Ropeworms are Biofilms, says Dr. Klinghardt

dr_dietrich_klinghardtAt a recent conference in Washington state Dr. Klinghardt MD PhD shared some thoughts about rope worms. He believes  the “rope worm” does  not fall into the classic definition of a parasite but more of a biofilm, saying the rope parasite is likely a biofilm community of different organisms that coexist together.

It is the first time in human evolution that our bodies are taxed with so many environmental toxins that are stored in the body and eventually impact our cells. As increased concentration of heavy metals have been found in rope worms extracted from humans, rope worm biofilms are possibly collectors of some of these toxins, helping us to survive our polluted environment.

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The Kalcker Parasite Protocol


If you don’t have ropeworms it’s likely you have some other form of parasite in you body excreting toxic substances causing much harm.

Dr. Kalcker, an associate of professor Alex Volinsky, believes these parasites are such a big deal that he has come up with an intense parasite cleanse that’s 39 pages long.

Kerri Rivera, a parent with a child suffering from autism, has written a book on healing this disorder and has made this protocol an entire chapter of her book. She has kindly made it  freely available to those who need it.

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Are Ropeworms Just Biofilm? Better Health from Biofilm Elimination

Biofilms can form within the intestinal tract that include different species of bacteria, as well as virus, fungi, and parasites. The slimy layers act to protect these pathogens from being recognized and processed by the immunity system.

In the video above the sunny folks at Extreme Health Radio in California interviewed Robert Von Sarbacher who claims that we can heal many illnesses by killing off biofilms in the body.  He claims that breaking down biofilms enables white blood cells to reach the foreign organisms within the intestinal tract and eliminate them from the body.

Consuming lots of supplements and not getting any results? Biofilms also act as a barrier to nutrition absorption; and hence breaking down biofilms can improve health by possibly doubling the amount of nutrients that can be accessed by the blood stream.

In this interview Rober Von Sarbacher goes over many points about biofilms including strategies to eliminate biofilms from the body. It may be as simple as adding turnips or beet juice to your diet!