The Turning Point


I was discounting parasites and assuming the rope like masses coming out of me were just mucous, until this came out.

It was over a foot in length, appeared to have a suction cup on one end, tail was broken; probably the end broke off and it was even longer, how frightening! The center was white and had the texture of a smooth rice noodle. That is, it was flat, and had very smooth edges, not like the other mucous. The end was rope-like.

It has a head, a body, and a tail, but unlike any I have ever seen.

It passed relatively easily, just by itself. After it exited, I felt immediately better. Before it came out, I felt crampy and a bit naseous.

Ropeworm 1 foot long

My doctor says this is a plant, that I ATE! Really?

The colon hydrotherapist says this is mucous. Hmm.

The parasite company says this could be ascaris roundworm. However the stool tests showed no sign of parasites.

I don’t believe this is a round worm because there are absolutely no hint of any organs.

I think this is a rope worm because it is consistent with the  description of rope worms in the papers published by Alex Volinksy and Dr. Nikolai Gubarev  I also had sesame seed like spots on the stool that they came out with, they tend to come out at night, there is always a lot of gas during enemas, as if they are trying to escape (note the theoretic mode of locomotion jet propulsion – passing gas bubbles through channels in the worm),  and I appear to have all five stages of this creature coming out (ie. mucous blobs to mucous strings to this pictured above which is too perfectly formed to be mucous).