Lyme Disease Sufferer Discusses Ropeworms and Autism

This lyme disease and autisim sufferer shows a ropeworm he eliminated and shares his option on a relationship between ropeworms and autism.

He feels ropeworms contribute to autism by stealing nutrients from your food and excreting chemicals that poison your brain. He also feels that the effects of ropeworms on children can be worse than adults.

The video he refers to is below:

Great Article on Coffee Enemas

Ropeworm in the Appendix?

Watch “Apendiceal mucocele. Rope worm. Funis Vermis in the apendix” on YouTube

Healthy Gut Summit Interview with Alex Volinsky on Rope Worms

This is the latest interview with Alex Volinsky at the Healthy Gut Summit 2015.

You can help raise money to help discover what the ropeworm is by determining its genome via this link.

Rope Worm Lecture by Dr. Gubarev Translated to English

Dr. Alex Volinksy translates from Russian a lecture by Dr. Gubarev on Rope Worms.

Dr. Alex Volinksy is one of the main voices in the United States for the study of rope worms. Dr. Nikolay Gubarev discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that he termed as funis vermis or what we have come to know as “rope worms”. He has been awarded three patents for removing rope worms in Russia.

Read Dr. Gubarev’s papers on rope worms below:

Read Dr. Volinsky’s paper on rope worms below:

Video blogger talks about Ropeworms

Intestitnal illness sufferer Jordan of talks about his experience with ropeworms.

Ropeworms found in Autistic Kids

Kerri Rivera of shows some ropeworms that have come out of her autistic patients. She believes these are parasites and not mucous, as they don’t dissolve in water.

Watch her very informative and touching video below.

Has anyone tried such a protocol involving Chlorine Dioxide to elimiate ropeworms, and do you feel better?

What would autistic kids and other ropeworm sufferers have in common?

Alex Volinsky Wellness Warriors Radio Interview May 1 2014

Nutritionist and fitness trainer Diane Kazer suffers from rope worms herself and with her collegue Darren McDuffie interviews Alex Volinsky about this topic.  One of the themes of the interview is that there is still very little known about this phenomenon, and that eliminating rope worms without treating an underlying imbalance in the body will not resolve anything.