Presentation on Rope Worms by Alex Volinsky

The following is the second conference presentation about Rope Worms by Alex Volinksy, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. He’s not a medical professional, but is currently the leader in the study of rope worms in North America, based on his personal experience in recovering from many ailments after expelling rope worms.


Get Tested for Glyphosate

feed-the-worldGlyphosate alters your gut lining; and not in a good way. We think this may contribute to the phenomenon known as ropeworms.

If you have found ropeworms in your system, consider taking this internationally validated glyphosate test to check your blood levels for glyphosate, and let us know what you find! The test is by Feed The World, a global project that allows the general public to test themselves to see what levels of glyphosate herbicide are in their bodies. Feed The World is aiming for a total ban on this toxic herbicide.

The test is about $100 US and $5 of every test goes to Moms Across America to raise awareness about GMOs, when ordered from this link.



Lyme Disease Sufferer Discusses Ropeworms and Autism

This lyme disease and autisim sufferer shows a ropeworm he eliminated and shares his option on a relationship between ropeworms and autism.

He feels ropeworms contribute to autism by stealing nutrients from your food and excreting chemicals that poison your brain. He also feels that the effects of ropeworms on children can be worse than adults.

The video he refers to is below: