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  1. My naturopath diagnosed me with ropeworms. He recommended Gubarev’s protocol. These are daily enemas for 18 months. First of all, I don’t think a daily enema for that long is healthy as enemas are addictive. I think it is dangerous and could cause alot of damage. I need more conclusive evidence I have this and there must be another way for my body to rid itself of these worms if in fact I do have them. Isn’t there a tea or something to drink. If enemas are the only way, how many times per week could I get by with this once or twice seems enough for me. There must be more infor out there to address treatment for ropeworm. Please help, as we are getting ready for me to begin treatment.
    Thank you for listening.

    • Good thing youre an expert susan.good job correcting the guberev protocol.what does he know anyway?btw,you must be an american right?

    • Hi Susan,

      I have been doing organic dark roast coffee enemas for almost 9 months now with a BRILLIANT success. I do one a day first thing when I wake up. I have passed rope worms, liver flukes, TWO tape worms, gardia and so much more I can’t even identify. It has relieved me of brain fog, PMS, anger, irritation, itchy scalp, lethargy and the list goes on. I would say your Naturopath knows 100% what he or she is talking about. If you research hard enough you will see that enemas have been around for hundreds of years treating many ailments. Kerry Rivera a doctor has treated many autisitic children with daily enemas and so have doctors with cancer patients. Anything is addictive if you make it in your mind to be so. I have also had great success with Humaworm and Organic Olivias protocols. I believe I have Candida and Rope worms due to a Gardasil shot I had when I was 17. Also I may have some heavy metal poisoning. Anyways, I would say you super safe doing enemas every day for as long as need be. Best of luck to you.

      • HI Britt,
        I have a question for you, I also have rope worms which is being caused by allot of different things going on in my body at the moment, my Dr thinks i could have Lyme, and a co-infection of just a co-infection..my symptoms for years have been severe pain in my feet, now moving up my legs, and extreme fatigue. When i found the first rope worm i was excited thinking i had discovered the problem, only to learn this is just a symptom of the greater issues going on. Ever since starting a homeopathic protocol to deal with parasites, antimicrobial, and fungal issues, i have been passing about two or three ropes a day for a total of 2 months, so maybe 100 so far? (after a coffee enema) but i have been feeling so so much worse in every way, i am just exhausted each and every day and my pain is all worse..did you expereince feeling worse before gettting better?? Also i have been reading that the coffeee enemas are really not that good for us, becuase they make the body acidic and that a much better detoxifier which is loaded with nutritian is to do wheatgrass enemas, The Hipocrates ceneter in florida has a good video on this protocol and their reasoning for not doing coffee is really strong. They are also a really well respected. I will try the wheatgrass to see if it expels the ropes, but i think the protocol i am on is also killing them and maybe they would be coming out anyway regardless of the enema or not, the enemas make them come out on their own without being embedded in the stools so it makes them easier to see, but i do think the protocol is making them come out as well. Did you or anyone else on this forum feel worse for a long time before feeling better?

        • remove gluten for a few weeks, which is more difficult than it sounds. i’ve got a list of problems ranging from fibromyalgia, rope worms, brain fog, exhaustion, etc. that have been worsening for years. originally told it was intestinal lining not a worm. i didnt start getting my mental faculties back til i removed gluten and highly reduced corn intake from my diet. think it has something to do with the worms latching on and opening a path to the bloodstream.

      • I agree. Bio in drops will kill these parasites. Follow your naturopath doctors orders. Light roast organic coffee enema daily in am then biocidin drops in water enema at every evening, MMS chlorine dioxide us as excellent as Biocidin. Both are effective. Probiotics VSL3ds on ebay is vital for life, 900 billion. Get on board and no more fear!

      • Hello ! I just saw your message,I do also enema each day, passing ropeworm as well… EVERYDAY ! I do it with clear water. I was wondering if I’ll use probiotics.

    • I do daily enemas. I have passed many rope worms. Still coming. Enemas are not addicting. They gave me my health and vitality back. I have stopped at times and haven’t had any issues with elimination. Better than ever before. I am 50. I can’t say enough about Coffee enemas

    • Pure gum spirits of turpentine- i have been taking with castor oil for 2 months and getting rid of these worms weekly and thru my nose. I also do coffee enemas with it- every other day…I use Diamond G forest Turp.

  2. I believe they are a man made bio weapon, but I mean morgellons, not just the worm. I also believe that GMO foods are a big part of it. I think there are many different aspects at work, the worm being a big part. And I DO NOT believe that this is a part of evolution. That being said, I am not a researcher, just a 6 year victim.

    • Charlie! I have been passing worms for 8 weeks of 6 kinds! I’ve had 5 colonics and watched them go and had them come out. That’s how I first found out that the 8 years of hell I’ve walked, sick as a dog chronically, suddenly allergic to gluten in 2010, then dairy, then sugar. The chronic pain. The candida.
      So I passed a huge rope worm. It was very thin though and had no rope.
      BUT then 3 weeks later, after becoming so sick I couldn’t get out of bed, had a 5th colonics and had nests the size of walnuts come out.
      I left feeling so much better and was back to living.
      But the next day I passed nothing but light brown stuff and in it were these slimy things with eyes!!!
      Seeing your pic I almost fainted! Those were the things with eyes that came out for 2 days!!
      Did you ever come to a conclusion on this?

      • Chrissy,

        Basically, all I know is I feel better as I get all this stuff out of me. Like you it has been various kinds. I initially had a great deal of liver flukes. I think I’m mostly past the flukes however there are still some small ones that come out. I’m becoming more familiar with my signs and symptoms. I pretty much know when I’m about to pass one as I feel pretty rotten and then as soon as I have a BM I feel relieved.

        I’ve cleaned up my diet over the last several years and I’m hardcore organic. I’ve also been taking very strong anti parasitic herbs (first humaworm and the barefoot’s herbs) capsules along with a tincture, including olive leaf capsules together with a strong enzyme regime. All this together has started me down the road of eliminating these worms/parasites and feeling better all the time. It has been a much tougher road than expected and not much room for compromise. Yes, I have done many coffee enemas and would have never made the progress I have w/o doing these. In fact, I would have never known I had these nasty things w/o having done coffee enemas.

        How many people have these and don’t even know it?? I would say many. And, most people will probably not do what is needed to rid themselves of this mess.

        I have attached another pic showing some other things that came out one day. I’ve learned to search my poop and I’m better off for it. Hey, it only takes a minute ;).

        • I’ve had something very similar to this every time I go to the bathroom sometimes it looks like shredded tissue and none of my parasite larvae OVO tests have come back positive for any parasite but these things come out of my nose my eyes my ears and my stool and it’s been happening for almost a year every doctor looks at me like I’m crazy I don’t know how possibly when you can clearly see these things. What did you do to tackle this? I desperately need help!

          • I am feeling exactly like you. Tests come back negative. I know they are real. I almost checked myself into a psych ward. But damn it they are real. I am seeing a homeopathic doctor. They are coming out. But this is an awful experience. Does anyone else find that their food immediately begins to mutate and turn to slime. I can’t finish my food because it mutates before ican finish. I have been sick for ten years. I was diagnosed with everything from migraines to lupus mono. The list goes on. Now they say Lyme. All stool tests are negative. I truly believe they are in my brain. I get them from my nose and mouth. The worst part of all of this is everuone not believing me. I am currently in a deep depression and very withdrawn. Feels great to knows I am not thw only one goin through this

      • Things with eyes?
        Just blew something out my nose. I kept feeling that I had a worm up my nose. The pic if it will download here was after it had been sitting on a towel for hours. And was just starting to dry up. Normal snot wouldnt last that long. That thing looked like it was smiling at me.

        • I have had them come out of my nose every single day I’ve had plenty fecal test done no over larvae or parasites found in my stool or so they say but I showed doctors these pictures and they act like I’m crazy when you can obviously see that it’s a worm I even tell them that my dog has worms and that I figured I got them from her so I will post them here and you all tell me what you think type of worm this is if it’s a rogue worm or a tapeworm or what it could possibly be whatever it is it’s absolutely disgusting and I just want to get rid of it. I’m pregnant now and I can’t get any help from doctors and I don’t want my baby to be sick I have to get these things out of me immediately. I’ve done diatomaceous earth wormwood all of the above I’ve lost over 80 lb in less than a year and doctors are telling me they don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have cysts fill of larvae all over my body on my legs my stomach my face and the answer is that I received are that I’m on some type of drug and I did just all the time as a drug addict and no slight to anyone who is but I am not so this is very disheartening to me. Any help is appreciated thanks a bunch!

          • My heart goes out to you. Same problem with doctors who are both incompetent re parasites, and arrogant enough to refuse to refer you to a specialist while engaging in the unauthorized practice of psychiatry–all while they fail to treat your life threatening condition as if your life were meaningless. Complaints need to be filed with Hospital/clinic admin. Medical licensing boards, and spouse/loved ones physically assault (this is justice, not over reacting) these charlatans for playing so recklessly with our lives. And in your case your babies life as well. Their callous, wrongful, unlawful/illegal, arrogant, cocky disregard for human life and suffering needs to be dealt with HARSHLY!

          • I know what your talking about cause just recently my daughter and I have been getting them SMH… Went to the E.R and Dr’s look at us like we are crazy.

        • I have had these for years. Tried explaining to my ENT. he wouldnt even hear me out. Has looking back no a it all is coming together. When I was having what we thought was a lupus flare up or migraine I also jada strange smell. Only i could smell cause it was inside me. Now that Ive had them in my stool and vomit I know it is them. Does anyone else experience their smell

          • Hello to all of you
            I thought I was going bananas , yes the smell and tastse in my mouth is embarrassing. Not to mention the eyes I tried to explain to a friend that I swear that my stool has faces even a bit of character . When i tell you these things look back at me almost mocking me. I beg of you please tell me what your doing to remedy this. As far as fiod goes , I had beyond a shadow of adoubt a huge appetite but now not so much . I really need your help with this 😭

          • yes i am i havent lately but made me so insecure but no one else smelled it and the bitvhes are coming out of everywhere and wait for it hairs come out like crazy to the point i dont know if its hair or parasite

    • Karen, I certainly believe that your theory is possible. We see now that our overlords are very active in producing “bioweapons” … whether COVID virus, Sars, MERS, Lyme disease, HIV/AIDS, enhanced ZIKA, mad cow, bird flu, swine flu and all the scares we have had on possible pandemics during the reign of Anthony Fauci and now comes Bill Gates. However, I have reason to believe the “gene mutation” theory .. and that this condition has long been with a segment of human population .. we do not know why .. if, perhaps, our mutant gene was “done to us” and perhaps generations ago when vaccines were first introduced .. we cannot know. I do know that Rockefellar medicine is masterful at being ineffective … doctors have been ignoring it until now, if it is a natural part of the biome of some by way of DNA.

  3. mine look like white 1 to 5 inches long floating in the stool.there are hundreds in each stool. I use one fleet bottle with clear water in it and they come out. 4 times a day. when I try to use an instrument to pull them up the inside o the bowl, they are like mucous. you cannot get them to attach to the side of the stool and cannot pick them up. they seem to be mucous. there is no feces. just this stuff.and the reason that I go to the B. RM. is because I feel pressure like I need to have a B.movement. but it is just aload o mucous.

  4. Yeah that sounds a lot like I am getting, only you are getting it much worse! If you find any answers, let me know.

    Have a good holiday season!

  5. That is a long time to be suffering. What difficulties are you having, other than the urge to pass them? Are you bloated, constipated, or feeling sick?

    Just wondering. Sometimes I think these things are meant to keep my body from absorbing toxins, and I am not sure if they affect me badly, other than make me swell up.

  6. Where are the results of the DNA testing that was said to have been ordered in January 2013? Have we notbeen posted because all that was found was human DNA?

    Until this evidence is publicly posted I am calling this a very misguided attempt to identify what is most likely human tissue, ie the lining of the biliary tree of the liver.

    Photos and theories are not proof of concept. DNA testing is, but why is it taking so long to reveal the results of the testing conducted over a year ago?

  7. I agree with you that it is a rope parasitical organism. Your description of the nausea etc, fits perfectly with my own experiences. They fit with the seaweed stage of the rope organism.

  8. I started expelling these when I began doing coffee enemas. One or two would come out, but always 12-24 hours AFTER the enema and ALWAYS associated with mucus. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been doing daily coffee enemas along with 2 water flush enemas (1 before coffee retention enema and 1 approx. 12 hours after coffee enema). Without fail, I am expelling more and more of these “worms” every day…always during the water flush and mostly 12-24 hours after the coffee enema. I am also expelling what looks to be intestinal wall ‘coating’, but tonight I noticed this coating was acting as a housing around what looked to be 20+ “worms” bundled together. I will continue with these enemas and report back. Also, I am starting small doses of pure gum spirits (pure form of turpentine) soon, so we’ll see how this affects things, if at all.

      • 1tsp of 100% pure gum spirit turpentine mixed with 1 tbs of castor oil. I take this a couple times a week. Not going to lie the Herx is pretty bad. However, I can feel the parasites desperately trying to borrow deeper if i take a 1 1/2 tsp of the turp. It’s defiantly effective. Wouldn’t take it consecutively for more than a few days. You can also up the castor oil up to 3tbs for a laxative effect. Make sure you have NOTHING TO DO for at least 12-18hrs if you choose this option. Also wasn’t the easiest task not freaking out once i started to feel movement in my abdomen that was unmistakably the parasites.

    • Try taking Diatomaceous Earth food grade. Level it off. But its 1 teaspoon the 1st week, 2 teaspoons 2nd week, 1 tablespoon the 3rd week. 2 tablespoons the 4th week, 3 tablespoons the 5th week. M-F and resting on weekends. Take it for 3 mos. (Go back to the set up after 5th week). Do this for a total parasite elimination. I mix mine in water 1st thing in the morning or when i get to work. And on empty stomache. If you feel stomache cramps and pains. Please be advised. When you are going to use the restroom. The parasites dig into the walls of intestines to avoid being carried out. They do the same when DE is taken. Do not stop using it for stabbing pins and needles feeling inside the gut. Its doing its job. Trust me. I started getting the runny nose, watery eye,s sneezing, flu like symptoms, which proved I had the die off symptoms. Increase your water intake with this product as it is naturally drying. I started seeing hundreds of thread worms and flukes. From mucus. To strings or threads very short. To toothpicks poking out. Some were red. Like a cherry stem. To rolled up pieces of tomatoe skins or what looks like red potatoe skins. To the longer rubbery yellow thicker strings. To the ones that look like bean sprouts. Once it looked like… a tiny ball of greenish strings. If you ever see broken pieces of corn, sunflower seeds, or rice like things on your stool, those are eggs! Taking the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse and diet did that for me. There is also a tincture you can take. 30 drops in the water up to 3 times a day. Best taken before a meal. I get it from my local health food store. Chucks Natural Health Food Store, labled “parasite”. Or you can search online. I believe ~herbs of light~ sells one called GI Tract. The parasite label one, I have, includes: quassia wood, fresh green black walnut hulls, fresh garrya herb, clove bud, and bayberry root bark. It is speeding up the process. More and more worms are being passed. You can add to this by taking cloves and wormwood in capsules. Eating these raw foods will make parasites run. They love a cold damp enviroment. And hate anything warming. Cinnamon, cayenne, fennel seed tea etc. Anything pungent. Onions, garlic, tumeric, etc. Anything bitter. Bitter herbs and greens. Dandelion greens. Eat raw pumpkin seeds, eat papaya and swallow seeds. Eat pineapple. Eat raw carrots. Anything you can not eat find a smoothie recipe and blend them. I turned vegetarian myself. As all fish carry worms. And anything from the pig also. Saved my health. TBH. All people diagnosed with cancer had a parasite infestation. And a highly acidic ph level. Keeping the body alkaline (7.0 or higher) will eliminate parasites which eliminates disease. Research all foods with high alkalinity. And how to make water more alkaline. Hope this helps.

      • That is the BEST description and advise – thanks! Our Holistic Doctor provided Parasite M – which has all the ingredients you listed in your post. You’re right…parasites are in way too many foods to ingest anything without complete awareness.

      • Your post is so complete and well stated – thank you – all these ingredients work well as we found in Parasite M from our Holistic Doctor. You’re right about all our food…it must be ingested with great awareness.

      • Very informative, thank you for the info, I been seeing these things for bout 8 years or so, could never find anything online that resembled them, then thought it was in my head. Bit time and again I would see them and I knew these were worms, look lately been getting sick to my stomach alot , stomach been off track from regular type stool, started clarkia which has helped me in the past, I had 4 heart attacks in 6 months in 2013 and I’ll bet these had something to do with it, also tired all the time, went to Dr about tiredness n joint pain , they could never find anything, but tonight after seeing them again in stool I looked up online and seen the pictures and its exactly what it looked like, I’m so happy thought I was going nuts, thanks again for all the info if anyone needs help or has questions feel free to contact tact me , Kris wstang254@gmail.

      • Hello,
        I have been suffering chronic fatigue, constipation, headaches,depression, mood swings, itchiness everywhere, hair loss. (Oh and an uncontrollable addiction to those round, white and red, hard peppermint candies) i was eating about the biggest bag a day, i would just pop them in my mouth instantly chew them. So about 3months ago i decided that was it i was gonna get healthy. Unfortunately, it was more of a forced decision, for some reason no matter how much i showered i had this really foul smell coming from me, don’t know where it came from but it was bad, i couldn’t do simple daily errands because of this smell. So i decided to get healthy. I cut down on the peppermints, drank lots of water, no juice or sodas, and i started drinking liquid chlorophyll, i felt great! My 7yr old loved the chlorophyll as well. Well a few days into this i had my first BM in days and it was bad, greasy, floating,pale stool. Then diarrhea, so i stopped taking the chlorophyll. And since then my daughter and i have uncontrollable itching, for both of us the worst is our back and thighs. For me on my right inner thigh and just the whole right leg. It feels heavier than the left for some reason, i started applying tea tree oil and coconut oil topically and when i do this sesame seeds come out of my pores, bunches of black thick hair come out as well. I started a colon cleanse and saw what alot of you are describing,in my stools as well. My question is how do i get rid of the ones in my thighs and back and leg? I also feel them on my face and neck, help how do i get rid of them? And how do i treat or with what do i treat my 7yr old? Thank you in advance for your time. If anyone else has any information please do not hesitate to share it with me please. Thank you one again. (I have uploaded a picture of my back, this was taken by my oldest daughter about a month ago)

        • Intestinal Lining
          I sent photos of my rope worms to a parasite research center.
          Got a reply that the dr. doesn’t diagnose from a photo, but my photos are intestinal lining, not parasites.
          I was told it’s normal for healthy intestines to shed their lining. Parasites are white.

          I assume coffee enemas assist in this shedding of old lining.

          Before, I was concerned, as having Lyme disease is supposed to make one susceptible to parasites. I haven’t worried about it since then, although I have done a parasite cleanse.

          • That totally looks like ropeworms! Not true that they would be white. They take on the color of what you are eating. If you are fasting they would be white.
            This is a great read.
            This morning, I found a bunch in my stool. the past couple weeks have been taking Diatamacous Earth (1-2 TBSP) daily on an empty stomach, 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt and lemon in warm water upon rising.
            Coffee Enemas with 1 drop lugols 5% and a pinch of Himalayan salt. I have also been on an iodine protocol for about 6 months. I worked up to 50mg lugols a day.

        • Is that a rope worm on your back? And is it a design? Or does it look like a design? What I see on your back is a circle kinda with a wave or loop coming from it and a smaller circle in the middle? Am I correct? PLEASE tell me

      • excellent description. I have been using apple cider vinegar enemas which also triggers a response. As yet have been unable to eliminate. I am thinking that a longer fasting period in conjunction with the enemas may well help to alleviate the situation. Three days isn’t enough. And only on water.

    • I have been doing organic Olivia’s herbal parasite cleanse and I have found many of these come out of me. ?

      I believe eating GMO food is the char of this disgusting parasite.

      I plan on doing a parasite cleanse twice a year from now on and will try my hardest to eat cleaner.

      • you do know that there is any fruit/vegetable that isn’t GMO? eat a banana or plantain that doesn’t have seeds the size of an apple seed? thats been modified (though many decades ago). eat a red tomato? orange carrot? baby carrot? any apple that is sweet? celery? lettuce? radish? kale? every fruit and veggie out there that isnt from some tropical island untouched by man in the last 2 thousand years has been genetically modified. im so sick of ignorant people who spout off about this GMO and organic crap when they dont know anything about it. a good example of this would be if you’ve ever had a garden and you’ve tried to cross pollinate 2 different plants and you were successful, that is genetically modifying it (GMO – genetically modified organism)

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

    • What coffee/water ratio do you use to brew coffee
      how long do you brew it?
      how much brewed coffee do you use in each enema?
      Do you use boiled water for the water enema and how much water per enema?
      Are the water and coffee enemas WARM temperature ?
      I am assuming a coffee retention enema is one you try to hold inside as long as possible vs water enemas where you expel as needed?
      Thank you very much

      My comment is in reply to Mark on January 13, 2014 at 1:19 am
      I think I replied to the wrong person. However, if anybody else has information on how to properly do coffee and water enemas. Please, don’t hesitate to write back.
      Thank you

    • Try food grade Diatomaceous Earth this dry the worms up from the inside and drink lots and lots of water, the result of this is no worm at all.

    • That is a fine catch indeed!

      Every day for two months, wow.

      Do you feel any better? Notice any difference?

      What protocol are you using to get them out?

      • I feel a little better but with the amount of “stuff” that i’ve expel so far,i would have expect to feel much better.
        So in a way,am wondering how many of this stuff are still inside me or are they reproduce faster than i kill them??
        I’ve just start(5 days ago) the Andreas Kalcker protocol but the photo that i’ve put in my post have been take while i was doing MMS enema only,20 activated drops in 1.5 quarts hold for about 10 mins.
        I’ve try also apple cider vinegar,4tbsp in 1.5 quarts but i don’t like the feeling and it’s much harder to hold those enema but they are efficient too.

        • Interesting. Thanks for your reply.

          For me also, I would expect my bloating to be reduced but if I stray off my non gluten/lactose/sugar diet it comes back. And it doesn’t seem to take long for these “ropes” to come back.

          Let’s hope an effective solution comes along eventually.

          • I’ve done a lot of experiment with my diet,I do have a lactose and a gluten intolerance,i’ve try a fruit diet for a few months,big mistake,i’ve try a high carb diet for a few months,another big mistake,anyway i know for sure that they seem to feed on sugar(any type) and for me at least,the seem to also feed on fiber so i’ve start a new diet few weeks ago,well,it’s a combination of 2 diets,it’s a strict ketogenic diet that also fall into the introduction phase of of GAPS diet (to heal and seal the guts).So i basically eat animal proteins,about 120gr per day and a lot of fats.No carbs at all,no sugar,no fiber,that’s the diet i was on why i’ve take the photo that i’ve post,i actually had my biggest “kill” so far on that diet,time will tell if it’s a good strategy!!

          • Try a fast for 21 days on a juice cleanse using foods for healing inflammation. Like ginger. And cucumber. Like celery. And a million more. If you cant juice… try it with smoothies. What it does to be on a liquid diet, it allows liver and gi tract to relax and stop working so hard to digest.
            Also. Try DIATOMACEOUS EARTH food grade. This can help bulk up the stool bind it together and get it out. And… Up the fiber intake ….supplement with fiber con etc. To use DE as a parasite cleanser. Do one teaspoon 1st week two teaspoons 2nd week a tablespoon 3rd week. two tablespoons 4th week and three tablespoons the 5th week.
            Stay at 3 tbs. Until 3 mos has past since you first started. This is mon thru fri on empty belly and mix in 8 oz water or oj. No taste. Just gritty texture. Easy to get used to. Research the health benefits of DE aside killing parasites physically. Lows high bp high cholesterol cleanses the blood. Gives us silica. And 14 other trace minerals. Etc. So much more.
            Dr told me people release mucous in cleanses. Because we are inflamed.
            Try a vegan diet to heal yourself from the inside out. You can do this temporary or lifelong. All I know is I am on a vegetarian diet. Anti cancer diet. And the Bible is beyond truthful. It is the way of life God intended. Meat eating is so rough on the digestive organs it’s unbelievable. Meat has pus and antibiotics in it parasites blood fat etc. It’s nasty. Milk too has pus in it. I drink only almond and coconut milk in smoothies and cooking. I have reduced a lot of discomfort by finding healthy alternatives to the problem triggers. Research yourself. Holistic Dr’s are the way to go. They understand parasites where as medical doctor is clueless and assumes one must leave the country to acquire these.

          • They say that while you’re trying to eliminate parasites you may feel worse before you feel better because your killing them and they release toxins into your system.

  9. Wow interesting you had to cut out many of the things I have had to cut out.
    Regarding the sugar, sometimes I wonder if this is not a mutated candida.
    Never thought of cutting out carbs altogether, though.

    I take a lot of probiotics to help heal my gut. Put some right into the enemas sometimes too.

  10. It does help one to analyse the structure of these things to put them in water! The blobs of mucous unfold into strings … Here’s another one of my “catches”

  11. Yep, definitely rope worm all the way. I, too, have had all the phases expelled over the past 2 weeks of colonics & juice fasting. It took me 10 days of internet searching to find Alex Volinsky’s papers. My colon hydrotherapist had never heard of – or seen such – a “thing” as what I described, and then showed her from Volinsky’s papers. Same for my VERY alternative doctor.This is both bizarre and exciting! I am feeling better, but feel like there are more worms and gelatinous “blobs” yet to come out….Belly is getting flatter, too. Thanks for your posts – comforting to know there are others experiencing this.

  12. Both times, 1 week apart, I expelled my gelatinous blobs with 3 foot rope worms around 4 pm and 5 hours after a colonic. The first expulsion was black and murky, but when stirred with a plastic fork, it was very dark green (bile???). The second expulsion was deep green like extra virgin olive oil, so I could see the worm very clearly. The gelatinous slime with each expulsion was about the same in volume and consistency….It seemed to be about 8-10 ounces of material. Gross does not begin to express….

      • i pulled one out 18 years a go and it was 44 foot long now i have one in my stomach.Looks like im having a baby worse than the first one

          • I so agree i’ve been expelling worms out for two weeks now with the Mimosa the best thing I’ve ever found such relief!

          • I so agree I’ve been on Mimosa for three weeks and with every bowel movement I still have worms coming out and all lifestages of the rope worm! I feel like I’ve been given my life back!

          • TY I have had no treatment for 9+ yrs..no one woukd touch this subject and I was losing hope. I have everything from parasites and all their friends..hair paras…any other suggestions pls feel free…again, ty 💘

      • Yeshayah: Tapeworms can be pretty simple if you go vegetables-only for a week or two and then ‘spike’ ’em with a 3000-4000 unit dose of coQ10. Jarrow formulas ‘absorb’ formula is really good. You’d have to take 30-40 capsules to hot up things for your worminator, and then about two to four hours after get a good salt water flush (oral salt water to induce pushing out the bastard and then yogurt later to stop the dihorreah.)

      • Hi there. Ran across this thread, I’ve been self treating for 4 years and finally found the absolute cure. Allot of herbal remedies and colonics/enemas will expel allot of worms and you may think you are healing. In fact all you are doing is waking the worms from their dormant state and ones left inside are going to get pissed off and rapidly reproduce as a life preserving effort.
        Oxygen blast therapy kills eggs and worms on contact.
        Not affiliated with anything, not trying to sell anything, just saying it is an absolute cure. I ran out and need more now and I am flat broke as I have been diagnosed with many things and have been completley unable to work but found the true cause, massive parasitic infection that the doctors do not want to acknowledge.
        The particular product I take starts with an H. Do not think I can name it on this forum. But look up oxygen Blass and when you find a product that begins with H buy it immediately! It’s rough, depending on how bad the infection/infestation. I went after mine hard and heavy so am unable to work, my husband is doing everything he can but savings are gone, our finances have ended completley. Take care of it as quickly as you can. Once your body becomes host to one parasite it will very easily welcome any parasite that would pass through a normal healthy person without them ever knowing they had it. I have documented 12 different varieties. I poo in a strainer, find one with the smallest openings possible. Rinse under hot water thoroughly and you will be left with your buggers. Everything that comes out will be dead. Hopefully you just have the one variety and you can rid yourself quickly. I was massively infested. Thought I was going to die during treatment but as I said I hit it hard and heavy, you don’t necessarily have to do that. Best of luck and I swear to you it works!! 90% of my diagnosed illnesses are gone. Not quite finished yet again our money is gone, cannot afford my order this month but I needed allot as I was so very ill and I treated my son and husband lightly just because of everything this powder cures.
        We will live on it forever. Please listen to me, please don’t think I’m affiliated or trying to sell something. This saved my life, literally.
        Best of luck.
        Feel free to all me anything, there is nothing at this point I haven’t seen or heard and have so many pictures is crazy.

          • yes, I used many tinctures that worked before trying food grade h2o 12%, be cautious it is powerful stuff. I had been cleansing with tinctures and coffee enemas for 9 months expelling an unreal amount of rope, round and tapeworm, ordered the h2o and only put 1/2 tsp in my enema bag and the die off was horrid after about a week the amount of huge worms I expelled was unreal. I then only used a few drops in my enema 2 more times and that was over a month ago and am still flushing out dead worms. So yes it works very well.

        • Please contact me. .. text two zero seven seven four zero five one four zero or e mail me “moreytftf @ gmail.com”
          I am very interested in your experience

        • good day Mary,

          I read your post & can relate. Over 1 1/2 years of expelling myself. Feeling very isolated with this infestation. My naturopath told me at the beginning of the cleaning that my brown/hazel eyes were blue. My eyes are showing blue now with the centre still brown and a yellow tint around the eye. I have been ellimating the most lately with breathing ,qi gong & diet. I have stopped buying all the supplies herbs, supplements etc, $ has ran out also. I feel nervous about your 4 years of cleansing & advice that the parasites are dormant & reproducing at a faster rate. I take my eye colour changing back to blue as my reference to cleaning up. I have stopped seeking advice because I have not found anyone who has experienced this level of crazy infestation. However, I have had brown/hazel eye colour since birth , I am now 56 years old. My thoughts and well being has been changing dramatically with Qi Gong & The Wim Hof Method. Thank you for sharing your experience, Love to know more about your suggestion of Oxygen Blass. enjoy your day Laurel

          • You have found someone now, for I have been seeing them for about a year and a half as well all believing me crazy. I was actually wishing I was I would love.to tell you about this..I have just to be brave enough for doctors. Strangest experience in my life.. Every part of me is affected…

          • This is all new to me. I thought since 1990 my issues were just Candida…I have seen them but thought it was just yeast infections.

        • Mary,
          Very interesting. can you tell me how long it took to get rid of the roundworm completely? I think I know what product you are referring to. I have been ill for 35 yrs. +!!!!! Can you tell me the dosage you used? I passed a white hard mesh like substance in my stool recently after my Chiropractor worked deep on my abdomen under my right rib cage & I did an enema the day before i passed it. the area was very sore until I passed the mass.

          God Bless US!!!

        • Hi there.. are you thinking H2o2?.. that’s hydrogen peroxide.. i am hoping you used 35% food grade..
          i just ordered some as i feel as you do.. blast um with some oxygen….if you are still looking i found a great site.. i’m not a salesperson there is nothing in it for me but sharing a good reputable company and it’s definitely affordable…they do mail order.
          pure health discounts.. google it.. and go to their site.

          • Be careful with hydrogen peroxide. Ingesting too much can bleach wherever it is put and kill you.

          • Be careful with hydrogen peroxide. Ingesting too much can bleach wherever it is put and kill you. That oxidizer could be causing some extra symptoms.

        • Hi Mary
          Hope you are doing much better, since your original post.
          I am also in the same boat.
          Hp is powerful . I am seriously considering it. I have flukes. Rope worm.other stuff …bad !
          I have bern doing enemas of every kind known to man and, probably even invented combos ! Lol. I expell but not get rid. I believe there everywhere and am keen to try HP. Did you say to put dose in enema…how much sorry?
          Much love and Healing

        • Hun, have you looked into heavy metal poisoning? They are attracted to the metal and is seems like you have some metal symptoms as well.

          Best of luck. Thank you for sharing.

    • I am so sick and tired of trying to get help. I was not diagnoicded with H Pylora for eight years. I sounded ? Crazy. Before I was taken seriously I had Colitus, crones diverticulitis ..herniated..had my lower colon removed..but my immune system was so worn out that I kept getting infections..that led to MRSA…Had to guit work. This has been gong one now for decades. I have treated my self..lying, cheating to buy anti-biotic’s from dealers. I am going to die. They work..I am desperate for a real solution. I only have one other sollutionwight now. I have enough to go to sleep without a wake up. I a sick of being called crazy..

      • Get some Mastic powder from Chios Greece this kills all bad bacteria (H.Pylori) in the gut, builds and thickens the stomach lining and helps keep good bacteria

    • I have been sick almost my whole life. Diagnosed with severe endometriosis in my 20s, had 5 surgeries to remove adhesions throughout my entire abdomen. I was born with a heart defect which was fixed when I was 6 with open heart surgery they also removed my thymus because it was 1988 and they didn’t realize how vital it was to primary immunity. I’ve always been in pain, everywhere, tired so easily, had “IBS” the last 20 years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, pancreatitis, chronic infections, thrush, ear and sinus problems, recurring strep, I had to stop working as an RN 4 yrs ago, only 35…. I’ve been having trouble digesting for a long time. “Malabsorption ” passing pills while, food while, nausea, vomiting, constant constipation, the last few months my bowels are exceptionally bad, having to unimpact myself daily, like nothing works anymore , my rectum and colon are paralyzed. The last 30 days have been the worst of my entire life. It started with a “stomach bug” 24 hours of non stop severe vomit and nausea and pain. Two weeks of so much mucous coming out both ways in huge strings that I thought had to be worms. I saved my “samples” finally I went to the hospital because the nausea and vomiting and constipation where so bad I was impacted so badly I couldn’t remove it. I had been on methotrexate a chemo drug for lupus for about a year and constant antibiotics so I was sure it was candida, still could be. Went to the ER and basically treated me like I was crazy but came back positive for CDiff which I was becoming toxic from, the impaction was huge rocks probably a lb worth with bright specs and mucous, the cdiff smell was awful. Spent 5 days in the hospital with no other answers. Nausea and vomiting continuing at home, I can only tolerate small amounts of baby food and water. Lights sound, al bother me and I can’t leave the house or do much of anything I feel constantly carsick nausea and everything makes it worse. Today I passed a “rope worm” about a foot long. Started doing Apple cider vinegar shots, drank diatomaceous earth, coffee and probiotic enema and a few more passed. There’s no need in sight and no drs believe me. I have 2 kids I can’t parent, I at least want to get back to functioning sick. I have severe night sweats, restless legs, chills, face rash, never ending symptoms and I feel lost and helpless. But glad the cdiff was found because it was atypical cdiff with constipation and impaction which would have killed me. I’ve done endless research and it seems I will never get better 🙁

    • I just recently found out about rope worms and I do have them. I have been doing a complete cleanse from something called RenewLife i believe, as well as added Metamucil 3 times daily, 2 liters of water and not eating anything too heavy or solid. I have never been so disgusted with myself lol I had no idea. I was just bloated and seemed like every time I had a movement, still felt as if it was going around some sort of blockage. I have passed about 4 lengthy worms in less than 2 weeks. Still have a couple weeks left to go with the cleansing, but it is gentle and is working great!

  13. Mine came out while juice fasting and getting colonics – the first one after 3 days of fasting and 2 colonics that week. I hope it won’t take 18 months. All things are very individualistic – so conduct your own experiment re: time and please keep us posted!

  14. Me, too, Marcus–having been documenting 1-4 rope worms a day for three months. I’m on a detox program with supplements and diet–high fat with protein and low carbs–no gluten, sweets, etc. Eating crushed garlic at every meal and doing coffee enemas 2x a day. But how many are still there? You are right–that is the question.

  15. I also have rope worms and my Chinese medicine doctor just discovered a herbal pill that kills all stages of the rope worm. I started taking it a week ago. It’s called Para Cleaner and can be purchased at http://www.herbsforever.com. I also am doing enemas and taking mms throughout the day. They are coming out at a massive rate.

  16. I have studied medical parasitology, helminthology and invertebrate zoology up to the graduate level. Additionally, I’ve grossly examined hundreds of raw stool specimens for parasites and sat countless hours at the microscope in university and medical laboratories examining slides prepared from human stool samples. I’m afraid I must apply a Bayesian probability and plausibility analysis to this supposed “discovery”. Millions of colonoscopies and intestinal surgeries have been performed worldwide for decades and nobody has noticed “rope worms” before? They have never been identified in millions of autopsies. The discovery of a potential new species of parasite typically generates a tidal wave of excitement throughout the scientific and medical community… Why are we not seeing this with “rope worms”?

      • Dear Kate,

        Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to collect and evaluate specimens.

        Storage for further investigation is definitely something that would be useful, though! If we learn of any such resources becoming available we’ll certainly let you know.

    • My colon is not working properly and I have been suffering for a couple of years. I started finding things much bigger than this after my stomach became really big, like impacted almost. My health was deteriorating starting with migraines, infections, swollen glands and eventually started twitching in my muscles causing involuntary bodily movements. I saw a Neurologist twice but no help. I had a bunch of gyno testing that came back clear except for cysts & lesions in my ovaries. I ended up having to do enemas for like 3 months to get my stomach to go back down.

      I am naturally thin so I knew,”This is not my stomach.wtf?” I could not eat for 3 months.Just did juicing. I mean alot of greens and vegetables.Soups ect to give my stomach a rest.

      I expelled things after awhile that looked exactly the shape of whatever tube it was in.I mean big but I hadnt heard about this. One day I was just like,”What Is That!” Found out about this and took some of th out.The horrible very strong odor that these emit is like death.

      Here are my latest findings that I am bringing to the Hospital today. I ended up so ill for so long, that I applied for help with medical. I am doing outpatient at the hospital, have had a colonoscopy where they said I have a tortuous colon in sigmoid and cesum but I dont know what it really means or what Im supposed to eat ect.Just got this diagnosis.

      • Cheryl,
        If you have breast implants you may have implant illness. You can look up Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole on FB. It’s a wealth of information.

    • I respect where you are coming from, but I see them in my stool. So they exsist. And I have had a colonoscopy. After my cancer, as a follow up to check for anal cancer which if, the type I have, came back, would come back in that aea… I was diagnosed at 30. I was told I am too young to have cancerous polyps. Yet the Gastroetologist found 2 during procedure. And removed them. He never said a word about worms BUT when I drank that clear liquid to prepare the colon. I passed a few “green leaf like” parasites. They look like you peeled the 1st layer off of a leaf. And tossed it in the toilet. I know the rope worms I pass are long, yellow, and rubbery. The more I pass, the less ridges are seen on my nails. The less yellow diarrhea, I have. The less dark circles under my eyes. The less bloating and flatulence I experience. the better I sleep. So you can study or research. But these guys hide in the thigh muscles, to the blood, to the lungs, to the sinuses. They all do not live in the intestines. And tbh, a colonoscopy is not looking into the small intestines in most cases either. Just the colon. And they get washed out with that drink. IJS.

      • So when these guys hide in tissues and organs not the intestines, when we do a parasite cleanse, it’s targeting them everywhere yes? and then they are expelled say from the thigh muscle into our digestive tract to be eliminated in the toilet? how do they go from an organ to our colon?

    • Well from all the research I have done on rope worm, I can only conclude that the reason they have not been seen or noticed since 2009 , well before 2009 I mean is because they very much resemble intestinal lining and mucous. I have them. Now. So I know they exist. But. I think b Cuz they produce so much slime or mucous they were in the past probably dismissed as normal intestinal mucous or overproduction of. And again, b Cuz they look like sausage casing or intestinal lining. It was probably again disregarded as food the person ate. These worms are also anaerobic, so they don’t move once outside the body like all the other type do. Also, if u r not specifically looking for something as a scientist or otherwise. U will not find it. So if a n autopsy is being done n the medical examiner isn’t looking for worms or a specific rope worm parasite. Then they r not likely to find it. Same w surgeries and everything else. The only way to find somewhere mg is to b looking for it. And when a lot of people turn up w the same exact thing in their stool n same symptoms, how likely is it that what they have is not real???? Or that they don’t know what they r talking about???? Food for thought!!!

    • DO U have any medical stories in the uSA?
      Im a desperate National Broadcaster, that is Cronicaly ill! for the past 3 years
      Seen over 16 DR, they have considerate
      mentally ill!
      lost my job
      changed y life

      • Early 30’s in MA here, sick the last 3+years as well. Lost everything from the ability to care from my children on my own, 75% of my once beautiful hair, my young vibrant appearance, two jobs, friends and family members, my precious unborn down to my sanity at times. Constantly sick, reoccuring infections, skin lesions that take months to heal, constipation close to obstruction, innability to get sleep at night and the most severe for of fatigue I’ve ever known. Not sure yet of the pattern of changes and forms but morgellon symptoms, fibers, glasslike splinters, blacklike specks, itchy head, sensation of crawling, moving hairs, eye irritations, bloating, loud gas noises, thickening skin and toe nails, drying skin, malnourishment despite healthy diet, heat/cold sensitivities, horrible larvae filled phlem, stools containing seedlike eggs, flukes and ropeworms by the dozen… it just goes on and on THIS IS REAL and it’s becoming an epidemic tragedy leading to suicide due to the symptoms we suffer without relief to the detrimental impact left by the way we are treated by the medical professionals. I refuse to give up, if the ones sworn to help us will not then I will use the last of my energy fighting for a cure,,, answers,,, or at the very least some effing relief !!
        The medical community has been warned about both morgellons and ropeworms meaning the second you mention it to your provider you have been labeled matchbook. Matchbook because it’s likely you’ve brought a specimen in a small container along with you as evidence for testing. The one thing you’ve been excited to show hoping it will explain your illness will actually be the nail in the coffeIf you brought it to ten different doctors to send out your chances of being committed are much higher than it is to be successful in having your specimen properly examined. Please feel free to reach out via this link with questions concerns or support. Best of luck to us all and may whatever God you believe in… pray for us.

        • I’ve been going through the same thing for 2 years every time I take a specimen in they say it’s just a fiber I’ve been doing my own cleansing and have gotten much relief tried herbal cleansing Plus albendazole . I’ve gotten worm medicine from tractor and supply and actually used it in my nose. And instantly took away the brain fog. Definitely was thinking about the Morgellons also. I found moving fibers in my Q-tips and on my body. I must have myself committed I was going crazy it’s so horrible. Also had neuropathy in my toes is gotten much better but it’s starting to come back at times. Just never-ending. Went today to have a biopsy of my nose I’ve had a small lesion inside that will not heal I think it is where the parasites are in the mucous membrane. Hoping something shows.

          • I will pray for you! My son has Lymes, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma and ropeworms!! I know the drill… MA is the worse state for trying to get help. NH or NY much easier. Of course you’ll spend your whole life savings doing it, which is what we’ve done. Mimosa pudica by Microbe Formulas is best thing for ropeworm. It paralyzes them and they come out without any problem or die off from toxins as they don’t release any being paralyzed. No cramping. Lots come out. So gross but it works!

    • The name ‘biofilm’ should be a much better subject to investigate instead of parasite like the worms we’re so used to investigating. Biofilms, also labled as ‘mucuosal plaque’, ‘candidiasis’, etc.. They’re a very interesting topic.. But these jelly-like worms are perfect examples of strains of gut flora shedding their cell walls, growing hyphae (going into hyphal form), making structures of polysacchiride (sugar-base) material, and catching food particulate and other strains of gut flora, viruses and the like in them. They can attach to the gut wall because they make a protien which the person’s immune system doesn’t recognize as foreign, and then they can stay in where they don’t belong!
      People are using different techniques to flush them out, but there’s some basic things that’ll push ’em free- changing diet, coffee enemas (lots of increased bile flow), herbs with saponins in (like wormwood), and some raw vegetable foods like radishes and beet root.
      Take a look at the longest ones reported- ’bout the length of the small intestine, right? And the girth of the things.. ’bout the width of the small intestine, and they look a bit like a collapsed tube?

      There’s the reason for leaky gut, sibo, etc! Anyways, wikipedia has some great articles on ‘candida’, ‘biofilms’, and there’s a lot on youtube.

    • Gunnar, My girlfriend just told me she had these rope worms so its the first I have ever heard of them. I found this website and have been reading. Personally, I have seen some of these characteristics in my own bowels in the past. I am asking you, based on your studies, about your comment. What is your point? that these have been around around forever and that everyone has something like this? Very curious at this point.

      Can you read “newly discovered chronic disease …. but a Dr Nikola Gubarev and Professor Alex Volinsky???

  17. For Psoriasis symptoms(10 years) I am on MMS enemas (15 drops in 1l water) and am having very good results sans the bloating that follows; for which, I have something prepared to eat post enema. Any changes in the condition at this point (4 enemas/1week in) are subtle but I’m anticipating better results with time.

    • Ash, I tried MMS as well and thought I would die……..it was horrible! Have you heard of hydrogen peroxide therapy? The one minute cure? Much more gentle in my experience, but just as effective.

  18. I have been in the medical field for 30 years. i have been collecting and preserving all the different stages for over a year ever since i had to stop working .. since myself and family have been failed by the medical comminity I knew the only thing i could do is research for my son to pass on to help others after my death….i have passed many of these ropeworms,, i have an autoimmune disease and was on supression therapy forr years until these things Hijacked my life to the point of no return,,, they are killing me at a alarming rate! …. my sx are : bloating, flatulence, coughing, radiculitis (inflammation of nerves,joint pain and rubberband like snap when i move too fast and detatch them, headaches, chronic fatigue,back pain, headaches, indigestion, hair loss, lack of concentration, insomnia,blurry vision, major skin rashes, (they are eating my right foot) they are causing severe sores all over my body and they are living in them weaving a basket like cover inside them snd they come out of my skin. they also come out my none and in my ears and throat. completely blocking my lasal passages and eating all the cartilage, sometimes i almost choke to death while throwing them up…… ETC> ETC>

    • Try tumeric, I made a paste with tumeric and oil put it on the sores with duct tape. I changed the bandages every 3 to 4 hours. It pulled thw worms out of my skin. I did this for about a week. I also take 2 tumeric caps once a day. So far so good.

      • for many years, I get a quart of crushed garlic twice a year, and eat an enormous tablespoon of it every morning until the jar is gone, about three weeks…
        it would be astonishing if I had
        a single parasite of any type.

      • Make sure u change bandages often because the adhesive is the feeding ground for aspergelious mold and is a major problem in hoapitals as a secondary infection after surgery and such.

        • Hi Jenny, I am so sorry to your problems hope you get better soon. I have same problems since year ago. Banging my heads to inconpetent meds is no use!. It is like criminal offence/ sin to have parasites/ zoonitc disease!
          I believe I have hookworms/ tapeworms etc from my unhygenic next doors ill suffering worms and flea/mites ridden diseased neglected animals! Cats tail rotted and fell off has eye infections dogs almost rotted. Ears are full of mites.
          Ywstday I Was bullyed by a new ( Cruel) Doctor in my Surgery When I took my big red bloody worms in a container which came out ib phleghm.i
          pleaded with him for a sputum lab test.
          He has no compasion.! He shouldt be allowed to be a Doctor and shouldv been a prison warden in very rough jail. Not a Doctor! not one word from his mouth!! Outright bully.
          My nose bleeds constantly as well as hwadaches.. And I feel very dizzy
          Why are people made to suffer so badly.

          Best wishes.
          Take care

          • I’m going through the same pretty much. Infact going turned away from local hospitals. .doctors are very under educated!! I spit alot which help some of my bloating..

          • Sorry about your condition but the right thing to do would to be call and report your neighbors for God’s sakes. Talk about cruel.

      • Seriously? This person just described major major issues. And you casually mention turmeric as if it’s a cure all.. it may HELP IN ELIMINATING SOME but highly doubt a cure all. . I have all the same ss/sx Exactly. It’s my worst nightmare come true… HIGHLY contagious. Almost to the point that I need a wheelchair … So fucking disturbing and far FAR beyond sad. H.

        • Your right turmeric won’t eradicate them. I have had test after test. Colonoscopy, endoscope , $ years and I can’t get any more help. Drs say I’m delusional and wont see me. God help Us.

          • I heard the liquor ouzo eliminates them, I shrugged it off, then tried it, wow, starting passing the rope worms out and feel better, this full moon no rashes and issues.

        • U and I both…but on both feet.In home,clothes,car,front porch…Everywhere? I work at a nursing home as an Activities Dir.,been there almost 4yrs.When not working at home with 15yr daughter.. My daughter and one person at work thinks I’m on drugs or going crazy…said it’s lint?What? I went to Dr…for I have no energy,can’t sleep(scare as he’ll of any bug,more less crawly worms all over me,inside me…my Feet??Hurt and I can see the outline of them in my skin…I’m 5’4 normally I’m 125-130lbs,well….I’m down to only 100lbs now,I eat,but have to force it..and my hair looks very,very Dull..no volume ,nothing…I LOOK and Am SIck.,,Dr. Could only say Give U scabie cream and meds to help sleep and eat,which doesn’t work worth a shot and he ask me to come back in few days for blood work,and he needs 3different samples of my stool?? I ask…How the he’ll is that possible? I haven’t shit in about week and I can’t eat..so how am I to shit? I ask about my daughter ,even though she thinks I’m crazy…I know for fact she’s infected…How could she not be?? These Worms are taking Over Everything we own ? She stays SIck with head cold,sinus trouble,headaches,and No Energy either..He said …Well I don’t know..,at least U don’t have lice and laugh?
          Couple months ago at work I notice the little white heads pretuding out of a couple of my residents pants on upper thighs…I ,at time thought,darn. How can they have so much dandruff…so bad it’s on pants and their wheelchairs… Not saying I got this from them,but I need or would like to know….HOW ONE GETS THESE Parasites? How to get rid of them in Daughter,Residents(work)my home,car,porch,etc.,Everything? I can’t even wear shoes really…They All contain worms…even a brand new pair…FOR I AM AND I FEEL I AM A WALKING PARASITE…THEY FALL OFF OF ME,CRAWL IN ME,ON ME EVERY SECOND IM AWAKE.. AND LASTLY. THESE WORMS TEND to take a piece of thin grass look when I see them on my porch,Especially my car and carpet… even though I know they can be small,thin,long,white,black in color and shApe,etc. HELP!!ADVISE?ANYTHING PLEASE.THANK U

          • Contact Dr Yurkovsky at http://www.info@yurkovsky.com he will help you. North of New York but there are other practitioners in the USA trained by the Dr. as I am in New Zealand. In my practice http://www.bioresonanceclinic.co.nz I find 80% plus of people have a multitude of different parasites – they are treatable – the symptoms vary considerably with each person – clients presenting with parasites coming out their nose, eyes, skin etc colitis, bloating, gas, anemia are just a very small part of their symptoms

          • GO AND DO HYPERBARIC 100% OXYGEN THERAPY. Read up on it. I’m going to try ivermectin in about 2 weeks

          • Hello did you ever find out what it was? I had the same thing about 5 years back it was absolutely the worst nightmare of my life.. I did some dmso iv treatments that really helped bring me around.

          • I am sorry for all of us. That’s no body believe us. So you start pulling away. Last year I left my home only 6 times. All to dr. O. We get our hopes up and never
            Even get a chance to say something. you take samples and you stop it. you clean and clean and you have a good day or 2 and you will get a new pain and fear of being sick and you have nothing left to try. Thats my life

        • Your photo looks like what I’ve been dealing with past 2 years my whole arm and one major on my forehead. It’s insane!!!! Thank u for posting pic!

        • I’ve been passing rope worms for years now (only recently found out what they are).
          I seem to have symptoms for several illnesses including Ropeworms, Lyme, Morgellons and several co-infections. I’m bed ridden many days and very fatigued and weak almost all the time. It was getting so bad that I barely got out of bed at all.

          About six months ago, I happened upon a product called Biofilm Phase-Two Advanced and started seeing results almost immediately. Until then I was not having much success. About 4 months in, I added Bell Immune Defence, and Now Liver Refresh, along with a herbal dewormer similar to Humaworm. It’s unbelievable how much garbage I’m flushing out of my system. I can’t take them all everyday because my Herx response is too much so I alternate but always take the Biofilm product. I started with the Biofilm product then about 6 weeks later I added the Liver detox and Deformed, then the Immune booster.

          I have no medical training so this info is based solely on my personal experience. And please know that I have absolutely no ties to these products. They’re simply the best products I’ve tried to date, and I’ve been at this for over 5 years.

          I’m far from healed but the difference in my skin and cognitive abilities is considerable. I hope this is of some help to you.

          • I’ve been dealing with the same issues . Drs are not trained for parasites. I’ve been using basically 4 products. Gundry md vital reds, complete liver support and total restore. Plus 1 md balance md.
            Since I’ve been doing this these I am passing a boatload of these thing every day. Definitely making a difference in my life. I felt like I was gonna die any second. Not quite done yet getting rid of these things . Can still feel them in my feet but making huge progress. I also have pressure in my ears that is venting. .I believe this is dirty adrenaline in my nervous system that is trapped.I was loaded with these things . Done with drs and their bullshit. They call me crazy too. Not so much!

        • Fast.

          Fast until the sores disappear.

          Your poor diet created this, starve them out.

          Healthforce products also help; intestional drawing formula, movement formula and scram.

        • Fast.

          Fast until the sores disappear.

          Healthforce makes products to help cleanse; scram, intestional movement and drawing formula.

    • Your symptoms exactly match those of people who are chronically exposed to water damaged buildings. Toxic mold exposure will totally trash your immune system, cause auto-immune illnesses, and allow parasites and pathogens to take you over. You may want to go read survivingmold dot com to see if you feel you fit the profile.

      • I agree. I have these rope worms too. I worked in a water damaged building ten years. When I came back to work, after a month long vacation, the building was under construction. I became anaphylactic and then very sick with bloating (my feet quadrupled in size), I had blisters and rashes, lost peripheral vision, got double vision and paralysis of my left eye, got mixed connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic pain and inflammatory syndrome, thyroid cancer, biliary dyskinesia, hyperhidrosis, headaches, bloating and abdominal pain and frequent sinusitis. Most recently I contracted Lyme. There was a responsible on the building an it did come back positive for aspergillus, which was not found outside of the building. I then contracted lyme and now am suffering from autonomic problems, the worst of which is profuse acute onset of heat in face followed by dripping sweat, hot and cold within moments. I am also heat and cold intolerant. I now have a compromised immune system with a very low IgG2. I use to have some good days but now I do not. I cannot loose weight even though I have become vegan. I have no energy. But I do have these rope worms. I recently started excreting them after a series of colon cleanses done with magnesium sulfate (the drinks). Also, after about two months of using glutathione, high doses of liposomal vitamin C and a tablespoon of coconut oil. The ones I excreted after the colon cleanse appeared to me to be just excrement that may have been lining the walls. They were expelled with a lot of gas. Last week I started another regimen of a compounded herb called artiminisin and also mimosa pudica. The reason I started this again (i used it to get rid of Lyme) was because I was having the bone aching and flu like symptoms, and rashes on my face and under my chin, as well as heat coming odd my upper thighs and abdomen. I thought maybe the Lyme was back but yesterday and today I’ve had strange cramps in the upper intestine.and strong urges to defecate multiple times a day. I noticed a putrid, nasty smell and looked in the toilet to find these mucous-looking rope-like things, but this time they were not dark brown but more clear, like mucous. I’m glad I found this site because I had no idea what.was happening to me. I still have the heat in my abdomen and lots of joint aching and pain. Last week I had a breakout of biopsy confirme herpes, which I have never had before. Water damaged buildings are killers! It has to do with the type of wallboard we use now in more modern buildings. It creates a toxic soup that wreaks havoc on the immune system. I recommend the book SURVIVING MOLD by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.

        • Corrections:
          …there was a test (not responsible) done on the building…

          …a tbsp of coconut oil per day.

          …heat coming off (not odd) my abdomen…

          ….biosy confirmed herpes…

        • The Epstein Barr virus is part of the herpes family. Have the doctors checked you for that virus? My friend and I both have fibro and ebv. I have mold issue in my apartment. She used to have a mold problem until she recently moved. She’s been doing a ton of dieting fasting cleansing exercising and lost a ton of weight. She started a fast and then cleanse within the last few days and is now excreting these rope worms. We think fibro ebv and worms maybe all connected? Then even all of that connected to GMOs. I read that the GMOs we eat mix with our dna and produce these rope worms! Scary thought!!!! This is all so bizarre. I’m scared to find out if I also have them as her and I have the same symptoms more or less, which also sound like your symptoms….

          • All good to know, thank you.
            I also have a theory. I believe that all arthritis is some sort of parasitic worm. I Googled rheumatoid arthritis one day Just to see what came up because a thought popped into my head on day, that i bet arthritis is not what they’re saying it is.. which is just inflammation of the joints and tendons and tissue, which affect the nerves as well but what I read was disturbing…
            Of course ever since then I haven’t been able to find that same information. But it said that this type of arthritis is contagious. If you are in close contact with someone or have others that you live with.. They even said that basicly anyone that you live with, can contract it as well.
            I hate Drs. They’re just like our Government. Lying to everyone. I’ve been dealing with this horrible debilitating disfiguring life taking killer since 2009. I have every SS/SX and then some. I’m almost to the point of having to get a wheelchair. They’re eating me alive. I’ve yet to find even one Dr. that will help me. They ALL label me as DILUSIONAL, even an ER Dr. went as far as to put in my medical record that I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, thank you very much! Not the case here. It’s rather funny, The only Dr. that HAS confirmed I do have a parasitic worm, is my psychiatrist..(who I see for my PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I’m fairly positive that if I was Dx as paranoid schizophrenic, I would know about it because my psychiatrist would have told me of this. I even asked him outright if I was Dx as delusional or schizophrenic. He said “NO”. He even faxed a copy of my office visit with him when I first told him about it, because I asked him if he could help me because I was suicidal.. The REALLY sad part is, is the only doctor that knows something IS wrong, can’t help me because he’s not a “Medical Dr.” And I can’t get a “Medical Dr.” To help me because they think I’m making it up. WTF am I supposed to do?
            I Contracted this year’s ago and, had recently been awarded by the State Temporary Disability Insurance for the PTSD and was getting better, then this happened. Now, I’m permanently disabled. How hard is it to believe a grown woman when she tells you “I was on the floor on my hands and knees cleaning a area of carpet which my roommates dog continually pooped and peed on, and all of a sudden something popped between my teeth (I tried like hell to spit whatever it was out, obviously.. that didn’t work because 3 weeks later I had worms coming out my nose, felt very sick w diarrhea vomiting and severe stomach cramps” I must of told the Drs at this clinic I was going to everytime I went…. they said “Ohh NOOOO, you don’t have worms…” And was probably also charting “DILUSIONAL” in my permanent medical record.

            While showering one morning, I nicked my big toe shaving, maybe on purpose (because I KNEW what laid beneath).
            I didn’t realize at the time but I guess I nicked my toe and I looked down and in the tub was literally a 12 to 14 inch worm in the bottom of my tub! I called out to my friend to bring me the cell phone I took a picture of it. I would love to post it. I’m not sure if I can yet but I will if I can. I have them every single place in my body from head to toe. Migrating.
            I have no friends, No Family. I have no life I have no sex, not even with myself. I constantly have to clean and disinfect. And I can barely do that because of the pain I’m in. I’m absolutely beside myself. I would rather be dead than have to go through this one more day. I’m alone.. I’ve got no one to help me. I’m at my wit’s end but I’m just glad I found this site just so I can get out some of this stuff I never get to talk about. As far as I’m concerned I’m pretty much a goner. I don’t think there’s any cure for me because it’s so far advanced. if anybody has any recommendations I’d greatly appreciate any input. Mind you I have them throughout my skin and I can feel them in my temple area as well…

          • Turpentine and castor oil is good to for those who will struggle with the coffee anema, although is ,ent to be very good for healing. So many videos on youtube for these protocols.Im sorry sorry you a ee alone. This is horrible. Im alone to with my little boy. I really hope you try the turpentine and castor oil, im taking it now. It must be 100 percent pure pine gum turpentine.

            Much love ♡

        • I had many of the same issues and am currently doing the Gerson Theropy with much success. I feel better than I have in years.

          • What is the herein. I am addicted to Pepsi and smoking cogs and I have a hard time detoxing. Use to be alcoholic, one goof year. Then bit by spider allergic reaction, analysctoid reactions, stiffness, and fungal. Allergic to red meat. My quite blood count and red were done then bit have dropped. Sides and everything and spend. Never had allergies Before this. Whole body in havoc including mouth.

          • Turpentine and castor oil is good to for those who will struggle with the coffee anema, although is ,ent to be very good for healing. So many videos on youtube for these protocols.Im sorry sorry you a ee alone. This is horrible. Im alone to with my little boy. I really hope you try the turpentine and castor oil, im taking it now. It must be 100 percent pure pine gum turpentine.

            Much love ♡

        • There seems to be 5 stages of ropeworm, with the 5th stage occurring between 30-40 years. The origins are organisms in GMO white bread. What people call wheat belly is actually ropeworm because the large ropeworm cause a distended abdomen. They are difficult to get rid of. So far the protocol for an adult is: to kill the organisms, take 1-400mg albendozole in the morning with breakfast and 1 in the evening with dinner for a minimum of 3 days, or up to 10 days. The length is determined by bowel movement evidence that they have been expelled. Then once a week the same 2 a day protocol for 2 months. Before nightime sleep, drink 2 Tablespoons of diatomaceous earth in a large glass, 16 oz, of water, for 2 months, to heal the intestines. For the same amount of and in the same days as the pills, drink psyllium husks mixed with water, 16 oz., with breakfast, lunch and dinner to help remove the dead organisms.

          • U should maybe edit and make sure u state food grade dio earth. Some may not know the difference. Just a suggestion. Very good comment. I threw mine up i lost 11lbs in one day after treating my candidia infection firat then taking paratex herbal parasite cleanse.

          • Oh and also as an extra drink Organic Apple cider vinegar daily and of night. Tablespoon. You gotta start somewhere. Also changing the diet completely taking out anything with yeast in and sugar. Stay well away.

        • I probably have candidia to. I did. That was the how I did myself of rope worms first get rid of candidia it took two treatments i also attacked them prior using paratex order online. After the candidia was gone i already felt two hundred % better. Then i hit it hard with the paratex i threw up 11lbs of worms. I had to wind them around my hand to yank and tug them from their attatchment to my stomach lining. I filled up a half gallon of vomit and worms. My food was not digesting just putridying in my stomach because the hit ur liver too. I have still some small risidual problems that were created by them in the first place. I also keep on the paratex and also a probiotic supplement and two garlic pills. No return as of yet its been a month. My hands were covereed in blood and worms and it was scary their mouths are big. It was like a horror film. But i swear this will cure u. Get rid of the candidia thru ur doc then do rest herbal. Good luck

          • wow- this is insane!! I am expelling them too thru my coffee enemas..and bowels movements and threw my nose- it has been going on for 2 months- and im taking turpentine and coffee enemas…I hope you are feeling better after that- are you still needing to detox regularly to keep it clear?

          • OMG. That is horrifying. So glad you are rid of them.

            I have been doing a weekly coffee enema to help detox my liver from Lyme disease. I pass the rope worms the next morning/ every time for a year.

            Started on the green husk of black walnut/clove & artemisia parasite cleanse this week.

      • I have skin lesions as well. I recently took a MYCOTOXINS test. Came back positive for Gliotoxins, basically waste produced by aspergillus. I’ve been “sick” for 7 YEARS. I don’t know when I was infected or how. I’m sure I lived in water damaged buildings as a child, but our last home, a brand NEW home, had a leak in the wall in the master bath. Found out after 8 years living there. We moved in in 2005, along with 3 other families. They’ve ALL had at least one family member diagnosed with a rare, unheard of illness, including myself. I’m not just infected by Gliotoxins. Long story…
        I had a medical procedure in my sinus cavity in August 2012. Calcification had to be broken to complete the ‘ simple’ procedure. What was supposed to take less than 2 weeks to heal, took over 2 MONTHS. I haven’t healed right sense.
        My DNA has a novel genetic mutation. EVERY problem I’ve ever had, is listed under mold toxicity. RealTime Labs tests for MYCOTOXINS. Unfortunately it’s expensive, but in my case, TOTALLY worth it. I’ve been treading water a long time. My internist told.me I should’ve been dead already. I just turned 38. He told me that at the age of 36.
        Water damaged buildings are VERY serious. Not just buildings though. That STUFF, is ADDED to our FOOD! The aspergillus fermentation process is used for preservation. In MANY products. “Citric acid” isn’t CITRIC unless specified. It’s a chemical compound.
        Read up on MYCOTOXINS. You’ll probably discover that it’s likely most of our health problems today, are caused by them.
        I’ve had to drop gluten, dairy, sugar (natural,real, and artificial, including honey and molasses), peanuts, fruit, seriously limited carbs/starches. SO many things irritate it and set it off. They FEED off sugar and anything that makes sugar.
        People make light of water damage, but once it’s there, it’s there FOREVER. The spores are there. You can find stories of people having water damage in a finished basement, behind the concrete, inside the drywall. They had ALL been diagnosed with CFS (me also, and most patients with CFS tested positive for MYCOTOXINS in one study), all tested positive for MYCOTOXINS.
        It’s a serious issue that needs addressing. I’ll be affected for the rest of my life. Always hypersensitive to molds. And I live in the worst location. We have a ton of humidity and drastic weather changes. And we did move. Unfortunately, our house now also has water damage. So… Treading water! I’m taking colloidal silver now, hoping for a miracle before I go to an infectious disease medical study school.
        Oh. Antifungal cream helps with the wounds, but don’t overuse it. It’ll burn your skin if you use it too long. Also works even better if you combine it with antibiotic ointment. Epsom salt baths or a mixture of 1/2 cup sea salt, 2 tbsp Botox, and 2 tbsp baking soda in a bath draws that nasty stuff out of the skin, and is very soothing.

        • All good to know, thank you.
          I also have a theory. I believe that all arthritis is some sort of parasitic worm. I Googled rheumatoid arthritis one day Just to see what came up because a thought popped into my head on day, that i bet arthritis is not what they’re saying it is.. which is just inflammation of the joints and tendons and tissue, which affect the nerves as well but what I read was disturbing…
          Of course ever since then I haven’t been able to find that same information. But it said that this type of arthritis is contagious. If you are in close contact with someone or have others that you live with.. They even said that basicly anyone that you live with, can contract it as well.
          I hate Drs. They’re just like our Government. Lying to everyone. I’ve been dealing with this horrible debilitating disfiguring life taking killer since 2009. I have every SS/SX and then some. I’m almost to the point of having to get a wheelchair. They’re eating me alive. I’ve yet to find even one Dr. that will help me. They ALL label me as DILUSIONAL, even an ER Dr. went as far as to put in my medical record that I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, thank you very much! Not the case here. It’s rather funny, The only Dr. that HAS confirmed I do have a parasitic worm, is my psychiatrist..(who I see for my PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I’m fairly positive that if I was Dx as paranoid schizophrenic, I would know about it because my psychiatrist would have told me of this. I even asked him outright if I was Dx as delusional or schizophrenic. He said “NO”. He even faxed a copy of my office visit with him when I first told him about it, because I asked him if he could help me because I was suicidal.. The REALLY sad part is, is the only doctor that knows something IS wrong, can’t help me because he’s not a “Medical Dr.” And I can’t get a “Medical Dr.” To help me because they think I’m making it up. WTF am I supposed to do?
          I Contracted this year’s ago and, had recently been awarded by the State Temporary Disability Insurance for the PTSD and was getting better, then this happened. Now, I’m permanently disabled. How hard is it to believe a grown woman when she tells you “I was on the floor on my hands and knees cleaning a area of carpet which my roommates dog continually pooped and peed on, and all of a sudden something popped between my teeth (I tried like hell to spit whatever it was out, obviously.. that didn’t work because 3 weeks later I had worms coming out my nose, felt very sick w diarrhea vomiting and severe stomach cramps” I must of told the Drs at this clinic I was going to everytime I went…. they said “Ohh NOOOO, you don’t have worms…” And was probably also charting “DILUSIONAL” in my permanent medical record.

          While showering one morning, I nicked my big toe shaving, maybe on purpose (because I KNEW what laid beneath).
          I didn’t realize at the time but I guess I nicked my toe and I looked down and in the tub was literally a 12 to 14 inch worm in the bottom of my tub! I called out to my friend to bring me the cell phone I took a picture of it. I would love to post it. I’m not sure if I can yet but I will if I can. I have them every single place in my body from head to toe. Migrating.
          I have no friends, No Family. I have no life I have no sex, not even with myself. I constantly have to clean and disinfect. And I can barely do that because of the pain I’m in. I’m absolutely beside myself. I would rather be dead than have to go through this one more day. I’m alone.. I’ve got no one to help me. I’m at my wit’s end but I’m just glad I found this site just so I can get out some of this stuff I never get to talk about. As far as I’m concerned I’m pretty much a goner. I don’t think there’s any cure for me because it’s so far advanced. if anybody has any recommendations I’d greatly appreciate any input. Mind you I have them throughout my skin and I can feel them in my temple area as well…

          • Arthritis occurs because your immune system recognizes a foreign agent and sends out the antibodies to kill it. Paradites have protein or something that protects them from being detected by they antibodies.
            The antibodies continue to look for the target but never find it so they are continually attacking as in autoimmune disease. The body attacking itself because the paradite is camaphlouged. Antiparasitic drugs break down the barrier or protein that protects the paradite. Ivermection, praziquental, fenbendazole, permitherine are all available.

      • I’ve been reading these posts and I’m so happy I found soon many of you all with some of the exact same issues I have been thru and still playing detective, while ongoing symptoms still persist to NOT go away. No matter what I’ve tried, taken research, with doctors that don’t care to validate their own patients claims by doing actual doctor work. It would make it much easier to just do the labs, run the tests.etc……after all that’s why you went to the doctor to begin with. Just be doctors and rule out all the physical stuff first b4 you jump on the (She’s totally Locco) or …(Oh. you did drugs a few times these past 10 years!) , well then that has to be it! , Case Solved! No tests needed…. its the aftereffects and your still crazy!.bye bye…..Seeing what others experiences have been with doctors I can relate to. Ha.
        Then leaving feeling completely deflated, hurt, angry, and lost cuz you don’t know what u should do next….
        You know it’s real, I know my symptoms are! There not hallucinations. I even told my boyfriend ill go to therapy as he says I’m crazy… Absolutely! If he’s willing to go for me too!…….I hear……..?….crickets….
        I think any psychiatrist would start by ruling out the physical stuff first if there good at what they do….
        Guess what!, Now your back to the doc office doing tests he should have done to begin with!!

      • Oh my God what do I do when I’ve told the people that own the place I live but there is mold in here I’ve been here two years and now instead of doing something about they want to evict me to get rid of me
        Im so sick and have so much brain fog I can’t even function. I’m in a thousand miles from where I live and I don’t have any family I don’t know what to do or what I’m going to do I feel like I’m a walking garden of lizard food

    • Jenny, my heart goes out to you and your family! I have been struggling myself with (what appears) as the identical terrible illness for the past 3 years. The medical profession has more than let me down on several occasions. I have been humiliated, signed off as being mentally psychotic, and told by the CDC (Infection Control) that I was out of my mind and needed serious psychiatric help. Not once did any physician or specialist order stool samples. Nor was there any further investigation into my complaints. I have been living in my own personal nightmare! I pray that I will wake up one day and be my beautiful, stunning self again. Within 3 years I have transformed into somebody I can’t even recognize in the mirror. Looking at the distortion of my figure, the lesions from head to toe and shaving my head in order to save my life has been an incredible ordeal and I am disgusted! At times I know I am dying, and there is no one that seems to care. Besides my better half and my mother they are the only individuals that supported and stood by me. All others seem to stare and assume that I am a crack head or something to that effect. I have compiled hours upon hours of research, reading, learning and documenting my journey. When I came across your post, I answered yes, yes, yes to everything! I don’t understand the dispute the medical profession has to argue. When you have 2 or more complete strangers, that have never crossed paths, let alone spoke to one another, have the same complaints and symptoms, a person as myself has to wonder if being a drug addict is better. Of course not, I know, however, I too am completely mortified and embarrassed! I understand your pain and I understand being terrorized to no end. I have no life, I have no social calendar. This that has infected me has left me petrified and alone, afraid to even step outside my front door. I have what seems to be a bouquet of different parasitic worms and frankly, I am crushed! Your words spoke to me……..”Hijacking my life”. I couldn’t have described it better myself. For myself, I am experiencing ALL that you have generously described, and then some. I know you know what I mean. Some symptoms are too horrific to even share. I would like to thank you for your bravery! Because of your post, I am now sure, (like I was before), however even more so now that I know there are others out there experiencing the same dilemma as I. You have made me feel not so abandoned in this world. I thank you for that! Tonight I will be thinking of you and struggling the same. It takes more than strength and being a good trooper to get through this nightmare. It’s the calm before the storm that really makes me fearful.
      Wishing you some peace and happiness,

        • Yes.. That and a teaspoon of coconut oil. I just made my mom aware of what was going on and showed her what I literaly had to pull from my body(almost 5ft in length). My mother was born and raised in a 3rd world country. It’s very common to have worms. They have limited access to medical care. The treatment used is Castrol oil and ground coconut. 3 grasp pound coconut and 1teaspoon oil.

        • There is some research being done that they may not be a parasite but a new life form, they have no reproductive systems. Some r saying that it is a combination of fungal infections and lymph node excretions plus somes reaction to gmos. It makes sense to me since i had Candida as soon as that was treated, as well as taking a cleansing herbal remedy i actually threw up 11lbs of them. My stomach was that bloated, i looked like i was 8 months pregnant. What ever they r the cdc will do nothing. And the way things are going politically who know if we still will have a cdc.

      • I am also suffering from this parasites. I have 3 worms I can see embedded in my body. My arms are taped from top to bottom and if I go out I wear long sleeves even in the heat of summer. My legs are chewed upas well. When I read your article I finally had the knowledge I’ve been trying to tell others about. I’m itching as I write this. Spider Mites and Rope Worms. Who would think buying Strawberries from a small Organic farm would change my life. Two days ago I was about to eat one when I saw the worm close to the stem. I showed it to my husband and I finally felt vindicated. I’m praying tomorrow I receive help from the dermatologist. I’m unable to rest for I wake to feel the pinch and walking up my body. I could go on though I have many of the symptoms you’ve shared. Thank you for your courage.

      • i Nicole, I’m not crazy! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but i know what I feel. I had finally convinced one of my health care providers to order a stool sample and other tests, but they did not detect anything. That was about two years ago. The radiologist stated there was nothing there and the patient is “diluted”. I kept going back to the doctor’s, and a physician’s assistant told me that the sores on my body are consistent of those of meth users! I was disgusted at his reply to my results, and his complete lack of compassion. The only symptom I have not read about anybody having is;; my hair moves, and I feel things touching me on my body. I feel like Medusa. I just hope when I go see my gastroenterologist on Wednesday, that he will be more open mind than the quacks in the past. I wish all who suffer from this horrible parasite and other parasites, that we all get the treatment we all deserve. Thank you!

          • That is such BS. Fearing things we don’t understand is human, but it doesn’t mean it’s always the right response. Please educate yourself with peer reviewed legit info about GMOs & Roundup, & stop spreading misinformation.

          • You are the one misinformed, I’m afraid. GMOs are only PART of the problem. We are also being bombarded by chemicals being dropped into our atmosphere by airplanes (even commercial jets). Some people have investigated the material and found many strange things in this chemical spray, including dried blood. We are breathing this and whatever it is, it is definitely causing Morgellons. People with Morgellons will not be treated by a doctor. They don’t know about them. You have to find someone who is researching it. You can go online. Also, some integrative medicine clinics get peptide solutions underground that treat many of these disorders we are getting. The one I went to got its medicine from an underground manufacturer in Europe. It was introduced in the US and they had their lab destroyed. They were threatened and had to leave the country. You will even have a hard time finding a medical doctor that understands the destruction that water damaged buildings can cause.

          • You are the one misinformed, I’m afraid. GMOs are only PART of the problem. We are also being bombarded by chemicals being dropped into our atmosphere by airplanes (even commercial jets). Some people have investigated the material and found many strange things in this chemical spray, including dried blood. We are breathing this and whatever it is, it is definitely causing Morgellons. People with Morgellons will not be treated by a doctor. They don’t know about them. You have to find someone who is researching it. You can go online. Also, some integrative medicine clinics get peptide solutions underground that treat many of these disorders we are getting. The one I went to got its medicine from an underground manufacturer in Europe. It was introduced in the US and they had their lab destroyed. They were threatened and had to leave the country. You will even have a hard time finding a medical doctor that understands the destruction that water damaged buildings can cause.

        • My hair also moves! sometimes it will stand up from my head and other times I would swear it was moving up the back of my neck. I’m going through the same thing, with my husband not believing me and feeling like I must be crazy. That was until I started reading posts on this site. I have stopped looking for an answer from the medical community because of their failure to believe anything is really happening in my body. I have lost all of the cartilage in my nose, been hospitalized several times with abdominal obstruction, last month needed 2 units of blood because of anemia. I’ve blacked out several times, once while driving my car. By the grace of God I didn’t hit anything but a tree, breaking my leg. I too don’t recognize my now deformed body. I wish you the best in your search for an answer. And I will continue to search for the answer to what has taken over my body.

          • I have the same symptoms and I am not crazy. I’ve done everything. I eat great, take supplements, and exercise. My body drastically changed over night. It has taken my life 🙁

          • Hey, you might have intestinal parasites which have depleted you of important nutrients. What you need to do ASAP is to order a blood test to check how’s your vitamin B12, Folic Acid, vitamin D,electrolytes and Immunoglobulin E (IgE).

            Low levels of B12 will cause, formication (sensation of insects crawling under skin) also pins and needles in your hands and feet and if untreated you will start neurological symptoms including hallucinations and dementia-like neuronal degeneration.
            It’s standard to check for B12 in tests if your doctor refuses just go to another doctor and simply say you’re very fatigued and that you have had testes low for B12 before and you’d like a test.
            If they refuse just have your tests privately done by an independent laboratory.

            Make sure to test for Immunoglobulin E to, here is why:

            Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an antibody that is produced by the body’s immune system in response to a perceived threat. It is one of five classes of immunoglobulins and is normally present in the blood in very small amounts. IgE is associated with allergic responses, including asthma, and to a lesser degree with immunity to parasites. (For more, see the “What is being tested?” section.)
            Sometimes an IgE may be ordered as a screening test when a person has persistent diarrhea that may be due to a parasitic infection. In addition, a complete blood count (CBC) with white blood cell differential may be ordered to determine if the number of eosinophils is increased.

            So get that test, make sure your B12 is ok and that you don’t have raised numbers of eosinophils.

            You can start taking high potency B supplements, and a multivitamin, they won’t arm you either way. Also try coffee or and garlic enema once a week, you’ll feel better guaranteed.

            Good luck!!!

          • I read your post with amazement. You could be describing me and my symptoms word for word. Down to blacking out and hitting a tree resulting in a broken leg. I have hair moving as I type this. It is incredible to me that there are so many off us out here being made to feel like mental cases and scorned by the medical profession. I am frequently suicidal and have tried several times in desperation. My torso has gone from 5’7″ to 5′ and my back is so bent that when I walk (with my walker) I can’t raise my head to see ahead of me. My disbelieving
            husband infuriates me. I read him your post and asked “how can we have identical symptoms?” He shrugs and says thats “curious”. Sorry to rage on, but I am so angry about this I could scream, and do! I try others suggestions for relief and try some of my own. I am 71 and wouldn’t mind going to sleep and not waking up. Difficult, since sleep is impossible. Know that you’re not alone and not crazy. Bless you in your search for relief.

          • You guys, you probably do have parasites but it sounds like you have leprosy. Seriously! Please look into it!

        • I have all of these symptoms and sores on my legs and face now. It’s embarasding. I had a girl come up to me and say “yeah I used to shoot up too girl, you need to stop”. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until she pointed to the sores. Been dumped twice because I guess the guys I was dating thought there was something wrong with me or that I was on drugs or something because of them. And then I figured out maybe it was more gallons but reading this I think this sounds more like it

          • Oh and for 12 years worked in a mold infested office. We did mold kits and everything call the health department the EPA all kinds of places they wouldn’t do anything about it so here I am. B

          • thank you I’m going to look into mold, I’ve lived mainly in my basement bedroom the last 20 years and been getting sicker and sicker the whole time, and I even noticed whenever later leaked in and I was cleaning it up, I’d get sick flare ups afterwards.

        • I began to get really sick in sept. 2015 and I am still deathly sick and not a chance of getting better unless someone helps me. I vomit and run fevers…so dizzy I cant stand alone without blacking out or passing out. I only poop every two weeks. I’ve lost 78 lbs and my hair fell out. its growing back slowly but it too moves on its own and shoots webs at me and breaks off and feels like electric currents and these fucking evil worms ate my cornea and Im now blind in my left eye and have to have it removed and replaced with a fake eyeball. and theyve taken over my right eye too and my face and nose and throat and ears and scalp and brain and theyve run every test possible with no diagnosis and i took pics of the worms and then i started saving the worms from my eyes nose and throat but the dr.’s wouldnt even look at any of my proof. saying I need psychiatric care. wont even look at my proof yet play god holding my life and health hostage without even checking dammit. i’m at the point that if they dont give me the antiparisitic meds or do something so i can live again then i may as well end it becausde im not living now. i wake up dying everyday and have no quality. i swear i have over two hundred worms come out of my eyes nose and throat at the very least everyday and i’ve lost one eye and losing the other soon if they keep eating away at it….i cant get up alone so ive been in bed either at home or the hospital since last september . i havent even been to a gas station cause im a fall risk and cant drive as i cant see and to go pubblic places is hard when i puke every ten nins and then pass out. i cant do this anymore. can anybody help me figure out a way to get the meds or a dr. to help me? i cant work now so im broke and cant see a parasitologist. help help help…..im not ready to die but i cant do this much longer. my number is…810-308-5269. please help me before i have to die.

          • All of these sound like my symptoms I’ve had chronic disabling pain for over 20 years. Told I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and nothing could be done. But i got far worse after pregnancy in mold infested building 5 years ago. My son ended up with autism as a result.
            I know I have both morgellons (hair moves on its own and moving fibers are in my skin and all over my house). I actually have a video of a demodex mite (well at least they are some kind of mite that lives on humans – I have many “samples” of them and dermatologist did scraping and confirmed demodex) that literally gave birth to these moving fibers. So creepy.
            I also recently found out I have a terrible case of Ascariasis round worms AND have now been passing rope worms a few feet long.

            But the point of my post is that there IS HOPE!!! Chlorine Dioxide (CD)! Aka MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. Orally and in enemas. This is the only thing that can both kill morgellons and intestinal worms…any bacteria (I also have Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia) any virus…CD kills anything pathological in your body. It is saving my life. Please do some research on it (and don’t buy the bigpharma propaganda bullshit out there claiming it to be dangerous. When uses right it is not!)
            You may also want to check out howicuredmorgellons.com. Mel is a great guy and he will help you through this. Many have recovered using his protocol.
            I also use Kalckler protocol and Kerri Riveras book, healing the symptoms known as autism. This is how I am slowly ridding myself of worms.
            Also, you don’t have to get antiparasitic mess from idiot MDs. Order online en from Canadian pharmacies. They are cheap and you don’t need a script. But make sure to do enemas or the resulting toxicity from die can overload your body and make you sicker. Get ivermectin, and either albendozole or mebendozole. But be super careful with albendozole. ..it tanked my immune system and is a very strong drug. But I wasn’t doing daily enemas. For ivermectin and mebendozole You can take 7 days on and 7 off for at least 3 months. But I would DEFINITELY also do CD!!!!!! Orally and enema. But follow Kerri Rivera dosing guidelines (and enema instructions) and also be sure to build oral dose very slowly. Start with 1 drop per day. Add 1 drop each consecutive day. Stop if you develop problems. 15-20 drops a day is goal…but I seem to only be able to get to 15. Be easy with yourself.look all of this up. Healing is happening and is possible! Blessings and sending healing and love to you all. I hope this helps someone.

          • Fenbendazole. It is for dogs, horses, etc. Testings have found it almost impossible to overdose on with very few, if any, side effects. You can get it cheap at a local feed store, pet supply store, or online. I bought the equine 10% fenbendazole paste from my local feed store and I use it topically on lesions (helps A LOT!) and I also put a drop about the size of 2 peas on my finger and take orally. It doesn’t taste bad at all. Drink LOTS of water, lemon water, and/or cranberry juice all day everyday. A milk thistle supplement would also be a very good idea to help your liver detox all of the poison that’s going to be in your body when these suckers die off. The first time I did this I didn’t feel anything for something like 6 hours, then all of the sudden I felt like I needed to have diarrhea (a bit of abdominal cramping, but nothing major and totally worth it!). Went to the bathroom and passed what looked like long mucousy worm remnants. Then I immediately started itching BAD head to toe. Got in the shower with warm (but not hot) water and lathered head to toe with dawn dish soap. I scrubbed pretty hard with a loofah to remove anything attached to my skin/scalp (99% certain i have bird or rat mites that have been the root cause of all of my internal parasitic issues). Stood there and let the dawn set while I downed a bottle of water and a bottle of 100% cranberry juice (make sure you find 100% cranberry juice, anything else is just cranberry flavored sugar water). I then rinsed off and put my normal conditioner in my hat and rinsed that. I got out of the shower, towel dried scrubbing my skin kind of hard with the towel, got dressed, and dried my hair COMPLETELY with a hair dryer. I now do this every night for 4 nights then break for 4 nights, repeating this cycle. The first night I slept like a baby and woke up feeling 75-80% better and keep feeling better every day. Also, right before my shower when I was intensely itching, I looked in the mirror and could see things coming out of my lesions. Then lesions started disappearing before my very eyes! They were all over my face before the fenbendazole, the next morning you could barely see 2 or 3 of them and the rest were just barely there scars. Don’t do too much too soon, build up your dosage because those things dying will release tons of toxins into your body and you don’t want to overwhelm your system so much that it can’t handle ridding the toxins. I’m telling you, I tried EVERYTHING. I went broke spending tens of thousands of dollars on every remedy I could find through my researching and this is the ONLY thing that has helped. Good luck to you!!

          • Been going thru this first and year..have rope worms taking over clothes..can actually see them in the threads .When I wear them wherever there is a bill on the loose threads..I end up with a sore.This is afyet hours of soaking and drying in every thing u can but for cleaning and then some.I believe it’s airborne.I spray lysol and next thing I know I have yellow dried looking worms all over everything. Where I stand is oily 4 oyt of 7 days a week..The lesions go from my head to my toes and have lost 65 %of hair from sores that are fluid filled.The rest of hsir that remains is black inside of scalp and oily.It also moves trying to dump these hell worms in my face.i have 1000s of pics and closest I came to was a cheyletidae mite but it’s minus the one long piece that curls around itself when 1st entering skin…it then proceeds to climb over my body leaving broken veins thru out…they like to meet up with a fellow in other parts of body and begin a new highway of ripping .I’m 46 and just had a baby in Feb..no not planned. Pls don’t judge ..I dealt with this since Nov and come very v lose to losing us both in what they thought was proclampsia…of course I had protein in urine …I had parasites in organs..Veru high blood pressure..uh yeah..and swollen literally 3xs my size..I just found out that my message in my body is ropeworms and have all the symptoms all of u have..What I fear the most is. My 7 month old baby that breast fed b4 I knew this wasn’t pregnancy issues ..She’s showing signs of heavy gas..still up every 4 hrs feeding..on bottle now,,,and doesn’t sleep during day ..and very little at night.a few sores..God please bring me someon0put Tammy much give me answers on how to get rid of this night mare … please

          • What worked for me may not work for you, but you might as well try it. I take 100g mebendazole morning and evening, and two senna tablets every night. In the morning you have to go to the loo and should pass worms. At the start you might not pass any, but the more you do it the more will come out. You can get Mebendazole from the chemist without a prescription; ask for children’s threadworm treatment (1 tablet_ – but you will need at least three weeks supply so go to different chemists for different amounts. Good luck.


          • You’re not alone! Same story for me. I feel hopeless. We are NOT crazy…. We are not alone!

        • I also have the moving hairs and feel things that seem to be crawling…then nothing is there. It’s under the skin. I’ve had this for 6 years. I want to encourage you that you are not alone. Enemas have helped me greatly. I also eat a lot of anti-parasitic food and this is why I know the rope worm (or whatever this is) is some kind of parasite…it helps. Putting zinc oxide (40% walmart equate brand works) on the skin is great for taking away itching and also keeping the skin dry. Something from Markus products called, “Parasite Free” is really helpful to purge the system and another product of his is for toxin release. It’s called “Charconite.” I promise I do not work for them or have any affiliation. I just highly recommend his products from my own use.

        • I have the same symptoms as you I have actually caught a few and they are almost invisible blending In With your hair. Well blending in with whats left of my hair I have sores on my scalp. they are coming out of the sores. Because I have squeezed what looked like a pimple a white head was coming out but it went back inside the now scabbed over sore and another sore started on my cheek where I was literally pulling the transparent worm like thing out of it.they are in my ears I can never get them out completely only once did I actually get one out and as it fully came out it felt like it was warm and was latched on trying to fight me from pulling it out they are in my but crack it feel like they are completely wrapped around my legs Down To my feet and she I look at my feet there long lines of what appears to be a home with burrowed lines behind the hole and when I start to push on it pushing everything towards the hole black specs come. Out of the holes like millions of tiny specs I have even soaked my feet in salt water when I did that I could literally feel the specs coming out of my feet. I too have been called crazy and delusional by my significant other. But I have yet to see my doctor for this due to my husband calling me crazy and delusional making this up for attention and he told his friend who also said I was delusional. its ruined my life. my children stay with their grandmother, because I dont want them to be ravaged by this monstrosity. I’ve never been delusional I have experimented with many drugs, but the only thing I indulge in is marijuana I live in Alaska. we don’t have many parasites here. we do have springtail mites hexapods colembolla wich are indigenous to Alaska they are found in soil but can turn parasitic. adapting to their environment looking for moisture its wich is what I thought it was but then these worm like things that I couldn’t see only feel became very noticeable started giving me bad head aches and horrible bumps on my scalp I’m in a state of panic because I dont know where to turn I can’t take another person saying in crazy thank your for your honesty I really needed to know I wasn’t loosing my mind … I am going to post a picture of of I caught and put I to a water bottle its a screen shit of a video of it moving

        • Hello anonymous, I do also have the Medusa feeling! I’ve had this for few yrs now.. but unfortunately got the delusional p. Diagnosis! Despite my nieces,nephew, and few other family members also seeing my hair dancing on side of the bath! I was put under psychologist who insisted I take antipsychotics!! I tried x3 different lots but told him I could not take them.. as well as stating they would not deal with the root of whatever is going on and would only turn me into complete zombie! Well.. then they tried forcing me to electric shock therapy!! My response was:- have you seen one flew over the cuckoo’s best? Would you have your brain fried!!!!
          I then kicked them out and had to refuse to see them until eventually they discharged me! This was only way I could save myself from having to have that!
          I have found few support groups which help in getting through this evil! I’ve tried all-sorts of different and varied treatments but unfortunately have not worked.. odd things can make it maybe little lighter but that’s all.. x
          I have so much more info ect and would love to chat better with you as well as anyone else experiencing same things. My email:- tufty_1966@outlook.com
          Pls DNT hesitate to mail me x

      • You said everything I was feeling very very well put doctors are assholes instead of listening to people they dismiss it chalk it up to something else

      • Let me guess, you live near Michigan. We have the lowest group of medical professionals in the United States. you never get the right diagnosis and when you go in for shoulder surgery, you come out with dialysis, Oh, and mam, you just happened to have an ulcer than blew, we had to stop the internal bleeding. If I knew the person better this happened to, she was brain washed by an Indian Doctor who even invited her to dinners. You see, the elderly think doctors are almost GOD. Lyme Disease is sucking the life out of many and all forms of parasites. Our government knows all about this I’m sure. It’s only the privileged that we will allow to live. This is population control with our money. We have to all fight back soon or we will be in the most communistic government of it’s time. This is our government and when the people we hire suck, it’s time to hire new one’s and fire the old. We need the ability to remove every agency and stop current employees from staying if it isn’t working. A model somewhat like Apple uses. Think tanks to get the job done or your out. People in the position we are paying for loose a sense of WORK, an start a sense of entitlement. WRONG

          • Iive in mich too!!! In flint of all places with contiminated water that i drank and bathed in for the entire five years it was dirty and i cant get anyone to believe me that i have parasites and fu gus and bacterial infectio s and fake fungus skin and hair and am dying. They dont want me to have a lawsuit is why they wont help me i know it. Im almost 100% blind now and am sicker than ever. Still no help. Ready to commit suicide. Have no one to help me or take care of me. Want god to end it or end me. Uugh

      • I echo everything that you said. I have been called a psychiactric case so often I’ve come to expect it. My own husband says he doesn’t believe me because he can’t “see” anything. I too have sores all over my body, severe hair loss, unbearable pain in different parts of my body, sleeplessness, and more. Some days I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. My nose is bent from loss of cartilage, my face is wrinkled and bloated, and my belly looks 9 mos pregnant some days not others. I can stop feeling so crazy and alone after reading this information. Thanks to all who shared in this post.

        • You are not alone. I kept calling it the fat disease when I’d blow up. I’ve had years of Lyme, mold, yeast,heavy metals, parasites…this is the fifth parasite my integrative found in the past 3 months. I’m hopeful the distention will finally stop. Prayers that you find answers and support.

        • I seem to have talented rope worms –they overtook strongymloides and now produce very pretty pictures REALLY –I have a cat a flower -a horse and many other items –loud noise and then a surprise –I have started to talk to them so I think they are laughing at me but we shall see — I hope they don’t undo the suction attachment from my veins inside and cause a blood issue —worry about that –wish I could find a dr who understood them —

        • I started using Nioxin cleanser and conditioner for my hair and it’s made all the difference. Please get some. Then, about 2 or 3 times a week, put essential oil on your scalp and sleep with a vinyl cap on your head to allow the oil to sit. I saw a huge turn around in my hair within 6 months. It’s looking natural again and growing back…not falling out. Get the Nioxin that works for your hair type. It took me 5 years to find the right combination of products…so my hair would stop falling out and being destroyed by this terrible crime against humanity. It might even be coming from the chemtrails being sprayed on us…or a combination of environmental factors. I pray, a lot, for everyone who suffers with this.

      • Ozone therapy will do amazing things for you. I have been struggling for 4 years and 2 emergency visits and all they did for me was try to prescribe me anxiety meds. After 1 session of ozone therapy I passed 2 foot long rope worms. I have tried diets and detoxes and have never seen such a thing pass from me. I felt a boost of energy the next day and I have honestly forgotten what that feels like. I am tired all the time. I just had my second session and so far I haven’t passed anything yet as of today. Please research ozone therapy and find someone in your area. I was diagnosed with low thyroid, hair loss, interstitial cystitis, disc degeneration, ibs, along with other autoimmune diseases because it becomes a domino effect; all before I even turned 30.

      • I too have been labeled crazy or drug addict hallucinating…leaving crying n in pain…horrible cramps in the stomach diarrhea horrible headaches skin changing no sleep joint pain in my feet I can barely even walk on them most days every bone in my body feels like somebody took a baseball bat every joint… Really looking for some help

      • Have you had a colonoscopy? Just go to your general practioner and say you have extreme pain in your lower left abdomen and saw blood in your poop. Don’t have to say anything else because it will make the doctor think you are making up symptoms in order to get meds, lab tests and screenings done. Many people come to see doctors due to fake symptoms which has caused doctors to overdiagnose psychiatric problems or malingering “lying”. A colonoscopy will find any parasites you have.

      • I am sufferring from the same hijackers and am so done fighting for help and being sent home to die that Im planning my death and getting things finalized to make it easier for my family. I am so sick I cant get out of bed most days. my hair falls out and as it begins to grow in it moves by itself evily and shoots weblike shit into my eyes nose and mouth. I pass out upon standing. I’ve dropped 83 lbs. they ate the cornea and iris in my left eye. working on my right. I wake up with a high fever and vonitting everyday. I cant poop but once or twice a month. I have 4 way vertigo. I have chronic uti and kidney infections. Im down to one lung. I feel them move in my head neck back legs and feet and mostly my face. I have rashes and sores. My feet ankles and calves are swollen with lumps and cellulitis and I lose feeling in my limbs for hours on end. I cant concentrate. I cant stay asleep and am awake so long I fall asleep sitting down. if I get a sore it never heals as this layer of fake skin closes over it and then peels off daily. I have been hospitalized numerous times and they find infection of an unknown origin and cant tgreat what they dont know as they dont know what to treat it with yet they wont at least try the albendazole and ivermectin that I know would save my life. so after 2 long debilitating years I am almost done getting things taken care of and will finally be free from this terriffying and scary as fuck painful and deathly sick diseaser and the worms will finally die. its sad that in order to not be deathly ill I have to kill myself. But I am cause I just cant take much longer of waking up this way. I havce zero good days now so Im gonna die anyhow. better to have it end quick that like it is now…slowly and tortorously. I hope you all have better luck than myself. Shauna Kapoor michigan

        • I feel the same get rid of the Candida. Which I am sure u have then hit ur body with PARATREX. I threw up 11lbs of worms almost chocked there were so many had to wrap them around my hand like yarn and then pull them off my insides there heads started to detach and blood was all over my hands with their huge heads I had disloged. The next day I pooped out dead ones and I think pieces of ones I had pulled off. Actually after the Candida or even during it use the PARATREX. I lost 11lbs after that. My stomach was no longer bloated or hurting. I wish u the best. I know how u feel I truly do I had the same problem with the skin after getting rid of the Candida which took two treatments tthe leasions on my skin healed. If u have any family to help u r lucky I had no one and still dont. Sending prayers ur way. And pray urself because I prayed to god to help me rid myself of them and he did.

      • I can relate to you.Your store is so true.I tried to get in at the cbc .My friend works at Eromy Hospial.I also worked at a hospital until I got sick with platnelminthes, flatworm, liverflukes,that cames from snails that fish eat.Never geared back from the cdc.I made copays of all records that was 300.00 Dallas though out the door.Mention Att:Molly Eaton. 404 686 2202.Never heard from her waiting. Been to 7 Er .we don’t deal with parasites. How I go a infectious Diseases counsultant.Hygva INFUSING. 1 time a week.It was 200.00 every INFUSING. Now my Inc. Want pay.If anyone can help .All I know to do is pure gum turpentine 3 drops on 3 cubs of sweet.I will keep you in my prayers sweetie.

      • I tried it and it didn’t seem to do a lot for me but I’ve been recently doing a lot of oils black cumin seed oil black walnut oil and about 5 others and I seem to be feeling a little bit better but the stores have it cleared up completely yet

    • Just wanted to say that I have experienced EXACTLY the things you mention and more (as have you I am certain). It is such a blessing to hear someone else say it… This has been horrific beyond imagination at times – at one point (when all this started back in 2008) I literally had these things popping out of my skin on to the floor. My GP and everyone else thought was crazy and wouldn’t even look at them – had some run up to a the local large animal vet and he verified under microscope that they were some type of worm, but he had never seen one before ( and he graduated with honors from Texas A&M and has been practicing in Texas for almost 40 years) – the bad thing is that was just disturbing – it was nothing compared to what would come on almost any given day in the future.

    • If you haven’t already, you need to find a good colon hydrotherapist. This is not a cure but instead a method to point out clues. The ultimate and most important reason for colonics is to clear out the toxins. Toxins from backed up fecal matter and toxins from the parasites. Because they excrete ammonia as waste it puts the body into a high state of acidity, in addition to toxins from backed up decal matter. High levels of acidity will result in extremely high levels of inflammation which is causing many of those systems. I’ve been battling rope worm and probably many other species of microscopic parasites and I had almost instant response with chronic joint, pain, back pain, and regression of acne ( never had skin problems ). Get your body cleaned out and then find a strict antiparasitic regiment. Also, some consider it pseudoscience but I believe it works, …Rike testing with studying frequencies of different organs. Reportedly you can diagnose, and treat with this technology and it has to do with energy flows similar to biofeedback. I’ve tried it for diagnosis purposes and have confirmed it was on track with things I already knew. I’ll be seeing a doctor who can help me read the responses correctly but super excited .

    • I have been observing this condition for any weaknesses. For all the symptoms I have. And the different reactions per human/host. I know that they seem to have been able to lower my white cells to an acceptable( from doctor)level. So now that im fourty-one, they are ore me than I am. I took hydroxycut original, quick release tablets. I was able too lose hundred pounds in less than six months. But I felt sicker. Severe burning and sometimes Ivey cascading down a muscle I’ve just used roughly. Causeing the roadworks to die. It seems they succreet a chemical to hurt me until I stopped hurting them. I know that they are the source of the RESISTANCE. The reason I was called lazy by family. The resistance feels like I have lead filled legs. There has always been great distress for me to shower. I can’t even wash my face because it itches and breaks out in unpoppable zits. Those zits are the foot that the creatures put in under my skin so they can be anchored at one end and free flowing at the other. They move like a flow of water with itching and tingling happening.if I do manage to pop the solid white thing in the center, it’s juices burst out and everywhere that stuff touches me n broken skin, becomes acid burning feelings andbtyenna few hours later the whole sore looks huge angry red and clear passing turns Brown. Also they smell bad. When I realized my irritable Howells were actually these things dying. But even though I’ve tried today find cheap ways to kill them. Each time the “cure” I. Was trying worked great for three weeks only.then these little bastards would start Winning again only now there was ten times the amount of air tubes.if u could block them from breathing, the thingy stays in place. It turns hard where it’s body is laying. The hydroxycut hard core almost killed me because it killed many of the roadworks off. When they go they hurt. Burning every where. A web like rash soon showed me where they we’re starting to die. But once again they overcame the pills effects. They are blue under the skin. There is a strong smell of chemicals emergency dating from my open wounds. The wounds take considerably longer to heal. Like they keeps it open to breath through the two tiny tubes that they pierce through from the inside to the outside of the wounds. Then after it’s healed it there is left, a tag of what looks like dried skin. It has tubes for breathing while safe inside my body. If I tear the tag off. One; it hurts insanely. Two; there will be much pain if I attempt to withdraw live ones. But dead ones hurt before, then burned then with dry-like wise I could slowly kill it and pull on it as it sticks to the ice. I never feel good when they are dying. In fact I have had a couple of closevcalls with death because too many field at once. Then I black out and when someone asks me questions that I’m have to think about, I return to my senses. Don’t let anyone tell you that they can’t control minds. They put us under a “spell” of ignorance. Questioning is the only way to wake up. Then I feel weird. Tingling yet aching returns and I drink my baking soda water witch has been perfect for slowly killing them till there numbers are lower and I can get out of bed and clean my house after just a day or two of drinking baking soda water.

    • I will be there with you soon.
      Is everything you own infected?
      I rented a car and continue to do so . I won’t return itv,it may infect someone’s. icant sleep.
      I don’t feel I am going to win th8s battle.
      Why won’t anyone help us?
      Ate “they “weeding out the weak?
      The only thi@ ng any of us can do is,
      Try to strengthen immune system.
      Feels like chemical warfare!
      What cN we do?
      Protests! !!
      I want to live.

    • I went to our county health dept. And had 3 parasite tests done. And they told me it was just toilet paper. That’s rubbish. I was diagnosed with renal kidney cancer 4 years ago. I have a clear muscus come out of my bum or v-Jay Jay when I bath. Tried the. Crushed lemon seeds and rice vinegar
      Don’t know what to do??? Can’t breath got mucus looking stuff comes out of my nose I all so can’t breath.

    • I went to our county health dept. And had 3 parasite tests done. And they told me it was just toilet paper. That’s rubbish. I was diagnosed with renal kidney cancer 4 years ago. I have a clear muscus come out of my bum or v-Jay Jay when I bath. Tried the. Crushed lemon seeds and rice vinegar
      Don’t know what to do??? Can’t breath got mucus looking stuff comes out of my nose I all so can’t breath. I have copd ,acid reflex bad pain under ribs 8,9 by my left breast, so pain full can’t wear a bra or even lay on that side. What medically does a person get these worms? Are they different from pin worms? My systems are a lot of the same as a lot of you folks. Unexplained sores on face, arms and legs and chest. Please reply to my comment

    • I know what I have I have the proof of photos of my own rope worm in all the different stahes and I show them to my dr. And they say its an internet disease. Just like morgellions. When and what will wake these doctors up? Are we to be lied to by them is that it? Do they know aboit it already and wont admit it? Like cigarette being linked to cancer? How can we form some alliance and get thrm to admit? I called the cdc ans they said they have never heard of them or their symptoms from anyone. I dont believe it.

      • Yes exactly especially if u are on go ernment assistance. U r no longer viable to corporate America. U suck up money and they are killing us off because of it. Read the book DOCTORED THE DISILLUSIONMENT OF THE AMERICAN PHYSICIAN. and that is just the tip of the iceburg. He only talks mostly about drs refusing to treat smokers the obese and drinkers.

    • We have to get answers, medical treatment along with respect from the medical community, pest control companies and the CDC!..we have been waiting long enough, we should not have to wait any longer! I feel exactly as you do ! Exactly. Who can sleep when you’re woken up feeling in your ear! ! Or start to cough amd feel most times you are going to choki to death. The size and amount that comes my nose, I can’t begin to say how abnormal it is! I haave no exact words for that. Doctors need to stop ignoring and start taking action! Stop looking at us as if we are crazy or a hypochondriac because this is as real as Lyme Disease, Meningitis or Lupus. I can compare this destroying parasite that is now in the US to many more health conditions and diseases.
      CDC needs to their job. Shame on them!! Maybe we need to respectfully call the CDC everyday all day to remind them to their job. Also give us the same amount of respect with starting the necessary research, so we can get the medical help we need!

    • We have to get answers, medical treatment along with respect from the medical community, pest control companies and the CDC!..we have been waiting long enough, we should not have to wait any longer! I feel exactly as you do ! Exactly. Who can sleep when you’re woken up feeling in your ear! ! Or start to cough amd feel most times you are going to choki to death. The size and amount that comes my nose, I can’t begin to say how abnormal it is! I haave no exact words for that. Doctors need to stop ignoring and start taking action! Stop looking at us as if we are crazy or a hypochondriac because this is as real as Lyme Disease, Meningitis or Lupus. I can compare this destroying parasite that is now in the US to many more health conditions and diseases.
      CDC needs to their job. Shame on them!! Maybe we need to respectfully call the CDC everyday all day to remind them to their job. Also give us the same amount of respect with starting the necessary research, so we can get the medical help we need!

    • I threw up almost a half gallon of them. First I got rid of the candidda then I started on PARATREX I still was so bloated after about a week on the PARATREX I stuck my fingers down my throat. Finally I gagged some up and just started pulling like u almost choking. I had to wrap them around my fist like yarn and keep pulling and pulling then the heads started detaching because now my hands were covered with the slime of them and the blood coming up from pulling the heads off of my insides. I lost 11lbs that day. 11 lbs! I doubled up the dosage of the PARATREX and my stool the next day was all of dead worms and pieces of them. I think the key to killing them off is getting rid of the candidia fungal infection then the worms are easier to get rid of.

        • Kolorex, which is made from the Horopito plant, is what I am using for Candida. You can get it on Amazon.
          If you have parasites, or think you may, I recommend Mimosa Pudica Seed. I take Mimosa Supreme, from Supreme Nutrition. It is killing parasites, for sure.
          Also, if you are having mold issues, bamboo charcoal, Takesumi Supreme, detoxes mold and all the garbage from dying parasites.
          I tried doing one at a time, but now am using all three and getting results.

          I think mold, Candida and parasites all go together.

          This shit ain’t funny. Tired of BEING food.

    • Ulo681604@gmail.comi. Send have INV feelinv of bugs in my skin and in my head feel it too sometimes when I touch my head I feel like something falls in my clothes and goes under my skin and sometimes it felt between my legs pro e part and it into my skin I need some help bad

    • I have every so single symptom that is described by the woman in 2014. I was looking up T.gondi as my cat has produced for us a gift of a segment of a tape worm. Which led me to toxoplasmosis I was convinced that that was what I had but then I some how got onto a site that started showings me pictures of rope worm which looks exactly like what I have does any one know of a doctor I can see for this?

    • The only thing that clears them is a product by Cellcore Biosciences called, “Para 1.” Order directly from the manufacturer. I have been taking for about two months and have passed hundreds. It works. And the rash on my hand is finally clearing up.

    • My daughters and I have a serious parasite infection and have been having much success with Mimosa Pudica Seed (it works systemically, not just in the gut) in combination with other parasite killing herbs like clove, walnut hull, and wormwood, etc. Look up Dr. Jay Davidson and Microbe Formulas. We have tried a lot of things but these products are by far the most successful.

    • Hi Jenny i have a solution for u if ur willing to give it a shot or if its not too late. I dont know if youve looked it up before but try out 100%pure gum turpentine. No more than a teaspoon a day. Take it down with a spoon of granulated sugar. This destroys them like a atom bomb. Drink a spoon of castor oil as well to give you the runs and flush them out easily. Before u try it i would advise going on a diets of greens for 2 weeks (so that ur intestines dont have any meat sitting around when its time to flush them out. Also advise dropping sugar such as bread and beverages containing it. You take the Turpentine with sugar because the feed off of it so that when u finally introduce it back into ur system they will rush for it and meet their end. Remember dont use the stuff from the hardware stores. Only use 100% pure gum Turpentine spirits and no more than a teaspoon a day. I am not a doctor so advise u to Look it up for yourself b4 u do just to do ur own research and ask your doctor about it. Most Medical doctors will never tell u this nor acknowledge parasites to be the problem. God bless you ?❤

    • Thank you for posting. I am balling right now, thankful I found this site. I was really beginning to think I was “crazy”, but I knew I couldn’t be the only one with these worms/bugs. They are eating my dog & I alive. I read most of the post on here. I have ALL the symptoms you all describe. Headaches, blurred vision, sores that won’t heal on my arms, legs, face, scalp, chest & now back. Pain all over my body. Swollen feet & hands. I pull them from my skin and save them on tape or in bottles because they jump hoping somehow I’ll see them & believe me. I don’t think what’s on my scalp is my hair, maybe some kind of worm. My hair stands alone and has become thin. My appearance too has changed as well as my personality because this is embarrassing. I wear long pants & sleeves year around. I too have had the blackouts but thought it was from lack of sleep. My family thinks I’ve had a mental breakdown. My Dr. thinks I’m a meth head. I refused a drug test because I was so humiliated. I was insistent on proving I had real worms/bugs without a drug test. I wonder how many people really have these & have been blown off, labeled as drug users. I see them, feel them & smell them. They have infested everything in my house. I can’t keep any food in the house. How can so many people have this & Dr.s are not educated about it. The animal meds sound like the best alternative for my dog & I. Thank you all for hopefully saving my life.

  19. I have been battling a number of symptoms, often very debilitating, for more than five years now. It started with 75th percentile mercury toxicity, which I believe lowered my body’s ability to maintain wellness and created a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, and parasites. I have tried everything you can imagine to restore my health, short of pharmaceuticals, but am just learning about rope worms. Which explains the questionable looking creatures I would occasionally find looming in the toilet after coffee enemas, and the two foot long, what I know now was a rope worm, after doing a round of mms. About three days ago, I started hydrogen peroxide therapy, which entails oral consumption and enemas. I have also done a few vinegar enemas. I thought about getting eucalyptus, but am having excellent results so far. Has anyone else tried hydrogen peroxide? It makes sense that it floods the system with oxygen and these suckers are anaerobic……thoughts?

    • HI Lianna,
      Your descriotion of your symptoms sound very similar to mine, as in the body becoming a breeding ground for parasites and bacterias and viruses, after many years of suffering and going to the wrong doctors for help, i am finally understanding what has been happening to me. I am on Dr Kloinghardts protocol and these worms are coming out, i also do coffee enemas but with the recent research about coffee nemeas being very toxic (couterproductive) due to the high amount of acidity being put into the body, i am not that sure that i want to continue with them, your idea of the hydrogen peroxide is an intersting one, and maybe the wheatgrass enema may have a similar reaction? The hipocrates center in Fl is big on this and if this wheatgrass oxgenates the body and fills it with nutrition at the same time, maybe it will also get rid of the worms and give us allot of good nutritian at the same time.. I am going to try it out today and see how it goes, if i get some good success i will post and let everyone know.

      How long did it take for you to start feeling better? I have been killing these things for two months now and feeling allot worse than before i started this protocol..any suggestions?

      • you can use less coffee- and add more water, plus an anti infective herb- i read that if you have adrenal issues you can use less coffee. As far as making the body acidic- i have never heard that. If anything it helps open the liver ducts and detox more efficiently. You could try adding something high in glutathione- like a powdered
        rooibos extract. The point is you want more glutathione to detox the liver and system…

  20. To Gunnar….I sure would like you to examine my pictures of what I have passed. I think you could be of great help since you have so much experience. I am very sick l because of this “Rope Parasites”. It has over taken my body.

  21. Wow what a convincing picture: this is surely something not normal to the human body.

    Can I ask what kind of diet you are following to achieve the level of success you are having at eliminating the ropes?

    I too find coffee enemas helpful. For me not much comes out unless I have done a coffee enema the day before.

  22. I think these rope worms may have a lot to do with mercury toxicity myself.

    I am curious, what are you doing about your mercury toxicity?
    I have been taking chlorella (from Taiwan) and also doing lots of dry saunas.

    I haven’t tried hydrogen peroxide but if you listen to this interview you will hear that Alex Volinksy had his first eliminations after hydrogen peroxide enemas (if I remember right!)


    I am just worried that the hydrogen peroxide may kill off the beneficial flora in the gut as well.

  23. My current diet is just

    – no gluten
    – no lactose
    – no eggs
    – no sugar (well, just limited sugar; I still drink unsweetened fruit juice).

    I happen to like garlic and ginger very much so I tend to eat a clove or two daily in cooked food or raw in salads.

    I have found this diet helped a lot with my belly distention problem and I am going to try and add these things back one by one to find out which is causing the problem, but currently I am just happy to have my figure back. so I avoid all these things.

    • I too have been eating a Weston a price type diet for over 8years. I am now on pretty much the exact diet as Annie, I’ve cut out all dairy (I had been taking some raw, butter etc), coffee, eggs (due to sensitivity also) gluten completely, it’s essentially paleo auto immune and I juice veg such as beets, carrots greens in the morning. I also start chelating (sip protocol) heavy metals after getting a Mercury amalgam last month and I’m taking cloves of raw garlic fairly and doing approx 2 enemas per day. I have been losing approx 2 per day (maybe more) for the past 3 weeks, along with over 100 liver flukes, tape worms, very think small worms, gallstone and I think liver stones and plenty of candida. My focus is all over the place but I am feeling much better mentally. I have been fighting chronic fatigue, candida, allergies for years and my adrenals are fatigued but other wise I have no symptoms such as diggestive complaints, I’m quite surpirsed to find all these guys, but feel so greatful I have and am eliminating them. I have itching in my throat and inner ears, I am wondering do they live there!? The itching is caused by candida but candida cleans up after parasites. Mercury can also cause candida in the mouth so that was my original thought but now I am wondering. I hope they migrate back to my intestines to be expelled if they are! My symptoms have suppressed greatly however and I know I’m on the path to complete recovery. I also have a “pouch” for use under my belly button across my lower tummy. I am very lean all over and this doesn’t feel like fat, or muscle it actually feels like clustered up ropes and I developed it it later childhood. Has anyone else anything similar? How are others who posted getting on now, I would love to hear of other success in eliminating them and recovering! Annie I read down further that you do just 1 enema now a week and still eliminate small ropes do you feel well again or have you some way still to go? Is your diet the same or have you eased up at all and have you needed many sups? Thanks so much for any input any one has!

      • Xtina, how are you doing? Do you feel you have successfully eliminated these buggars? I’ve been trying to expel them for one year, but they keep coming. I also have candida, Lyme disease and coinfections. I know these are only one of my issues, but I suspect they’re wreaking havoc on me. I’d love to know how you’re doing.

  24. Hi Annie,

    I agree with you that mercury toxicity is a major factor with these worms. When you have mercury filings, mercury is released every time you chew, which you then swallow. Once mercury hits the digestive tract it kills any and all good bacteria it comes into contact with, which we all know how detrimental this is. It’s an open invitation for the bad guys to come in, unchecked.
    I have done quite a bit of research on hydrogen peroxide therapy, and it is supposedly very beneficial to the good bacteria, which I have worked VERY hard to repopulate with kefir and sauerkraut daily. They thrive in a highly oxygenated environment.
    As far as what I have done to detox the mercury…….everything short of pharmaceuticals. Chlorella, iodine, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, high doses of sulfur, essential oils, an (almost) flawless diet…..I have two young children so it’s hard not to cheat occasionally 🙂 but I am very very careful to make sure all our food is organic, locally grown if possible, and grow as much as I can myself. I think an important part of fixing is opening up your detox pathways, which mercury also damages, and nutrition is key in this process. Lots of bone broth, gluten free, easily digestible, etc.
    Have you had a problem with mercury toxicity as well? Maybe a silly question, who hasn’t these days. My husband and I joke that our kids are going to be super human with everything I have learned and instilled in them through this journey 😉

  25. Hi lianna yes I think I have had many problems due to mercury. I have had a very bad anxiety problem most of my life that got better after I had half my fillings removed.

    I was also told I may have ADHD and I was getting help for that. What remains is a pronounced delayed sleep problem that interferes greatly with my life.

    I still have to remove four more fillings; I am still looking for a dentist that will replace the fillings with something that does not have heavy metals in it. My dentist used a white filling that contains barium (to make it appear on x-rays) .. a recent hair test showed elevated barium soon after I had the new filling.

    I did also have a lead and aluminum problem though I should note. And I do believe I am not able to process nutrients as I am borderline anemic and have been since I remember.

    Yes I also try to eat only organic now.
    I can’t wait until I get my remaining fillings removed.

  26. I took am following the weston price style diet and do coffee enemas daily. And I agree, it’s only after the coffee enema, approx. 12 hrs after, that I start seeing these ‘worms’ come out. Always feel better afterwards.

  27. Two weeks ago I found out I had Candida. So Ive been doing a Candida diet and doing Apple Cider Vinegar enemas. Lots of dead candida in the stool. However then I switched to a garlic enema to change it up and these little buggers came out. Mine are smaller than whats being shown. But now I wonder if the ones that have come out so far were just the babies…

      • Not sure what all you profession does but I have had 2 colonoscopies “tried” and each time told that my Sigmoid colon is “structured” . Each time after I went home and had a bowel movement out comes these clear bubbles and mucus. My ? to,can’t the gastro see those bubbles and stuff when they enter the rectum> I’ve asked the 2 gastro people who attempted the colonoscopies and they deny seeing anything???? Is that just so they don’t have to bother with a parasite? Not as lucrative as procedures and disease.

        • You may need to be tested for a condition called EPI. It will cause your stool to float and bubble, it’s related to gallbladder and pancreas or chrohns disease…. check it out hopefully you can get some help soon

      • I’m excited to see recent comments. Where do we post if we have questions of our own? I can relate to do much of what I’ve seen. Thanks

    • holy wow. Glad to have found this site.

      regarding meat feeding these buggers, I wholeheartedly agree.

      I am big on eating a weston price style diet also.

      Problem is is that I think its helped them for the last 8-9 years.

  28. This is very interesting. Could someone tell me about the coffee enemas. I never was a coffee drinker. I tried coffee enemas several years ago for a couple of weeks and doggone it I ended up craving coffee. I have finally purged my coffee cravings and don’t want to start that again. Gave me terrible headaches.

    • This is my concern too. i’m off just about all caffeine (except a cup of green tea sometimes) and in adrenal exhaustion. don’t want to get high each enema on the caffeine. not good for adrenals.

      • From what I understand, the coffee is processed differently by the body when it is injected into the colon – vs. drinking it. The side effects from a taking a liter coffee enema vs. drinking a liter of coffee are considerably different. I do coffee enemas regularly, but they rarely keep me up at night, and my adrenals are functioning really well. I try not to do them too close to bed time, because I feel too fantastic to sleep right away afterwards. 8 o’clock is about the cut off for me, and I go to bed at 10 pm with no issue, and I’m not jittery or experience any coffee side effects. Just a clean colon and dead bugs, hahah 🙂

        • i find the caffeine in coffee enemas stimulating and gave done then for close to 20 years…

          reduce the amount of coffee or dilute yiur recipe and boil coffee with liver herbs like dandelion.

          to support calming i also boil chamomile (also supports liver) and calendula for healing and the lymphatics

          doing this is till get the liver GB purge and yes all those wormy things come out but like others have said with the first water fluch enema

          • Have you read anything or experienced coffee enemas disturbing the gut flora?
            I want to start doing coffee enemas, but my gut flora is already bad and I do not want to aggravate my problems.
            Thank you

    • I was allergic to the coffee enemas as they caused burning in my intestines, a rare condition. I read online at Gerson Institute to try Camomile Tea instead. But that did not produce any results, and I used it for years. Then a homeopathic doctor told me to try Black Tea. I brought him several samples, he energy tested them on me and he said my body liked all of them. After the first black tea enema, several hours later, the flukes started to come out. I am still expelling them 2 months later. Now it is one per day. We go slowly b/c if I have a massive die-off, my liver can become clogged and useless. I take the black tea enema in the morning when I wake up. By later afternoon or evening, I experience anal itching. That is when I know there is one waiting to be flushed out. I then use a clear water enema to rinse them out. The ones that I have resemble a ribbon type figure 8. I saw online they were labeled as pre-rope worms. It takes years for them to develop to maturity, so the site said. I hope this is helpful to someone. Energy testing by an energy doctor, or homeopath can tailor a program to your unique system, if you find that the common remedies do not work for you! I also lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks on my energy foods, and energy detox. I am going into my 3rd month of treatment and making huge progress!

  29. I have these coming out everyday day since Aug (over 6 months now). I tried many things, but what has worked for me is ozone. I do 8 rectal insufflations with 6 ear insufflations. The amount for each treatment is 13,000 units, which makes what I am doing MANY, MANY times stronger than what is suggested with ozone therapy, but it works.

    The diets never worked well for these types of parasites. I did have others that came out before Aug. and what worked best on those was a modified diet, but mainly Kombucha.

    If you have these and others the pain can get extremely bad. Keep in mind that the pain and depression can get so extreme that medication is the only way to help. If you want to go herbal then Kratom will help, but if it gets too bad then you have to go with the pharma drugs.

    • Thanks for posting your experience. I have been wondering about ozone/oxygen type therapies as peroxide seemed to do something for Dr. Volinsky.

      Let us know when these things finally stop coming out and hopefully the pain and depression goes away with them!

    • Hi David
      I know this is an old post, however I wonder if you are able to reply to me. I have cancer and I have recently attended the Gerson clinic in Mexico and upon departure my doctor recommended ozone insufflation but I have no idea where to obtain that treatment. I am in Australia which doesn’t help & I have recently discovered the rope worm (stage 3 jelly fish like) in the emema returns (eek)!!

      • Hi David,

        What is the procedure you use for the coffee enemas (i.e. warm or cold, how much brewed coffee per enema, how do you brew it), has your gut flora been affected at all since using the coffee enemas?
        Thank you

  30. I have been telling my doctor for a few years that these things come out when I go to the bathroom. I can also feel like a small snake (for lack of better description) rolling in my abdominal area at times or sometimes feels like when you can first feel your baby moving inside of you (for those that have been pregnant).

    I had my first bullseye rash around 1981, never treated. Had many more through the years, plus strange illnesses and symptoms. I would love just one definitive diagnosis and treatment for any of my symptoms.

    • Hi sickmama,

      You said you had a bullseye rash?? Have you been tested for Lyme? I was recently diagnosed with Lyme and i too have rope worms, and many other symptoms. After 20 years of suffering and not knowing what was wrong with me i went to see Dr Klinghardt’s clinic, they told me that Lyme patients always present with parasites and other symptoms because lyme compromises the bodies immunity and co host infections always play a role. Lots of lyme patients have these rope worms..not that the two are connected necessarily but you mentioned the rash?? and Lyme is very hard to detect, often comes back negative in a test. If you believe you may have it i would suggest you see a good ND (Dr Klinghardt clinic) is the best!

  31. We know very little about this new “rope worm.” My guess is it has begun/evolved in recent years (the last 10 years or so) as GMOs have been introduced.

    When I was young, I was NOT extremely damaged to the point of having full-blown autism due to routine vaccines. I was born in 1993. However, doctors have always told me I’m “a bit on the spectrum” and have certain Aspergers symptoms (textures, loud noises, extreme interest and obsession with one topic, THUS this post…haha)

    I had always had a lot of mucus, constipation, and weight gain as a child, but was never EXTREMELY sick… just foggy, lethargic, and depressed (which was due to the first stage of rope worm, the mucus stage, in my opinion.)

    BUT, when I was 15, against my will, I was given GARDASIL vaccine. That is when sh*t hit the fan. I had non-stop gas, 24/7, horrible bloating, terrible acne, terrible digestion, intestinal SPASMS that were debilitating, colon spasms that made me hold on for dear life. Ever since then, my health has gotten worse. I was diagnosed with “IBS”, “depression”, and “vulvodynia.” Given Rx’s and sent home. Foods that aggravated my IBS: PEANUT BUTTER, bread, certain meats, yogurt, frozen yogurt, etc. I would eat these foods then have to stop what I was doing and writhe in pain.

    Here is a time line of my symptoms:

    2008: Gardasil vaccine. a few days after I developed a wart on my thumb that is still there.

    2008-2009: Intense fatigue, bloating, lots of mucus, coughts, colds, and terrible digestion begin.

    2009-2010: Gas NON-STOP 24/7, incredibly PAINFUL, uncontrollable and EMBARRASING gas, wouldn’t be in placed with people for too long because I knew I simply COULD NOT without passing gas. Had to get into certain positions to get the gas out and find relief!! Acne begins.

    2010-2011: Severe back acne, severe cystic acne, cysts along the body, severe stomach cramping, colonoscopy, diagnosed with IBS, severe constipation, severe ANAL SHOOTING PAINS, severe weight gain and depression.

    2011-2012: Epstein Barr Virus, lymph nodes swollen and pussing, liver faiiling, erythema nodosum after taking birth control.

    Here’s my hypothesis:

    Pre-2008 was the rope worm mucus stage growing in my body and organs. Gardasil vaccine happened which in 2008-2009 lowered my immune system enough for THE ROPE WORM to grow and aspire to it’s second stage.

    Then, 2009-2010 it was in it’s SECOND STAGE, the BUBBLES which were giving me uncontrollable horrid gas all the time and severe pain!

    Then, come 2010, it graduated to the third stage becoming a jellyfish, beginning to suck up my blood and attaching itself to my organs (anal pains: suction cups)

    2011-2013, fourth to fifth stage where it becomes the actual rope and is sucking my blood and nutrients from my food, allowing me to not be able to fight off ANY infection and fall incredibly sick. Lymph nodes were overflowing.

    I always heard that anyone with LYME SYMPTOMS (all my symptoms after gardasil), MORGELLONS SYMPTOMS, or AUTISM should be cleansing and looking for ROPE WORM because they are infected. A CureZone.com poster informed me that on an AUTISM FORUM, she saw someone say that when a child is already BORN WITH THE FIRST MUCUS STAGE, THAT CHILD CAN HAVE SEVERE REACTIONS TO THE VACCINES, THUS CAUSING IMMUNODEPRESSION AND AUTISM.

    Children who are heavily being diagnosed with autism now have been eating GMOs all their lives, which could possibly be a cause of the start of this mucus stage?? (just being inquisitive)

    SO, if I already had the MUCUS STAGE (possibly because I was born in the time of GMOs), and then I got the GARDASIL VACCINE, I would too have a horrible reaction to the vaccine, just like the children with autism had a horrible reaction! And I did, in fact have a horrible reaction, just like thousands of other girls.

    CureZone’s forum ALSO told me that the rope worm seems to have a FUNGAL element – such as a worm/fungus HYBRID – and thus the rope worm HATES MOLD! AND GUESS WHAT! THE FOODS THAT I MENTIONED I REACTED TO ALL INCLUDE MOLD, COMPLETELY EXPLAINING MY “IBS”

    1) Peanut butter – LOADED WITH MOLD AFLATOXINS and I had a reaction EVERY time!

    2) yogurt / cheese – mold

    3) bread – mold even when you can’t see it always, but I especially reacted if it was old

    4) ENVIRONMENTAL MOLD – I studied abroad last summer and our apartment had SERIOUS MOLD SPORES. Other girls in the house (NOT vaccinated with Gardasil) had some reactions (fatigue) but nothing crazy. I on the other hand was DEBILITATED, and had blood and green mucus coming out of my nose 24/7. I had never felt worse in my life.

    I believe the GMOs are mutating a fungus or existing parasite to create this new hybrid worm, rope worm. I then believe this worm mucus first stage infests us and causes terrible reactions to VACCINES, HEAVY METALS, MOLDS, and all of the other internal pollutants we have being dumped on us.

    So, perhaps the AUTISM food allergies are simply MOLD ALLERGIES!!

    I just looked up a list of MOLDY foods, which would cause the horrible reactions in kids who have autism (thanks to ROPE WORM + VACCINE)


    food additives (6)

    • Sorbitol
    • Mannitol
    • Stearic acid
    • Aspertame
    • Tablet binders (in vitamins and medications)
    • Soya lechithin

    6 Preparation (2)

    • Cold pressed oils
    • Bottled dressings

    6 Grains (8)

    • Breads Sourdoughs are the worst (sometimes labeled yeast-free), such as pumpernickle, coffee cakes and other foods made with large amounts of yeast. Bread develops surface mold after a day. Tortillas, biscuits, muffins, cakes and cookies are yeast-free. Dough conditioners are moldy.
    • Bran The outer cover of grain is variably moldy.
    • Enriched pasta The vitamins may contain binding agents that have mold
    • Boxed cereals. The vitamins may contain binding agents that have mold
    • Whole wheat flour moldy
    • Buckwheat Caused bad reactions in some
    • Oats Organic oats seem to be fine
    • Breads, pretzels, and crackers containing yeast

    6 Fruits and vegetables (11)

    • Dried fruits Raisins, dates, apricots, prunes, figs, etc.
    • Mushrooms
    • Over-ripe fruits & vegetables Discolored, wilted, mushy.
    • Tomato products Juice, sauce, paste, ketchup etc. are made from moldy tomatoes.
    • Fruit and Vegetables
    • Oranges, lemons, and other acidic foods
    • Bananac Fungicide is injected during growing
    • Pineapple Chemically altered to produce year round
    • White onions May contain aspergillus
    • Grapes if the stems have turned brown Grapes are prone to aspergillus
    • Corn, some nuts, cottonseed In the United States, aflatoxins have been identified in corn and corn products, peanuts and peanut products, cottonseed, milk, and tree nuts such as Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, and walnuts. Other grains and nuts are susceptible but less prone to contamination.

    6 Dairy (2)

    • Aged cheese Cottage and cream cheese, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and farmer’s cheese are not aged and may be eaten if milk is no problem.
    • Sour cream, sour milk, and buttermilk

    6 Other beverages and liquids (8)

    • Beer The darker the brew, the more mold it contains.
    • Cider and homemade rootbeer Commercial rootbeer is fine.
    • Wine and wine vinegar White wine is least moldy, clear vinegar may be tolerated.
    • Most liquors Vodka, tequila, clear rum are least moldy.
    • Vinegar and vinegar-containing foods Mayonnaise and other salad dressings, catsup, chili sauce, pickles, pickled beets, relishes, sauerkraut, and green olives
    • Soy sauce
    • Canned or frozen juices
    • All sodas Some people found to only tolerate water

    6 Meat (4) Do not eat meat or fish more than 24 hours old. Avoid food if made from leftovers such as meatloaf, hash and croquettes.

    • Hamburger Often from aged meat, eat within a day of grinding, can be frozen.
    • Pickled and smoked meats and fish Including delicatessen foods, sausages, frankfurters, corned beef and pickled tongue.
    • Processed meats Hot dogs, sausage, salami, bologna, etc. Ham, turkey, pastrami may be OK.
    • Beef is especailly bad

    6 Products of aspergillus fermentation (6)

    • Chocolate
    • Tofu (Soy curd)
    • Black tea
    • Citric acid A very common food additive not derived from citrus fruit.
    • Fruit juice (commercial) Often from moldy fruit, many contain mold enzymes added in processing.
    • Malt extract (Bread, cereal)

    • Multi-B vitamins Contain either yeast or mold (rice hulls are moldy)
    • Leftovers East within 24 hours, unless frozen.

    SO PERHAPS, these foods sensitive to children with autism are only SENSITIVE because of their MOLD CONTENT and the children with autism having ROPE WORM …. !!!!

    • my health also tanked with vaccines. in childhood and then the real kicker (like your gardasil) was in 1996 when i joined the peace corps, i got 22 vax in one month. terrible fatigue, low BP, adrenal exhaustion, suicidal depressions, and gut issues, like gas constantly. single as a result of these things STILL.

      there are many factors in vaccine damage and lowered immunity to auto-immunity is a huge one. i need to read more about the rope worms as i just passed something on a liver cleanse that looked like a small jelly fish – yellow/white – when i investigated was long like a piece of string and that thin too. blew me away as i’ve had tons of stool tests over the years come back normal (genova)

  32. Wow, thanks for your detailed comment and your thoughts about rope worms being related to mold.

    I have been reading — Hulda Clark, Lyme Forums — that vitamin C is good to fight the effects of mold.

    Have you tried it, and does it make you feel better?

    • Thanks Annie, I feel like I finally am making connections and figuring things out.
      A friend on CureZone told me that she too reacts to peanut butter. She had 10s of 100s of rope worms. That is what made me realize IT IS THE MOLD that they hate, that causes GI symptoms!!! She told me herself they hate mold. This made me realize everything!

      She said she uses Vitamin C as per Hulda Clark in all of her nut butters, but that it’s so hard to kill the aflatoxin mold in peanut butter so you have to add the Vitamin C to only VALENCIA peanut butter (grown in dry climate, LESS mold).

      I think the bigger issue is that the GI symptoms felt by autistic children can be mold in food because of rope worm! And the rope worm + vaccine could be a CAUSE of autism! The Amish de-worm children every 6 mos / don’t vaccinate and have almost 0 autism.

      • I’m going to have to disagree. Was in the nuthouse with an amish girl and she was definitely sick with parasites. They gave her shock therapy.

  33. definitely the MOLD foods that trigger IBS along with GMOs!! No mold foods = no IBS symptoms for me. This is why no grains + bread work so well for people…

  34. I did a parasite cleanse and got out TONS of these worms. See pics attached.

    I used NOW Fresh green black walnut wormwood tincture. I bought it on Amazon for $11. Three dropper-fulls 3x a day and by the third day, was expelling these guys like crazy. I’ve been doing water, coffee, and probiotic enemas to lessen my detox symptoms which were headache and break outs.

    I took a pic of some of the worms that are now OUT of me. But the attach pic button here isn’t working.. I feel amazing today. Tons of energy and mental clarity.

  35. I did a parasite cleanse using the NOW Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex.

    By day 3 on this tincture, I was passing tons of these worms. Bad detox symptoms when they started dying. Headaches, and my skin broke out badly. Now that they are gone, my digestion is like it was when I was a teenager.

    My stomach bloat is gone, and it’s stayed gone. I’m so skinny now, my stomach was full of worms before :'(

  36. Hey,

    I too doubt that it is from the lymphatic system, but that is just an opinion by me who is not in the medical profession.

    I have been getting them out almost everyday for over 7 months now (many different “things” off and on for a lot longer) and have never seen anything moving in the toilet like the video.

    As for them moving around inside of me, I think that that is true. I have many odd/wrong feelings inside that have been deminishing in strength as more of this “stuff” comes out.

  37. Hello. My name is jaierose. Now when it comes to medical anything I am about as dumb as a box of rocks so please bare with me.
    I’m twenty one, last year I had a beautiful baby boy. Now some of what Im going to say is fairly embarrassing looking back. I started noticing mucus like stuff coming out with my bm almost every time around when I was around eighteen, but I dismissed the idea that it could be anything because I mistook it for a different bodily fluid. After noticing the mucus like substance, I went through a series of stomach cramping issues. Somedays they would be so bad that I would curl up in the fetal position and lay there for hours crying.
    I had my son last year. Prior to my pregnancy I was 130 pounds, which was terrible because I’m six foot tall. I couldn’t bare the pain so all I could do is eat small snacks. Yes I know how stupid it is looking back and not doing anything about it. My pregnancy went well. After I dilevered my son I went back down to my normal size, my stomach was flat again there was no physical change to my body. Then about a month and a half after I had him I started to gain weight, and a few times a day I felt like I was feeling a baby move in the beginning of a pregnancy. I thought it was something similar to the idea of if you wear a ring for a long time and you take it off your finger feels like your still wearing it, I thought it was just my body’s way of accepting change. My son was born with severe gurds, a form of acid reflux. Reciently he will be standing still and will squeal like he’s in pain but he isn’t doing anything. But earlier today, my accepting these weird things came to an end. I had a very loose stool, which is completely unusual. I usually pass extremely hard nugget like stool. But anywho about 45 after the bm I had to go again which is not normal for me, I usually go one time every two to three days. When I went then second time. I found long brown nasty stringy objects instead of what would normally be found. I did a internet search and found pictures that look exactaly like what and out. Those pictures where of rope worm… Is that even the corrct name?
    In the search I’ve found a few things.
    1. People like to over complicate descriptions of things
    2. I have no idea where to even start trying learn anything about this because of the complicated descriptions.
    So I am asking for a few things.
    How does one manage to get these lovely things? How do you get rid of them? Can they be passed from mother to child during pregnancy? Is there an effective way to get rid with out enemas? What can these things do to your body? This is kinda scary, I would appreciate it if someone could give an explanation that is simple and easy for me to understand. Any and all information that I can understand would be amazing. Thank you!!!!

    • Jaierose, did you ever find what it was? Did they go away?
      I just experienced today having a BM and brown flat smooth worm like things were on the toilet paper. No moving, not rigid. Biggest was two inches long. I have no idea what it could be. I’ve been searching the internet for about 7 hours since then.

      • Also! I’m pregnant. Only about 8 weeks but I’m wondering if they will harm my baby.
        I’ve read on Candida cleanses and I don’t know if this is just the Candida coming out…

    • Mimosa pudica by Microbe Formulas (on amazon) works the best. They come out painlessly and without releasing toxins as it only paralyzes them. My son and I are both passing them like crazy. There’s a group of us using this product, and both the sick and the well are passing them. I think we all have them!

  38. Hey,

    1. I have yet to hear of anyone knowing where these things come from. It is hard to get anyone with medical experience (or any real experience medical or not) to even acknowledge that they exist. Candida and rope worms are the two labels I would consider these things under.
    2. The ONLY way that I have successfully gotten these things out is through ozone therapy (rectal insuflation is the main method, but ear insuflation helps and so too might other.). I have tried H2O2 and in large amounts (this helped, but didn’t really get them out) I have tried diets (Weston Price, fasting, vegan, candida – similar to Price, juicing, etc.) I have tried parasite clenases (Psyllium, Diatomaceous Earth, Now brands to Humaworm, I have gone out and made my own with freshly sourced and took 20 times the dosage). I tried enemas. I have tried MANY of the chemical parasite “medications” (indlucing injecting Ivermectin and doing ICU protocol’s from curezone) I tried sitting above milk and many, many more alterantative and “traditional”. Fermented foods (Kombucha really kimchi, kefir, etc. didn’t really work) was second best, but after you get many of the other parasites that are probably in you these rope kinds put up a fight and the pain gets many times worse and the Kombucha doesn’t keep getting them out. Again the ONLY thing that has gotten any reasonable amount out is through ozone!

    3. NOBODY will be able to accurately tell you if they can be passed from mother to child as I cannot get people to acknowledge them being in the parent in the first place. My opinion is that yes it can be, but look at the first part of the answer.

    4. Enemas don’t really work that well. You may get some, but my experience they didn’t get 1% of them, after all the attempts I made. I did many and would say the best would be Salt Water flushing, but that still isn’t effective.

    5. The worst that these things can do is the pain. The pain for me can make me crazy and I had to go on strong pain medication after putting up with the pain for years. My vital’s have come back pretty well. Blood counts, liver function, etc. The brain fog, fatigue and others can be a problem, but the pain for me is the worst.

    6. Yes it is scary. The best part is that you are young and should be faster to recover. There isn’t a simple explanation as many people won’t realize that they are their and certainly they don’t know what they are. Even this website doesn’t really know what they are. They are guessing they are worms. Some people think that it is mucous from the human system. I don’t know it could be, but the mucous has been coming out everyday since Aug. 2013 for me since doing the ozone and many things have been coming out over the years of treatments I have done.

    NOTES: My best advice is to learn and do ozone at home. It is relatively inexpensive (Really is not expensive at all almost ANY budget can afford this.) I have found that MORE IS BETTER. There are people who call themselves doctors who have a protocol that they say if you go over you will hurt yourself and then criticize people who say more is better saying they aren’t doctors and they don’t know what they are doing. They say more will kill you. I am here saying that the pain was so bad that I did more and the pain diminished. I did more and more of these came out. I did more and my vitals have improved. I did more and I am more awake, alert, and less pain.

    I do a stronger strength than what is suggested at this website. I also do this 8 (that is EIGHT) times a day EVERYDAY and do the ear insuflation at 6-8 times a day for 25 minutes at 1/8 per litre and the ozone machine on full with an output of 72 ug’s. http://www.gracermedicalgroup.com/resources/page_11.php

    My best advice is to try and eat as close to Weston Price and drink Kombucha. Fermented foods are also good, but Kombucha is the best. IF THIS TYPE OF DIET HURTS THEN STOP. I currently cannot eat that way because it hurts. It has hurt to eat and go to the washroom. It has hurt just sitting here. I am now only able to eat sandwiches (sprouted bread, usually tuna – forget about mercury it really isn’t that bad and kombucha will get that out) and a certain kind of cereal (food for life or Quaker Harvest Crunch) with kefir being the only fermented food I can use. If I eat sugar (the above cereal isn’t too bad or peanut butter and jelly isn’t too bad, but does bother a little) then it gets worse. If I eat pure junk food then it sets them off pretty bad so I haven’t eaten any for a while now.

    My advice for your child is to get them on the Weston Price diet. If you see that they are in pain then try and give them healthy food that doesn’t bother them (trial and error on that, sorry)

    Oh yeah, just like on a proper Candida diet I drink a lot of broth. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/stock-vs-broth-are-you-confused/. I FORGOT THIS IN THE FOOD I EAT ABOVE.

    If you want more info on diet for your child and what might work refer to the healthy home economist. Be careful she can be confusing. Once she will say that Kombucha is bad for candida and in other posts she says it is good. Overall her website is great for the diet portion, and has tons of information including how to save time and money. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/the-five-most-common-gaps-diet-mistakes/ this is OK for reference and to try. Again these diest did NOT work for me but are a healthy way of eating, OZONE is the only thing that has worked for me. A young child would probably have much more success with diet as they would not have grown too much and attached themselves too much inside.

    Good luck and MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND NOBODY ELSE, including me! “DOCTORS” will say anything and make up stuff when they don’t know the answer or blame some other problem which they have no medical qualification for diagnosing.

    • David,
      I’ve received ozone therapy over the past 10 months for Cancer (yes, I have ropes too). This of course required travel to other COUNTRIES. Would LOVE to be able to do this at home daily. The grace medical link above doesn’t work any longer and a Google search wasn’t productive. Any chance you have that PdF saved or can direct me on where to get equipment & how to’s? Grateful!!

      • Sarah, I am looking to use ozone at home for cancer. Longevity is a Canadian company, and Promolife is an American.

  39. I’ve been doing a nutritional balancing protocol (Paul Eck, Analytical Research Laboratories – http://www.arltma.com, nutritionalbalancing.org), along with coffee enemas, and I’ve been passing 3 to 4 inch pieces of rope worms on a regular basis for several weeks, both with enemas and without. The basis of nutritional balancing is that the vital minerals that our bodies need are lacking in our current diets due to depleted soil, toxic metals and other toxins, poor food choices and processed food, emotional stress, etc, etc, so our mineral levels are low and also out of balance (ratios between different minerals are as important as levels). By rebalancing our biochemistry through specific diet and supplement regimens determined on a person by person basis through the use of hair tissue mineral analyses, we can make our bodies so strong and vital that they start to get rid of things like rope parasites without any toxic drugs. I’ve also been eliminating a ton of toxic metals. It’s extremely powerful, and anyone can benefit greatly from it. I was amazed at how my body just started eliminating rope parasites by simply using a dialed nutrition protocol to increase my vitality, cellular energy and biochemistry. Just wanted to pass that along to anyone reading this site.

      • You can find the nutritional balancing science at drlwilson.com.
        Dr. Lawrence Wilson is Dr. Eck’s longtime mentee/student who now runs the Remineralization based Nutritional science using Analytical Research Labs products and hair mineral analysis. The free program is a great place to start but the actual full program will change your life forever.

  40. I know some one who is very seriously ill with Rope worm and no one can find what to do for her, PLEASE I am begging for any help to get her.

  41. Also wanted to add that part of my nutritional balancing supplement regimen is a digestive enzyme called GB3 from Endomet Labs. It’s ox bile, pancreatin and black radish. It seems to be very potent, and I suspect it is helping my body just start destroying rope parasites. But mostly, it’s about improving general digestive tract health and getting the most nutrition possible from the food we eat, because it’s really a weakened state in our bodies that lets stuff like rope worms take hold and thrive in the first place. There is so much emphasis on how to get rid of these things, but not much on why they live in us in the first place.

  42. Thanks for you post. I did some hair tissue mineral analyses and they found elevated levels of lead and aluminum in my hair.

    I had also very low essential minerals, so I added himalayan salts to my diet.

  43. Since they are most active during the full moon, what about the extraterrestrial source? They are in the brain besides other parts of the body. What about the rope worm mind control?


    • I would have to say absolutely yes! Not only in us but in our animals as well. Ive searched and searched for any explanation as to what the hells been going on for almost a full year and finally found this post. I hv several thousand pics and videos that would lead anyone to think extraterrestrial also. Bugs are not really bugs and controlled by some kind or spore or worm that comes from a rock that just “appeared” out of no where. Still pictures that change in front of you, super crazy stuff!!

  44. Can you please list for me the five stages without the pictures? I cannot look at graphic pictures, so I cannot research the different stages. I know that some are called adult stage, larval stage, cyst stage, etc. I would like to know what the stages for the rope worm are called. thank you

  45. I have been bed ridden with these for 4 years!!!!! Where do you buy the ozone machine from????? Mine move constantly inside my digestive track and you can see the move. It is out of a sci fi movie. The pain is off the charts!!!!
    I need the ozone machine!!!
    Thanks for any help with this.

  46. I did have a severe tick bite when I was a teenager but I would also add Hep-C geno type 1a to the list as well. I was never diagnosed with Lyme’s disease but also never tested for it. I have been expelling rope worms for over 3 months now doing coffee enemas along with my 90% raw vegan diet. This may be why I have never been able to eradicate the Hep-C virus. I have co-existed with the virus for over 33 years now and have great health and live a symptom free life. Hopefully I can finally have my body in balance!!

    • me too! I am expelling these- daily coffee enemas, and turpentine. I had a tick bite and rash and did the antibiotic thing, but not test, but obvious symptoms ( i have done many detoxes for tick borne illness, shingles, ebv, staph, and parasites- i cannot not believe how much im detoxing now..and after reading this blog it makes so much sense. I can attest that turpentine has been the most effective along with enemas…i see this 2 times a week now…and even out of my nose…im kind of freaked out- but it sounds like you have to keep going…i ve been working on my health naturally detoxing for 7 years… and this is after many heavy metal cleanses and removal of mercury fillings…

  47. I agree with your curiosity with the mercury toxins. I tested positive for mercury and heavy metals. I also had two of my old metal fillings removed January 2, 2014 after finding this out. I still have a few more that need to be replaced.

  48. I am sick with rope worm now. Only enemas and a few products for digestion are offered. It has just been discovered in the USA but in Mexico, and India they have known about it for years. They treat it like typhoid, and malaria. Black walnut is great, and eucalyptus oil kills them and helps them pass throug you easier. I have had them for over 20 years, and just got someone to believe me. Now Im going to an infectious disease doctor Monday to begin a LONG road to recovery. I have lost so much time to this parasite, now Im gonna fight it.

  49. I just got a doctor to believe me. I have done 12 stool samples in 8 years with the same results. IBS. I agree I have it , but its due to these things. I am scared. Mad because no one believed me for so long, made me feel crazy. Now that I know exactly what I have , there is no REAL CURE! Had an anxiety attack at doctors office, felt like a fool. I just want them out. I am trying to be strong, but I have losted my appendix, gall bladder, I am always weak, tired, anemic, vitamin deficient. They keep pumping me full of them but the parasites are eating my alive. Now my hair is thinning, Im only 34. You guys seem brave, and I need that right now. I promise Im not a parasite stalker (haha) I just need to talk to someone that understands. My email is jenistarcozmoz@yahoo.com. I welcome any helpful info you might have.

    • Go to a HOLISTIC DR.
      That’s the difference.
      THEY understand parasites and it isn’t related to traveling outside the US. In fact people diagnosed with cancer are acidic and present parasidic infestation. Just fyi. They don’t tell you that.
      Blast them out once and for all with the DE food grade cleanse. 1st invest in a first time cleanse or all over total body cleanse. Products made by RENEW LIFE etc. Can be found at local health food store or order these online. Then follow up with kidney cleanse. Then. Liver. Now your body is clean and ready to help process parasite removal.
      Stop eating all sugar and high carb foods. Take all white rice and flour out diet. Eat lots of anti parasitic foods. Foods that make their environment unfriendly. Like raw garlic, raw pumpkin seeds, pineapple, warming foods, cinnamon, peppers, acv, and try your best to eat vegetarian or even vegan during this time. Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE is taken in the am on empty tummy. Just mon thru fri. Mixed in 8 oz water or OJ. parasite regimen. Week 1 one teaspoon week 2 two teaspoons week 3 a tablespoon week 4 two tablespoons week 5 three tablespoons. Stay at 3 tbs for 3 mos from the time you first started. It has no taste just gritty texture. Research health benefits of DE. It’s got ALOT.

    • These people have parasites. White ropy things are rope worm. Treatment a dewormer: Drug – ABD (400mg) 400mg (1 Tablet) (Albendazole)

    • Your story sounds identical to mine. Doctors didn’t believe me, called me crazy. Many negative parasite test. I saw a naturopath who confirmed severe amounts of yeast (fungus) that is now systematic. I can’t afford the treatments she recommends. My kids and I all started noticing this in our stool at the same time so not sure what caused it. Along with it, comes stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, rashy acne skin, anemia, vitamin deficiency. Idk how to get rid of this but it’s been 2yrs and it’s only getting worse.

  50. It is a third world country parasite. The Russian guy is just the first to publish on it. I have 4 doctors right now trying to help me. Now I have to go to a tropical disease doctor at UAB in Birmingham, AL. I have had it for over 25 years, and they are eating my intestines. I have LOTS of issues. Their are many remedies that help. You will have to research and buy the cleanses yourself. You need to make an appointment with an infectious disease doctor, tell them this IS what you have, and they need to help you find a Heakthy way to combat them. That si what Im doing now. Its scarey.

    • Jennifer, I’m not sure if you are still active on this site, but I also have rope & tape worms. I live in Birmingham and interested in what your doc at UAB had to say. Did he help you?

      Thanks So Much

      • Hi Jennifer : I definitely have the rope worms as well as roundworms and tapeworms. They are all over my body now – outside the intestines. Their movements are strong and it is difficult to live.
        Which doctors helped you and what did they do?

  51. I asked the same question. Why isn’t this just being discussed everywhere. I got my answer from my gastroenterologist. They aren’t new. They are generally in third world countries, he saw them all the time in India. Thing is, they don’t look for things like we do. You come in with a a hurting stomach they treat for Malaria. The other thing they treat is typhoid. I have two friends from Mexico, they say they all have them there, and when they get bad, they treat with a week of eating super hot peppers. Some of the research I’ve done suggests they don’t like green roughage like dandelions, parsley, spicy things like cayenne, habaneros, turmeric, ginger, and black walnut. Im going thru a detox cleanse, and Im freaking out.

  52. Im juicing now which is helping, doing a herbal parasite cleanse from GNC, and some weird eucalyptus enemas. which are also ridding them . I am going to a tropical disease doctor soon because Im freaking out.I asked my pediatrician about my kids being infected, he is from Pakistan. He said they have them there, there is no real ‘cure’ they just treat symptoms. He said if they are just in your intestines, then the kids usually dont have them. If the mothers tissues are infected (the worm is not just in intestines) then yes the kids have them too. You have a greater chance of ridding your child of them with colon cleansing, juicing, and the parasite cleanse while it just a mucus. After you’ve had it as long as me, he said they are almost impossible to get rid of. The ones Im seeing now are like 7 inches, and I can only imagine that There are bigger ones in all 5 stages. I lived on the Tex. Mex border when I was 3. Im 34 now. IBS, mucus poop, diarrhea, gall bladder removed, appendix removed, cysts, colitis, weight gain, acid reflux, brain fogginess, chronic sinusitis, on and on. All from a dirty colon.

  53. Here’s an interesting quote that was posted in regard to:
    (Dr Andreas Kalcker)

    “We had a huge ballroom for the talks – 720 chairs. The CD groups from facebook sat in the first two rows, mostly matching in our MMS shirts. The first talk, “Parasitological Vaccinosis”, that Dr Andreas Kalcker did filled about 40% of those chairs. He absolutely blew my mind. He made the link that not only do parasites in childrens’ bodies affect how they absorb/react to vaccines, but also the Vaccines Affect those parasites. HUGE lightbulb. He spoke with such passion and conviction that he had (at least everyone in my immediate vicinity) riveted. And after he finished his prepared and submitted presentation, he pulled one up that a researcher combination in Moscow and Florida have put together on a new species of helminth, the rope worm. It BLEW MY MIND. They’ve got DNA sequencing back on these rope worms (which is VERY expensive) that shows they are a 98% match for an insect called the Caribbean Seed bug. With a couple of logical leaps, we got to the point of GMO’s. As he put it, what do people in Moscow, US, and South America all have in common in their diet? Grain. And if you were going to make insect proof grain, what would you splice into the grain’s gene structure? Bugs (no one wants to “eat their cousin”, he said). So its not a plant anymore we’re eating, its a planimal. So in our kids’ gut, a new species of parasite is coming from this GMO’d stuff. CREEPY. I am so mindblown and disturbed and horrified.”

  54. Here’s an interesting quote that was posted in regard to:
    (Dr Andreas Kalcker)

    “We had a huge ballroom for the talks – 720 chairs. The CD groups from facebook sat in the first two rows, mostly matching in our MMS shirts. The first talk, “Parasitological Vaccinosis”, that Dr Andreas Kalcker did filled about 40% of those chairs. He absolutely blew my mind. He made the link that not only do parasites in childrens’ bodies affect how they absorb/react to vaccines, but also the Vaccines Affect those parasites. HUGE lightbulb. He spoke with such passion and conviction that he had (at least everyone in my immediate vicinity) riveted. And after he finished his prepared and submitted presentation, he pulled one up that a researcher combination in Moscow and Florida have put together on a new species of helminth, the rope worm. It BLEW MY MIND. They’ve got DNA sequencing back on these rope worms (which is VERY expensive) that shows they are a 98% match for an insect called the Caribbean Seed bug. With a couple of logical leaps, we got to the point of GMO’s. As he put it, what do people in Moscow, US, and South America all have in common in their diet? Grain. And if you were going to make insect proof grain, what would you splice into the grain’s gene structure? Bugs (no one wants to “eat their cousin”, he said). So its not a plant anymore we’re eating, its a planimal. So in our kids’ gut, a new species of parasite is coming from this GMO’d stuff. CREEPY. I am so mindblown and disturbed and horrified.”

    • I agreed this is a mutant cell from bacteria GMO (thuringiensis Israelensis), since i still got problem even got several time enema (coffee, eucalyptus, lemon), the form of this bacteria have stringy (mucus) and can joint each other, and can also stress out and can be joint again, make wall of this rope worm. maybe anyone have a research about this BTI GMO (US for vietnam war orange agent)?thank you please…I bit desperate, since now I am not sure which food are really organic and free of this Monsanto

  55. Hi Lianna,
    Did you also do coffee enemas when you were detoxing from mercury with the Diatomous earth? I was wondering how would you know that the mercury is coming out? I have been taking the DE for 2 weeks and have been noticing light blue/light green stuff coming out of me – I was just wondering if this is the mercury/heavy metals coming out attached to the DE….thank you in advance for your thoughts!!! I have also been expelling lots of rope worms….hope the end will come soon…..look forward to hearing from you.

  56. Well keep studying Gunnar. Until you have them you apparently will not know. I have been expelling them for three weeks now along with a tapeworm. I thought it was just pieces of tapeworm, but then realized it was more worms. Coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy are what are expelling them for me. I have battled for years with chronic bacterial and fungal infections and strange allergic reactions. And why are you not seeing rope worms? Western medicine likes to treat the disease not the underlying cause which is a lot of times a parasitic infection. I have been given countless rounds of antibiotics and never did any doctor suggest a parasite until I found a great naturopath. The lack of knowledge I ran into when I brought the scolex of a tapeworm into a Western medicine clinic was astounding. They didn’t even want to do anything to help me. I have taken my own approach of natural remedies, and the colon hydrotherapy unveiled a large rope worm in addition to the tapeworm I had already expelled by doing the Des Bios OmniCleanse and coffee enemas. Wake up Western medicine! These parasites are causing a lot of so-called “incurable” diseases. How can our bodies possibly operate properly with such an invader sucking the life out of us. I am shocked at how toxic my body has become due to be riddled with parasites. I hope others get the help they need. Parasites are easier to treat than the disease Western medicine spends millions of dollars of treatments where the cure is worse than the disease. Parasites were prevalent hundreds of years ago, but somehow doctors think our health standards are good enough that this doesn’t happen anymore. They are very wrong and costing people undue suffering.

  57. Jennifer–I wish had some some helpful insight. I’ve been photographing my rope worms since the beginning of November 2013, when my colonic therapist pointed them out to me. I’m not doing any of the special “get rid of parasites” programs. I’m on a high/fat/protein, low carb diet (no sugar or gluten) and I eat a small clove raw garlic with every meal. I also do coffee enemas 2-3 times a day and it is the rare occasion when there are NOT ropes worms. So its been 5 months and I see everything from the mucous like ones to the very definite hard ones. I have photographs of all of them (except the ones at the colonic therapist). They are usually in pieces, but I had a 24 inch hard one this morning. If these are my intestinal lining I am in trouble! It does not hurt and there is no blood. But it definitely worrying. I am on a general detox protocol, I have seizures from hyperventilation (working on that) and I often cannot function, I feel so terrible.

    • Try this.
      Diatomaceous Earth FOOD GRADE is taken
      in the am
      on empty tummy.
      Just mon thru fri.
      Mixed in 8 oz water or OJ. parasite regimen.
      Week 1 one teaspoon
      week 2 two teaspoons
      week 3 a tablespoon
      week 4 two tablespoons
      week 5 three tablespoons.
      Stay at 3 tbs… for 3 mos from the time you first started. It has no taste just gritty texture. Research health benefits of DE. It’s got A LOT.
      I never got my life back until I changed to God’s original diet. Genesis 1 verse 29 and 30.
      The longest living people in the world is Okinawa Japan. They drink MATCHA GREEN TEA. It comes in powder form. The American diet is killing so many a year. Take control. Only YOU have a say so as to what you eat. Nobody else.

      • Longest living in okinawa? Yes, but don’t forget japan loves sushi/sashimi which is LOADED with parasites. A lot of conflicting data.

    • Looks like mine. I could not loose weight.I started food lovers detox. Was suppose to be for 6 days. After 2nd day started pooping same looking stuff. I would not stop detox until this stopped. It took 21 days of nothing but smothies & soup. After that I was able to loose weight. No help from docs. Just look at you like yeah. That the was about 3 years ago. I think back now so just doing great my own research. I hate others are having to go thru this problem too.

  58. Hi! My 12-year old son gets seizures from histamine in food or released by his own body – you are the very first person, apart from him, that I’ve found gets seizures from biogene amines!!! And I’ve been looking hard for seven years now, googling like crazy! Can you please give me your e-mail address, I would so much like to ask you a couple of questions! My e-mail is camilla.tubertini@gmail.com. I really hope to hear from you, your info might change our lives – my son almost died seven times because no doctor believes in me when I point out this connection between the histamine and the seizures!!!

  59. Hello my friends! I hope you’ll make out what I’m saying, because my english might be poor.

    I speak from my 3 year experience with rope parasites (+other parasites / organisms as well) and here’s the outcome from all of this. Hope you’ll find something new and interesting!

    1) It isn’t enough to heal only the body. Everything, and I mean everything, happens in a multi-level field. So what does parasite and parasitic infection represent in your life? I’ve found out this and friends, this is the ultimate reason for your suffering too. Here it is: money is the only ultimate parasite that turns into physical form inside your body. Let me explain this! All scarcity and lack of possibilities – due to lack of money and financial freedom in your life – is suppressed energy. What does suppressed energy do? That kind energy of frustration – negativity – turns into physical parasites and they’ll eat you more the more frustrated you are (so called aging).

    I know, these kind of thinking patterns might be too much (hippie) for someone. However, these kind of theories are actually provable nowadays.

    So.. what are we learning from all this? Don’t blame yourself and your lovingly body made by loving infinite consciousness – you’re not meant to be healthy (read: to think clearly and feel euphoric), because otherwise, you could immediately see behind the curtains. That’s the reason why we have been enslaved – for millions of years (just to hide the truth that we are the creators of our reality). You can watch videos of original human history from guys like Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, David Icke, David Wilcock etc.. surely that kind of information frees you on certain levels, but doesn’t remove the money problem. I know this is small piece of hope, but, we’re not long anymore in this kind of mad situation, living the darkest era of humanity. However, the darkest hour is before the dawn.. as you know.

    2) Forcing seldomly brings any results. Gentle forcing with very good spirits, however, brings results.. see the effect of your mind here again. The mind is behind everything.. you are just a small mind behind bigger one.

    3) Don’t give energy to your worms by hating (=tuning into their frequency) them or thinking them (even though this is the most interesting subject :-)) – energy flows where the attention goes.. Focus on life! Even if impossible due to lack of money, do something that you love.. there’s always something you can do.

    4) You can only success. Let’s say that you’ll lose the battle, which is determined by your very own wish. What did you do then? Wasted your whole life and ended up being aten by parasites? Not really.. you left the most valuable information and knowledge to new souls to understand themselves and the whole reality in this kind of experience, whether you wrote it up or not. The point is: you are important piece of the puzzle.

    5) Move your body! Don’t do the common mistake and just lie down! I have noticed that even panic attacks or any kind of parasitic die off reaction can be cutted out by moving.

    6) In case if you repeatedly have severe die-off reactions: keep focus on LIFE! The little creatures of Satan (I mean those literally and metaphorically) want you to focus on fear of DEATH. So..

    7) Don’t fear! Even if your heart would pound 200 beats per minute, parasites would be crawling everywhere.. even if it really was your last moment: why on earth to give some energy (=that is, FEAR), to Satan? Don’t be his worshipper. Instead..

    8) Hug your loved one or your friend! In case if you don’t have those, go and find some hippie to hug! Hug, touch! There’s nothing more healing things than those! Hug and touch are all that is needed, hippies knew it so very well! There will be so much united loving people near future! Healing gets easier when all people realize these things.. and work together, not against each other, as is situation in todays world.

    You know, this era is all about surviving and struggling. That’s not love, but quite the opposite instead! So what are you waiting? Go and give a bear hug to someone! “Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion” – please find out where this comes from! 😉

    9) Follow your intuition! Most of the time it’s right. Especially, when it comes to healing ideas.

    10) Give a shit what other people think about you! Release your inner hippie and shine.. you little piece of perfection! Be proud of yourself healthy way! You’re a the bringer of the dawn! You came here with a very big mission in your mind! Don’t waste your life by doing what “you have to” (slavery). You’ll find your way.

    I want to leave an energetic imprint here who is in need for some courage! Here’s a bear hug for you my friend! I wish you the best that life can give to you. Don’t be afraid! There’s no reason for that! You’ll see and remember where you came and it’ll blow your mind.. your true origin is place that’s called heaven and which starts to manifest to planet Earth also. This life reminds you how loving and beautiful creature YOU are.

    Thanks for your time!

  60. MMS solution has worked the best for me. I drink it and do enemas with it. Your body does not like to hold the enema for very long but I have been able to get the most rope worms out doing MMS enemas vs. salt, lemon, milk, etc.

    I’m wondering if these things have anything to do with the fact that I have MTHFR and that could be a reason why my body is creating excess mucous to deal with the toxins it cannot eliminate. Whatever the reason, since modern medicine somehow does not have the funding or resources to figure these things out, I will continue to do enemas and colonics to help rid myself of these mucous creatures. I have been expelling them for over two months.

  61. Hello everyone,

    I just hope someone medical will one day read all the comments on this site (& the many other sites that are cropping up) & realise that this is a very big problem & it is spreading fast causing much suffering. I have tried fruitlessly for years to get someone to look into this problem. I have had the condition for 14yrs ! I have undergone many, many tests but have never had a diagnosis – no one knows what they are, only one Dr said he had seen them before ( in India). I have tried everything, all the herbal remedies, prescription anti parasite drugs, enemas of every kind, ozone, & the critters are still coming out & yes I can feel them moving so they are not just mucus. I have passed many up to 3ft long & yes they have been sent to labs ( 3 different labs) none of them can identify what they are, colonoscopy, MRI scan, endoscopy, barium meal, ultrasound,all showed nothing! it really is frustrating. More research is desperately needed, this is NOT a mental health problem – we are not imagining it all, this is something new to medical science & we need to be taken seriously.

  62. I thought she was offering to send the samples to the person who has studied parasites extensively, and would know how to interpret them. That might actually produce useful results.

  63. Wanted to add that my first MRI said that I had cysts and leisons in my ovaries and liver. They were talking about taking my left ovary. I Believe that when I started becoming ill and eventually, my body twitching that I had fecal matter trapped, because partial blockage, as these were getting larger. I was becoming Toxic from waste. My cells were becoming ill. After a year of hardcore Juicing I had another MRI and all of the cysts & leisons were gone but it was after severe bowel management and detox. I am going to show these to my Dr and try to find pharma parasite meds to rid myself of these if they say it is a parasite and will report back. 🙂

  64. Thank you for your loving words, I desperately needed to hear. I totally agree with what you’ve said. We are so much more than what we’ve been told and conditioned to believe. It’s time for truth and realizing that we are all connected. Love is the only way, no judgements.

  65. I believe I am riddled with parasites! I have excruciating migraines and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia among other things. I am looking into treatments to kill the parasites. My biggest question is… When they died off…how do they exit your body? Obviously if they are in your belly or intestines it would be expelled through a BM, but what if you have liver flukes, or worms in your brain?

  66. Thank you for this video Marcus. My 4yo daugther has autism and have tones of rope coming out of her every day through mms enemas. The more worms coming out the less autistic she gets. When parasitologists really find out more about this parasite I’m pretty confident they’re gonna find the answer for many unexplained diseases.

  67. Please try MMS. Lots of parents are using this on kids to even heal them from symptoms that go undiagnosed in this crazy world. Read up….
    Join Facebook group CD Health. Happy healing!!

  68. Wow!!! Thank you for your detailed and time to info us here, parasites are the root of all sickness and we human are dying with out knowing who is our enemy. Thank you again and many blessings to you.

  69. hey folks, great comments! i shared this site to a closed FB page i started called…..ready? drum roll please….
    rope worm!
    feel free to find it on FB if you want some additional discussion.

  70. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and just found 3 rope worms in my stool.. I’m worried should I go to hospital or just ride out the next weeks till labor?

    • Oh dear that is a tough one. As far as I know there is no data on ropeworms and pregnancy. It probably can’t hurt to get a doctor’s opinion.

  71. Do they ever go away?? 2 years ago I entered my quest for better overall health. I had always had issues with constipation and it was becoming more difficult to control. I was also concerned about a rash (sorta rash) on my lower legs, a drop in my energy level and an out of control sugar craving that actually controlled me. I’m not overweight, and usually active. I had several other symptoms, that I think I had learned to accept as normal that were in fact not. Conventional medicine sent me on a path to nowhere and left me frustrated and feeling crazy. I was determined to get my health back and started my online research. Intestinal parasites keep popping up. I started a 30 day cleanse of some sort. It wasn’t dramatic although, I flushed some scary stuff down the toilet and was overall pleased with the results. I felt better, most the time, maybe. Something was nagging me..
    I kept up my research. Seeing the pictures of the huge worms made me so thankful I didn’t have to deal with those monsters. I cut my sugar intake, stopped with the diet coke and processed food. My constipation and bloating continued to be a big problem. I turned to coffee enemas. It was a big step, and I’m glad I took it. After about 3 months of weekly coffee enemas, maintaining my new diet protocols and taking various herbs I had read about I thought I was moving in the right direction. Then I got constipated really bad. It felt like I had a blockage and I could actually tell where it was. I started to do enemas 3 times daily. I increased the amount of liquid and did 2 coffee enemas. I added a enema with coconut oil and water. After about 3 days doing the enemas I had a break through and I released a huge amount of ropeworms. The relief was instant and the awful pressure was gone. That was a year ago. I’m still fighting with the ropes. With the help of this forum and others like curezone I’m more determined than ever to win this battle. Just knowing I wasn’t alone was has given me strength and hope. My symptoms are much better but not gone. I do daily enemas and tried many of the protocols. Currently I take coconut oil, bloodroot, diatomaceous earth and mega vit c. I do daily coffee enemas and have tried Kefir, eucalyptus, H2o2, lemon also. I had alot of success with the H2o2. I went 3 weeks with out seeing anything more than little pieces, until today and 2 good size ropes were expelled. I’m feeling a bit defeated. I try not to dwell on it….. Has anyone actually gotten rid of these monster?

    • I thought I got all of these worms out a couple of years ago. I did maintenance herbs with minimal results in the interim, and the worms are back now with force. I’ve been experiencing symptoms again, but at least I know what the problem is. Started the herbs and coffee enemas, and I’ve been expelling them the past couple of days. I’m not sure anymore if once you’ve been so fully infested, if you ever really completely rid yourself of them. Who knows where in your body they hide out in larval stage??

      Maybe daily anti-parasite herbs at low to moderate doses to keep them always stressed and vulnerable to immune system detection and elimination? Now I’m worried about after these worms die and are eliminated, are there holes in my intestines now where the worms lived for years??? Sweet lord. I do feel better once I’ve gotten a round of dead worms out but.. man. It’s just. So. Much. Bugs.

  72. Do the ropes ever go away?? I’ve been fighting with them for 2 years. I had an issue with severe constipation, bloating, leg rashes (sorta), lack of energy and a major sugar cravings. My many visits to many doctors left me frustrated and angry. I began my own research. I spent endless hours searching the web. I eliminated sugar (I still battle the cravings) diet soda, processed foods, and white foods. I did a 30 day cleanse using something I got from whole foods. Blogs such as this and curezone became my life line. I was terrified at the thought I had parasites. When I saw the pictures of the rope worms and other huge horrors, I thought to myself how glad I was that I didn’t have those to battle. My first cleanse produced some scary things that I gladly flushed away. I felt better for awhile, yet something was nagging at me. I decided that coffee enemas may help. I started taking blood root and diatomaceous earth, and doing coffee enemas twice a week. Despite the improved diet, supplements and enemas the constipation was still a problem. Even after an enema, lots of creepy stuff came out but I still felt pressure. I knew I had alot more gunk to eliminate. I started doing daily coffee enemas and tried a few other protocols. H2o2, coconut oil and garlic. The H2o2 left me very uncomfortable and bloated. I woke up in the middle of the night and just made it to the bathroom..(not quite) I expelled a huge mass of rope worms. A couple didn’t make into the toilet and I was mortified. Some were in pieces and some were big and whole. More stuff came out than I thought was possible. I thought my intestines were coming out and the H2o2 had caused it. The eruption passed and I was surprised to find I was OK. For the first time in a long time the pressure, bloating and discomfort were gone. Now I knew what was I dealing with. I did the Volinsky program and many ropes were expelled. Currently I do daily coffee enemas, maintain my diet and supplement routine. I was cruising along thinking I had beaten the monsters. Today I found 2 more big ropes. So my question is..Do they ever go away?? I’ve never posted on any forum before. For all those that have posted, I hope you know how valuable those posts are to people like me that feel isolated. Because of you I continue my quest to eliminate the monster inside me. I am however feeling a bit defeated today…

    • Awww KikI your story sounds so familiar, especially about the constipation, bloating, and lack of energy. Interestingly I have a leg rash too.

      Yeah dealing with gross ugly horrible looking stuff coming out of your poop that is most likely a parasite is definitely isolating. How many people can you talk to about that? Many would just gasp in horror and not want to listen.

      In fact that is why so far this blog is anonymous because I feel the same way.

      I have been meaning to post a blog about how my ropeworms seemed to have disappeared. I haven’t seen any lately no matter what I do. Even during a recent colonic nothing came out.

      So I am not totally sure if they have gone or if they are just hiding. I have completely changed my diet to include no dairy, eggs, gluten and minimal sugar, and take probiotics daily. I take chorella and do saunas to eliminate heavy metals. Could that have solved it?

      I may try the volinksy protocol just to make sure. I still get bloated a little bit when I eat ..

      I would suggest hair mineral testing; I have been doing that and finding my heavy metals slowly dropping and my nutritional elements slowly stabilizing. I would imagine that having a healthly, balanced system (through “nutritional balancing” – google Dr. Wilson) can make an environment in your body that parasites simply don’t want to be in. That’s probably the best long term solution. Clean up your body and the parasites will rather not be there.

      PS. After about a year my leg rash is finally disappearing too …

      • What is the top leading websites that has the best knowledge of how to treat a chronic adrenal fatigue and candida yeast infection?. At the same time

    • Did you ever get them to go away? If this is candida then I believe coffee feeds it because coffee has yeast in it. Maybe try doing some different types of enemas like garlic? Also try eating sauerkraut

      • Yes, with a few victories.
        I maintain a strict diet, no sugar, no gluten and limited dairy. I have had weeks without any symptoms, and manage to have a somewhat normal life. My leg rash that was very severe, is under control with an occasional break out. My headaches are few and far between. I sleep better. Just when I feel ahead of the game, I get that crampy feeling and have to rush to the bathroom and expel a pile of worms. I have tried all the various protocols. Recently the worms created a blockage, and I had a very tough time clearing it. My reality of a normal life includes daily Coffee enemas.Time consuming, gross, messy and annoying, but they seem to be the only thing that keeps me ahead of the worms.
        It is 2 steps forward and one step back.


        • Hi, have read your posts and a few questions. I’m sure I have Rope worms due to the fact when I wipe after bowel movement there are the little bubbles or clear eggs and read that the Rope expels air to move about/ Also have expelled several worms and unidentified. My doctors goes nuts, so no help. You mentioned that you had a blockage and had a difficult time getting it in order. It seems my problem started when a colonscopy couldn’t be completed due to a blockage, 2 wks later I had a heart attack and stint and since then extreme fatigue and weakness along with all the usual worm symptoms. About 6 mths after the heart attack is when I started expelling little worms then larger one. Another attempt to do the colonscopy and again failed because of blockage. I’ve felt from just reading the posts that it could be worms causing the blockage. Please what did you do to get your blockage normal or unblocked.?
          Wish you the best and seems you are on the right track.

        • Hi, have read your posts and a few questions. I’m sure I have Rope worms due to the fact when I wipe after bowel movement there are the little bubbles or clear eggs and read that the Rope expels air to move about/ Also have expelled several worms and unidentified. My doctors goes nuts, so no help. You mentioned that you had a blockage and had a difficult time getting it in order. It seems my problem started when a colonscopy couldn’t be completed due to a blockage, 2 wks later I had a heart attack and stint and since then extreme fatigue and weakness along with all the usual worm symptoms. About 6 mths after the heart attack is when I started expelling little worms then larger one. Another attempt to do the colonscopy and again failed because of blockage. I’ve felt from just reading the posts that it could be worms causing the blockage. Please what did you do to get your blockage normal or unblocked.?
          Wish you the best and seems you are on the right track.

    • Try Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s Nutritional Balancing Science. You’re already doing half the program but there’s a deeper science to health that Dr. Wilson has learned to use on patients. It’s amazing.!

  73. Oh Man! Exactly what I’m dealing with, my battle also has been ongoing for an year now. Will the f***s ever go away .I’m doing everything that you are doing ,except the h202 , i have it , I’ll give it a try , how did you take it and what dosage?

  74. Hi Kate, I just wanted to say that I sympathize with you! It is really intense to be passing these rope worms! I did daily chlorine dioxide enemas for about 3 weeks and passed rope worms every day. I am taking a break and will start up again tomorrow, 3 days before the full moon cycle. I had been suffering from intense cramps at dusk and bloating for several years, and am feeling so much better now, but I have a feeling that I still have many more inside me. I also have lost weight and have started taking neem capsules regularly.

  75. Be very careful with the H2o2…35% food grade is VERY potent stuff, and less is better. I started with a measured 1/2 teaspoon in 2 quarts of warm water and worked up to 1 teaspoon. It may take a few attempts to use the entire amount. Prepare yourself for what may show up….I’m pretty sure the h2o2 was responsible for bringing out a jelly fish/crawfish looking thing that was about 1 inch long and had a jellyfish body with crawfish legs and head….(OMG..come on….are you kidding me..I have a colon that houses its own sea world???) When I read Volinksi’s stages, I assume thats what he refers to when he explains stage 3, which somehow then turn into the ropes at stage 4. Good luck and be careful….

  76. How to eliminate a rope worm with coffee enemas and a hammer:
    Starting Monday, take a coffee enema, every morning for a week.
    The following Monday, no enema, just sit on the edge of the bed holding the hammer. When the worm comes out and asks “where’s my coffee?”, beat it to death with the hammer.

        • also I found this , (its not in after enema , but I pulled it from my bowel), and the red inside that creature stomach is my blood , this rope worm is have “sucked mouth attached in bowel lining).
          But all the body structure is the as rope worm : mucus alot, and wrinkle/twisted body

          • I did parasite cleansing since April 2015 (after read the book of DR.Hulda Clark., and the parasite is look like what DR.Volinsky said about rope worm. Today is day 15 I do raw juice fasting and coffee enema, and stil parts of rope worm came out everyday….sometimes painfull in stomach, but I try not to do chewing the food in my mouth (ITS SO DIFFICULT this detoks)…because I want to eat meat,milk, and bread, but today is Day15 I do detoks not eating just fruit/veggie/ raw organic almond & pumpkin’s seed juice fasting

          • I’m Asean, not living at USA, but I love JUnk food from USA product : burger from big US company /pizza/fried chicken, bread …and My country has Branch manfacture from this Monsanto (or any name of Monsanto product)….and many people in my country doesn’t know about it, only some farmer who doesn’t have money to buy this Monsanto herbiside so they using organic manure. but I think the products from US is good and clean ….but now I faced alot problem and alot this crazy rope worm..Help please how to rid totally from this parasite… any drug praziquantel and everything not worked at all)….and My 5 doctors got angry to me, just did the standard MD protocol.

          • Yani please can you tell me the title of the book of Dr Hulda Clark ? thank you so much ,
            also did you read another book by DR.Volinsky? can you share titles pls thank you

  77. the images show; little stones about the size of a healthy grain of sand, these odd sacs that range from clear / white to white to yellow in color, and images of ends of worms with what looks like these sacs crumpled up inside them.

    What are these sacs?

    Some times the worm comes out with the translucent sac stuck to it with geew, but most often not.

  78. Been a life long battle with digestive pains, and long health history.

    On Nutritional Balancing Program which I HIGHLY recommend.

    My rope worms started coming out with Coffee enemas. I use organic espresso bean as gerson therapy coffee grins were too harsh, probably the acidic factor.

    I also have an amazing Nutritional Balancing Practicioner.

  79. hmm never seen anything like that before!

    To me the sacs look like the skins of grapes; have you been eating grapes by any chance? Or some other small fruit like that?

  80. I began noticing the ropeworms when I did a detox and fast which unveiled a tapeworm that had been occupying my intestines for quite some time. Coffee enemas got the tapeworm out, but then I started noticing the early stages of rope worms. It has been almost three months and the mucous keeps streaming out when I do enemas. I also have fecal stones but the specks are dark. I worry that I still have tapeworm larvae in my body and it is teaming up with the mucous to wreck havoc on my immune system. My stomach is bloated if I do not do enemas daily. I have the second worst gene combo of the MTHFR gene and I am insulin resistant. I have been trying different diets but nothing seems to work. I don’t understand how there is so much mucous after expelling the tapeworm when I have never noticed it before (I am 40 and have had systems of a parasitic infection for years but the doctors never thought it could be such). I appreciate every sharing what they are going through. It is frustrating there isn’t more research being done. I worry that the GMO planimal creations we have been ingesting without proper research could be causing these. Our bodies weren’t meant to ingest unnatural foods so no wonder our digestive systems are freaking out.

  81. No. No fruit, raisins or berries what so ever. I am on nutritional balancing protocol. I never use to eat grapes before iether. They are yellow in color – sometimes bright yellow. These come out with the slime. Sorry I posted in the wrong area. Does anyone know how to move my post to the correct area? I posted here because I could not add photos to my question “can you identify these” when I sent the question in an email on this contact page. I have tons more photos of these yellow sacs. Just wondering if anyone else is getting them or if I have another parasite to worry about yet I have not found it identified anywhere. So my only thought is that it is something else. Although…if you check the section here on about rope worm there is mention of these stones. I have had small white to yellow stones and these yellow ballons that are also inside the ropes themselves which leads me to believe it is possible the worm itself is producing this.

    • Julie-

      several months later i find your post here.
      I have studied Parasitology for almost 25 years now and the only things I can offer are:
      I am as baffled as you are.
      We are naive if we think that in 2014 every form of life has been discovered.
      The only thing I have ever seen that might even slightly resemble those objects are Liver stones [and there are many varieties of them.]

      Have you nay other feedback since May when you posted these?
      professional regards,


    • I get these sac/balloons too. I have no idea what they are and haven’t been able to find any answers either. Your pic is quite disturbing!! I also see white sesame seed looking things, actual size and firmness of sesame seeds. I have eliminated all possible foods, meds, and supps and I still see them.

    • Omg yes I have allergies to cigarette smoke, mold, odours, cleaning products, perfumes.

      Interestingly these allergies got 10 times worse after eliminating rope worms. Probably eliminating them caused leaky gut.

      I will try the Chanca Piedra, thanks! Thanks for your link; yes your photos are all too familiar ; but note if it IS candida, it might be there for a reason; ie. to mop up heavy metals; one must be sure to find the root of the problem and treat that.

  82. I have been dealing with lyme and babesia, started taking Artemisinin
    For the babesia and started to expel parasites even so I had a least 6 parasite test over the last few years. Would love to know what they are

    • fake news. Sorry. I read the article and its nothing but a naysayer. I have been seeing these- and makes total sense – after detox. Unless you have actually lived with this, and detoxed them out how can you possibly have an opinion? Holistically speaking we already know that toxins are a big problem- if this is not real, as you say, how come so many people on this blog have similar symptoms and a history of leaky gut, viruses, lyme, and other parasites- for example, myself. I have been dealing with Bastocystis for many years, candida- a no brainer…metals- got them removed and many cleanses later , many years later- these.

    • you are either an illuminati servent or just ignorant.

      I got them out using ONLY clean diet, no supplements and they are very real.

      shame on you for misleading people.

      i expelled 10 inch worms and they are as real as it gets and I’m feeling better than ever.

      you lady are going to HELL

      don’t listen to her, she has NO CLUE.

      eat clean and raw, juice alot, do coffee enemas and try holding them for 20-30 minutes.

      you can do this, be your own dr, don’t listen Harriet Hall “MD”

      shes not one of us

      • 100%, Do NOT listen to Harriet Hall. Let me just tell you, my primary care physician, my pharmacists at the drug store, 3 different gastrointestinal doctors who work close to my gastrointestinal doctor, one doctor from one Emergency room, friends and strangers from my city, all agree that this shit is most DEFINITELY intestinal worms. I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and duodentis which is usually only caused by Giarda or Hpylori bacteria, my endoscopy biopsies tested negative. 2 years later with everything getting worse, I took in a stool sample for just hpylori thinking it was a parasite test for all parasites…anyways, no poop due to blockage, my sample was literally just stringy worms and mucus. My test came back positive for hpylori. I assumed hpylori was worms…my primary doctor told me the difference and also believed me I had worms after I told him and showed him. The doctors here in the US are very confused on what to do or how to treat or how to even correctly diagnose because they have absolutely none or very little education on human intestinal parasites at all. That actually goes for most Americans as well. I believe these are the cause of cancer. All cancer starts in the gut. These parasites are intestinal and travel through our bloodstream. They look like a thickening when looking at organs through cut scan. I’ve got a blockage in my heart, even had a heart attack, though, all my bloodwork is normal ..I have a blockage in pancreas duct, though bloodwork is normal, I have blockage in intestines, appears as just a thickening, I have lumps under skin that looks like celluite all over. I have sudden episodes of blurry vision and am unable to hold my balance while walking, I thought I was diabetic…nope all bloodwork testing me for that is normal too. I did suddenly become hypothyroid which, yes ,there is absolutely a connection to parasitic worms. I become so swollen from water retention all over I’m almost unrecognizable some days…which is a sign of my body trying fighting off parasites. A common symptom of this also is a cut with a tiny white scab in one part of the upper corner in a nostril, you pick it off and it s very tiny white worm. Almost Everyone I know has this. I never even knew it was possible to have worms because years ago I was in the ER, I was filling out questionaire, asking…what meds I’m currently taking, then am I taking methamphetamines, then , Do I think I see worms under my skin?…hmmm, well that made me automatically assume that if anyone believes they see worms under their skin they are delusional from doing drugs. NOW, WTF IS REALLY GOING ON HERE..IS WTF IM THINKING. THIS IS SOME FKING BULLSHIT THAT THAT IS ABSOLUTELY MAN MADE. Its causing pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, ALL CANCERS, also causing congestive heart failure, sudden unexplained deaths in a couple friends in the past 5 years, caused one of my friends to wake up suddenly to completely being brain RETARDED and wheelchair bound for the past 10 years. They all had the same symptoms that we do . This is an epidemic in the United states and has been but the overall symptoms are so overlooked by both patient and doctors.

      • please tell me more about your eating clean diet i have even
        ! Have unexplainable feeling of something like crawling on my skin

    • Oh get out of here, lady. Another doctor who refuses to listen to what the patients symptoms complaints , researched information , based on everything including stool samples..that comment is very offensive to everyone suffering from intestinal worms/ parasites. Several of us have the exact same symtoms and pictures. I had them on a mirror, they dried up , you can see they’re more than just mucus. Put it in alcohol, the mucus pushes aside and its stringy leech. There are several different parasites including ropeworm my entire town and family are just now starting to realize we are dealing with.

  83. Hi,

    I have been dealing with these things for some time now, I also long suspected that they could be biofilm or candida , but now after expelling so many of them and following strict regimen for several months , I can confidently say that they move within body , I can feel them moving. Don’t know if that’s for other , but just wanted to share my experience.

    • Mine move too. I First thought they were worms and I was pretty upset. But I have done 5 different cleanses in the last 7 months and this is the only thing that will not go away. I will be starting a Candida and biofilms Cleanse next to see if I can eliminate them. My husband has been upset with me because he thinks I’m obsessed with cleanses and thinks I’m imagining all of this however he will not look when I try to show him.

    • Gunnar those of us posting here are experiencing this phenomenon, hence we know it is not a “hoax”. We are sick and just trying to figure out what these rope-like manifestations are, and if they are related to our bloating, tiredness, and other symptoms.

      What we really want is to find out what these things are.

  84. Thank you for the link to the thought-provoking article Harriet. Yes those papers by Volinsky and Gubarev could be more scientific, for sure, but if these things are not parasites, what are they? There is still no definitive answer.