. they aren’t real worms like the kind that suck your nutrition, but just long ropes of mucous and fungus. the only way to get them out is enemas with coffee, baking soda or apple cider vinegar or to take antiparasite medicine like albenza. you might have a real worm infection, so you should ask your doctor to give you a stool test and prescribe albenza. hook worms are making a come back and infecting a lot of people. doctors aren’t much help, but it never hurts to ask anyway. tell him you suspect you have hookworm because a friend of yours has it and you have symptoms. do not mention looking it up on the internet or they’ll think you’re imagining things.
    and no, you can’t pass it on to your son, but he can develop his own.

  64. I had a very unusual case last summer with a female client. After a therapuetic grade enema she released many worms and this one in the picture. She was never tested, but the visual and physiological changes that inspired after she released them was amazing.

  65. In fact this is the residue of partly digested banana fibers (cotton ball part) with some fibers that absorbed or reacted with bile acid so they are colored brown. Not a bug, but when I find those I seem to shed worms shortly after.

  66. I’m not sure as to why someone would go to a parasite forum and post non-contributory remarks for attention but others (like ourselves) are here to legitimately improve health situations that traditional medicine is not concerned with because if we’re healthy – they’re broke. I’m thankful for this site as it explained the issues I was having and how to approach treatment. Everyone should take some time to go through the entire website and read the articles the author has so graciously provided. AGAIN…THANK YOU!!! I was at a loss before finding this site, especially upon passing a nest of stage 5 “ropeworms”. It took 2.5 weeks of twice daily ACV enemas before I was down to stage 1 mucus. I now do a once a week maintenance coconut vinegar enema followed by an acidolphilus enema to replace good bacteria. I tell everyone about this site who complains of the same symptoms “most” of us have experienced. An explanation and remedy that works is better than none at all!

  67. I released lots of the ropes like in the pictures here. What do you think about the stuff in my pics, all as well released after coffee enemas. Are these stages of ropes?

    • Well your pictures certainly look like what I have been getting after enemas.
      I wish I could tell you what they are.
      I am thinking we need a microscope to start identifying these.

      They don’t seem like anything with organs; they seem very much like a fungal colony or biofilm to me.

      I seem to get them when I eat dairy and/or wheat

      Have you tried colonics? Maybe the hydrotherapist would have some insight. Mine calls it “mucous”.

  68. No wheat and no dairy. But I forgot to add that no. 2 & 3 came after ozone insufflation and ozone iv and no. 1 after a round of turpentine. And as you can see, the liquid is very yellow, the stuff came out with a lot of bile.

    I can’t do colonics anymore, I have a rectal stenosis und adhesions.

  69. Gino, Ascaris roundworms are smoooth … not rough and tattered like this. Its a smaller ropeworm for sure. We see these coming out of the Autistic kids all the time (moms post the photos on FB).

    Here is another one out of water… and much larger & longer.

  70. I’m looking at exactly the same things as described in this thread (except the pictures where it’s smaller worms in a sack) – thickness about 1cm, length approx 9″, whitish-yellow, no brown colour at all in mine – , and am also thinking that it’s just old mucous lining that I’m lucky to have shed! These are very likely to be passed during irrigation or treatment for constipation etc.
    While ‘rope worms’ haven’t been seen in autopsy, severely inflamed guts have, where (in worst cases), the large bowel has a thick coating of old fecal matter that’s been building up for months or years, to the point where any BM is NOT touching the large bowel wall, but instead is trying to move through the middle of this hardened lining. Increase water to the bowel via any method, and you’re more likely to move individual parts/strands – if you do pass these, it probably does show that your bowel isn’t the healthiest, and in severe cases, could cause toxicity to the liver and other organs. (If you’ve been passing these for years, the same goes, & you may be doing more harm than good by removing entire food groups from your diet.)
    Where it looks more like ‘clustered worms’, this may be exactly the same thing occurring, it’s just more likely that you’ve had a case of pin/thread worms in the past, which have become trapped in this layer.
    Personally I think bowel toxicity is much more likely in these cases, and rather than having a complete panic abut your diet, start by increasing fruit/veg and water intake, & remember exercise (any you’re capable of), will always help.
    Believe me, I’m wanting a diagnosis every bit as much as the rest of you, but I don’t believe these are worms, I think they’re just an indication of an extremely unhealthy bowel! (Which in itself will cause liver/brain problems etc.)
    However, I have had to contact my personal physician, so will aim to post again if I’m told any differently!
    I can certainly relate to many of the symptoms, but feel this is likely to be just another symptom, which could be showing part of an underlying illness (eg, this isn’t just IBS, it’s IBD, which is likely to be causing further problems).
    Hope none of you are feeling too bad today,
    Take care all! *hugs*

  71. @William That picture does look more like it could be pin/thread worms (name depending on US/UK), which are trapped in a mucus sack. However, it could easily also be something you’ve eaten (noodles, beansprouts etc), which have become trapped. If you can open the mucus sack and check for movement, that may help (especially if you pass any more, pin worms show obvious movement, so you wouldn’t confuse them for food normally!).
    However, if they’re very much alive, and you have any anal itching etc, please see a physician – pin worms are easily identified and treated (if that’s what they are) – just be very careful during treatment that you don’t re-infect yourself. Pin/thread worms will typically cause severe itching around the anus at times (especially night), and can be checked for using sticky tape!
    Hopefully it’s just food that looks strange because of what it’s stuck in! Most likely it’s just your bowel reminding you that some items do pass through your system better than others! Please don’t do any strange diet changes (increasing fruit/veg and water should help, as will movement), as they can cause more problems!
    Best of luck with it all, and I hope you’re doing well now!

  72. @Ed
    Whilst I am personally currently thinking these things have to be built-up mucus strands, I do agree that the medical establishment do need to stop ignoring how many people are terribly ill, with extremely close symptoms, which is causing some to become bed-bound and in extreme pain, yet with no diagnosis. In my situation, I understand the difficulty of a diagnosis, yet I don’t recognise the same for these individuals, who are sitting here as someones ‘ready made’ thesis group!
    It wouldn’t hurt them one bit to sample these from any one of us, even if just to say “it’s lengths of dried mucus, not worms”; I -really- don’t appreciate the approach which was taken, which seems to be (from my personal experience) “we don’t have the funding/people etc etc to do this, however, if someone comes into our lab who is looking to do a paper on ‘rope worms’ for their MSc/PhD, then we’ll happily contact you”.
    How about the answer “sending each of you to your individual primary physicians, who will send you home with a sample pot to be filled, in order that we can send it to the lab to check what it is; would be a pointless exercise, and (depending on the number of people with the problem), several times more expensive; therefore we agree, that we will be willing to take samples. After all, we’re scientists, we’re supposed to have some interest in this, and also in saving tax money.”?
    TBH, if I still could, I’d go to a lab and do the research myself, as I’m sure many of you would also be happy to do the same for an answer.
    There is -no- excuse for any decent lab to be that dismissive of a problem which can be easily demonstrated. Are you seriously telling me you don’t have a single Lab Tech. who’d be happy to check? How about even answering the question: ‘Is this a hard mucosal layer being shed by the wall of the intestine, or is it a worm’. That’s hardly asking much, is it?
    (Previously Assistant Lab Tech for MAFF/CEFAS – Voluntary.)

  73. Although in someone with constipation problems irrigation may help, you may find that use of any irrigation/medication etc, is simply irritating the gut; in several of these cases it could be causing you to produce additional mucus (think of how hay-fever makes you sneeze, and your nose run).
    Ideally, the only way you irrigate the gut is via the mouth! In extreme cases of constipation only, use boiled and cooled (sterile) water – nothing added that could cause your bowel to react severely.
    The lining of the gut is a mucous membrane, so think of its lining a bit like your nose or mouth, and that what comes out of those isn’t always ‘normal’ or ‘healthy looking’ either!
    However, that doesn’t mean we panic, we recogise that (due to a cold or allergy), the membranes are over-producing mucus. Maybe we should expect the ones in our gut to do the same thing at times?
    (Note on earlier post: spoke to an emergency physician, who was about as helpful as a brick tbh. Couldn’t get an answer to ‘if it’s mucus or not’, except ‘probably’ (which I knew anyway…) – I am supposed to contact them if it continues – so I’ll try to post if it does and let you know.)

  74. Hot peppers don’t work and medications don’t work. These are not in third world countries. These are different. These seem to come from gmo grain. I have been passing these for about a year, since I started home colonics. The most effective things that I have tried include; coffee enemas, h2o2 enemas, baking soda enemas and they really seem to run from a combination of tea tree oil and oregano oil. Tea tree appears to break down the biofilm and oregano attacks the liven form once the protective biofilm is removed with the tea tree oil. The symptoms are similar to candida, so a lot of people blame their illness on candida, which they may have simultaneously, but simply fighting candida will not be enough.
    In the beginning I passed rope worms with a thick coating, but the more I cleaned up my diet, the less coating they had. I just passed a very long leathery rope worm with an oval head and a mucous fan tail that was moving in the toilet. It did not like the baking soda, moved away from it, but my spouse flushed the toilet before I could do any further testing. I just spit up mucous that was coming up down my sinus to the back of my throat, since their primary forms are said to be mucous strands I spit it up in the toilet and when I dropped tea tree oil on it, the mucous moved. However, it did not move from the eucalyptus. I ran out of oregano, so I was not able to watch the effects of that.
    So, what is the cure? I believe it is not a simple process, but I have recently included probiotics in my enema and – WOW!!! I could feel energy over my entire body, and if you are a conspiracy theorist, as I am, it makes perfect sense why everyone was getting infections with mucous (sinus, bronchitis, ear infections) – and why the medical community was taught by the Rockefeller organization of public medical education to pump everyone up with antibiotics. Sure, we felt better for a moment, but the effects were the loss of the probiotics, the good healthy bacteria that supports enzyme production, so you can digest your food, -nutrient delivery, so you don’t need vitamin supplementation, – and neurotransmitter delivery, so we can all be emotionally healthy without autism and ADD and depression and anxiety. Probiotics create an environment that endorses ALL of these things – DIGESTION, NUTRIENT ABSORBTION, and EMOTIONAL and MENTAL HEALTH. I will be including probiotics in my arsenal now and see where that takes me, to my final stages of healing.

  75. Hi. What diet? I eliminated one of these using pemmican and salt and iodine but i was losing weight and i am already skinny. How many of you are skinny? Explain it.

  76. Hi Cassie. I too have fibromyalgia, as do several people in my family. Three months ago I started coffee enemas and a parasite cleanse (using Parastroy + diatomaceous earth, among other things). After just two “coffee breaks” I started passing liver flukes – they look like little bits of tomato or tomato peel, and they float.

    I’ve also passed large quantities of several other types of parasites, including tapeworm. It’s a HORRIFYING process.

    Along with c.e.’s to detox the liver, I’ve been trying different enema solutions to clean the colon and kill parasites: apple cider vinegar, pressed garlic, molasses + milk, and lemon juice (next will be epsom salts and baking soda). It’s good to hold the solution in for as long as possible, lying on your right side, then rolling onto the left side and onto your back to disseminate the fluid throughout the colon, while vigorously massaging the abdomen in a counter-clockwise direction. As you’re releasing the fluid into the toilet, massage in a clockwise direction.

    Last night, after about 45 minutes of a.c.v. + garlic enema, I passed numerous liver flukes (along with plenty of mucous). It’s discouraging to still be seeing so many flukes!

    Lately I’ve been doing colon implants using coffee plus clove oil and tangerine oil. Hopefully the clove oil is killing parasite eggs throughout my colon and bloodstream. The tangerine oil is supposed to pull toxins out of the colon.

    I have such a stubborn infestation that I really think I’m going to have to do a multi-day water fast (along with enemas), if I can summon the will-power. Hopefully that will starve them out. I wonder if water fasts are effective with these strange ropeworm organisms – any thoughts on that, folks?

  77. Garlic is the key! I’m on a 100 day juice feast, around day 30 I juiced garlic and added it to my green juice and the next morning after my coffee enema I expelled these worms as well.

  78. Say what you wanna say and I appreciate your input, but. I’ve been doing coffee enemas for the past two weeks and was starting to think “what’s the point?” until three days ago when I started releasing these things! My toilet basically looks like a bunch of old tennis shoe laces, most twisted in a rope-like manner.

    • “Bunch of old tennis shoe laces” .. what a great description! 🙂
      Yeah I didn’t expel any ropeworms right away either. It was only after about two weeks of humaworm as well as coffee enemas for two weeks prior to that.
      So it may have simply been due to four weeks of enemas, though I had always thought it was because of the humaworm.

  79. Hi my name is Laura and I have been having Bowl problems in a I’m just wondering about my bowel problems and I’m just wondering if maybe it is something like a parasite I’m just wondering did your hair fall out or get affected or change into different types of texture and did it I seem to have little black spots in it loria93@hotmail.com

    • Causes of hair falling out include hypothyroidism, anemia, or stress.

      No my hair did not fall out any more than normal. My hair always falls out immediately after extended disruption of sleep or one month after unusual stress.

      I don’t know about the change in texture or little black spots .. but I hope you find the cause of that and of your bowel problems!
      Parasites can cause anemia but so can many other things.

      I am trying an organic diet now and daily probiotics.

      Good luck!

  80. I have been getting these rope worms after two months of expelling nematodes. It seems I had to get rid of the nematodes (round worms) before I got to this layer. I have videos of my rope worms which look like a lot of the pictures posted here…however I can’t post the videos with this comment. I did put one of the rope worms in alcohol and took it to the local animal lab for testing. They could not identify it as a parasite because it lacked eggs, head and segments…they did say it was some type of tissue. I’m going to post the pic(s) of what this worm look like after it was in alcohol…remember this looked just like the other pics posted here when it was first expelled.

    • I just passed something like this. including the bumps in it. mine was maybe 1 1/2 inches long. I have had very runny stools the past 24 hours and i have had this weird sharp pain in my actual stomach organ not intense but enough to notice. i also just recently got a flu shot so there may be a correlation? I am not sure but im a little freaked out. its normal for my stool to be all kinds of messed up but never anything like this. let me know what you find out!

  81. Hmm your experience is similar to mine. I expelled a small amount of six inch long worms (probably roundworms) and probably one pinworm before I got ropeworms.

  82. If you have the bullseye rash then you have lymes. I am at a place called Envita in Scottsdale, AZ and they are treating me for lymes and breast cancer. They can help you get rid of your symptoms!!! Amazing place!!!!!

  83. I think the idea of science is to prove something doesn’t or does exist before discounting it. Does the education system introduce such concepts so students begin to consider proving or disproving such concepts?

  84. I also have an illness that has improved a great deal since I began doing these enemas. I have expelled some very strange things and one must wonder why our government is ignoring this. Does it have something to do with the years of experimentation on mind control (such as with MK Ultra)? Does this entity assist with frequency tracking and control of some sort? Why does my head clear as my disease improves…as with many other victims? Oh, I know, I could be called a conspiracy theorists for asking such questions. The government and elite would never continue to experiment on the general public (agent orange)…how silly of me to even think such things. Let’s all go back to sticking our heads in the sand and call these people who have discovered this…crazy. BTW, maybe it was never meant to be discovered? Did that thought cross anyone’s mind. Check out the list of dead scientists and biologists…strange how there are so many, working on secret discoveries, over the last 20 or so years. I’m just thinking outside the box. http://www.stevequayle.com/?s=146 http://gizadeathstar.com/2013/05/revisiting-those-mysteriously-dead-biologists/

  85. It took me 5 physicians before one wouldn’t treat me like I had lost my mind and look at me as if I had 2 heads. They get LITTLE training on parasites. One Dr. told me they had two days training on the subject and yet the CDC admits 85% of American’s have them and don’t know it. These creatures cause all kinds of illness and premature death. It seems like earthly resources are slimming and the elite think the elderly need to die sooner…but no one will go for that if it is done in the light. So, why not do it without people realizing it? So many people are sick and dying. Far more and far younger than when I was younger. This is the modern cry of those like Bill Gates and others. Don’t believe me? Search the info on them and listen to them say it from their own lips.

  86. These might be cancer fuzzies…left over body after the shell leaves from the fluke parasites. I feel this is a multi-parasitic infection and the main, central controller is this rope worm creature. Something possibly genetically modified and created so as not to be discovered…causing people to die sooner and saving resources? Parasites have been well known to shorten ones life. Do you think the government does secret testing for our benefit or theirs? Check out the “Georgia guidestones” and see what the creators say the optimum population should be. There are sociopaths and psychos at the top…stepped on a lot of heads to get there and it’s time for us to awaken to what is happening.

  87. Hello,

    Have you continued with your coffee enemas with water flush before and after? I’ve been doing coffee enemas daily for a few months now (cleansing after chemotherapy) and I’ve seen some in the past. But yesterday I did just a water enema and a bunch of worms came out. Nasty! Wondering how long it took you to get rid of them completely. Thank you!!

    • I do an enema only about once a week now.

      But I recall the ropes would come out not during a coffee enema, but at the NEXT enema, whether it was a coffee enema or a water enema.
      There seems to be a delay effect with the coffee enemas .. the ropes come out the next day.

      I still see some little ones every now and again but it seems to be diet related. My guess is the ropes are due to GMO’s and pesticides.
      So probiotics for the pesticides (that kill gut bacteria) and no more GMO foods.
      Note that consuming dairy is just like consuming GMO’s and pesticides as the cows are feed GMO feed doused in pesticides and much of this ends up in the milk.

      So my current feeling is that one must eat organic and supplement with probiotics to get rid of these.

      It took me at least six months of enemas and experimentation to get this under control. But note that my ropes were not nearly as massive as those being posted to this site.

      Good luck!

  88. I just did research and found out there is no such thing as “rope worms”. I thought everyone on this website seemed a little weird when they kept going on about dietary needs, enemas and the like. Holistic freaks, there are better things to occupy your time with then this sorcery. You people are so weird, reality is nice because you can share it with other people. You should try it some time. You can mess yourself up smashing different liquids up your ass. Apparently you have already smashed your brains up there.

  89. You’re not here for nothing. I assume you have some symptoms and are trying to make yourself feel better. Guess what? It won’t work and you’ll still have worms and the anger and depression that caused you to make such a statement in the first place.

    • I haven’t had luck in preserving them either. They last a couple of weeks (if I remember right) in alcohol but they disintegrate
      totally after a while.

      Which may indicate they are not worms; but indeed some kind of mucous ….

      I had a pinworm that didn’t decompose at all in alcohol .. even after 6 months ..

  90. What these people are doing with chlorine dioxide and other chemicals is possibly quite dangerous, rope worms really seem to be colon casts. Shedding of the intestine mucosal layers, the reason they do not dissolve in water is that it is colon tissue. I will admit biofilms will also be expelled but, destruction of the intestine outer surface seems extreme.
    Old Mike


  91. This is how I see it :). I did fasting with enemas for third day today , just to clean my colon and let it rest for a while … I have seen also this in my toilet and yes it was moving by water that is flowing by. I heard a lot about parasites but I don’t know about such parasites that do resides just in colon and don’t attack whole body and are such small an looks like this mucus, I believe it is just some mucus attached to wall of large intestine that is cleaned up by enema… I also believe coffee enema is to aggressive and this can lead to more mucus, as intestine has to protect wall somehow, so creating more of this… Just my opinion …

  92. Then maybe pictures would help convice the doubters? I’ve got many and in all stages. These things are real and they are wreaking havoc on our systems!

  93. I have been dealing with some type of worms for about a year now. I’ve been called crazy, lost my great job, lost lots of close friends and family due to this. My head is effected severely and my hair is thinning or my scalp is carrying the load. I can’t think like I used to and now am suffering severe depression. I’m pregnant and due in Jan and I’m very scared because my hemoglobin and iron are low. I’ve tried to treat myself topically and with a diet because not a doctor one has taken me seriously. I have been diagnosed with neuro fibro mitosis and have already had three surgeries one of which almost paralyzed me. I’m losing this battle and can feel my body shutting down. They have told me cancer and lymphoma which I just don’t beleive because I have kids and they have similar symptoms but refuse to acknowledge they are. No one will hear me or even look into it. I’m almost ready to give up. I need help with this. What can I do. I’ve tried everything. It has taken a vibrant confident beautiful me and made me sad and stolen my beauty for a year now. I lost my home my husband and my dignity and now have nothing because of the sickness this has caused. I am normally the person helping and thriving amd now I am only scared and sad. I just need someone to listen and not think I’m crazy. I don’t want to see my family get sick or this new little baby I am having go thru what I have. I want to beat this but I feel so weak now. Please help me!!
    Sincerely Elizabeth

  94. According to the info on the links you supplied, “Colonic cast passage is a rare manifestation of ischaemic colitis.” Another of your links led to the info about a man who passed a colon cast 3 months before his death. A third link informed me that such an occurrence indicated gangrene. All very serious, life-threatening, medical conditions. What we are discussing on this forum relates to phenomena occurring to people who are not on the brink of death.

    • “According to the info on the links you supplied, “Colonic cast passage is a rare manifestation of ischaemic colitis.” Another of your links led to the info about a man who passed a colon cast 3 months before his death. A third link informed me that such an occurrence indicated gangrene. All very serious, life-threatening, medical conditions. What we are discussing on this forum relates to phenomena occurring to people who are not on the brink of death.”

      That’s irrelevant. There is still NO SUCH THING AS ROPE PARASITES. You’re passing the bioflim lining of your intestinal tract.

  95. I have discovered things come out of me as well. From the things I’ve read protein actually feeds them. I believe that is the case because of the amount I was taking in while body building. I had to stop because of getting so weak. Think about slim, snot, mucus that takes on human dna. That is scary and I don’t know about any of you guys but I’m sick of people telling me Im crazy. Before I knew about the rope worm I decided to do an enema but decided to put a little olive oil in it and then lay on my left side. I was shocked to discovers the things I did. I took pictures. the first was very bubbly, like dawn dish soap. Then many with blood on it where it looked kike they were imbedded. I have had all 5 stages come out in the last 2 days. This is what I did, ! enema with olive oil followed by another with olive oil. A third with olive oil plus a dab of apple cider vinegar. I know what your thinking but I only put a teaspoon and I felt as if my hemorrhoids were going to bust, not burning but something breaking away. I passed so much it would scare the pants off of you. I have often felt something was wrong like there was something blocking me from going to the bathroom and it was painful, not a burn pain but pulling away pain. Well If these things eat your food and dump waist back into your system…..No wonder we are sick. Next day I did a regular enema and it was 2,3 and 4 stage. So for me olive oil enema and lots of greens.

  96. We haven’t seen this width of solid mass with the rope worms, as yet.
    Things we have seen are the thick mucous, the immature (assumed) worms that are smaller, translucent with air bubbles at one end and a stone looking mass at one end. A variety of lengths that range from translucent to opaque, longer ones with brownish markings within the center and almost a translucent frill on the outer edges along the whole length, and some that seem to weave themselves together like a large open mesh. There is also a reddish, not blood color, but almost an orange red gel.
    The initial design for this GMO design, was to act like a living pesticide and destroy (by eating) other parasites within the grains storage units. Within our bodies, it does the same. Therefore, we see large surges of thread worm, rope worm, hook worm, and round worms. We were wondering if it gathered, or farmed it’s own food. These other worms surge, and then go away.
    Things we are finding helpful, and we are experimenting with every sort of thing to eliminate these rope worms, is: 1. Enemas: coffee, MMS, water. 2. Diet:nothing that creates mucous or acid, NO WHEAT (some have gone grain free – watch for wheat dusted foods like french fries or ‘special sauces’, gravies etc). If you have become very thin, you must eat lean protein because the rope worms do eat meat. Your meaty parts will be a happy location for them to target, so feed yourself meat – attract them to your intestine where it is easier to enema them out. 3. Tech: Helda Clarks Zapper is localized help. Rife Beam Ray is broad spectrum help. Goiz Bio Magnetics, and other hand held devices act like the bug zappers that people plug into the wall. They emit an unwelcome frequency.
    Track and record for the assistance of yourself and others that will need to know what you know. Medical doesn’t know what this is even if they admit to seeing it in a scan. After all, it just got a name in 2013 by Russian Scientists. It is a New Creation, but not a natural creation, therefore, there is not a natural antidote.
    On the brighter side, the populations do drop to ‘almost’ gone. You can get a life again, but you can never let your guard down. Create a maintenance routine that you stay loyal to.
    As these worms die, they create a loud unusual noise in your gut, like a growl, sometimes there is a nasty smell of death in your breath, urine and feces. While they own your insides, they can occupy any location (causing malfunctions depending on where they are located. You will notice a swelling above the belly button along with many symptoms that feel like ‘something is wrong’ but not a defined set of symptoms that state the name of anything the doctors can define. Your more often going to be treated like you are developing a psychological problem, try not to listen to those words. New problems demand study. Until the study gets an answer, your condition will be met with resistance and even ridicule. Trust yourself, Treat yourself. You are the only one living with yourself 24/7. You are your best doctor.

  97. Hello,

    After seeing the images of ropeworms, I am very keen to share a recent “harvest”, some of which seems to look much like ropeworm in its third stage “branched jellyfish”, other looking like … a fully-formed sea creature. See for yourself.

  98. Hi .. what happens if you put these in water before you take a photo? That will dissolve the stool and show what’s left behind.

  99. What are the symtoms? So I’ve always been very skinny for all my life but unexplained. About three months ago i fell Ill and i nvr recovered up until now. Fever, nausea, dizziness and always tired and hungry. My doctor said i had a problem with my livers so he recommended a liver flush. On Sunday night that just passed i went to go number 2 and when i looked down low and behold a long looking wormlike thing had to be about 6 inches long i was so afraid i quickly flushed. Has been five days now and i haven’t gone back to the bathroom since. My question is do you feel the worms passing out? Do you have to pull anything out yourself? Heeeelp plz i am terrified

  100. If someone is using zapper, I was told that the rope has 620 meter wave. I don’t have one, but maybe there is someone who can make a trial.

  101. Hi, In response to the Dec 15 post, I simply used Vermox after I saw a … tape worm segment in my stools. I took two tablets, one week apart. I didn’t notice anything after the first one but two days after the second one I passed all these creatures above and more in one bowel movement. I am also taking a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb treatment and I feel so much better. I am no longer constipated and although tired and iron-deficient, I am feeling a lot lighter and healthier.

  102. Hi there, I accidently discovered these things when i took a laxative that was a chocolate flavored and you break offa square like a candy bar. Bought at rite aid. I’ll ask what the brand was and get back to you. Im the same height, i dont eat much, but this worked along w an incredible amount of pain,like contractions, thought I was miscarrying.( i had thought i was pregnant too, same symptoms) I’m in a similar situation but also have long thin clearish\ milky worms that have started to come out of my bfs hand a couple times, mine almost, it burns sharp pain, are in fat layer of body, can feel and see movement from outside , large acne bumps from worrm, that when I tery to pop the “pimple” its so painful and you can feel it trying to get away. Also in nose, corners of eyes, possibly eye, i believe ears ears

  103. They hate Starbucks! I only recently found out how awesome espresso is. So when I started getting gas pains, resembling a baby’s movement I brushed it off. Until a 10 inch peice of whitish green what I thought at the time was stomach lining appeared. I drink a crazy amount of coffee and other energy drinks. So I flipped out and ran to the hospital with the said stinky Baggie. I was treated for tape worms with no exam , still waiting for the results from the lab. I asked about rope worms, but the doctor brushed it off. I googled worms that eat poo and every other combo . Cause the first one I noticed had a fecal stone. I had an impacted gaulbladder when I was 16, I was too embarrassed to find out why. ( thinking back I don’t know why) That same pain came back with the gas bubbles . Could I have had them all these years? Now 26 with two small children I am in peices over this unoticed invader…

  104. Has anyone using zapper for this worm? Is it good for that?
    And how you make coffee eneema, how much coffee in 1,5 litre of water?

  105. wow – I cannot believe that I fell into this link about rope worms , as I have been searching and searching for anything to compare my issues to and this FITS the photos and symptoms

  106. I did a colon cleanse and got rid of about 5-6 feet of this myself. I called it, Condo for parasites” because I was not sure what it was. I found pics on Dr. Natura’s website where I got the colon cleanse and that is why I know it was related to a parasite.

  107. Please be aware that ALL science is a current event. Remember that once upon a time the world was flat, bacteria and viruses were unknown as the cause of disease, and Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures, was committed to an asylum because his observations that the incidence of puerperal fever could be drastically cut by the use of hand disinfection (Puerperal fever was common in mid-19th-century hospitals and often fatal, with mortality at 10%–35%) but he could offer no acceptable scientific explanation for his findings.

    That being said, how many of you have visited the EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES websites? Do you think the only concern of climate change is water levels rising and severe weather? Are you completely unaware of the newly discovered insects and bacteria that have never been seen before? We now have Powassan Virus; a fatal tick borne illness so uncommon that just eight other cases have been diagnosed in the US. The tick born Bourbon Virus, so named for the town where the first, and so far only, victim had lived.

    Are you unaware of the newly discovered Chloroviruses? A virus previously known only to infect green algae has been extracted from human oropharyngeal samples. These viruses have never been shown to infect humans or to even be part of the human virome and people infected with this virus have a 20% decrease in cognitive function! I suggest that you pull your head out of the sand and take a good look around before you criticize what you don’t understand. Or perhaps you can’t understand, because you too, are infected with a chlorovirus.

  108. I am on day 7 of the same parasite cleanse right now. Night of day 2 I was curled up in the fetal position hurting so bad! I have continued with the cleanse and have seen two of these that were small and then a day and a half later a long one (only half as long as most of the pictures posted here). I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease, epstein Barr and Mono…good times lol Hoping to get rid of it all!!!

  109. I’ve started taking Fossil Shell Flour and it’s been one week and I’m having success passing them. I was diagnosed with RA & test positive for lupus. I believe these worms were what has been causing me pain and false positive lupus results. It’s so gross but they’re coming out

  110. I have always suspected I had worms at times, especially in the last month when I had a fever for no reason. After searching the web i can say they look like rope worms, I seen one that was a noticeable round coil similar to what a Slinky looks like. I’m glad to have found this site, because I don’t want to mistake this for being the lining of the intestines. When I went to save the first specimen today it was always breaking apart, very hard to get out of the bowl, my question, is this normal to be so fragile? thanks a bunch.

    • It is very common for it to be delicate. No one knows what they are- they do have “different stages” from soft mucus to long string like ropes to thicker roped strands. My doctor said it is just mucus and normal, but I can only suspect that if it was normal I wouldn’t feel better once it was removed, perhaps I would feel worse. I think you should nonetheless go to your Doctor if possible, if your fever persists, just to make sure it isn’t something serious other than or along side with a build up of this mucus stuff, or whatever it is.

  111. It’s impossible to get them to believe it & see it, when it looks exactly like mucous already in our body. If you don’t have it, it’s hard to understand and see the similarities in each one. Just my opinion. I believe it actually feeds on, lives in, or uses the mucous in the body. I see the exact same shapes and stages in every body fluid I have. Especially, fecal, ear, nose, menstruation. It’s scary. My biggest fear is so many younger people have been dying of heart attacks and I wonder if these thickening blobs could possibly block blood flow. & yes, I believe it is passed from mother to child. Both my babies expel the same exact things down to the shape. I put a qtip just inside my kids nose every day at the top not bottom and if the cotton touches the mucous it attaches like a slug with a suction cup. Any person without this would just say it’s a “booger” but every time they have the same exact shape. It’s not the shape of the inside of their nose as I was explained to by one doc. How would it be possible for all 3 of us to have the same shaped inner crevice of our nose and ass. In my fear driven mind I have decided that this was created by whomever to NOT be detected. Which is what makes it so brilliant. It’s like a chemical welfare that’s undetected and killing us from the inside out and no one will be the wiser. Just my theory. I wish everyone well!

    • Have you tried Tea Tree Oil? I’ve been using it alongside with a coconut oil carrier as a disinfectant and it has been helping a lot. I use this for ear aches and for my sinuses. I’ve had terrible allergies since a teen and for the last fourteen years. As soon as I began doing enemas, I stopped needing my inhaler and allergy medicine. The first time in fourteen years since I can breath without a pill or inhaler.

      I also use organic tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano, clove, peppermint, and lavender oil, as well as a lot of other natural products like garlic, apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (3%) that can be used (in safe amounts). You know your own limits better, but I take baths with these oils after performing enemas with these oils. I have so much experience with this I know what my body can handle and how I feel following, like for me, using a lot of peppermint is never a great idea. It is extremely painful, but eucalyptus is more soothing so I use a greater portion of eucalyptus, and only a drop or two of peppermint. You should be very cautious about the amounts you use of everything and the combinations, and only start off with a small amount to begin to see if your body can handle it. With that being said, I don’t want to contradict, but include this: be cautious with performing enemas during a set regular schedule and always using the same thing in your enema. They adapt easily, you need to catch your system by surprise to be extremely effective.

      Also, if you are experienced with using eucalyptus in your enemas, try doing an enema before bed, and right when you are done, do one last retention of a small amount of liquid (it should be just enough to get into your intestinal tract) with a mixture of eucalyptus and luke warm water. Release if you have to, but try retaining as long as possible- there are times when I do not release and the next day I see great progress in my physical, emotional, and mental health. I usually end up expelling the day of improvement an extremely long developed mucous strand.

      I find that eating vegan helps tremendously and speeds up my recovery during what I would call a flare up of fever, stomach pains, weakness, etc. I love meat and dairy but it makes me feel terrible. Eating organic fruits and vegetables with organic juices is the best way. If sick or feeling weird, I cook with organic oregano, garlic, onion, leeks (onion variety), tomato, basil, thyme, and zucchini. I limit all my salt intake, this works for me, but maybe not for you. Eliminating grains or oats (this actually includes rice), and reducing my fat consumption to only flax seed oil is crucial. I sadly do exclude nuts. You may not feel cutting out nuts is necessary, but their high fat content taxes the liver a lot, and you need your liver during detox as much as possible, and if your intensities are inflamed, nuts are not the thing you want flowing through your tubes.) Four days after doing this without fault or cheating, my stomach flattens down (before the enema despite working out and eating healthy I never had a flat stomach- something was definitely wrong), the inflammation in my intestines goes down, my headaches disappear, sinus pain stops, and I feel limber and energetic. Of course, some may need to stick to this diet for two weeks or longer with routine coffee enemas as needed to help detox your body. Right doing enemas I do suggest to drink fresh organic juice to help replenish the minerals and vitamins you just lost. I know I hear so many talk about the miracles of pineapple and papaya, but they both didn’t work on me. Not even the papaya seeds. 🙁 Papaya is one of the most GMO grown crops making it hard to find organic grown. I would buy organic pineapple.) All I felt was full of sugar. I love both fruits dearly, but they didn’t give me miracle results despite them being very popular for others. I only say this with the intention to help others who haven’t had miracle results using these fruits as they both are the least weird approaches to helping aid in digestive issues, and eliminating parasites.
      Essential Vitamins and Minerals
      Try adding quality source vitamins and probiotics to your diet, namely iodine, Brand name Lugols 2% one drop three times daily in juice or water (this balances your hormonal system, which many with these same symptoms have mentioned are suffering), vitamin E, vitamin C (500 mg three times daily or 1000 mg a night), zinc, selenium, and a Vitamin B supplement. I have read that some commentaries believe that this condition feeds off of our Vitamin B supply, but we still need it to survive. So, I think as long as you are doing everything else right, this condition (parasites and/or the cause of the mucous buildup) will get weaker despite you taking Vitamin B. If you have any doubts, try your routine without Vitamin B, and see how you feel. Slowly incorporate a small amount for a few days (if your doctor allows or is okay with your circumstances) and see if there is a positive or negative difference. The first two weeks on this diet and routine was a roller coaster, but the important part is not to give up. Please be cautious with enemas, consult your doctor if needed, use your head, and never take anything that is suspicious or unlabeled, always use safe, trusted brand, especially when taking vitamins and supplements. And please disinfect everything properly.

      Natural Parasite Remedies –

      Diatomaceous Earth is awesome, but it’s effects are severe. When I took this stuff, I felt paralyzed even after enemas. I began taking too much too soon. I ended up using bentonite clay with psyllium husk to help get rid of the toxins. I would advise using this slowly. Be sure that whatever D.E. you purchase is human food grade, as well as the bentonite clay. You can research this stuff online easily, there are blogs and blogs dedicated to it, and like everything use your head and think before you take anything.

      Cloves – Eating cloves is okay, but just like Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), you have to be careful. Start with one or two and see how you feel.

      Peppermint tea with lemon- You can sip on this stuff as long as you want daily.

      Wormwood – Oh gosh, this stuff is miserable and gross, and it made me weak and sick. I’m sure it worked if I had parasites, but it left me with a terrible taste in my mouth (literally) for years to come and I was in bed for two weeks straight. If you have parasites or think you do, taking this stuff (it is considered unsafe by most in anything over a tablespoon) you should always do so by making it into a tea. You can grind it up and eat it, but that is unsafe for your liver, and I wouldn’t advise against it.

      Other things you can add to your routine for help:
      Castor oil packs, look them up if you haven’t heard of them, are something that help stimulate your lymphatic system. You need a heating pad (electric or hot water bottle), flannel square (your own from old clothes or purchased – they sell them specifically for this treatment), and organic castor oil. Many people swear by them, but I still haven’t felt a huge different. Perhaps I use them when I am very sick, and since I do so many things to help me get better all at the same time I don’t realize what exactly made me feel better. Either way, look them up, and see if they help you. I still keep them in my sick routine for an added measure.

      Emotional Support is so important. When I began this journey I felt very alone, but this webpage helped me a lot. My partner was very confused about my condition and upset that modern medicine was just feeding me pills, diagnosing me blindly, and not looking for the source of the problem. My family was very far from me, and they seemed to feel empathy for my circumstances, but they were uncertain if I was really sick. I seemed fine from 1000 miles away. It took a lot of inner strength and emotional determination to go ahead and experiment with all of these homeopathic remedies. I love science, I am a science geek, I thought modern medicine was the ticket, but it failed me for a couple of years. I thought I was dying and no doctor seemed to care that I wanted to heal, not to be on medicine for the rest of my life, and yes, I tried countless of them. For the first time in my entire life though, I have been a full year without antibiotics. I am not eating GMO’s, building up my health gut flora, practicing self acceptance and love. I have always loved eating healthy, but I wasn’t paying attention that health food is so much more than what the FDA approves. This experience has sent me through a loop, and it was easy to feel very much alone, and feel criticized. You aren’t alone. We are all on this road together. Once you start proactively trying to improve your health, you will begin doing things that aren’t deemed socially popular or even acceptable, like coffee enemas (even my super healthy hydro colon therapist is totally against using anything but water so I avoid talking about my enemas- she knows I do coffee and other stuff). Only you know what feels right and what makes you feel better, don’t listen to mass media and your friends or even your family who try to shame you away from learning about your body, though PLEASE don’t do any experimental stuff that isn’t written about in several blogs related to your issue with good success rates unless you yourself are an expert in what you are doing. You know your body though, and no one, me included, can tell you what feels good or bad, but you. Stand up for yourself first (don’t try to convince anyone, if you have to- stay quiet about your holistic methods with those you know will try to bring you down unless it your doctor or trained physician who should know for your safety), get strong, find a way to clean out your body, remember you can do this because the only other way is if you continue suffering. Remember that every day of believing and acting towards your health is a better day. Improve your mindset and make certain you think of yourself as healthy, breath deeply (get that CO2 out and oxygen in), and be happy about your body- love it and it will love you back (no but’s).

      After cleaning out my body for five months with dedicated detox weeks, I have improved greatly. I did have couple of weeks here and there of lapses where I returned to eating a full diet (I really wasn’t too bad, but I was eating animal products with dairy), and I suppose I was feeding whatever causes this huge amount of mucous and rope like mucous to develop in my intestines and body. I always come back to the strict diet and have to buckle up and get ready for major detox and some unpredictable pain fluctuations and cravings.

      I know the theories, and I do believe that these things are better out of us than in, but I also want to make this dialogue and issue safe for us to discuss without shunning those with this condition, but freaked out about the different theories, away. I know there are fervent critics out there waiting to slam all theories and dialogue in this group, but I have no theory. I have just my experience that I hope can help someone who like me needs support.

  112. Dear Gunnar,

    Your comments are logical and make sense and thank you for your contributions to parasitology. I have asked the same questions as you ask. They are legitimate questions.

    In fact professionals do see these organisms, whatever they are, as they perform colonoscopies, and other examinations of the human body, and have apparently dismissed them as “mucous”, lymphoid aggregates, and such. They are visible in various stages on youtubes of colonoscopies. Some of the videos may be argued to be other items, but not all of them. it is suspected that they break down fairly quickly in the deceased. I tried on the intestinal lining theory for several months when I started finding these organisms and finally discarded it as I continued to see the same genetic structure over and over again in so many of the organisms, partly depending on the stage they were in, (a wrinkly enlarged head, with a central thicker often darker spot, occasionally a dab of blood, which went out into a long filmy tail with ropey strands.) And I found other structures as well, tubes or wrinkled tubes that ranged from 3/8″ around to over an inch around. And other structures, usually very mucousy/slimey in the earlier stages particularly. Was some of what I saw intestinal lining? Over the 19 months that I have observed these organisms often 4 times a day it is possible that some of them may have been intestinal lining if the lining indeed sheds, but most of them were definitely not, and I tried hard to prove that theory to myself.

    I call these items “wormlike organisms” and they appear upon my own cursory testing to contain “real” roundworms, and other parasites, as well as countless toxins and infections/fungus, mycoplasms, bacteria, viruses, etc. but what they are exactly is still “unknown”. But they are real. Come check out my refrigerator.

  113. For whatever reason medical Drs are not taught how to deal with parasites. Which is the root of almost all diasease. People diagnosed with cancer all had parasites. In the blood or intestines or the muscles. I have only ran across one sure thing to eliminate parasites. And that is Diatomaceous Earth. Keeping an alkaline diet and a body that is not acidic. Consuming warming foods. Cayenne pepper, cinnamon or supplements etc. Coconut oil. Oh and papaya seeds (unless you can swallow them whole you can blend them in smoothies as seeds have a spiciness to it.) They dislike anything warming and can not hold onto walls coated with oil. Parasites exsist in a cold damp enviroment. If you make them dislike the enviroment they will leave. I have never seen rope parasites myself. Just the ones that look like a top layer of skin was peeled off a green leaf left floating in the toilet after a pre colonoscapy drink (the Dr didnt see anything during the test though). And rolled up tomatoe skins or like the skin off a red potatoe. Seasame seeds, broken corn, and white rice on stool. Red toothpick looking things poking out. White balls of stringy stuff (candida?) And after DE wwas consumed I was passing long thin yellow mucousy strings. And with the Dr Clarke wormwood cloves and black hull walnut and the diet I still was never truly rid of my parasites. Thankfully DE changed that.

  114. Here is whole long interview of one of the resercercers about the rope worm. They are also wondering exact the same thing. But these came out of the Dr himself so he started the research!
    I have been fighitng with this unknown parasite for years.Which turn out to be rope worm. They are coming out in enemas daily. Now I will go on this cure cause people report having being able the remove the big worm with this.


    • That’s what I feel like! Like there is a big one I just can’t get to! Tons of big,small, and tiny for months now. So there are success stories out there? I would love to hear from someone who had won this war. I see tons of “this helps…” and “I’ve been doing this for x number of years…” but no one saying they’re done. I really hope there is a light at the end of this disgusting tunnel.

  115. I got some out as well . I have suffered this rope worm fors so many years and been so so sick. One mucose and one other. have the same structure as you discribed.

  116. Yes it’s normal to be so fragile. can’t get them out of toilet bowl as the break so easy. But then they become more rope like and stronger.

  117. I have and pass a lot of these rope worms, I have been to my Dr. and they don’t want to believe anything about what I am telling them, they sent me for lab work and of course it came back negative, so they have written me off. I called my Humana and they said they are unable to locate any studies that are approved so they were of no help to me.
    I put a sample in the refrigerator in a plastic bag and had forgotten it and now it has gotten fuzzy and grown into long reddish hair ? what in the world is going on inside me? lots of grinding and growling and gas.
    And no help or support from the medical profession, when are they going to get their act together and figure this out???

    • Wow it must have been very alarming to discover the hair-like growths.

      I never stored my ropes in a plastic bag, so I can’t comment on that, but those that I stored in water or alcohol completely dissolved after a week or so. So sometimes I think the ropes are just some kind of fungal colony or biofilm.

      But that long reddish hair sure looks strange. Since it did grow on it’s own outside your body I wonder if that also indicates a biofilm type phenomenon also.

      It definitely seems like you should clean up your gut.

      Best of luck.

    • You need to join Steve’s Images on FB. He posts about these fibers all the time. I just saw you post and it really connects these ropes to his theory of cynobacteria/fungi/morgellons. He has a protocol that is helping cure folks.

    • Howdy RCL,
      Your baggie contents caught my eye. The other day I was in my backyard, and found long black and white long hairs growing off the dog’s feces very uniform. I’ve had dogs for decades and have never witnesses hairs growing off feces. I thought it may have something to do with the recent rain. Super weird. Thanks for the share.

  118. I’m still new to all of this and trying to figure out what works or don’t but if we know of something these rope worms hate then couldn’t.. or shouldn’t we use that to our advantage and against them somehow?

  119. I am absolutely amazed at some of the comments here. I have a phD in nursing and for the last year I have been lost as to why I did not feel right. As an army nurse, I served in Japan two years ago and came home to marry my husband. I have steadily felt bad, no energy, and gained a small amount of weight (especially belly water weight) despite eating less than 1200 calories a day and working out like a warrior. I am now up to 30lbs plus from two years ago and since I expelled one of these worms a week ago, I have lost seven lbs. I have not been able to lose weight or feel decent for two years. I have felt like I had the flu for two years. While I am taking the herbal and medical remedies in line with my baffled but happy to have an answer doctor, I have continued to feel so much better.

  120. Hi,

    I know this is from a long time ago. But I have candida and been battling it for 15 years, it goes away a bit but not all and I am trying to heal my gut. I didn’t know that enemas could help and i want to try it. Did it help you are you symptom free now? Thanks 🙂

  121. me too – been taking photos of them for 10 years, definitely parasites – only noticed after starting coffee enemas – hospital stool tests were negative for all parasites, I have a million other types of parasites and worms too, so the tests are flawed badly despite digestive problems starting with food poisoning twenty years ago in a third world country…

  122. I have been following this topic, and the topic of parasites in general as well as health/wellness, fatigue, lyme disease, and more.

    I can say with certainty that these things thrive on high fat, meat, cheese, dairy and animal products of all kinds. They do NOT like raw fruits and vegetables. The fibre, essential oils and astringent properties of many fruits are anti-parasitic. The sugar is not an issue. Visit Vegan Fruit Detox group on facebook, there are people getting rid of parasites, ropeworms and all sorts of illness on a high fruit diet, with some herbs.

    Dr. Robert Morse ND, detoxification specialist has also treated people of numerous chronic and “terminal” diseases on a high fruit diet.

    Parasites thrive on FAT, not sugar. Fruit up!

  123. I have been a vegetarian for 20 yrs and have seen these suckers after taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Coffee Enema…usually only then and no more than 1 or 2 come out at a time.

  124. Hello, I am a 23 year old male who just found one of these in my stool this morning. I didn’t measure it but if I had to guess it is a little longer than a foot. I actually read through every single comment on this website, and every article on the first 5 google pages and I am very upset to find out that no one has even verified if this is a parasite or not.

    The only people to claim they have passed ones that moved have not been able to provide a video of this without some other explanation such as the water in the bowl trickling and making it move, which leads me to believe that no one has actually witnessed one move before. If we can verify that, it might be a step in determining if this is actually a worm.

    I noticed a few people mentioned garlic, and peanut butter. I have been having really bad eating habits recently (not eating enough, not eating at the same times of the day) but yesterday I made an omelet with a ton of garlic. The day before I had spaghetti with garlic in it, and I had 3 peanut butter jelly sandwhiches between that, so it really makes me wonder if that is what loosened it up.

    So far the only things I can confirm myself based off many people saying it, is there is a weird correlation between Autistic kids having them? other than that it is just shared symptoms such as chronic constipation, and other bowel problems.

    I have always has chronic constipation, and it only started to let up as I became an adult. I very rarely get constipated now. The only other symptoms I have are I sometimes take naps when I know I shouldn’t be tired, the diarrhea that came when I passed the worm and all day today, and I had no appetite today (that could just be mental) and one time my snot was draining down my throat and formed a string that I was able to pull up and almost jump rope with (an obvious exaggeration but it was very long, elastic, and rope like)

    I don’t know what else I can say about this, but here is a picture of the one I passed. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to answer them.

  125. Been suffering with all of it since mid 90’s, severe chronic Lyme 20010-14 with onset of Morgellons like Illness last year after starting a strict ant-Candida diet with garlic, coconut oil, cayenne etc. all it did was disseminate the parasites everywhere. I have skin crawling sensations daily and the same white stringy worms in my nose and all stages in my stool. Cannot get them to stop crawling all over my face and body. Not many of you mention the skin crawling. Anyway here are some pics. Unfurled and pried apart it was like a rope. And tough line a rubber band.

  126. I have 2 grApefruit in the morning and evening with sea salt and turmeric sprinkled on them and after an enema with liquid soap added I found the following on the bowl.

  127. I did couple of enemas (plain water, little acv, one with wormwood,one with coffee)and even though i haven’t seen parasites or felt radically better i will continue doing them. i cant comprehend why cant hold even plain water (warm of course,or any temperature for that matter)
    But more importantly i wanted to post this to all of you who put to much trust in your “church fathers” or doctors.you see yourself getting disapponted by these men and women and you keep on going to their offices. Sad. Very sad. Now read CAREFULLY.

    doctor (v.) 1590s, “to confer a degree on,” from doctor (n.). Meaning “to treat medically” is from 1712; sense of “alter, disguise, falsify” is from 1774. Related: Doctored; doctoring.

    doctor (n.) Look up doctor at Dictionary.com
    c. 1300, “Church father,” from Old French doctour, from Medieval Latin doctor “religious teacher, adviser, scholar,” in classical Latin “teacher,” agent noun from docere “to show, teach, cause to know,” originally “make to appear right,” causative of decere “be seemly, fitting” (see decent).

    P.S. entertain etymology(true origin of the words)
    in my opinion parasites (para=besides,sitos=food) are demons

  128. I had a stool test done at the parasitology center in Az that tests for 250 types but it was negative. I have a hard time believing these arent worms

  129. If it is not worms what is it. I start taking vermox and after two weeks thing start came out of me. All the same as the above pictures. The first time I realize there is something was after it came down on my feet with the toilet paper. Other came out of my nose with bleeding. I take a hundreds of pictures. At this stage it feels if it will never stops. Its a about two months now and it still came out

  130. I started doing colonics 3 years ago when adjusting to a clean diet did not clear up my constipation which is how I discovered the ropeworm. I have tried every diet under the sun. I tried turpentine, borax, kerosene, massive amounts of garlic and vitamin C. Nothing worked but I recently discovered two products that I am using in conjunction and have seen the ropeworm is now coming out of me in pieces with the biofilm being ripped from it.
    Restore for gut health and Asea, out of Salt Lake City. If you would like to do your own research the doctor who came up with Restore has videos on YouTube. You can search Zac Bush. Asea is a multi level marketing company , but you can buy direct from their website.

  131. Sorry to say Dr’s do NOT want to face this problem and create awareness because if people start curing themselves and getting all better, then they cant pay for their fancy cars and ocean front homes and that’s about the whole ball of wax. It is extremely sad that so many people have died of illnesses through the years because of parasites taking over their bodies and causing severe illness and most dr’s so know about this. They will not tell you or anyone else. You being sick pays their bills and that’s final. I too have suffered with parasites of all kinds including flukes that look like tiny baby fetuses. I take a mixture of wormwood, black walnut hull and cloves and Im careful not to ingest any sugars. I do eat fruit and vegetables and drink a lot of water…and out they come and I am dead serious when I say I feel like a kid again after doing this cleanse. Tons of energy and I lose weight everytime. Parasites keep you fat and make you ill. Ya know, back in the day…. people were not ignorant regarding parasites. My grandfather gave my mother castor oil a couple times a month. It has always been known, just people are researching and becoming more and more aware ! Parasites live off of their host and believe me when I say when parasites are present, you are losing something….if it be nutrition, health, LIFE PERIOD…..they are taking something away from you and unless we rid ourselves of them, they will take over and make you very ill.

  132. I have had GREAT results getting rid of rope worms doing coffee enema and then a coconut oil implant immediately after coffee enema. Implant one cup of melted coconut oil (not hot!) lift bottom to allow to flow in and then turn on right side and rest for 15 minutes to make sure it stays in. This removed piles and piles these nasty things!!!

    Kim Evans has a great book called (I think) The Clean-Up Cleanse!

  133. You are so very correct about all tests coming back negative even when you can clearly see worms and eggs! The abuse and rolling of eyes and actual abuse I’ve endured from stupid doctors has been almost as bad as the disease itself.h

  134. I must say before last week I’d known nothing of parasites til I passed a ropeworm and decided to investigate. Last week wasn’t my best one to mention but I have been enlightened about the dangers of our common every day lives. Starting with our food! Anyhow, I’m happy to say I passed another for testing. My only concern is won’t detect the parasite(s) if they share the same dna but either way it’s a full grown one. The other one I passed seemed slimmer but I didn’t really take the time to peel it apart if it wasn’t even able to..idk. I’m wondering if there’s more or if anyone really can give me an idea of how much full grown pass eggs or how that works. I’m not well and have been experiencing burning pains in my stomach, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches, light headed, memory loss, anxiety, insomnia,etc. There’s a possibility I have connective tissue disorder. I have been diagnosed with asthma, copd, degenerative Disc Disease, scoliosis, arthritis, tmj, anxiety..just had my gallbladder removed and within weeks of that was bitten by a lymes tick but was treated at the sign of the bullseye. They tested for it last week and it showed it as negative for the lymes! So, that’s amazing! It’s possible that I have been dealing with ibs for years and didn’t know it. I’m playing catch up trying to feel better!

  135. This website blog/ thread is quite old…

    I passed the long looking one (on the tissue paper) today after doing a month on ERASE FROM ROCHWAY…
    the one in the toilet bowl came out October 2017, so 8 months ago…. I live in Australia… can anyone name the worms please??

  136. hello. can anyone help? I have had really bad diarrhea for about 6 months and have had strange things going on in my bowels. i have had small black seeds in my stool – when i have not eaten seeded food. I have had a lot of bloating, and did have constipation when i was on holiday 6 months ago. I have been to thailand, china, bali, Philippines in the past year. This photo today was passed with really painful diarrhea. I am taking a stool sample to my doctor on Monday. I hope someone can help.

  137. hello. can anyone help? I have had really bad diarrhea for about 6 months and have had strange things going on in my bowels. i have had small black seeds in my stool – when i have not eaten seeded food. I have had a lot of bloating, and did have constipation when i was on holiday 6 months ago. I have been to thailand, china, bali, Philippines in the past year. This photo today was passed with really painful diarrhea. I am taking a stool sample to my doctor on Monday. I hope someone can help.

  138. I used to get really bad Candida rashes in my crotch area. After years, they finally went away once I started using Mimosa Pudica which would eliminate ropeworms. I still take Mimosa Pudica each morning and night and I still pass the ropeworms but I don’t have the rash or Candida. Bizarre stuff!

  139. I’m curious and scared to know what this is, I recently discharged this and it terrified me because I’ve never seen anything like this come out my body completely on it’s own, no enemas no change in diet.

    • Might just be, but it looks much thicker than the ones I had, what you have here may actually not be a rope worm but just be the result of your bowel sloughing off a lining if you have used any bowel cleansing herbs, though I have had the so-called ‘rope-worms, but they are much thinner than this, but I have passed similar stuff to your photo during cleanses.

  140. I had a whole load of ‘rope worms’ coming out of me for years, with the classic knotted appearance at intervals in their structure and thought they were just strands of mucous membrane being sloughed off the inside of my intestine. I showed them to the NHS specialist anyway and was told they were definitely not worms (which was rubbish). I then took several courses of mebendazole anyway as a precaution that I bought from Boots the chemist and spent a few hundred quid on herbal medicines, and though I am not sure which did the trick, I have never seen another ‘rope worm’ passed from my rear end for a good ten years or more now, so even though the hospital ‘specialist’ assured me there are no such things as rope worms, and that I had not got any form of parasite, once I purchased treatment for myself that the doctors would not bother to prescribe me, these ‘rope worms’ have never been seen again.

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